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Options March 14, 2013: Fundraising Marathon show with Scott McDowell as Co-Host

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Iron Maiden  Run To The Hills   Options RIP Clive Burr  0:00:00 ()
Iron Maiden  Innocent Exile   Options   0:07:16 ()
Hellacopters  All I've Got   Options   0:12:06 ()
Killing Joke  Corporate Elect   Options   0:28:50 ()
Devo  Praying Hands   Options   0:39:50 ()
The Shrine  Primitive Blast   Options   0:53:42 ()
Die Kreuzen  All White   Options   0:57:18 ()
Bob Bert introducing Contortions  Dish It Out   Options   1:07:14 ()
Helios Creed  Malavia Millenium   Options   1:12:31 ()
Voivod  Corps Etranger   Options   1:24:52 ()
Golden Earring  Candy's Gone Bad   Options   1:29:30 ()
Shining  The Madness and the Damage Done   Options   1:51:58 ()
Jesse Malin introducing Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros  Silver and Gold   Options   2:01:48 ()
Swans  Lunacy   Options   2:08:55 ()
Voivod  Live For Violence   Options   2:21:47 ()
Singing Dictionary  Breaking The Law   Options   2:27:09 ()
Slayer  South of Heaven   Options   2:36:41 ()
Generation X  Day By Day   Options   2:41:10 ()
Psychic Ills  Mind Daze   Options   2:53:21 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 3/14/13 12:13pm ALEXIS:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:13pm pierre:

Bonjour Diane and Scott !
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:14pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:15pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

No one had a better eye-twinkle or bigger smile than CB.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:16pm coe:

'ello folks
RIP Clive
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:16pm Scott McDowell:

Seriously if "Run to the Hills" doesn't entice you to pledge, you have no pusle!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:17pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Hills of cash. Run there.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:17pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Coe! Pi-erre! DK & SM! & Alexis! Revvy!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:18pm Scott McDowell:

Hi good people, let's raise some cash and prove our devotion to Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:19pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

I might have another pledge in me somewhere, if I can just find a vein.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:20pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Kamikaze & Berger. Nice.
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:24pm common:

where's my tax return? Dammit!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:25pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

I'd love to find that vein but I done bled myself sick all at once. I hope to have forgotten the bloodloss long before that lovely swag shows up...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:25pm coe:

I'm going to overshoot my larger account just for DK today in honor of Clive. I might have to sleep on the couch for a little bit but hey :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:28pm glenn:

i admit i'm not a huge metal guy, but diane does great interviews, and i love the guest d.j. bits.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:29pm Phelger Nank:

Paul Bruce Dickinson: singer, musician, airplane pilot, deity.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:30pm tim from champaign:

We need a Y3"DK" pledge!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:33pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

@ coe- couches need love too.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:34pm joe:

Finally going to go see KJ next month in Philly.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:34pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

I approve this joke. And behold, it be killing.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:34pm glenn:

okay, but i do love killing joke.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:34pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

I forgo all current designware and use video toaster to save money for the station.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:34pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

V.Toaster über alles!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:35pm Stevel:

Planning to attend RTD's church very soon.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:35pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

V-Toast doesn't judge me
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:36pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

@Stevel: the hymns rock like hell, naturally.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:37pm Stevel:

Praise be to you, oh RTD.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:37pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Cheri: true 'nuff. The Amiga was well named.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:37pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

but you have to get circumscribed first Steve...it's a very "messy" procedure.
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:38pm tim:

Awesome song! It did something for me.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:38pm glenn:

maybe nachum can be the moile.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:39pm Ike:

RTD, is there more you can tell us more about Car Talk Crunch, that new flavor of demon octopus chow you mentioned during Faye's show? Yum yum.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:39pm coe:

@Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028 Ouchy!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:39pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Now with mmore prog-slime added for maximum octopus' satisfaction.
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:40pm Marie:

I love you Diane! You are so real and fun. Love the killing joke. I pledged already, like a kind of pre-pledge....
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:40pm glenn:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:40pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

...RTD's tools are primitive at best.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:40pm coe:

DK it's because we all own it. :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:40pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

wait for it Glenn.... save your voivod chords.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:41pm Stevel:

I think we should make our own excuses, thank you very much.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:41pm pierre:

did someone say octopus ?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:41pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Ike: it stays crunchy, even in the blood of cackling Boston bastards. Or wherever the flaming butt-butt they come from.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:42pm Andrew Waterloo:

Wait, there's something else to listen to when I'm at work without my record collection? I'd probably listen to your dead air.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:42pm glenn:

premature voivodulation.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:43pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Pi-erre is the most spoiled Octopus this side of the Isthmus of the Kenai.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:43pm Jim:

Damn, I missed the Iron Maiden tribute..:(
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:44pm Jim:

R.I.p Clive Burr
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:44pm Hillbilly Blue:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:45pm coe:

What's the grand prize pledge amount again?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:45pm pierre:


(@ Cheri PI :)
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:46pm FACIALMESS:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:46pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Oui! Oui!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:47pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

FACIALMESS you can with a credit card or paypal account
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:49pm coe:

Somebody go grab Suicidal Tendencies "Send Me Your Money"
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:49pm Ike:

Yes, Facialmess, what Cheri said. And if you want to call instead of web pledging, the international # is 201-413-9368. Tell your friends, too! FMU needs more Japanese pledges!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:49pm coe:

I was promised flying cars by Hanna Barbera
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:50pm Luna:

Hey Everyone! I've pledged, but now I'm off to lovely Santa Fe. Wooooooo. Cheers Diane and all PLEDGERS! VOIVOD!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:51pm coe:

Yes Facialmess that has been my on going marathon question is why do we not see more pledges from Japan.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:51pm tim from champaign:

I predict WFMU will stream directly into listeners' brains in the 22nd Century.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:54pm joe:

Well I already pick WFMU up on my fillings
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:00pm coe:

So if I Salami Slicing scam on my company would WFMU be willing to take the cash :)
  Thu. 3/14/13 1:01pm FACIALMESS:

why is this so damn hard to sort out...RIP CLIVE BURR..play some damn Chrome.......feeling heeelioooousss
  Thu. 3/14/13 1:02pm FACIALMESS:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:03pm coe:

There is that Die Kreuzen influnce on VoiVod
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:03pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

thinking the same thing Coe
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:04pm coe:

Still having a problem pledging Facialmess?
  Thu. 3/14/13 1:05pm FACIALMESS:

yep....is there an easy paypal???
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:06pm Jim:

is bridge of the future like Chef of the Future?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:07pm tim from champaign:

What album was All White from?
  Thu. 3/14/13 1:08pm FACIALMESS:

love to wm beRGER!!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:08pm Ike:

Facialmess, when you get to the "Payment" section, scroll down, you'll see "Pay by PayPal." If CC or Paypal aren't working for you, you can also choose "receive a bill" instead (but you can't do that for monthly pledges or Swag for Life, I don't think).
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:09pm coe:

@Facialmess do you have access to the site right now. If so you can do pay pal through there or you can also do a bill me option.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:10pm Jim:

It's off the master tape comp
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:14pm Jim:

James Chance..pretty amazing stuff
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:15pm coe:

Has this actually ever been reissued. I know for the longest time it was very difficult to get hold of.
  Thu. 3/14/13 1:15pm FACIALMESS:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:17pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:20pm XPat of Leche de Noche:

I love the internet but hate James...wait, no I don't. James Chance is bitchin.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:22pm Stevel:

DK's show is one of the most pleasantly surprising on WFMU. I enjoy metal but am not a die-hard fan. Still, every week, I hear a variety of stuff that is not possible to hear elsewhere. Period.

Pledge for that!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:24pm Danne D:

@Stevel you bring up a great point. FMU DJs are great at finding the great stuff - even if it's genre that one is not usually partial to. Certainly there are times when you have to switch FMU off (which is part of the beauty of the station) but really these folks consitently find the best of the best across all genres. My musical tastes have expanded so greatly b/c of WFMU
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:25pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Love the internet but hate the cats.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:28pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

You hate my W. "Jeff" M.U.???
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:29pm coe:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:30pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:30pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:31pm XPat of Leche de Noche:

<BigAsFuckingHell>voivod</BigAsFuckingHell> (in a programming class now...)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:31pm pierre:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:32pm XPat of Leche de Noche:

..the power of FMU...I'm not even a fan...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:33pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

.__ .___
___ ______ |__|__ ______ __| _/
\ \/ / _ \| \ \/ / _ \ / __ |
\ ( <_> ) |\ ( <_> ) /_/ |
\_/ \____/|__| \_/ \____/\____ |
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:33pm dw:

Viva la Voivod!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:33pm pierre:

I've became a fan thanks to Diane and Cheri Pi and Cecile
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:34pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

en francais! VOivod loves our Octopus!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:34pm Andrew Waterloo:

I love this album!!!!!!! It's been my car CD for the last week and will probably stick around for a few weeks more.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:34pm Scott McDowell:

Thanks all pledgers! Motorhead + voivod prizes up for grabs currently. Keep pledging!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:35pm XPat of Leche de Noche:

yeah, it's growing on me pierre...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:35pm joe:

YES!!!!!! Pierre has become one of us :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:36pm coe:

oops-- YES!!!!!! Pierre has become one of us :)
  Thu. 3/14/13 1:36pm FACIALMESS:

if I ever figure this whole paypal payment deal out.....i will pay SQILLIONS for you to play the Downsided ep by No Comment!! but maybe on the morrow with the berger
  Thu. 3/14/13 1:36pm Hillbilly Blue:

coe: Buy Contortions CD came out in the 90s. I don't know why they were lumped in with No Wave, they could play like hell
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:36pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Was totally ignorant on Voivod until a visit to my local noise-merchant when in Tucson (Toxic Ranch Records) - found a pile of used back catalog... caught up in a hurry.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:37pm coe:

Don't worry XPat of Leche de Noche you will soon drink a full cup of the VoiVod Kool Aid
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:38pm Ike:

RTD@1:25, someday you will dig cats. After you commented that you wanted to turn G. Keillor into Meow Mix, a steel-clawed inter-dimensional calico pledged to assist you in shredding the Ugly Woebegone One (while purring) in order to get a taste of such magical bounty. Only I could hear its call from across the void, but I'll translate for you.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:39pm paul b:

Dark secret, but, I love this Golden Earring Song Pledged yesterday, and this is why.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:41pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Ike: for me it's simple: The little furry meat-bags make me sneeze like hell. Therefore, permanent enemy status. I didn't start this war. They brought it on themselves.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:42pm XPat of Leche de Noche:

right on PI!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:43pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:44pm Cecile:

Hi and bye! I feel like a mooch hanging around here and not pledging.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:44pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Loves me the Voivod but Motorhead is my Voivod. In "that" sense.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:45pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Cecile! I have a meeting at 2, so please accept my goodbyes in advance
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:45pm Cecile:

Kyuss and Priest are my Voivod.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:45pm coe:

No I love everything I think VoiVod is just kind of become our bonding point. I mean come on you played Iron Maiden, Killing Joke, Golden Earring, Contortions and Devo all in one show how f'n cool is that.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:46pm coe:

Hey Cecile! Kyuss what a beutiful sound.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:47pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Voivod is how we love each-other.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:48pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Voivod is our permanent creepy umbilical through SPACE.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:48pm Cecile:

that downtuned bass is like food to me.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:48pm Cecile:

goodby, cheri!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:48pm pierre:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:49pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Sing it from the isthmus reverend!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:50pm Danne D:

The dopey sequester situation down in DC does not affect WFMU. The reason that's true is b/c WFMU is truly independent. The reason that WFMU is truly independent is b/c of the generosity of the listeners who tune in on the radio and on the web and enjoy the amazing programming offered.

If you value the station, please give what you are able to afford. Thanks :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:51pm Cecile:

Sing it to your nuts!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:51pm Cecile:

(What I think the chorus of My Chemical Romance's Sing really is...)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:52pm coe:

@Hillbilly Blue I think the problem is the term No Wave has kind of become associated with noise etc and don't think it was meant that way originally although there were those types of performers included in it.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

May the Voivod be with you.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:56pm pierre:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:56pm Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

TTFN, hahaha Pierre.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:56pm Cecile:

holy crap, this is good
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:57pm _crazyandy_______________________________:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:57pm coe:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:57pm pierre:

@Cheri Pi : sorry "TTFN" ?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:58pm glenn:

ta ta for now. winnie the pooh.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 1:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

TTFN = Ta Ta For Now = Ciao = See you later = Adieu ...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:00pm pierre:

aah ok, I just [googled] it
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:00pm Cecile:

shit. I think their heads are going to explode at the end of this.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:02pm Droll:

[Picking jaw up off floor]
Hello Shining! Who are you?!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:03pm coe:

Enjoy your day Cheri.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:03pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:03pm coe:

Yay Cheri
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:04pm Cecile:

and unintentionally hilarious.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:04pm coe:

Ahhhh damn I would have waited for the Swans :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:08pm XPat of Leche de Noche:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:16pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Highly dig this swans track.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:20pm ottovonbqe:

I'm the bridge to 1 foot away
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:23pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

I've been the winner of the 365 Days of Joy Prize Pack for five years running, and I'm not about to stop now! WFMU! 1-800-989-9368.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:24pm Cecile:

This is the only show where interviewees answer the question "Which big four thrash metal band do you want to hit with a cinder block?"
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:24pm Cecile:

Pledge for that, folks!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:26pm Cecile:

Pledge for Peer Pressure, cinder blocks and Voivod!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:28pm Diane Kamikaze:

Yay everybody! Thanks for your support! We are lagging behind, all hands on deck and bring your (rich) friends aboard! :) xo
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:30pm fred:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:31pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:32pm Cecile:

this is awesome
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:34pm jdelz:

Okay I hope there's more of this singing dictionary stuff. This is amazing.
  Thu. 3/14/13 2:41pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Thanks, Great People! I felt compelled to pledge beyond hurt. More phones needed ring ring ringing. As I said to the pleasant lad who took my pledge, my only comment is W. F. M. U.! The real prize is...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:43pm Cecile:

here jdelz:
  Thu. 3/14/13 2:43pm arm carver:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:44pm Cecile:

there is a singing dictionary version of this Slayer song.
  Thu. 3/14/13 2:45pm Dave Lombardo:

I'm double-kicking as fast as I can!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:50pm jdelz:

Thanks for the link Cecile!
  Thu. 3/14/13 2:52pm KevinBK:

Does Eric still do
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:52pm Jim:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 2:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Someone should put together a mash-up of some Voivod and Mr. Giant Man. That would be a cool transition to Fabio's show.
  Thu. 3/14/13 3:00pm KevinBK:

No kidding! I didn't realize it was still around.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 3:02pm Jim:

actually the new issue is out right now..and being given away on WFMU..so PLEDGE
  Thu. 3/14/13 3:03pm KevinBK:

I just came across some
Old issues at Interference Archive in Brooklyn
  Thu. 3/14/13 3:03pm KevinBK:

I just came across some
Old issues at Interference Archive in Brooklyn
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