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Playlist for 11 April 2013 Options | Enjoy your worries

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Red Hook Houses (Brooklyn), circa 1940 (source)

Artist Song Album Label Comments Approx. start time
The Books  Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again   Options Thought for Food  Tomlab     
Brian Eno  The True Wheel   Options Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)  Polydor    0:04:57 ()
Mary McCaslin  Wayward Wind   Options Old Friends  Philo    0:10:00 ()
Helen Morgan  I Was Taken by Storm   Options 78 (originally)  Brunswick    0:13:16 ()
Alton Ellis & The Flames  Cry Tough   Options Let's Do Rocksteady (various artists)  Trojan    0:16:24 ()
Juanita Rogers with Mr. V's Five Joys  I'm So Glad You Love Me   Options Sun Ra: The Singles  Evidence    0:18:24 ()
Eltro  Motorboat   Options Past And Present Futurists  Absolutely Kosher    0:21:28 ()
Music behind DJ:
Thomas Stronen 
Dispatches   Options Pohlitz  Rune Grammofon    0:26:35 ()
Juana Molina  Vive Solo   Options Un Dia  Domino    0:31:48 ()
Jagjit & Chitra Singh  Zindagi Tujhko Jiya Hai   Options The Latest Ghazals/Nazms  CBS    0:37:51 ()
Cream  As You Said   Options Wheels of Fire  Atco    0:42:17 ()
The Klezmorim  Freylekhs fun L.A. (merry tune from L.A.)   Options Streets of Gold  Arhoolie    0:46:30 ()
Black Star Club (vocal: Sharmila)  Chozi Lanitoka   Options Nyota: Black Star & Lucky Star Musical Clubs (various artists)  Globe Style    0:49:18 ()
Human Switchboard  (Say No to) Saturday's Girl   Options Who's Landing in My Hangar? Anthology 1977-1984  Bar None    0:52:26 ()
Big Maybelle  96 Tears   Options 7-inch single (originally)  Rojak    0:56:14 ()
Music behind DJ:
Piero Umiliani 
Power Stations   Options The Man and the City  Right Tempo    0:58:34 ()
Fats Waller  Jitterbug Waltz   Options The Last Years: 1940-1943  Bluebird    1:04:00 ()
Laura Gibson  Lion/Lamb   Options La Grande  Barsuk    1:07:26 ()
Sonic Youth  Superstar   Options If I Were a Carpenter (various artists)  A&M    1:11:27 ()
Noonday Underground  Hush   Options Self-Assembly  M21    1:15:09 ()
Yukari Fresh  Triplicate Quackery   Options Erik  Escalator    1:17:39 ()
Pickettywitch  There He Goes   Options You Can Be Wrong About Boys (various artists)  Sequel    1:20:53 ()
Sly & The Family Stone  Que Sera Sera   Options Fresh  Epic    1:23:20 ()
Music behind DJ:
Shudder to Think 
pH Balanced   Options High Art (soundtrack)  Velvel    1:28:37 ()
Mary Lou Williams  My Blue Heaven   Options Black Christ of the Andes  Smithsonian Folkways    1:32:59 ()
Tin Hat Trio  Fear of the South   Options The Rodeo Exploded  Ropeadope    1:36:02 ()
The dB's  She's Not Worried   Options Stands for Decibels  Albion    1:40:17 ()
The Casual Dots  I'll Dry My Tears   Options self-titled  Kill Rock Stars    1:42:56 ()
Marianne Faithfull  I'll Keep It With Mine   Options Strange Weather  Island    1:45:00 ()
The Clash  The Street Parade   Options Sandinista!  CBS    1:48:49 ()
Shocking Blue  Wild Wind   Options At Home  Pink Elephant; Repertoire    1:52:13 ()
Buddy Holly  Well All Right   Options collection  MCA    1:54:39 ()
Music behind DJ:
Lew Howard All Stars 
Hula Rock   Options Super Sounds of Bosworth (various artists)  Trunk    2:00:47 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:51am Brian in UK:

My life is an over pitched long hop struck over extra cover for six into the enraptured applauding crowd.
Arternoon Charlie.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:51am Uncle Michael:

I ain't doin' nothin'.

Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:53am Brian in UK:

Sargeant to Spike Milligan "What are you doing there?"
Spike Milligan to Sargeant "Well everybodies got to be somewhere"
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:54am Michael:

Yo Charlie. And Uncle and Brian. Snowing up there Charlie?
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:54am Uncle Michael:

I'm busy being nowhere.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:55am Brian in UK:

Ah Jim White
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:55am Uncle Michael:

Hello, Michael, Brian and Charlie.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:55am Charlie:

Problem resolved (I hope). Should be ready to go!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:56am Brian in UK:

Gents. Time for tea, methinks.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:57am People Like Us:

Hello, good luck!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:57am Brian in UK:

This sleepy Town track ties in well with your picture, Charlie
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:58am Uncle Michael:

Time for exfoliation, here.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:58am ndbob:

morning Charlie and everyone!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 11:58am Brian in UK:

.... and Meladies.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:01pm Carmichael:

Brian, I speak English and I don't know wtf you just said back there.

Ola Carlos y amigos/amigas.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:03pm Charlie:

Hello, good luck!
Avatar Thu. 4/11/13 12:04pm other eddie:

and this makes it all worthwhile
  Thu. 4/11/13 12:05pm jan:

off to a great start.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:05pm Brian in UK:

Carmichael it is cricket old bean. Not a blue million miles form your baseball
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:07pm Charlie:

Good morning/afternoon/evening all!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:07pm listener james from westwood:

love this eno track. good day, charlie, and howdy, all!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:07pm holland oats:

uh-oh NOTHING there this time!
Avatar Thu. 4/11/13 12:09pm don:

yessss! hi all!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:11pm ndbob:

nice version here
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:11pm Charlie:

A show found underneath the carpet.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:15pm Uncle Michael:

Nice version of Wayward Wind.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:15pm Uncle Michael:

I'm sensing a weather theme.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:18pm Brian in UK:

Get ready, let's do Rock Steady.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:18pm Carmichael:

Brian, hurling's me game. The Yanks here (and there are many) enjoy the game of running in a circle and going home. Silly bunts ...
Avatar Thu. 4/11/13 12:19pm northguineahills:

I love this version of Cry Tough.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:19pm ndbob:

snowing lightly here at the moment
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:20pm Carmichael:

Alton sure has a high voice, ala Frankie Lymon.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:21pm Charlie:

Whether it's cold or whether it's hot,
You've got to have weather,
Whether or not.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:21pm Brian in UK:

Ndbob, thought spring had sprung your way or is that what you call Spring.
Carmichael, is that an Irish connection?
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:22pm pacific standard simon:

Better the weather you know...
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:24pm Charlie:

I like seeing the title "Motorboat" above that old picture of the projects in Red Hook. (Not far from the water, of course.)
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:24pm ndbob:

@Brian it's way way overdue - a possible significant snowstorm Saturday night - and temps maybe not getting out of the 30s for another week
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:25pm pacific standard simon:

Hey, Uncle, my team is playing your team today!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:27pm Uncle Michael:

@Simon: I'll have it on with the sound down during my show.

Time to commute. See you all in a few.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:29pm Carmichael:

@Brian: I was born in County Wexford, although I reside in sunny Califor-nee.
Avatar Thu. 4/11/13 12:30pm northguineahills:

Ahh, I missed my tea. I think I'll go for some maté rather then actual tea right now.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:34pm Brian in UK:

Carmichael, that makes sense as much as anything does. Refering to Spike Milligan above have you read Puckoon.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:44pm pacific standard simon:

I always forget how much I enjoy these atypical Cream songs.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:45pm Carmichael:

No, but I will now. Looks demanding, but I transgressed Finnegan's Wake once. Let's give it a whack.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:46pm Charlie:

yes, ps simon -- and it doesn't get any more atypical than "pressed rat and warthog"
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:47pm Carmichael:

That was Jack Bruce? Yikes ..
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:48pm pacific standard simon:

By atypical, I mean "not da blooze", or maybe "anything that they wouldn't play live".
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:58pm ndbob:

great version here... the LP has some bizarre covers such as "The Eggplant That Ate Chicago"
Avatar Thu. 4/11/13 12:58pm Doug Schulkind:

Phew, just got back from Busy Doing Taxes. Not as bad as I feared, but they wouldn't let me deduct for missing half of Charlie's show. #unfair
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 12:59pm Uncle Michael:

@Simon: Yesterday I learned that my dentist's father played in the bigs for four seasons...two with the Cubs and two with the Giants.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:00pm pacific standard simon:

I wonder how long ago that would be?
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:01pm Uncle Michael:

like '55 to '59
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:02pm Uncle Michael:

Bob Speake...still living, aged 82...and living here in town.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:02pm pacific standard simon:

My father used to do cocaine with a Dodgers outfielder, but the less said about that, the better.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:03pm Uncle Michael:

Sez you!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:05pm pacific standard simon:

It looks like Speake was an original SF Giant. His nickname was "Spook".
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:05pm People Like Us:

Oh! I've been wondering what the hell this (Fats) tune is for years (since I sampled it)
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:06pm Uncle Michael:

Right. He also was given some sort of plaque by the Cubs a few years ago for posting the best month of may at the plate or something. I'm unclear on that one.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:07pm Charlie:

All your questions answered (eventually) here on BDN, Vicki.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:09pm People Like Us:

I heard another one earlier when I was in the kitchen that is used as the vocals (ie sampled) on a track by either Kaada or Bidzibilia (spelling) - something you gave me the sample version of once!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:09pm Charlie:

At first glance I thought you (Simon) said your father used to do cocaine with Mr Rogers.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:10pm Charlie:

Yes, that was the Kaada track, "Care" -- Juanita Rogers singing.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:11pm pacific standard simon:

@Charlie - That WOULD be something to brag about.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:12pm People Like Us:

that's it!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:15pm listener james from westwood:

this fine cover of superstar was used briefly in "the frighteners," a film i sometimes think i am alone in liking.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:16pm Parq:

May I point out here that Antique Phono DJ Mac knocked "Superstar" out of the park in a Hoof n Mouth finale ca. 2007?
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:16pm pacific standard simon:

The lunch special at the Pacific Standard Diner, today, is a "Kobe" beef wiener (I kid you not) on a sesame roll, with baked beans and sauerkraut.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:18pm Charlie:

don't know that film, L James fr W
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:18pm Uncle Michael:

I had turkey, bacon, avacado, tomato, red onion, mixed greens, white cheddar, mayo, dijon on a ciabatta roll.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:19pm Brian in UK:

@pss (I kid you not) was used by Humphrey Bogart in The Caine Mutiny?
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:19pm pacific standard simon:

We dine like royalty, here at Busy Doing Nothing!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:20pm Carmichael:

It's burrito day for me.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:20pm Carmichael:

Yes! Dana Gillespie!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:20pm pacific standard simon:

Never seen it, Brian. It was a Steve Allen catchphrase.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:21pm Uncle Michael:

Damn right. You wouldn't know this, Simon but the ciabatta came from Wheatfield's in Lawrence...truly one of the finest artisan bakeries in the country.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:21pm Carmichael:

No wait! Is this a sample? This intro is definitely Pay You Back With Interest. Defintely.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:23pm Charlie:

Correct, Carmichael. The Dana Gillespie version, to be exact.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:23pm pacific standard simon:

You see -- I gave up on Lawrence to soon! We had nothing so fine, there, in the early '80s.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:23pm Charlie:

I wish I could buy you all lunch.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:24pm Uncle Michael:

You feed us, Charlie.
  Thu. 4/11/13 1:24pm jan:

You are ON today- great program!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:25pm Carmichael:

This is a great song. Sly does it again.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:25pm Charlie:

Well, drinks then!
Thanks, Jan :)
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:26pm Charlie:

("Sing, Rose!") sez Sly
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:27pm Brian in UK:

@pss well Herman Wouks book was published in the early 50s. Who nose.
Ginger beer for me Charlie, por favor.
  Thu. 4/11/13 1:27pm frenchee:

dagnabbit, Charlie! How can I get any work done while you're cranking out Frenchee faves hit by hit by hit??? Sly is lunch.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:28pm pacific standard simon:

Mmm, Crabbies Ginger Beer.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:28pm Charlie:

glad to crank out the hits, frenchee! work later!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:29pm Brian in UK:

Desnoes & Geddes from Jamaica. Same folks as make Red Stripe. Hell cut the ginger beer make it a Stripe and a copy of the Daily Gleaner.
  Thu. 4/11/13 1:29pm earrie:

I tend to get more work done during Charlie's show.
Especially when it was on Mondays.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:30pm Uncle Michael:

I'd like to try that, Brian. The hottest ginger beer in the U.S. is Stewarts. People don't usually believe me when I say that.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:31pm fleep:

Have you tried Blenheim? www.blenheimgingerale.com
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:31pm pacific standard simon:

Say, Michael -- I'm leaning toward the notion that XTC's supporting act in Lawrence was The Embarrassment.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:34pm pacific standard simon:

I like Crabbies because it has actual alcohol in it -- 4.8%.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:35pm Uncle Michael:

That's very possible.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:35pm pacific standard simon:

This is hip music.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:35pm fleep:

I'm hip
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:36pm Brian in UK:

What's the difference twixt Ginger beer/ale. I tend to non alcholic. Ale is a mixer?
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:37pm Brian in UK:

Totally confused now!!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:38pm Charlie:

What's the diff between ginger beer and Ginger Baker?
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:38pm fleep:

What's the difference between Ginger and Mary Ann?
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:38pm Uncle Michael:

ginger beer won't kick your ass. ginger baker will
  Thu. 4/11/13 1:39pm earrie:

Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:39pm Brian in UK:

One leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:40pm fleep:

Ginger beer has no Cream in it.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:42pm Charlie:

I like cream soda. And Cel-Ray.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:42pm Uncle Michael:

I've never been willing to try Cel-Ray.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:45pm pacific standard simon:

I've finally reached a point where I would be willing to try Cel-Ray, but cannot find it in local stores.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:47pm Uncle Michael:

Stewarts ginger beer and vanilla ice cream makes an excellent float.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:47pm Carmichael:

Working away, I knew this voice to be either Marianne Faithful or Dave Cousins.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:47pm pacific standard simon:

What would this song sound like, mixed with the Nico version? Vicki?
  Thu. 4/11/13 1:48pm frenchee:

GINGER BAKER JOKES! And Ginger beer floats...happy doing nothing day
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:49pm fleep:

Cel-Ray is available here, but you have to go to our local soda pop mecca www.sodapopstop.com...
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:49pm Michael:

Uncle Michael: Stewart's drive-in?
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:50pm pacific standard simon:

All we need to make life complete is an old blues song about "jake leg".
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:50pm Michael:

And what about a nice egg cream?
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:51pm Brian in UK:

Ever tried Elderflower Cordial. We make it every Spring. Delighful.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:52pm Uncle Michael:

No, Stewarts is a sodey pop bottler. It's a smalll...national brand. Most of their flavors are unremarkable. Their ginger beer is great...and naturally, the flavor that's hardest to find.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:52pm ndbob:

@simon I had an LP of jake leg songs with liner notes written by a musicologist/pharmacist
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:53pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:54pm Charlie:

egg Creams all around!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:54pm Charlie:

Matt Fiveash in the wings, up next:
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:55pm pacific standard simon:

Never tried it, Brian -- but I would, just to say I had.

For the uninitiated, "jake leg" is what you get from drinking adulterated Jamaican Ginger.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:55pm Uncle Michael:

Five minutes, Mr. Fiveash.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:56pm Matt F:

Well All Right! Charlie, Rave On would have been fine too. Hey UM, welcome aboard!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:56pm ndbob:

right - a neurotoxin was one of the ingredients
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:56pm Michael:

UM: they must have been connected at one time perhaps. We had these in NJ growing up:
Their root beer was top notch!
Avatar Thu. 4/11/13 1:56pm don:

well alright! great show charlie.. now for lunch.. hoping to find some cel-ray
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:57pm ndbob:

Buddy's best song
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:57pm Charlie:

Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:57pm pacific standard simon:

Choices, choices -- Matty5, or the Giants/Cubs game... damn.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:58pm ndbob:

excellent show Charlie!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:59pm pacific standard simon:

Charlie is my darling.
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:59pm Uncle Michael:

@Michael: Interesting.

@Charlie: Thanks for the fine program.
Avatar Thu. 4/11/13 1:59pm Doug Schulkind:

It'll be Busy Doing Waiting until Charlie's show rolls around again next Thursday. Have fun twiddling your thumbs.

Just don't twiddle that dial, as THE MATT FIVEASH SHOW is about to begin here on the Drummer Stream.

Here is Matt's playlist page: www.wfmu.org...
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 1:59pm fleep:

Thanks for the tunes, Charlie
  Thu. 4/11/13 1:59pm Listening Out There:

thx again
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 2:01pm Michael:

Thanks Charlie!
Avatar    Thu. 4/11/13 2:01pm Charlie:

Thanks for hanging out and doing nothing today, everybody! See you next time.
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