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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options April 26, 2013

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Harry Bertoia  Unknown   Options Here and Now / Unkown  0:00:00 ()
Michael Adamis  Metallika Glypta III [Metal Sculptures III]   Options Greek Electronic Music - 1  0:12:54 ()
Chris Wyatt  Conversations I   Options Electronic Music - University of Melbourne  0:19:04 ()
Taj Mahal Travellers  part 3   Options August 1974  0:26:58 ()
Taj Mahal Travellers  part 4   Options August 1974  0:50:33 ()
Koboku Senju  part one   Options Joining the Queue to Become One of Those Ordinary Ghosts  1:14:45 ()
Ghédalia Tazartès  La Mort De Berchou   Options Check Point Charlie  1:38:38 ()
Rudolf Komorous  The Tomb of Malevitch   Options Electronic Music  1:52:47 ()
Thomas Brinkmann  Row   Options n. m. q. p  1:56:57 ()
CoH + Cosey Fanni Tutti  Mad   Options CoH plays Cosey  2:01:36 ()
Anne-James Chaton  Événements Nº 26   Options Événements 09  2:07:48 ()
Anne-James Chaton  Événements Nº 27   Options Événements 09  2:11:35 ()
Pan Sonic  Lataus   Options B  2:16:30 ()
Signal  Wismut (Version)   Options Robotron  2:21:20 ()
Cyclo  ID#00   Options ID  2:28:50 ()
Cyclo  ID#01   Options ID  2:35:46 ()
Daphne Oram  Rhythmic Variations   Options   2:44:42 ()
Laura Spiegel  Drums   Options Obsolete Systems  2:46:16 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:06pm braveness23:

Play something fucked up, Bryce. I need something fucked up!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:06pm G:

Let the regularly scheduled foodie lunch discussion commence.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:07pm Sem Chumbo:

Oh boy, a request show!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:07pm G:

Does the comments board take requests, too?
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:08pm braveness23:

I request more country music (not)
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:08pm Bryce:

i need help caramelizing dialysis tubing
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:08pm G:

Play 4:33 of country music on mute
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:10pm stefica:

some of us out here like country music
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:10pm braveness23:

Bryce, remind me to tell you about my chickens
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:11pm Carmichael:

I would like a side of fries with my country music.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:12pm Cheri Pi:

Chickens??? do tell.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:13pm Cheri Pi:

Heya Bryce & the chain-gang!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:13pm Bryce:

music ain't illegal
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:13pm Bryce:

heya hi
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:13pm braveness23:

I'm OK with country music. But I REALLY like Bryce music... err Bryce's infernal racket
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:14pm Cheri Pi:

hit us with your rhythm stick Bryce!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:14pm DCE:

bang a gong!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:15pm still b/p:

Food? The neighbor's daughter made a cake. I was given a piece. It makes my skeleton wilt and my eyes roll with pure chocolate cake pleasure. I'm enjoying/rationing my one piece a few bites at a time. When it's gone, what else is there?
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:16pm Cheri Pi:

damn you Still b/p and your talk of delicious cakes.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:19pm Cheri Pi:

make us pay, Bryce!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:20pm G:

Twofer Marbles in a Blender Fridays
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:20pm braveness23:

Yeah, we've been bad all week! And my plans to slaughter chickens fell through so I really need to work this out!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:22pm Cheri Pi:

revenge of the chickens???!!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:22pm G:

Twofer = from 40 to 80 minutes
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:22pm Bryce:

Hmmm.......a little j-pop maybe?
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:22pm Bryce:

at 1.5 speed
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:23pm G:

The new PSY tune, play it over and over because it's so great and original
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:23pm Cheri Pi:

hmmmm, afrirampo is acceptable...at 45
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:23pm stefica:

@braveness: i, too, prefer brysic to country music.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:24pm Cheri Pi:

Brycergic Acid House
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:25pm Droll:

. o O ( Most fans of country music are more annoying the the music itself )

I wish the super-slowdown (1/8th speed or slower) fad would come back, you could make out some of the inner workings of this metal sculpture music.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:25pm Cheri Pi:

throw it all away and play some Slayer!!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:26pm Bryce:

this is sort of country fiddlin
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:32pm G:

It's a treated field recording of the sounds inside a typical country fan's septic system :)
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:33pm tim from champaign:

Here comes the j-pop.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:33pm Bryce:

Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:34pm Droll:

G, I thought the typical country fan was still using an outhouse.
  Fri. 4/26/13 12:35pm cjm_bklyn:

Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:35pm G:

OK, maybe I am remembering wrong :-)
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:36pm Bryce:

i love his scrape-a-delia
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:37pm G:

I actually went to a by-marriage family reunion in southern KY where an event was held at a church in the middle of nowhere that had one male and one female outhouse, complete with snapped-off oak branches for t.p.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:37pm Droll:

ChrisT was diss'n southern music recently, he was really bent about "Sweet Tea", but I don't remember that beverage named in any Molly Hatchet or Skynrd tunes.

This TMT track is a headphones must.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:39pm braveness23:

I'm a little bit country and a little bit Einstürzende Neubauten
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:40pm braveness23:

@Droll, thanks for the headphone tip!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:42pm Jeff:

Great George Jones tribute so far, Bryce - far more subtle than the ones to follow, I'm sure.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:43pm braveness23:

Bryce, you haven't asked me about my chickens...
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:43pm Mike East:

hey keyboard people...I'm in desperate need of a Korg PA2X AND a Roland E40. If anybody knows someone in the tristate area looking to make some money on their instrument, let me know!!! I can handle a road case, and am insured.
-screwed if I don't find these
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:44pm Bryce:

one day, scholars will understand, jeff.....one day.......
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:47pm DCE:

oh hell yeah, turn it up, man!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:47pm Bryce:

i would like a nord modular g2x please.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:48pm Carmichael:

This is actually the Richie Havens tribute. George Jones doesn't begin until 1:30.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:49pm Richard Nixon:

Oh dear Dog, someone named braveness23 has been stealing my identity!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:49pm Mike East:

call SIR, Bryce.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:49pm Cheri Pi:

J pop!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:51pm Bryce:

Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:52pm Mike East:

studio instrument rentals (our competition) - they might have that nord. All I've got is electros, leads, stages.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:53pm Bryce:

ah! that would be amazing! (they're pretty hard to scare up any more.....)
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:55pm Mike East:

threewavemusic has lotsa keyboards, too. Also Keyboard Instrument Rentals (KIR), but Danny can be a pain in the ass...don't tell him I said so.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:57pm Droll:

Mike, You should hear what he said about you!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:57pm Danny:

Too late.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 12:57pm Bryce:

oh god, i think scott williams just bought something there a couple days ago. i've never even been able to look at pictures of that place. have to squint and peep from between my fingers.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:03pm Ike:

I dig this track.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:06pm Mike East:

yeah, their homepage pic is enough to drool at: www.threewavemusic.com
  Fri. 4/26/13 1:07pm Scott Williams:

THREE WAVE (shhhhh, sorry, it's a secret) didn't buy anything. I asked the man what was the coolest thing I could get for $100 and he handed me a guitar cable. went elsewhere w/ major noise toys jones & bought a vocoder
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:08pm DCE:

sorry for your unpleasant customer service experience, Scott W...I assume he asked you if you would like to complete a survey about your experience.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:12pm Bryce:

ohhh! i just assumed, hahaa
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:13pm Mike East:

@Scott - anyone local that might do rentals, particularly of a Roland E40 and Korg PA2X?
  Fri. 4/26/13 1:15pm Scott Williams:

wish I knew, Mike!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:17pm Mike East:

I'm so fucked. They're gonna end up with a Triton and an RD700...not the same at all.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:17pm Chris from DC:

Thanks Bryce, needed the TMT to chill for a bit. Long week.
  Fri. 4/26/13 1:18pm Mary Wing:

I think Mike East is going to have to resort to a Craigslist ad, which will have to be worded so that it doesn't sound sleazy. :-)
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:19pm DCE:

who's it for, Mike, if you don't mind my asking (not that I can help in ANY WAY, I'm just so damned nosy)
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:21pm Bryce:

it's not okay to contact this commenter
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:22pm Mike East:

not sure, DCE...might have it in an email somewhere. Its for a show out at Queens College tomorrow.
  Fri. 4/26/13 1:26pm ms_a:

stretch, knead, headbutt (contact)
  Fri. 4/26/13 1:30pm Mary Wing:

Oh by the way, if anyone's job-hunting, Stonehenge is looking for a general manager: http://travel.yahoo.com/blogs/compass/stonehenge-seeks-first-general-manager-170838440.html
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:34pm Bryce:

Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:35pm Chris from DC:

Application on the way, thanks Mary.
  Fri. 4/26/13 1:37pm Mary Wing:

I'll expect a lifetime VIP pass after you get the gig, Chris!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:39pm Richard Nixon:

Joan Jett has left the building
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:40pm G:

Pro Tip: one slash means a foot, two slashes mean an inch. that might be in the interview
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:51pm kata:

hey is this accordion stuff Ghedalia ? I fucking love it !!!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:51pm G:

i love it, and i'm not even fucking! :)
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:55pm still b/p:

French Fry Day!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 1:57pm Bryce:

hey, kata, yup, it is! 1990 record of his, just re-pressed (in a tiny edition)...
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:07pm kata:

thanks Bryce !
  Fri. 4/26/13 2:10pm bill:

What is this, FUV? Play some 348|10|13|36|19|21, 11.573kHz, 19:17 GMT or something
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:11pm Bryce:

Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:15pm Bryce:

this is kinda coney
  Fri. 4/26/13 2:16pm bill:

Dancefloor remix perhaps?
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:17pm Bryce:

even spooks gotta cut loose
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:22pm Ike:

FUV, ha! Right, this is secretly just a weird Wilco remix. Heh.
  Fri. 4/26/13 2:27pm bill:

Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:32pm Ike:

And this is *definitely* a Jackson Browne remix. You can't fool me.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:36pm G:

the Doctor, My Ears remix
  Fri. 4/26/13 2:37pm Simon:

Definitely hadda unplug the earbuds for the hf tones
  Fri. 4/26/13 2:37pm Simon:

Definitely hadda unplug the earbuds for the hf tones
  Fri. 4/26/13 2:37pm Simon:

Definitely hadda unplug the earbuds for the hf tones
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:37pm fleep:

This has been a test of the Hallucinatory Broadcast System. Had this been an actual hallucination, you'd be sprouting purple duck feathers by now.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:38pm Bryce:

it's good for you
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:38pm DCE:

most definitely
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:38pm G:

^^^It also impacted his hand-eye coordination
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:39pm Richard Nixon:

This little number has cause my dog to put her tail between her legs.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:42pm G:

Drinking coffee at McDonalds with satellite radio hits channel. Dirty Water, Good Morning Starshine, Give Me Just a Little More Time. Gives me cover for having the sound turned up to hear this without anyone else hearing...
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:44pm braveness23:

oh dear, my dog is at the top of the steps barking and wont come down. True story
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:45pm G:

don't let it go in room 237
  Fri. 4/26/13 2:47pm bill:

I love to play bird call records for my dog. Freaks him the fk out
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:48pm braveness23:

we don't "play" with the laser pointer anymore. It turns her into a different kind of beast and its not really funny after a couple minutes.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:48pm G:

A lot of what your dog is hearing of this you can't hear, duh
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:49pm tim from champaign:

This has been a most excellent show, Bryce.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:50pm glenn:

this doesn't sound like a george jones memorial show. sheesh.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:50pm G:

This is what he's hearing in Purgatory??
  Fri. 4/26/13 2:51pm david from ks:

,,,,,what more could one ask for?,,,,,fromLiz2Bryce!!AWholeSpectrumIn5Days!,,
  Fri. 4/26/13 2:51pm bill:

No, b23, that does not sound fun
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:52pm fleep:

In Purgatory, Jewel's "Who Will Save Your Soul" plays on an endless loop.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:52pm glenn:

well, if i played keyboards and lived in jersey, i would be at threewave instanter.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:53pm G:

Satellite radio: California Girls; Respect. Still excellent cover for weird noise.

I suppose everyone knows that middle aged African Americans who lunch at Mickey D's know the lyrics of 1960s top 40 songs like the Beach Boys and sing along to themselves as they eat.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:55pm Looms:

Looks like I've missed a nice show :(
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:55pm Bryce:

ehhhh, they all sound the same
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:57pm fleep:

Drums is like dessert for ears after previous plate of broccoli.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:57pm DCE:

Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:57pm Bryce:

oh my, look at the time!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:58pm G:

that's what B23's bird says
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:58pm Droll:

Bryce, They only sound the same if you've lost your hearing about 12kHz. The part I struggle with is "one at a time" and ""all tracks at once piled up". Lovely show, B.
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 2:58pm northguineahills:

Loved that Cyclo, Oram, and Spiegel!
Avatar Fri. 4/26/13 3:00pm Mike East:

i just ate a buncha pretzels....got a shrimp and watermelon salad comin'
  Fri. 4/26/13 3:01pm common:

move that starch!
Avatar Tue. 4/30/13 11:10am magoo:

I didn't realize Takehisa Kosugi was in Taj Mahal Travellers until hearing that part 4 of August 1974 and realizing how much it sounded like Mano Dharma '74 from Catch Wave.
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