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whatta ya hear, whatta ya say?... (webcast)

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Track Artist Album / Format Label Approx. start time
Options Get Happy / MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Mr. Lucky   Jane Horrocks / Henry Mancini  fxo mix (CD-R)   RCA (Mancini)  0:00:00 )  
Options Canadian Sunset   Subject To Changes  Spring Time X remix (MP3)   Subject To Changes  0:04:54 )  
Options Alabama Song (R.I.P. Ray Manzarek)   The Doors  Nicone edit mashup (MP3)   Elektra  0:09:40 )  
Options Walk Away   Thalia Zedek Band  "Via" Lp (CD) *   Thrill Jockey  0:17:46 )  
Options Hold Fast Your Dreams (featuring Chris Pierce)   Marvin Etzioni  "Marvin Country" Lp (CD) *   Nine Mile Recordings  0:23:54 )  
Options Let It Go   Oddisee  "People Hear What They See" Lp (CD) *   Mello Music Group  0:26:57 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Daly's Tune / FMU Locked Groove   T. Daly  fxo mix (CD-R)   Daly Sounds  0:30:16 )  
Options When The Deal Goes Down   Tom Jones  "Spirit In The Room" Lp (CD) *   Rounder  0:33:42 )  
Options Listen To The Band   The Monkees  33 1/3 Revolutions per Monkee mashup (MP3)   Monkees / VHS  0:38:46 )  
Options Citadel (takes #32,33 & 34)   Rolling Stones  Sessions mixmash (MP3)   Stones  0:48:21 )  
Options Citadel (extra piano-Nicky Hopkins)   Rolling Stones  Sessions mixmash (MP3)   Stones  0:56:43 )  
Options Citadel   Rolling Stones  "Their Santa Majesties request" Lp (Vinyl)   London  1:01:47 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Here It Comes/ FMU Locked Groove   Freddie Fresh  fxo mix (CD-R)   Freddie Fresh  1:02:51 )  
Options Phazing Everybody's Talkin'   Dirty South / Harry Nilsson  Rednax bootleg mix (MP3)   RCA / Dirty South  1:06:43 )  
Options I Should Have Known Better (A Hard Day's Vision mix)   Roberta Flack  "Flack sings The Beatles" remix (MP3)   Atlantic  1:13:33 )  
Options Trouble   Cooly G  "Playin' Me" Lp (CD) *   Hyperdub  1:18:38 )  
Options I Am The Narrator   Plan B  "Ill Manors" Lp (CD) *   679 Recordings  1:23:07 )  
Options "Overture to "The Barber Of Seville' "   The Swingle Singers  remx/mash (MP3)   The Swingle Singers  1:28:02 )  
Options End Of The Walrus   The Beatles Vs. Daft Punk  Fissunix mashup (MP3)   Fissunix  1:33:12 )  
Options I Changed My Mind (DJ Spinna mix)   Quannum   "Quannum" Ep edit (CD)   Quannum  1:35:57 )  
Options Yes I'm Ready   Barbara Mason  1965 PH remix (MP3)   Barbara Mason  1:41:31 )  
Options Um Um Um   Leon Thomas  "The Creator: 1968-1973, The Best Of Flying Dutchman Masters" Lp (CD) *   BGP -Beat Goes Public  1:51:53 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: King For A Day (I Dub Thee Sir Mix)   XTC  12" Ep (Vinyl)   Geffen  1:56:26 )  
Options Hungry Face   Mogwai  "Les Revenants" Lp (CD) *   Rock Action  2:01:05 )  
Options Half An Ear   Phoaming Edison  "This" Lp (CD) *   Marble Moat  2:03:58 )  
Options What A Fool Believes   The Doobie Brothers  Danny Dance remix (MP3)   Danny Dance prod.  2:08:45 )  
Options On and On and Ocean   The Dirty Projectors (featuring Erykah Badu & Bjork)  Dirty Projectors mashup (MP3)   Dirty Projectors  2:15:09 )  
Options Jazzy's Mix Tape   Chicago Transit Authority  Ultrink remix (MP3)   Ultrink Prod.  2:21:00 )  
Options Wildlife   Tony Williams New Lifetime (Wildlife- featuring Jack Bruce, Alan Holdsworth, Linda Logan, Webster Lewis. and, of course, Tony Williams)  Stockholm Sessions- 1974 (MP3)   Tony Williams Wildlife  2:24:57 )  
Options Music Is The Weapon   DJ Mackboogaloo  House Afro Beats remix (MP3)   DJ Mackboogaloo Prod.  2:32:21 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Bryce' WFMU ID, back wards and forward.   Bryce' WFMU ID  mashup (CD-R)   Bryce Idea  2:42:39 )  
Options If The Day Was Any Longer   Taste  "On The Boards" Lp (Vinyl)   Polydor  2:45:00 )  
Options On My Own   Low  "The Invisible Way" Lp (CD) *   Sub Pop  2:47:18 )  
Options Anyone Who Had A Heart   Burt Bacharach & players  Bacharachbackingtracks (WAV)   Brill Building prod.  2:52:31 )  
Options Dance Macabre   The Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra  "The Bride of Frankenstein (Score by Franz Waxman)" soundtrack Lp (CD)   Silva  2:54:54 )  
Options end theme(s)   Hitched to a Riddle Orchestra  fxo mix (CD-R)   Capitol  2:55:52 )  

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 6:04am fxo:

my day begins, what time is it for you?
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 6:04am w41:

sup Frank & company! 2PM here, halfway through the working day already!
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 6:06am Sem Chumbo:

Good morning, Frank. A few minutes after 7 AM here.
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 6:08am fxo:

sunny, with a chill in the air. s'okay. Morning Sem.
w41: from where do you hail?
  Mon. 5/27/13 6:09am Jack:

'Morning Frank, Sem, w41,... 6AM here. Looking to be a good day weather-wise.
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 6:10am w41:

From the Moscow, Soviet Russia, where the radio plays on you!
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 6:12am w41:

WTH did I just write... from Moscow
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 6:13am fxo:

Jack: glad yer up.
w41: from the former U.S.S.R.?
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 6:15am w41:

Sure 'nuff. Also, beautiful mashups!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 6:42am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Hullo Frank! - & more than a few momentous listeners...
  Mon. 5/27/13 6:45am Jack:

I just watched this Monkees movie recently. Eh. Pretty silly.
but Julie Driscoll's in it, right Frank?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 6:47am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...longtime Monkees 'Head' fan, but haven't seen *this*!...Was it from a TV special, yeah?
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 6:47am fxo:

RevRab: at least 3 hours worth, right?

Jack: I haven't "seen" the vid, but I AM intrigued.
  Mon. 5/27/13 6:52am Jack:

I borrowed the movie through the library. Has a few funny moments, but it's mostly what you'd expect from a 60's "psychedelic" romp with the Monkees.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 6:53am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...always think of 'Satanic Majesties' as the representative example of something always trashed by Critics - but loved by everyone I actually talk too...well - there's one Critic I read in Mojo who kinda liked it - so maybe it turned around eventually...
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 6:56am fxo:

everybody's got an opinion. Was considered the answer to the Beatles. I think it stands up as the psychedelic Stones period.
  Mon. 5/27/13 6:56am 3d-nyc:

Just read somewhere that the Stones referred to their composing method as "vowel movement"....
  Mon. 5/27/13 6:56am Jack:

Hey RRn63! I got two words for you" "The Gomper"
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 5/27/13 6:58am Brian in UK:

Hello fxo & friends.
Sunny Monday over here.
Why don't we sing this song all together.
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 6:59am w41:

I heard The Shaggs yesterday and that turned all my conceptions of what is weird music upside down. What a band! :)
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 5/27/13 7:00am Brian in UK:

@w41 that was Michael Shelley?
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 7:01am w41:

@Brian no, I got me an Irwin Chusid book on outsider music which I highly recommend
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 7:01am fxo:

here's the original Lp track...
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 7:02am fxo:

hello back to you, Brian in UK.
Thanks for the great comments, thus far.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 7:03am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- not a good time for the Stones - lotsa hassles...
...has been noted how Lennon would trash the Beatles himself but jump down the throat of anyone else who did it. He'd say, '*I* can do it because *I* know what I'm talking about!'
- Lennon said: 'Just look what we did, & what the Stones did two weeks later!'
- KeefRichards claims the Stones & Beatles would coordinate & stagger their Release dates so as not to conflict - which makes comparisons harder (maybe?) because they're all slightly different times - which matters in the 'who's on 1st' in the 60's game...
  Mon. 5/27/13 7:04am Jack:

God bless Nicky Hopkins.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 7:04am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

New Hampshire's own The Shaggs!...
  Mon. 5/27/13 7:05am 3d-nyc:

.....for instance, the notes of "start me up" sounded like the
words, so they wrote more lyrics following that.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 7:07am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- that's interesting 3d. I wonder if that's a Mick-Keef dynamic...
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 7:10am fxo:

that's what I'M talkin' about.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 7:11am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...always been said that in the Stones - the entire band is a Rhythm Section - but one that chugs along like a strange old car - little syncopations - but the power to keep going strong...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 7:14am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...there's The Shaggs - & on Jason Elbogen's Program, he plays Poetry Song Company tracks; that's companies that would take people's money & set their heartfelt doggerel to 'professional' music on the pretense it could be a 'hit'. Irwin will play HighSchool bands sometimes...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 7:19am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...a whole major point of Punk was/is DIY - Do It Yourself - so I see all of those as relating to *that* idea...
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 7:19am w41:

Yes, I guess I might've heard them before on FMU, but was too busy working or something...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 7:22am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- the term Outsider Music seems pretty useful - derived from Outsider Art
...& there's ISM - Incredibly Strange Music - which like most Labels gets some pushback, perhaps...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 7:30am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- *or* - ? - all odd corners of 'Folk' music - music made by & for Folks...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 7:32am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- oh! - not Petra...this 'Barber' reminds me of the end of 'Help!'...
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 7:32am fxo:

to each, their own. right?

greetings 3d-nyc.
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 7:34am w41:

Wow, thanks for the ISM, I'll check that out!
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 8:01am Cheri Pi:

G'morning FxO
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 8:04am fxo:

mornin' Ms Pi.
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 8:07am Jeroen Kuster:

I'm happy. the sun shines after three days of rain.
and you play really good music.
  happy thank you from Netherlands
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 8:12am fxo:

good afternoon Jeroen. Nice to hear from you.
  Mon. 5/27/13 8:14am 3d-nyc:

refreshing variation of this well worn 70's song-
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 5/27/13 8:28am maestroso:

Guten Tag FXO. Arriving late to the message board. Tony Williams!
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 8:31am fxo:

good morgan, 'stroso. Holiday off?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 5/27/13 8:33am maestroso:

Yup. Gonna hit the tennis courts soon.
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 8:36am duke:

Good Mem. Day all
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 8:39am fxo:

definitely a day of remembrance. Thanks Duke, for bringing this up.
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 8:44am sFrances from VA:

That made me so happy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 8:47am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 8:50am duke:

@Rabbit I drove home from northern Vt. in snow on Saturday evening. Odd weather.
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 8:51am fxo:

Climate change? I thin' so, Baba Louie.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 8:53am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Memorial Day of course the Official Unofficial Beginning of Summer (...& then - 'Love Ya 'til LaborDay'...)
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 8:54am Sem Chumbo:

Thanks for my busy Monday morning soundtrack, FXO. Never a dull moment
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 8:54am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I heard the funnel of that thing that hit in OK was a mile & 1/2 wide. (??!!!)
Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 8:56am fxo:

thanks to alla yez. I'll be back next week, good lord & willin'. Have a great Memorial day, and week.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/27/13 8:57am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Mon. 5/27/13 8:58am w41:

Until next week, Frank!
  Mon. 5/27/13 8:59am 3d-nyc:

Thxfxo- later-
  Mon. 5/27/13 9:02am Jack:

y'all have a good week!
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