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Options April 28, 2013

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Nana Vasconcelos  Mundo Verde   Options Fragments: Modern Tradition  0:00:00 ()
RP Boo  The Opponent   Options Legacy  0:06:16 ()
Bjork  Dark Matter (Alvo Noto Remodel)   Options Bastards  0:09:54 ()
Raincoats  Only Loved at Night   Options Odyshape  0:15:14 ()
Microphones  Instrumental 2   Options The Glow, Pt. 2  0:19:03 ()
The Pastels  Charlie's Theme   Options The Last Great Wilderness  0:26:48 ()
Andy Partridge  Ballet for a Rainy Day   Options Fuzzy Warbles  0:29:53 ()
Van Dyke Parks  Orange Crate Art   Options Moonlighting  0:33:44 ()
April March  La Nuit Est Là   Options Triggers  0:37:24 ()
Pan Sonic  Johdin   Options Aaltopiiri  0:41:28 ()
Biting Tongues  Meat Mask Separatist   Options V/A: Fac. Dance 02: Factory Records 12" Mixes and Rarities 1980-1987  0:55:28 ()
Shayna Dulberger  Heart Like a Rabbit   Options Ache & Flutter  1:05:57 ()
Roger Miller  Lampbase   Options Xylyl  1:10:43 ()
Charles Mingus  Bird Calls   Options Mingus Ah Um  1:14:05 ()
Raspberries  I Want to Be With You   Options Fresh Raspberries  1:23:58 ()
Devendra Banhart  Your Fine Petting Duck   Options Mala  1:26:38 ()
Rasputina  Stumpside   Options Thanks for the Ether  1:33:21 ()
Bridget St. John w/Kevin Ayers  If You Got Money   Options Top Gear and Singles 1969-1973  1:36:41 ()
Instruments of Science and Technology  ClkClk   Options Volume 7: Music for Paradise Armor  1:45:03 ()
Microstoria  File Care   Options Init Ding  1:47:14 ()
Tor Lundvall  Are You There?   Options Under the Shadows of Trees  1:52:07 ()
Andrea Parkins  ii   Options Faulty (Broken Orbit)  1:54:33 ()
Keith Mansfield  Incidental Backcloth No. 3   Options V/A: Music for Dancefloors: The KPM Music Library  2:03:46 ()
Arthur Russell  Instrumentals Vol. 2, part 1   Options First Thought Best Thought  2:06:36 ()
Agf  Voice Count   Options Source Voice  2:13:20 ()
A.R. & Machines  As If I Had Seen All This Before   Options V/A: Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2  2:17:37 ()
The Recordings  Uct Bile Moure Str   Options Recordings  2:22:26 ()
Hiss Golden Messenger  Hat of Rain   Options Hiss Golden Messenger  2:32:31 ()
Wolf Eyes  Choking   Options No Answer - Lower Floors  2:34:58 ()
Muslimgauze  Re-mix from "Vote Hezbollah" #3   Options Satyajit Eye  2:41:53 ()
Metal Fingers  Podina   Options Special Herbs: The Box Set  2:46:21 ()
Lionel Marchetti  La Quete des Pouvoirs   Options Knud un Nom de Serpent  2:48:59 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 4/28/13 9:00pm bloopy:

Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:01pm Dave Mandl:

Evening, music lovers.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:02pm Dave Mandl:

Hey, bloopy. You OK?
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:03pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Present yet still unaccounted for.
  Sun. 4/28/13 9:05pm bloopy:

just excited.. u a codona fan
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:06pm Dave Mandl:

Happy to be of service.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:07pm Dave Mandl:

Greetings, Rev.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:09pm BDR:

Hey Man. That's all, hope you and yours are well.
  Sun. 4/28/13 9:10pm Mitten John:

Evenin', Dave!
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:10pm Dave Mandl:

Evening, BRD, MJ.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:14pm G:

Just got home from the cherry bash at the BK Botan. Garden. Resting for now. Fingers included...
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:16pm Dave Mandl:

Ah, how was it? I couldn't get over there, but it was probably a madhouse.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:17pm G:

It used to be less heavily attended, is my impression. Between the weather being good this weekend and the word getting around more over the years, I felt there were 50% more attendees than in other years I've gone since the mid 00s...
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:22pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...missed 1st set but here now...
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:25pm G:

Say five Hail Marys and make an act of contrition :p
  Sun. 4/28/13 9:26pm 12539:

Hello fascinating listeners!
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:26pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Who's eviscerating the listeners now?
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:26pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I haven't fastened any more of those since Mother said to leave her pins alone...
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:27pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I wasn't gonna talk about the eviscerating...
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:28pm Dave Mandl:

Greetings RR, 12539.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:28pm Ike:

Seems a bit late for a cherry blossom fest. Most cherry blossoms here in Newark peaked a week or two ago. Green leaves sprouting now, crowding out the pink.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:29pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Sir Ike!
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:31pm Droll:

[putting eyes back in head]
Passed up this Fuzzy Warbles disc several times... bad choice. Must correct.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:31pm Dave Mandl:

Hey, Ike. I think it's the same time every year at the BBG. And yeah, G, it gets more and more mobbed. Good for the Garden, I guess, but it's hard to get in.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:31pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Sir Partridge!
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:33pm Ken From Hyde Park:

There are lots of trees in bloom here these days. The sad & scary part is that there are no bees to be seen. In the past, a tree would have tons of bees, but not anymore. Maybe a lone bumble bee buzzing past.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:33pm Dave Mandl:

@Droll: I think he's brilliant. It's not a "disc"--it's a set of (I think) 7 CDs. Great.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:34pm Dave Mandl:

I never bought the set myself. I regret it now.
  Sun. 4/28/13 9:35pm 12539:

Good day for blossoms at BBG:

Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:36pm Dave Mandl:

Yeah, perfect weather this weekend. I was at the library yesterday—so close yet so far...
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:37pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Did Brian Wilson write the music, or is it just Parks?
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:37pm Droll:

Andy Partridge and Adrian Belew front my imaginary supergroup. Pat Mastelotto has played in both XTC and KC, so he's in. I will humbly play bass. I expect everyone instrument swaps about half the time, though. Ohhhh, imaginary supergroup....
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:38pm Dave Mandl:

Yeah, I have huge respect for Belew too. Very talented guy.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:40pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- scary thing about that, Droll:
- it's not impossible in the Theoretical sense
...Too many Auters spoiling the soup - lack of motive - devil's always in the details...
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:41pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Friend was playing me some Belew albums:
- everyone knows his guitar - what about his AbbeyRoad/LetItBe-ish songcraft - ??
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:42pm Dave Mandl:

He's put out a few records of instrumental "sketches" that are very nice. Simple home recordings/
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:43pm G:

@Dave 9:31. As a New Yorker since 79, I and my companions strategized to avoid and minimize lines. (There were lines for everything.) But it was worthwhile regardless, just not the kind of in-group secret any more that it once was. And we didn't even dye our hair cherryblossom pink or wear manga outfits. That's gotten very popular :)
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:44pm Dave Mandl:

Seriously about the hair? Wow. Yeah, there's probably a right time to go and not encounter too long a line.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:46pm G:

Seriously, lots of dyed hair. Kids these days :p
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:47pm G:

Cosplay Fashion Show at 5:15, curated by NY Comic Con. see? I'm not kidding.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Pink hair & stuff all over the place. (They would've beat you to death for it in 1978, of course...)
- what the hell: if there's gonna be trendy influence, might as well be Japanese...
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:48pm Droll:

Big colorful hair is not new!
When I was a youth I had as colorful and big a lid coloring and mousse technology allowed. Nowadays they have better colors and I wouldn't even need to bleach my hair first because it's all gray.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Safeway supermarkets out West.
  Sun. 4/28/13 9:52pm Edoo41:

Dave, do you have podcasts of your show/playlists
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:56pm G:

"Not that there's anything wrong with that." :) I'm just pointing out that non-genetic hair color is becoming a larger and wider trend. Heck, I might consider it if I wasn't committed to shaved head format any more.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:57pm Dave Mandl:

No, I'm not surprised by dyed hair! I mean dying it the color of cherry blossoms just for the festival.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 9:59pm Dave Mandl:

@Edoo41: Hi. No, I don't think there are podcasts of my show, but there are archives, of course. You can listen to them on the web or with the iPhone app.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:00pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Copyright legalities prohibit a lot of Podcasting. W/ Broadcasting & Archives, they can keep track for paying Royalties?
...A tedious subject, perhaps...
- Not sure how much relates?: I can buy a CD & sell that or give it to you - but it's actually technically illegal if I *Copy* it & sell the *Copy* to you - because the Artist & Label don't get any of that $ from the Copy...
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:00pm G:

yes, there were a noticeable number of actual light-pink heads, one actually involving hair all the way down past the belt. that took some effort.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:03pm Droll:

Biting Tongues looked just as they smelled.
Biting Tongues looked just as they smelled.

G, I envy the new big and colorful styles, but sometimes I think they're just extensions.
  Sun. 4/28/13 10:03pm trish:

I was stopped by a tourist a few weeks back asking about the red maple blossoms at the end of the block. The spectacular mundane.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:04pm Dave Mandl:

@trish: What did they ask you? What kind of blossoms they were?
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:04pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Visual Autotuning.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:06pm G:

the long pink to-the-butt hair was not an extension. i had two females in tow, one of whom taught for some years in a NYC public school where extensions were ubiquitous, and they assured me that that was no extension. :)
  Sun. 4/28/13 10:08pm trish:

Yes. I think they were from japan? I was rushing to catch a train and on that completely different track.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:08pm Dave Mandl:

I have a couple of friends with hair that long. According to my friend Debra, after washing her hair it never completely dries. It can take days.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:09pm Dave Mandl:

I was in Central Park today and the cherry blossoms were amazing.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:11pm G:

@dm: what price beauty. my companions were impressed with the determination that went into dying that much hair for an event. they assumed it is wash-out dye
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:12pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...after doing 'King of the Road' - Roger Miller moved into Asian music & did 'King of the Mode'

...I'm sorry...
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:13pm Dave Mandl:

Right, if my friend wanted to completely blow-dry it, it would probably take hours.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:13pm G:

@RR63: Say fifteen Hail Marys and make three acts of contrition :p
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:18pm Droll:

I wanna see someone with hip-length pink hair comping 4 chords to the bar at 138bpm.
  Sun. 4/28/13 10:18pm trish:

Beauty is sorta analogous to eating?
There are basics of nutrition plus all those extras of 'and maybe while you're at it..'
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:18pm pacific standard simon:

New Wave for sale or rent
Punk Rock is our sacrament
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:20pm G:

@Droll: Might as well face it, you're addicted to pink
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:22pm pacific standard simon:

No drool on my tool so bent
Who stole my cigarettes?!
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:23pm Andrew Waterloo:

Today I saw a woman doled out in pink walking two dogs that their ears and tails dyed pink.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:24pm Droll:

Andrew, No jury would convict.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:25pm pacific standard simon:

Be brave, Dave -- segue from Mingus to The Raspberries without a DJ break!
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:27pm Dave Mandl:

@PSS: You're right, that would have been the segue of the year.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:33pm pacific standard simon:

I think you could probably ward off Alzheimer's by trying to figure out how to get from something classical to hard rock without resorting to Brian Eno.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:34pm Dave Mandl:

Piece of cake.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:36pm sFrances from VA:

Or toss in another Rasputina song, "Rose K" about alzheimers riddled Rose Kennedy (kt's very sweet)
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 10:39pm pacific standard simon:

This is a fun Ayers-related tune.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:02pm pacific standard simon:

Hey, it's still light outside, here!
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:05pm Dave Mandl:

Ah, sorry. You're on the west coast? Is it really still light there, at 8:00?
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:09pm pacific standard simon:

Mind you, I'm sitting in a windowless room surrounded by bookshelves and had to get up for a cup of tea to find it out, but yes, in or near Seattle it is still light out.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:12pm Dave Mandl:

Nice. I might be going out there this summer.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:13pm pacific standard simon:

Then you'll have to wait until almost 10 for true dark.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:19pm Dave Mandl:

I can deal with that.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:22pm G:

nuit blanche!
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:25pm pacific standard simon:

Flip side is that it starts getting dark about 4:30 in the winter and there's seasonal affective disorder types everywhere.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:27pm pacific standard simon:

Kraut Rock!
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:28pm G:

@PSS: reminds me of living in england. sunup by abt 4am, dark till nearly 11pm, late june...
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:28pm G:

in winter, pitch black at 4pm
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:30pm pacific standard simon:

I like it, but what do I know?
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:32pm pacific standard simon:

Harry Partch?
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:32pm Michele:

Great show tonight! Psyched for the drum special in two weeks! Excellent news!
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:33pm Dave Mandl:

Hi Michele. Thanks!
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:36pm pacific standard simon:

Something with Dave Morello would be keen, too.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:36pm pacific standard simon:

I mean JOE.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:40pm Dave Mandl:

I don't think there's going to be any Joe Morello.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:41pm Dave Mandl:

There will be a few jazz drummers, though.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:44pm pacific standard simon:

Fair enough!
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:50pm Droll:

Back from dinner. Delicious rice, beans, sausage, bell peppers, and yummy-mystery sauce.

As a fellow Seattleite, I can attest being on the western edge of a timezone means late sunsets. We're further north than 80% of Canadians! Having said that, I've lived in Sweden and Seattle is nothing like Scandinavia.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:52pm Droll:

Delicious hair: beauty.hotpepper.jp...
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:54pm pacific standard simon:

Mmm... beans, rice and sausage... make the bell peppers red, add some sweet potatoes, and I'm all over it!
  Sun. 4/28/13 11:56pm 12539:

Nice show, Dave.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:58pm pacific standard simon:

Great hair, Droll -- wonder if there's an eggplant version.
Avatar Sun. 4/28/13 11:59pm Droll:

Thanks for having us over Dave. See you next week.
Avatar Mon. 4/29/13 12:02am Dave Mandl:

Thanks, folks. Hope to see you all next Sunday. Have a great week.
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