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featuring X-Ray Burns
The real life alternative radio show where a zonked pair of New Jersey fat boys mix Led Zeppelin with Sinatra while ranting about wrestling and the unmentionable. (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 17, 2013: Sunday! The Final Day of the 2013 Marathon! Pledge Now!

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Glen Jones and X. Ray Burns  The Glen Jones Radio Programme Marathon 2013 Finale Edition!   Options 0:00:00 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:18pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This is IBJ's time to shine!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:19pm MD:

Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:19pm Caryn:

Yep, Art Carney was The Archer. And Jack Cassidy would've indeed been great.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:22pm TheMarmot:

A little coffee, a little schmokity schmoke, a little Jonesy and X-Ray. HUZZAH!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:23pm Ike:

I agree w/X-Ray -- the live-action Batman was just too goddamn silly. Batman is supposed to be dark. Believe it or not, Batman: The Animated Series, from the 90s, is far superior. Mark Hamill voices a great Joker (voice completely unrecognizable).
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:24pm Ken From Hyde Park:

One of Ken's great gif files was the one where Bush, Cheney, Rice & Rumsfeld were Batman characters. Here's a copy of it -
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:24pm Caryn:

@Ike: the animated series and especially Hammill are great! But I also love the 60s show. Quality camp.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:26pm Mike East:

I really liked that series, Ike. kinda grew up on it. of course i also grew up watching reruns of the adam west version.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:30pm Ike:

I just have no taste for camp, so watching the Adam West version is like vomiting rainbows to me. I wonder why I don't like camp? Never could stand it. Caryn, I also can't stand the sillier Tom Baker Dr. Who episodes (most of the Graham Williams era) where they fail to restrain him and nobody takes anything seriously.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:30pm Mr. McFreedman:

I need to see those numbers Glen.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:30pm Caryn:

Heh, I'm so used to the Finnish version of this that it's weird to hear the English-language version.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:31pm Ken From Hyde Park:

During the opening credits, there was a message "In Color." Our TV was a black & white, and I remember thinking "No, it isn't."
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:31pm Caryn:

@Ike: hey, they restrained him a little. He never got the talking cabbage as a companion, for instance. But boy, did he want one.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:32pm Gord:

I haven't heard the Al Martino since it was a hit in the 70s and I was a little kid, but it's been taking up brain space ever since.
  Sun. 3/17/13 12:35pm Sean in Bristol, UK:

Hey X-Ray and Jonesy, hello one and all
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:35pm Ike:

Talking cabbage? Really? Wow. You are the greater Whovian, Caryn. I have been defeated. ;) Ever read the Eruditorum? tardiseruditorum.blogspot.com...
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:37pm Caryn:

@Ike: nope, but seems interesting. Will have to start reading.

Any fave episodes or Doctors you'd care to mention?
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:39pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I like the Batman scenes when he & Robin were going up the side of a building via the bat-rope and someone would make a cameo appearance and chat with them.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:39pm Mike East:

the B3 section of Booker T's rider is about a page long.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:39pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Yeah, growing up with the Batman TV show, I found the movies to take themselves absurdly seriously.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:44pm Caryn:

Of the pre-Nolan movies, I only liked 2. Didn't care for the first one (bad mix of camp and serious, and didn't really like Nicholson's take on the Joker), and "Batman & Robin" was just crap. And the less said about that Halle Berry Catwoman movie, the better.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:49pm Mike East:

I thought jim carrey was a good riddler
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:49pm Caryn:

@Mike: one of the reasons that's one of the movies I like
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:50pm Ken From Hyde Park:

To reach the upper shelves, the scooter folks usually use their grabber sticks. If they bring their monkey helpers, that works, too.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:51pm Mike East:

@Caryn - I wore out the vhs cassette of that one
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 12:58pm Caryn:

Oh, and I liked the 1960s Batman movie. Any film that has lines like "They may be drinkers, Robin, but they're still human beings.", "Some days, you just can't git rid of a bomb." and "Gosh, Batman. The nobility of the almost-human porpoise." is okay in my book.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:00pm Ken From Hyde Park:

"On land you may command, but at sea, it is me!" - Penguin's great line in the movie.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:03pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Live comments for Jonesy & X. Ray? It's like some kind of wonderful dream...
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:03pm Ike:

Caryn, another time soon. I have to hit the archives to check out potentially great Marathon shows I've missed. I only have a few hours to do this -- I can't stand listening to Marathon shows after the Marathon is over -- can you?
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:05pm Caryn:

@Ike: well, I can, but I have to admit I've done the same this Marathon for any shows I missed all or part of (mainly so I could listen to the premium snippets, which I hoped would help me narrow down my selections). See ya later!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:07pm Ike:

What are everyone's favorite Marathon shows this year? I don't want to miss anything, but inevitably I will. Normally I can't stand Hearty White, but Hearty White's first week with Chris M. was hilarious! HW should have a co-host EVERY WEEK.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:07pm Dave B:

@Caryn - Jack Cassidy was the villain in "It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman - The Musical Comedy!"

Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:11pm Caryn:

Cool, Dave!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:13pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

"Changed the quality of his life" doesn't say in which direction!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:14pm Caryn:

@Ike: hmm, there have been some I've liked just because of the great music, but as far as patter, both 7SDs, John Hodgman on last Tuesday's Best Show, and last Thursday's Fabio-Clay duo were great.
  Sun. 3/17/13 1:18pm Sean in Bristol, UK:

Jonesy, X-Ray, it's Sean not Jean
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:20pm Caryn:

@Ike: Duane's show was lovely, Clay fit in surprisingly well on Wm. Berger's show, and any show with Ken losing it and ranting is gold. There have probably been others, but can't think of them now.
  Sun. 3/17/13 1:22pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Did anyone tell a good boiler story?
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:23pm Ike:

Caryn, you liked Clay & Wm. together? A lot of us thought that was very very AWKWARD. Wm. did not want to engage w/Clay at all.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:23pm Gord:

A vote for the Fabio and Clay Pigeon pairing. Clay is always an entertaining raconteur.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:25pm Ike:

Wm. Berger & Diane were much better together.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:26pm Ken From Hyde Park:

My vote is for Yo La Tengo on Faye's show on Thursday.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:26pm Caryn:

@Ike: well, I don't think the DJ pairing was great, but Clay seemed more comfortable with the music than I thought he would be. And of course Diane and Wm. are a better fit, but not hugely entertaining banter.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:27pm tomasz.:

"dark" Batman just seems ridiculous to me, i have to say
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:27pm Caryn:

@Ken: yeah, but those are apparently not archived, per YLT's requests.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:29pm fleep:

"milk chocolate" Batman is much better
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:31pm Ike:

Their banter was very entertaining to me, Caryn, but YMMV. :) Evan "Funk" Davies & BT did a great show. I don't normally listen to much Dave the Spazz but his Marathon shows are always fantastic. And Daniel Blumin is always great (e.g. 3/9/13 at about 11:05, cool moment with Bryce noises).
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:33pm Caryn:

EFD and BT were good! Can't remember Blumin, will have to relisten at some point.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:44pm steve:

@Ike 1:07 - I enjoyed Hearty White and Chris M, and the Clay and Fabio 4 hours, so much that I've already relistened to the archives. Also Dan B and Mike Lupica... I dont know if its just me but I think Mike Lupica is hilarious. And both EFD shows.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:44pm Caryn:

And speaking of noises, Irwin's cat impressions were superb!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:50pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

You're listening to the finest marathon show WFMU has to offer. Many have attempted better, few have made that mistake twice.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:56pm Ike:

Steve, yeah, Mike L. is great. Better than these two bozos! J/K, this is good too.

Pete, whatever.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 1:56pm MD:

Tom....STEPPING' UP!! The Truth is da truth!!!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 2:01pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

It was my understanding that there were to be no logic problems in the marathon.
  Sun. 3/17/13 2:23pm uncle flowed:

will an eyeball fit in the shotglass??
  Sun. 3/17/13 2:23pm uncle flowed:

will an eyeball fit in the shotglass??
  Sun. 3/17/13 2:23pm uncle flowed:

will an eyeball fit in the shotglass??
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 2:27pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Let's see if X.Ray can get that eyeball removed again and find out.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 2:28pm Jeezy:

Hearty White also had some GREAT marathon moments... Blumin was also great last night... But best is ALWAYS GJ and X-Ray!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 2:28pm Caryn:

If not, the eyeball can rest on the rim, like an egg in an eggcup.
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 2:35pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Damn straight, Jeezy! Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
  Sun. 3/17/13 2:35pm Grand Wazoo:

If I pledge at multi DJ premium level, can I get a pair of shot glasses?
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 2:39pm Timmay!!:

Yes, Wazoo, you can order more than one of the same premium
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 2:39pm Caryn:

@GW: I suppose if your pledge would make you eligible for, e.g. 3 premiums, if you chose the shot glass and one more premium, and then put in the comment box on the payment page that you want the third premium to be another shot glass, then yes. Or if you pledge by phone, I'm sure the phone slave can help you.
  Sun. 3/17/13 2:49pm Grand Wazoo:

Super, thanks!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 2:55pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Come on, Rocky! Overcome those odds!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 2:57pm Caryn:

WFMU just needs a little over 35,000 dollars to meet the station's goal. If one show can raise this much, reaching the station goal should be very possible!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 2:59pm Mike East:

global domination is imminent!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 2:59pm dinatekno:

I MADE IT WITH MINUTES TO SPARE!! Just got back from my week's vacation! Mouse pledge made and confirmed!!! IBJ FOREVER!!!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 2:59pm Jeezy:

Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 3:00pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Granted, Jonesy and X.Ray are ten shows in one, but the finish line is in sight!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 3:00pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@dinatekno - Great...you may drink now. Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 3:01pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Scharpling may have conquered the internet, but Jones and Burns are stills kings of the air!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 3:01pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Congrats, guys!!!
Avatar Sun. 3/17/13 3:01pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Bottoms up, fellow jerkoffs!
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