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The promise of joy, the magic of blather. A call-in show for the New Age of Inquiry. The Man can't bust our chit-chat. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 15, 2013: Fist Fights

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Listener comments!

  Fri. 2/15/13 6:04pm Scarlett:

hello weirdos
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:04pm Frangry:

Hi Weirdos!
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:04pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Happy President's Day, Weirdos!
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:06pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Are you massage S.M.K's feet on air FRANGRY?
Avatar    Fri. 2/15/13 6:06pm Cory:

34 and I've never seen a fight.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

"Skivvies" is hot!
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:08pm Danne D:

Hi Frangry :) <3333
Hi FoodBed :) <3
Hi Weirdos :)

Quiet night for me on the boards - will be in the car most of the show. Have a good one!
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:10pm longtime listener:

marathon idea bra and panty cam
put the rumors to rest
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:10pm Jess:

The worse fight I've seen was in front of my building, and she got her face kicked
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:11pm Mike East:

I punched a girl once, but she asked me to, and she punched me first. we were drunk. those were bad times.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:12pm giraffe-o:

After sex and violence, the only stunts left to do are gross eating contests.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:12pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Punching girls in the face is a total Pick Up Artist move. It has a better than 87% success rate.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:12pm Franclynne:

Is jello wrestling sexual?
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:12pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Pie-throwing at seven paces, obviously.
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:12pm Caryn:

The obvious stunt is a show broadcast from a foodbed party. You two in bed, eating pizza while on the air.
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:12pm Mike East:

or maybe they were good times. I can't remember
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:13pm Danne D:

the more pledges - the more food added to the food bed!
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:13pm Danne D:

Okay I'm out :)
Have a good one :)
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:15pm Jordan:

Ladies - How about a make shift FOODBED in the studio - you both get on it and eat if you hit the goal!
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:15pm King Dean:

You can drink ipecac syrup and see who lasts the longest.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

If FRANGRY was a fancy call-girl, how much she charge per hour? Would she do GFE?
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:17pm Caryn:

Ooh, I want to meet Pancake and watch "Fight Club"!
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:18pm Frangry:

@caryn, you better pledge!
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:18pm JoJo:

Michele - Would you let Frangry hit you in the face since she has no muscles?
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:20pm giraffe-o:

Michele is Frangry's "Tyler Durden"
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:20pm Scott9393:

uh, time for topic B ?
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:22pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Karaoke in da WAWA
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:22pm Scott9393:

WaWa - where tbe elite meet to beat.
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:22pm Frangry:

Topic B is What's Your Dream Sandwich
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:23pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Wasn't the ipecac contest a Seven Second Delay feature, King Dean?
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:23pm kevin g:

God, I want pizza when I listen to this show.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:24pm MISTER JOHNNY:

My dream sandwich?

  Fri. 2/15/13 6:24pm Scott9393:

ok.....topic C?
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:25pm Sugarfly Waterloo:

most surprising which for me was peanut butter, green apples, honey, cinnamon, and vanilla special key on a fajita.
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:26pm Sugarfly Waterloo:

special k
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:27pm giraffe-o:

my dream sandwich is a bean burrito between two slices of bread. Any kind of bread.
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:28pm Sugarfly Waterloo:

Rye, old white chedder, spinach, and montreal smoked meat
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:28pm Aquanetta:

Ideal sandwich: White bread, pixie sticks, and popcorn, preferably in a library on saturday morning detention circa 1984.
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:28pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

do not combust
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:28pm cklequ:

Toasted english muffin with peanut butter, chopped raw garlic and raw jalapenos. It's better than it sounds.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:28pm Nicol:

When I was a kid, my ultimate dream was to eat a cucumber whole, just biting chunks out of it. It seemed like this impossible thing that only adults were allowed to do. I love cucumber.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:29pm Jess:

White bread and avocado:)
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:30pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

We ate cucumbers off the vine as kids like they were candy. Unfortunately, powdery mildew is rampant where we live now and cucumber plants die miserable deaths here.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:31pm Nicol:

Cucumber smoothie.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:31pm koala Joe:

I have to poop
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:32pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Great drink: cucumber, gin, lime, mint, splash of fizz. Blend or mash or mix however you like. Delicious.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:32pm Aquanetta:

Avocado is disgusting sorry. It tastes like slime.
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:33pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

This is New Jersey, people. Shouldn't all these sandwiches have Taylor Ham on them?
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:33pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:33pm Caryn:

For breakfast, white bread with just butter and tomato/cucumber. Or toast with pickles and my grandfather's homemade garlic spread. For lunch, baloney, mustard and Swiss cheese on toast, toasted.
I hate spam, but I found that if you slice it really fine, then deep fry it, then eat it in a closed sandwich with lots of ketchup, it's good.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:34pm Cliff:

Crunchy peanut butter and honey on crusty bread.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:35pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:35pm Johnny Muller:

Nutella, bacon, and potato chips. It sounds gross, but it's pretty good... if you're wasted
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:36pm Caryn:

Ooh, in the fall, toast with creamy forest mushroom sauce on top of it. Delicious!
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:37pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Bacon & Cucumber sandwich is sooo goood.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:37pm koala Joe:

Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

As a kid, I remember roast beef sandwiches with mayonnaise, lettuce and potato chips (all those in the sandwich).
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:38pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

We used to get breakfast at a place called Scup's that had a sandwich called The Rapture: eggs scrambled with potato chips, arrugula, tomato, thick bacon fried in brown sugar, homemade tomato jam, on grilled rustic white. Served by people who lived on a tugboat.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:39pm Scott9393:

knuckle sandwich SCORES
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:39pm Caryn:

@Pete: oh man, now I'm hungry...
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:39pm Frangry:

KNUCKLE SANDWICH!!! dfsaghfjkldsgfffdas
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:40pm Scott9393:

What about a CLUB sandwich?
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:41pm Felipe:

AVE PALTA> grilled chicken, you cut in little pieces (with skin and all) and mix with smashed Acovado. add olive oil and some salt. any bread...soft might be better. mayo optional (on bread).
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:41pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I finally made the list!

Thank you, Frangry & Michele!
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:43pm Caryn:

Today, had some rye bread with smoked reindeer cream cheese. Nice combo.
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:43pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Here's a band with a catchy name:
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:43pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Corned beef is cured in salt and spices for like a week, pastrami takes it one step further by smoking it. Like everything else, it's better after the smoking.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:45pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Good story. But it would have been funnier if it happened at a WAWA.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:47pm Elwyn:

In Australia, our delis allow you to purchase small sizes of what they have so you can try out whatever meats you want. I want some pastami and bacon now! You can try out my small meats anytime you want.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:47pm Duane Wayne:

The best sammich is pesto spinach chicken cutlet and fresh mozz.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:47pm Elwyn:

In Australia, our delis allow you to purchase small sizes of what they have so you can try out whatever meats you want. I want some pastami and bacon now! You can try out my small meats anytime you want.
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:48pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

In New Jersey, they give you a little for free.
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:49pm Caryn:

My mom prefers liverwurst and raw onion sandwiches.
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:50pm Jesus of Rockaway:

"it's that time of the year" sounds sexist
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:51pm cklequ:

This show gets the creepiest callers.
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:51pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Life is like a manure sandwich. The more bread you have, the better off you are.
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:51pm MISTER JOHNNY:

WFMU should have sandwiches named after the DJ's, like at the Carnegie Deli.

What would be in the FRANGRY SANDWICH?
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:51pm Jesus of Rockaway:

Taylor ham/egg/cheese from a grease truck
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:52pm Duane Wayne:

tommy o shay was born a rambling man
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:52pm bobby link:

You guys deserve a knuckle-sandwich... Both of yous!
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:53pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What would be in the S.M.K. SANDWICH?
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:54pm Elwyn:

Frangry sandwich: secret ingredient is pee.
Foodbread sandwich: croutons to represent left over stale crumbs from bed
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:54pm Elwyn:

Frangry sandwich: secret ingredient is pee.
Foodbread sandwich: croutons to represent left over stale crumbs from bed
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:55pm Jesus of Rockaway:

boring...hang up on him
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

"I'm so hungry I could eat a sandwich from a gas station!"
  Fri. 2/15/13 6:57pm MISTER JOHNNY:

@Elwyn - too funny! FRANGRY'S sandwich also has stolen abc gum in it!
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:58pm Jesus of Rockaway:

Give me Frangry sandwich...hold the panties...sorry, I had to
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:58pm Caryn:

Scrambled eggs and bacon on buttered white bread. The warm eggs melt the butter. Yum!
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 6:58pm Frangry:

  Fri. 2/15/13 6:59pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Oh my GOD!!!
Avatar Fri. 2/15/13 7:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Billy Jam is ripping on you big time right now!
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