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Transpacific Sound Paradise Options
Saturday, April 13, 2013 Options
Live from Barbes: Sumptuous Song Stylings of Turkey, Eastern Europe & Central Asia

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This Week: Live from Barbes, the music-lover's haven at 9th St and 6th Ave in Park Slope, Brooklyn, a jam-packed night of music of Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Central Asia featuring an array acclaimed vocalists.

We kicked off at 6 in Eastern Europe with the captivating solo song stylings of Eva Salina followed by a taste of Lithuanian-style klezmer with Litvakus.

Next up, sounds of Turkey with oudist Adam Good and two ensembles: Dolunay with fine young singer Jenny Luna performed traditional music of Turkic peoples from across the Balkans, and Hoshneva spotlighted CTMD Artist in Residence and Makam NY founder Ahmet Erdogdular - considered one of today's best Ottoman Turkish vocalists.

And a special treat in the final set of the broadcast: Gifted singer / multi-instrumentalist Hadar Maoz and her band flew in from Tel Aviv, Israel for a big debut concert at Drom in the East Village on April 11. And they wrapped up our Barbes show too, playing rocking blends of Bukharian (Central Asian / Jewish) music with rock, soul and funk.

Massive thanks to our illustrious tech guru and co-host Irene Trudel, engineers Rob Christiansen and Mark Koch, Board Op Julie B from WFMU's Dark Night of the Soul, Olivier and Vincent from Barbes and all the musicians.

This Week's Playlist:

Eva Salina: Songs of Eastern Europe Options (0:00:00 )
Live from Barbes

Litvakus: Litvak and other klezmer styles Options (0:46:05 )
Live from Barbes

Dolunay: Rumeli urban folk music of the Turkish people across the Balkans Options (1:21:00 )
Live from Barbes

Hoshneva featuring Ahmet Erdoğdular: Ottoman classical vocal music Options (2:01:09 )
Live from Barbes

Hadar Maoz: Bukharian electric roots Options (2:40:36 )
Live from Barbes

Listener comments!

Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:08pm Julie:

Sounds good guys! A little dead on left channel
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:09pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- She's right. <<<

Woosh! : )
...So we start w/ Amazing Gorgeous! : )
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:10pm Rob Weisberg:

Thanks Julie. Irene is checking although levels here look OK... - Rob
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:13pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Better L>|<R
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:15pm Kristina Koffee:

Great show so far! I love TPSP, it was my gateway show. I'm not always able to tune in every week, so what a treat to hear some Macedonian music on the radio this week ;) Love all Balkan music
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:18pm Rob Weisberg:

Thanks Kristina, good evening everyone, hope you enjoy our jam-packed live broadcast from Barbes!
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:22pm Bas NL:

Just switched in! Great live tunes!
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:24pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

:-O < +
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:26pm Rob Weisberg:

Thanks Bas! You're getting a taste of our burgeoning Balkan / East European scene here in NY tonight... plus a special guest from Israel who probably hasn't played much in Europe yet...
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:29pm Julie:

even with your talking, the left channel is still much lower
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:31pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Vocals/Voice-R, Instrument-L ???

- This is Fun - & *that* was Beautiful.
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:32pm Bas NL:

Nice!! And confirm left channel. Seems to drop; check gating.
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:34pm Bas NL:

..or compressor timing...
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:44pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Arthur Lee's Love was from L.A. - so 'AloneAgainOr' tune (written actually by Bryan MacLean) has Spanish influence, as does other Rock from Southern Cali. I maintain...
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:47pm Julie:

Ahh much improved on left side
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:47pm Rob Weisberg:

it's possible the channel problem is on the Jersey City side - hard for us to check that... we did pump the L a little just now though, hopefully that will help. Thanks everyone for the info...
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

[Sounds good in New Hampshire! Been same as what others say...]
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:52pm Kristina Koffee:

Damn it sounds hoppin' right now. Wish I could be there. I'll keep an eye out for upcoming shows. Ever have live shows out of DROM, Rob?
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:52pm Julie:

Lost you for a moment there, but you're back
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Enjoying!
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:58pm Bas NL:

Litvakus is great!!
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 6:59pm doca:

hello rob and listeners from around the world, many thanks for being able to hear such great music.
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:02pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Love blend of Deep Soul & Communal Fun in Klezmer. Much appreciated!
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:03pm Kristina Koffee:

Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:03pm Bas NL:

  Sat. 4/13/13 7:12pm julian:

Sounds great over here. Eva Salina was wonderful. Accordions that soothed the world!
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:17pm Julie:

Did I miss an ID?
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:19pm fred von helsing:

where is the beat, sorry, i'm late
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:19pm Julie:

@FVH we got the beat
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:20pm Mike East:

just finished a fantastic tempeh curry masala...and now to finish my taxes as I do almost every year, during TSP
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:21pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Evening fred! :
- L-R Balance been a little wonky (good now)
- Eva was amazing & gorgeous!
- Litvakus was tremendous fun!...
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:21pm Julie:

Taxpacific sound paradise?
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:22pm fred von helsing:

go go go s
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:25pm Mike East:

Tax Specific Procrastination more like it :)
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:25pm fred von helsing:

tax-specific hound fuzzy dice
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:27pm fred von helsing:

i like the word sumptuous, it's scrumptious without the sump pump
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:32pm braveness23:

This has been great music to do my taxes to
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:33pm fred von helsing:

are they(you) using the wfmu remote kit ? it takes tech to take the tick tock to the peepul
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:35pm Rob Weisberg:

Indeed, Fred...
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:35pm Mike East:

cheers, B23! I'm in the home stretch!
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:38pm Rob Weisberg:

Good luck tax-paying citizens of WFMUlandia...
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:39pm fred von helsing:

hey rob tell me bout the kit cos / transistors transform
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:44pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- amazing Show of an amazing Program.
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:46pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Thx for bringing us to Barbes tonight Rob! (Irene,&tc.)
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:46pm fred von helsing:

i paid my taxes / for the flood / and then the drive / but I suppress'd my heart sign cos / i see a class society emerging / i mean c'mon wtf, how long do those hearty things hang in ? / months? seasons? / it's new and it's a bit bourgeois cos every time I post / my ass is grass
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:46pm Rob Weisberg:

Fred, in all seriousness, I could explain how we connect on remotes (there actually are a couple of options) but not right now... email me if you're curious. As with so many things FMU, we do it somewhat on the edge... for instance our L/R problem could be less likely with a more expensive I/O device (actually I may look into that). But now we're starting to get technical...
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:50pm fred von helsing:

technical is ... technical, and indistinguishable from magic (said a.c.clarke)
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:55pm fred von helsing:

bad sound mix, you sound overwhelmed !
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- dropped out twice- like before but back...
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 7:58pm fred von helsing:

yeah dropout but that depenz on Xportation lair
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:00pm fred von helsing:

u flirt
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:01pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Live small busy club - mike maxing out a little on Rob - no biggie...Music been wonderful - !!
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:05pm fred von helsing:

thatcher, snatcher, a whole country pissed off
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:08pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

: o < !
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:09pm fred von helsing:

well DUH
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:11pm fred von helsing:

Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:14pm doca:

oh this is the real deal
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:19pm Rob Weisberg:

Yes indeed - actually Ahmet is one of the best Turkish Ottoman classical singers, period - just happens to be living in NYC. Check out his Ottoman music organization, - he's trying to help in the music's revival.
  Sat. 4/13/13 8:24pm ?:

Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:27pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

: o < !
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:29pm doca:

in what this is different from central asia muqam/magam/makam? because i feel it's kinda different, but i can't say how
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:43pm Julie:

How far behind are you?
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:45pm Rob Weisberg:

Julie, we would love if you can keep us on the air but it's up to Daniel. We need until 9:20. I think Irene also is about to call. Maybe Joe McG would be willing to split the difference with Daniel? I realize I would owe them both big favors - !
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:45pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

  Sat. 4/13/13 8:49pm Linus:

Wow, did you just change engineers? The Turkish stuff just prior was awesome. But this sounds awful... way over modulated or something...check your streaming levels.
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:50pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Her vocal mic and maybe the whole thing is a bit too loud. What Linus said.
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...this is a much louder band??...
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 8:55pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Been an amazing evening Rob! Thx so much!
  Sat. 4/13/13 8:56pm Linus:

Over all a very cool afternoon... great music, great artists, my favorite Radio station, I wish I lived in NYC. Detroit, with all it's reputation for great music, can't compare. I'm an audio engineer who appreciates everything from Punk to Classical and everything in between
  Sat. 4/13/13 9:01pm Linus:

Didn't mean to say the band sounds awful...their great, just the sound mix. Give her an SM58 or some sort of better mic. BTW, I'm totally secular.
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 9:02pm Julie:

Yeah it is very distorted, I've done everything I can on this end, levels are appropriate
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 9:03pm G:

Maybe it kinda sounds like that with the setup they usually have back home. I can hear the music as music, though :-) I just pretend I'm listening on a car radio!
  Sat. 4/13/13 9:05pm Linus:

Julie: I take it you are engineering this show...Double AA plus good for you. I know it's been a long day and it maybe that the vocal mic is,,,um,, how can I say??, a bit spittle contaminated.
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 9:06pm Julie:

Linus, I'm not engineering, merely running the sound board back at the station
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 9:06pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- other bands were Acoustic, & this Amped so overloads? Doesn't spoil the evening - everyone Great! : )))
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 9:06pm G:

Julie seems to be board-opping. She can't help their stage setup :)
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 9:07pm Rob Weisberg:

We're a little stumped about what's causing distortion. We're not hearing it here.
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 9:08pm G:

hmmm... well, it's water under the bridge soon :)
  Sat. 4/13/13 9:10pm Linus:

Instrumental mix BTW, sounds superb., great job FMU people. I am so pleased I stumbled upon this gig today.
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 9:11pm Looms:

I think that the distortion gave us a nice "it's happening live" flavour. I'm really enjoying the set.
  Sat. 4/13/13 9:13pm Linus:

I'm being transformed and transplanted into an almost nirvana state.
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 9:18pm Rob Weisberg:

This is the last song - thanks everybody for bearing with our little quirks... but hope you enjoyed the music! Hadar Maoz is a wonderful artist and it's been great to discover her music this evening.. HUGE thanks to Daniel for letting us extend into the first part of his show.
  Sat. 4/13/13 9:24pm Steve-O:

Hey Rob. I really enjoyed the show tonight......=)
  Sat. 4/13/13 9:28pm Linus:

Super + good gig Rob, Julie and all FMU peeps. Wish I had recorded this event. Lifted my spirits here in spiritless Detroit.
Avatar Sat. 4/13/13 9:32pm Bas NL:

Great show Rob!
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