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Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options May 1, 2013: What Horrible Music Plays in Your Office? Play it for Ken & Andy
What horrible music plays in your office? Play it over the phone for Ken and Andy on tonight's live detention episode. Our "new" number is 201-209-9368.

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Ken & Andy 

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

EaglesChat, on WFMU! For probably the first and only time!

Hi Ken & Andy & Delayers!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:05pm BadGuyZero:

Everybody clap!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:05pm BadGuyZero:

There was Eagles talk on Best Show last night.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:06pm Danne D:

I'm lucky. I'm stationed away from the other people in my office.

The closest thing I get is being in Starbucks working on the computer and hearing the bad covers they like to play there (Like Willie Nelson singing "It Was A Very Good Year")
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:06pm glenn:

hah! the eagles are the rush of californian crappy country rock.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:06pm Danne D:

Fatal Flaw: anybody with an office job has probably left already.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Good idea, don't leave behind evidence, Ken.
Hey BGZ! (Though, that was more about the Eagles doco than about the merits and minutiae of Eagles music :)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:06pm Matt from Springfield:

And hey Danne and glenn!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:07pm Danne D:

Speaking of Rush, any bootlegs of them jamming with Public Enemy at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction yet? :)

Hey M_f_S :)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:08pm Dan B From Upstate:

I'm lucky enough to get headphones at work. The lady behind me has NPR on all day. Besides that, there's the hens chatting about which idiot got voted off of Dancing with the Idols last night. Is that show on every day, because somehow it comes up every day.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:09pm Caryn:

In my home office, WFMU is playing. At work, the radio channel we get has good music, but annoying talk.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:09pm BadGuyZero:

All the Rush bootlegs I have are of pre-1986 shows.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:10pm G:

Some of those competition shows come on two or three nights a week, so I can understand it's possible you'd hear chat about it nearly every workday -- Monday being least likely, unless people have long memories
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:11pm Nick the Bard:

Why would you call in before a topic is given, then get told there's a topic and you should really wait to call in until the topic is given at least, and then get angy that you're told that.

Go cry on your radio.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:11pm Andrea:

Anyone still at your offices? Get ready to call in and hold your phones up to the speakers.... elevators and waiting rooms are OK, too.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:11pm Matt from Springfield:

But I thought they wrote "Monk" mainly at that diner everyone raved about.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:13pm Mutant:

I'm in my office and I'm listening to this show.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:14pm Danne D:

Andy's dream call involves somebody playing archives of Ken's show from this morning.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:14pm Dan B From Upstate:

You should call in, Mutant. It'll be like that channeling the radio dial episode.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:15pm Andrea:

FATAL FLAW: if you're listening to the show right now, then that's what you're listening to at work.....
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:15pm Danne D:

It'd be interesting if Andy would figure out that someone was playing Ken's show.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:15pm Mutant:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:16pm Danne D:

btw Hiya Mutant, Dan B, Andrea, glenn and BGZ :)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:16pm BadGuyZero:

@Danne: Bwahahahahahahaha!!!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:17pm G:

In response to a question on Irwin's board, I predicted, uncannily, that the fatal flaw of the show would be not canceling it...
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:17pm Caryn:

National holiday here, so no-one at work all day.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Fatal Flaws aren't always fatal??! OMG, that's a 7SD Fatal Flaw!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:18pm Andrea:

Where should I try to book Ken and Andy for their next remote? The NJ prisons already turned us down if we can't justify an edu purpose for the inmates....
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:18pm Mutant:

Howdy Danne D
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:18pm Dan B From Upstate:

Hi, Danne D. I hope all's well!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:18pm Danne D:

That's right it's Commie Day. I forgot that

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:18pm Danne D:

@Andrea - not even a half-way house?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:19pm Danne D:

@Andrea on the more serious idea, how about Ken and Andy live from a boardwalk down at the jersey shore?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:19pm Matt from Springfield:

@Andrea: Aww man!!
On the other hand, what about a remote from Rockland County or somewhere in the 91.9 range? They could do a show from a restaurant or cafe there.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:20pm Mutant:

I fondly remember the turnpike McDonald's episode
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:20pm Danne D:

Maybe Ken and Andy can throw out the first pitch at a Newark Bears game
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:21pm Husband Man:

I listen to WFMU all day at work. People walk in my office and say, "What the f*ck is this sh*t?" and I'm like, "The radio, dude."
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Also a good idea, Danne!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:21pm Caryn:

@Danne: that's right, Commie Day, also known as a day of boozing and costume parties followed by a day of champagne breakfasts and picnics in the park.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:21pm Matt from Springfield:

"PMD" Pamela??
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:22pm Danne D:

Btw, happy Labor Day in every other country but ours Caryn :)
  Wed. 5/1/13 6:22pm PMD:

Yes, indeed.
  Wed. 5/1/13 6:22pm PMD:

At least I called!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:22pm Danne D:

Ken vs Andy golfing?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Solidarity with the working classes! *sip champagne, spread caviar* :)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:23pm Danne D:

Yay Pamela :) Good job :)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:23pm Matt from Springfield:

Well hey PMD! :)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:23pm Nick the Bard:

There's a Scientology place over in Rahway. Maybe they could do a show from there?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:23pm pacific standard simon:

Hey, it's not so bad for you, Andy -- you could be LISTENING to this.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:23pm Danne D:

I guess these ideas are passing muster with Andrea :(
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:23pm glenn:

don't you have to pass the scientology i.q. test before you can join their cult?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:24pm Andrea:

These are great ideas! I'll share them with the team.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:24pm Danne D:

  Wed. 5/1/13 6:24pm PMD:

Oh, wish I could be more entertaining...
  Wed. 5/1/13 6:25pm conrad:

Andrea: do they still have the freak show at Coney Island?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:25pm Matt from Springfield:

As long as you have money and will buy their stuff, Andy.
Avatar    Wed. 5/1/13 6:25pm cklequ:

Glenn, i think they'll take anybody with deep pockets.
Andy will have no problem.
  Wed. 5/1/13 6:25pm Robert:

Mutant, I remember that one too...but you sure it wasn't the Garden St. Pkwy.? They usually favor the Pkwy.

It was a train wreck, but no matter what, Ken usually manages to make me laugh at the end. His line was, approximately, "You spilled the drink, you made the baby vomit...we're outta here." LOL. Ken saves up those exit lines.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:25pm Dan B From Upstate:

glenn, i think the scientology iq test is,
Question 1: Do you have money?
Regardless of the answer, you're in!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:26pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm a caulk Asian!...
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:26pm Caryn:

@Matt: yeah, well, there are still the marches and rallies for some people. But over here, May Day is a) the students' holiday, b) the engineers' main holiday full of special publications and pranks, c) a Halloween-style costume party holiday, d) a boozing celebration of the spring, and e) the workers' holiday. So it kinda depends on which one(s) of those you celebrate.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:27pm Mutant:

I can't remember where the location was, but it was funny. I like when the can get people to show up within the hour.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:28pm Danne D:

Later in the year Andrea, there's the State Fair up in Sussex County. I think Wednesday is Demolition Derby Night :)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:29pm Danne D:

That's like in August
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:29pm Matt from Springfield:

"special publications and pranks" sounds fun!

Although the U.S. was wary about using the date of the Haymarket Massacre for their Labor Day, the end of summer setting has a social/recreational purpose, much like the traditional Euro May Day.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:30pm Danne D:

Article from 2011 for Demolition Derby Night:
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:30pm Danne D:

How about this:

Ken and Andy go to the zoo? They can do Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange :)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:32pm pacific standard simon:

Ken & Andy take a job in a candy factory.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:32pm Caryn:

@Matt: yeah, every other year it's Julkku, every other year Äpy. Julkku is always a magazine full of firty jokes and political satire. Äpy changes form every time. It's been a magazine, clothes, a vinyl record and record-player kit (which I recall Ken wants to make one of his premiums, but can't figure out, to which I say, check out Äpy), etc.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:33pm joe:

I'll be up tomorrow to sign
  Wed. 5/1/13 6:33pm Joe Joe:

I believed Andy was funny
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:34pm Danne D:

Andy and Ken selling candy door to door.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:34pm BadGuyZero:

I wish the show was two hours today. This is compelling radio.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:34pm Caryn:

Here's hoping Ken managed to bleep out Andy's f-bomb on the radio stream...
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:35pm Carmichael:

I once heard a muzak version of Journey to the Center of Your Mind in a CVS drugstore.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:35pm G:

Ladies and gentlemen, after decades of weekly archeology, we have now finally brought to light the blighted underbelly of Andy's self-loathing :)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:35pm Caryn:

"The Producers"!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:35pm pacific standard simon:

That's pretty low -- at least The Wolfman had a rope belt.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:35pm glenn:

having spent pretty much my entire working life on construction sites, i've probably heard more bad music than everybody here combined.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:35pm Danne D:

LOL I knew that Ken would mention that that was a Terre T drop in :O)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:35pm Carmichael:

Hey Caryn, last I heard you were unemployed. Did you find a paying gig?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:35pm Matt from Springfield:

"That which one has got, shall be flaunted."
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:36pm G:

"Bialyshtock und Bloom! Bailyshtock und Bloom!"
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:36pm Matt from Springfield:

Diwali! Holi! Those are amazing!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:37pm pacific standard simon:

Shake it, baby!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:37pm Caryn:

@Carmichael: yeah, started just last week. It's just for a year, and low pay, but heck, it's better than nothing!
  Wed. 5/1/13 6:37pm david from ks:

,,,,,Yer Gonna Jump On Me!!!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Sikhs the same!!! :D
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Hooray Caryn! Happy Labour Day, and happy labour! *toasts a beer*
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:39pm G:

aren't all goys untouchable? :p
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:39pm Mutant:

This show needs one of those cross-show guest stars like they used to do on TV. Like when Donny Most was on Chips.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:39pm Carmichael:

Well good for you, Caryn. Good luck with permanent work (if that's what you want).
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:40pm Caryn:

Thanks, Matt!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:40pm Caryn:

Thanks, Carm!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:40pm Matt from Springfield:

My pleazh, Caryn! Cheers!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:41pm glenn:

how many people has andy slandered tonight?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:41pm BadGuyZero:

I have Feydar. I can sense whenever Tina Fey is on TV or in a magazine.
  Wed. 5/1/13 6:41pm Christie:

Sounds like someone needs a hug
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:42pm G:

it's only 6:42. scary!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Well, you're in balls deep, Ken!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:43pm cosmic matrix:

i used to think casio keyboards were called "casino" keyboards...i was SURE of it...so suprised when i found out...wtf's a casio anyway?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:43pm Nick the Bard:

The Eagles, interview: 'Rock’s become very shallow and trite'

  Wed. 5/1/13 6:45pm madman:

ken and andy how bout music to watch girls by by andy williams
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:45pm Mutant:

There were Casino brand amps.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:45pm Matt from Springfield:

Hooray Bronwyn!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:46pm BadGuyZero:

45 cents that you will then have to put into the parking meter so that Andy doesn't get a parking ticket.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:46pm People Like Us:

thanks Andy
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Way to feign interest in Bronwyn C's show, Andy!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:46pm Danne D:

I hope there's some Sportsytalk thrown in too :)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:47pm Matt from Springfield:

And when the Moon is big, full and yellow...the Moon's pissed itself?

Oh yeah, older cousins are the WORST! (Speaking as one... ;)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:47pm G:

i've read that casio is a japanese adjective meaning great or amazing. the company goes back to right after WW II
  Wed. 5/1/13 6:47pm conrad:

This is actually a great topic. Should be a whole show.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Vicki/PLU!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:48pm G:

i hear hubbard's birthday is celebrated multiple times every year.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:49pm glenn:

i guarantee every kid believes for at least a while that their tongue won't stick to a frozen metal pole.
  Wed. 5/1/13 6:50pm oogoo:

Was told by my older brother, if I got on a stool and held my teeth to the open freezer, I wouldn't have to brush my teeth. He's a lawyer now.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:50pm Caryn:

This is a great topic. But giving it only 20 minutes is unfortunate. Hopefully 7SD or SUW will return to this well some day in the future.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:51pm Chris in TX via RI:

In my shop, we each have our own radios. The guy next to me listens to a horrible country station, and the guy across the room from me listens to American Family Radio, which if you've never heard, is a right-wing Christian station. I wear earbuds.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Sal Monella, he's a vindictive little cook in the kitchen. Make fun of *him* for being short and Italian?? You're gonna get it!!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:53pm BadGuyZero:

I'm on hold.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:55pm Caryn:

@Matt: his mermaid girlfriend, Salmon Ella, will help kick your ass. With her tail.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:55pm pacific standard simon:

Well, Vic Morrow really DID get his head chopped off.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:55pm BadGuyZero:

Oh well.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:55pm cosmic matrix:

i used to believe pot wasn't addictive!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:56pm cosmic matrix:

butt hay.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:56pm Carmichael:

Careful, Andy. You could lose your only friend.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:56pm People Like Us:

the next show should be Andy spending a day with Ken at fmu
  Wed. 5/1/13 6:56pm Gwendolyn Macrae:

when I was really young, like 3-4 years old sorta range. I had this idea that cats were female dogs and bears and monkeys were from the same kinda animal family. I can't help but think that maybe it's still true somehow
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:56pm BadGuyZero:

I really did believe that TV people really got shot. I thought Lee Majors took a bullet on an almost daily basis on "The Big Valley."
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:57pm G:

andy turns on ken as a vent for his frustration
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:57pm Danne D:

:) I like that we're back to old school disaster format for SSD.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:57pm Danne D:

Remind me not to star in any movie directed by BGZ.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:58pm BadGuyZero:

I directed "The Crow."
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:59pm BadGuyZero:

Too soon?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Failure fails on! :)
Have a good night everyone!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:59pm G:

hindu? dont have a cow, man.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 6:59pm cosmic matrix:

happy beltane all!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:00pm G:

andy gets mushy at the end.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:00pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:00pm Caryn:

Here's hoping those highly litigious Scientologists decide not to sue WFMU, because they figure luring in Andy will get them more money.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:01pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Love Byrds, hate Eagles.
...What about Uncle Tupelo / Son Volt - ? What are we - Mainstreamers - ?!?...
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