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Playlist for 14 February 2013 Options | Boys heart girls heart girls heart boys heart boys

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Heart art by Chris Uphues

Artist Song Album Label Comments Approx. start time
by Chris Uphues (click for large image.)
Sabrina  Boys Boys Boys   Options The Rebirth of Fool Vol 1 (various artists)  Dual Plover     
Laura Nyro  Luckie   Options Eli and the Thirteenth Confession  Columbia    0:03:18 ()
Erin Bowman  It's Only Love   Options The Beatles Complete on Ukulele: Help! (various artists)    get it here  0:06:32 ()
Strawbs  Just Love   Options Hero and Heroine  A&M    0:09:12 ()
Flowers  After Dark   Options Fast Product (various artists)  PVC  info  0:12:57 ()
Trio  Hearts Are Trump   Options Trio and Error  Mercury    0:16:07 ()
AKA Gelbart  Boys   Options Please Please Me    get it here  0:19:37 ()
Shirelles  Boys   Options 7-inch single (originally)  Scepter    0:21:10 ()
Music behind DJ:
Bunny Kick   Options Uh-oh!  Asphodel    0:23:13 ()
Volume All-Star  Girls Town   Options Close Encounters of the Bump and Grind  Slabco    0:27:00 ()
Inflatable Boy Clams  Boystown   Options double 7-inch single  Subterranean    0:30:20 ()
Connie Francis  Where the Boys Are   Options 45 @ 33  MGM    0:33:28 ()
Barbara Barg  Chicks   Options Dial-a-Poem Poets: Sugar, Meat, & Alcohol (various artists)  Giorno Poetry Systems    0:34:44 ()
Y Pants  Favorite Sweater   Options Y Pants  Periodic Document    0:37:04 ()
Troggs  Love Is All Around   Options Love Is All Around  Fontana    0:39:37 ()
R. Stevie Moore  Love is the Way To My Heart   Options Advanced  R. Stevie Moore    0:42:32 ()
Music behind DJ:
Shudder to Think 
pH Balanced   Options High Art (soundtrack)  Velvel    0:45:42 ()
Boz Scaggs  We Were Always Sweethearts   Options Moments  Columbia    0:50:11 ()
Etta James  You Can Leave Your Hat on   Options Etta Is Betta Tha Evvah; The Essential Etta James  Chess 
0:53:38 ()
Richard Hell & The Voidoids  Staring in Her Eyes   Options Destiny Street  Red Star    0:56:52 ()
The Phigg-Newtons  Have You Never Been Mellow   Options Seventies Mutation (various artists)  Constructo Tower  get it here  1:01:01 ()
Fifth Dimension  The Girls' Song   Options 7-inch single  Soul City    1:04:48 ()
Music behind DJ:
Las Comadrejas 
Oaxacatelas   Options We are Ugly, But We Have the Music  Comad    1:08:44 ()
Parliament  I Misjudged You   Options Chocolate City  Casablanca    1:11:35 ()
Chandra  Kate   Options Transportation  Go Go; Cantor 
Twelve years old at time of recording! Backed by The Dance. (info) (more info)
1:16:44 ()
Super Robot Deluxe  Android Girls of Europa   Options     found here  1:22:17 ()
L.L. Cool J  I Can Give You More   Options Radio  Def Jam    1:27:27 ()
Unamunos Quorum  She's Going With the Boys   Options Strange Visitors    (Pronounced OON-a-MOON-oss KWOR-um) Free download  1:32:29 ()
2 of Clubs  Heart   Options Girls With Guitars (various artists)  Ace    1:36:58 ()
Music behind DJ:
Boris Schoska 
Toys for Boys   Options Music for TV Dinners (various artists)  Scamp    1:39:27 ()
Talking Heads  The Girls Want to Be With the Girls   Options More Songs About Buildings and Food  Sire    1:41:57 ()
Lesley Gore  That's the Way Boys Are   Options 7-inch single (originally)  Mercury    1:45:33 ()
Beach Boys  She Knows Me Too Well   Options The Beach Boys Today!  Capitol    1:47:45 ()
The Rip Off Artist  Must Be Catchin'   Options blu tribunL (various artists)  Inflatabl    1:50:11 ()
Nat King Cole Trio  Don't Let Your Eyes Go Shopping for Your Heart   Options The Best Of The Nat King Cole Trio (1947-1950)  Capitol    1:53:45 ()
Jack Jones  I Believe in You   Options She Loves Me  Kapp    1:56:18 ()
Music behind DJ:
Floyd Cramer 
Last Date   Options 7-inch single (originally)  RCA    1:58:39 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:29am Vicki:

Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:30am Charlie:

Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:39am glenn:

let the show begin.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:41am Michael:

Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:45am Charlie:

I guess the four of us can play bridge for fifteen minutes.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:46am glenn:

if i can remember.. let's see - 2 clubs.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:47am Charlie:

Hearts are trump.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:49am kat330:

Happy Valentine's Day, Charlie!

For all: oivas.com...
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:49am glenn:

so much for the bidding process, omar sharif.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:49am listener james from westwood:

i'll mix drinks while you play bridge. who needs a refill?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:49am glenn:

awww. thanks kat.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:50am kat330:

Someone say bridge???? I so want to do so....
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:50am kat330:

Ei kesta, glenn! :)
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:51am listener james from westwood:

never actually learned bridge. but as an 8-year-old i somehow was able to learn canasta. completely forget how to play now. i miss that crazy game.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:51am glenn:

oh, and who's the dummy, charlie, he asks, knowing full well that question could come back to bite him in the ass.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:52am listener james from westwood:

but i do know how to play poker, and i am ALL IN on gtdr. good afternoon charlie and howdy all you young lovers.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:52am listener james from westwood:

@glenn: 70s sitcoms clearly established lamont sanford as the dummy.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:53am ndbob:

hey there charlie and everyone!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:53am glenn:

oh right. i'd forgotten about lamont..
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:55am Charlie:

Hi to all of you early birds!
Thanks for the valentine, Kat!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:55am Katya Oddio:

Hi there! A toast to chocolate!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:56am kat330:

YW, Charlie! Hope everyone's having a fine V-day.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:56am listener james from westwood:

mmmm ... chocolate on toast ....
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:57am Katya Oddio:

Fun valentine, Kat! Wish I could come by the desks of you all and leave valentines and candies.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:58am kat330:

Aw. Katya, you just did so with your words!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 11:58am glenn:

hah. i read candies as candLes, and i was wondering why katya wanted to leave me one.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:00pm kat330:

My morning was spent almost entirely e-filing our fed and state taxes... whew, glad that online marathon is over.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:00pm Katya Oddio:

Here are some audio valentines!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:04pm kat330:

Wow, thanks, Katya! Should be great music to dine by tonight! :)
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:05pm Doug Schulkind:

Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:05pm Katya Oddio:

Are you "lookin', lookin', lookin' for a good time"?
  Thu. 2/14/13 12:05pm david geffen:

Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:06pm glenn:

david geffen. what a rascal.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:06pm fleep:

Laura Nyro, sweet angel. I so miss her. Hey everyone.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:07pm kat330:

Wonder if the spelling of Luckie is significant?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:08pm kat330:

Love what you've done with your avatar, fleep.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:09pm other eddie:

where's the uke?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:10pm Charlie:

it's in there somewhere, eddie!
hello to fleep, a tuna with good taste
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:10pm glenn:

i see fleep is also down with the incredible mr. limpet.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:11pm kat330:

Sorry, Charlie (heh). I believe that's porpoise / dolphin, yes?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:12pm ndbob:

Right Kat
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:12pm S.A. from S.F.:

Hi, Dizzy Booing Nada!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:13pm fleep:

@kat330 I like your heart of the day, too. Hey Charlie, I have your podcasts on a flash drive in the fleepmobile, first time listening live.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:13pm kat330:

@fleep: Philo and I need to find a clever pic of a marlin to use as a logo for our MarLin "co-productions." :)
  Thu. 2/14/13 12:13pm Tower:

I'm surprised Just Love wasn't a Strawbs single. It's a good one.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:17pm fleep:

Marlin Brando objectiface.com...
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:19pm Charlie:

Hi, Tower, and yes!
Honored to be in the Fleepmobile!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:20pm S.A. from S.F.:

You're also in The Night Kitchen.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:20pm kat330:

Hahahahaha, fleep! :)
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:22pm Charlie:

catching up, hi to:
vicki, glenn, michael, kat, james, bob, katya, doug, fleep, eddie, s.a., and tower!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:22pm don:

happy day, all !
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:24pm Charlie:

howdy don!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:24pm other eddie:

jeez, had to throw open the window to let the boys' feedback out.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:26pm glenn:

nice reverb, charlie. is that a space echo?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:26pm Katya Oddio:

Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:27pm kat330:

It has to be done: So no one noticed or is everyone ignoring the bird flipping by the red-faced heart on the right of the top pic?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:28pm Katya Oddio:

Thus the sheepish expression?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:29pm kat330:

@Katya: Nice to see you changed for the party! And yep, must be.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:30pm Charlie:

reverb just naturally surrounds me, glenn. that's how i sound in person!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:30pm kat330:

Longet? Wasn't she indicted for murder?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:31pm ndbob:

She was convicted of manslaughter for killing her bf - the pro skier Spider Sabitch
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:33pm kat330:

I thought as much. What's the date on that Volume All-Star, Charlie? If after that mess, can't imagine why she'd want to be anyone's "Claudine Longet." ;)
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:35pm kat330:

At any speed, can't wreck Connie's cords.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:35pm Katya Oddio:

Poor Connie. How disrespectful to an already sympathetic character
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:38pm Otis P. Driftwood:

Brilliant Connie!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:40pm Katya Oddio:

A brilliant choice to lay under Barbara Barg, though!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:42pm Charlie:

volume all star: 1998
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:42pm Parq:

Anybody else find that the portmanteau Christmas movie "Love Actually" nearly killed this Troggs classic for them?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:46pm other eddie:

what a sweet rsm track! i might just favorite this
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:47pm kat330:

Thanks, Charlie. Hm, guess it's also then who would *want* her to be his "Claudine Longet"?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Charlie! Hi everyone!
WOW, Inflatable Boy Clams! I fortunately have all 5 of their tracks, but GOTTA go back for "Where The Boys Are" @33!!!!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:52pm ndbob:

Heya Matt!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:53pm Charlie:

Hi there, Matt!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:53pm kat330:

Hey, Matt! Check my link back up at 11:49! :)
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:54pm S.A. from S.F.:

Herro, Matt.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Bob! Hey SA! Hey kat, and thanks!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:55pm listener james from westwood:

loving the love show!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:55pm kat330:

A randy Randy! :)
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:55pm S.A. from S.F.:

You can leave your hat on...
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Ooooh, funky clavinet era Etta! Getting into Millie territory here!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 12:57pm S.A. from S.F.:

...and by that, I mean jimmy hat!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:00pm Charlie:

lol, S.A.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:01pm Katya Oddio:

Thanks for the tip on the Etta track. Not on any Etta here.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:02pm kat330:

I quite like Randy's own version as well.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:03pm S.A. from S.F.:

Wouldn't mind hearing some Magic Numbers up in this "love theme".
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:03pm listener james from westwood:

i think this current artist needs a laxative.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:03pm Matt from Springfield:

"Phigg-Newtons"!! Incorrect gloriness! Avant-retard! :)
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:03pm kat330:

Ooooh, Beefheart's "Her Eyes" ("A Blue Million Miles") would be sweet (after taring in her eyes ;).
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:04pm Katya Oddio:

Reminds me of the Circle Jerks' version of "Golden Shower Of Hits (Jerks On 45)"
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:08pm Charlie:

good call, kat330!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:08pm Matt from Springfield:

This 5th Dimension is new to me.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:08pm fleep:

How 'bout "Love Or Let Me Be Lonely" by Friends of Distinction
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:12pm Doug Schulkind:

Nothing buzzing on this end but your wildly oscillating radio love.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:14pm kat330:

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jessie, Doug!

Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:15pm Matt from Springfield:

Don't stop the buzzing! I'll be disappointed if I don't hear reverb on ya!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:16pm Doug Schulkind:

Thanks kat330! Tomorrow is Jessie's birthday, so a double-wollop dollop of love around these parts.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:16pm S.A. from S.F.:

It's an opportunity to play The BUZZcocks and The Vibrators.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:17pm Charlie:

It must be ear fatigue. Or my imagination.
Happy birthday to Jessie, Doug!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:17pm kat330:

Happy early birthday to Jessie!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:18pm Holly in NC:

Happy Valentine's Day, Charlie & all!
@Doug - wow! That's a lotta love - happy almost-birthday to Jessie
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:19pm ndbob:

Heya Holly! - and Happy Birthday to Jessie!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:19pm S.A. from S.F.:

That reminds me -- Tim Buckley would have been 66 today.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, what year is this Chandra, early 80s?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:21pm Charlie:

Matt, I first heard that 5thD song on Gary Mitchell's show on Top Shelf Oldies (topshelfoldies.com), then bought the 45 from him (Gary Levine) at a WFMU record fair!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Lovey Dovey Double Dollops in mid-Feb! Happy Valentine's (part 1) today to Jessie, and and Happy Birthday (part 2) tomorrow!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:22pm Uncle Michael:

Hello drumheads.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@Charlie: Marvelous affairs, those Record Fairs! I gotta make it up there for one of them!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:23pm Matt from Springfield:

Happy Howdy, UM!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:23pm S.A. from S.F.:

Uncle Michael! I just finished chopping up Hinky Dinky Saturday Nights into half-hour chunks for easy listening at work.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:25pm Uncle Michael:

Hi Matt...on lunch break from day two of three days of all-day training.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:25pm glenn:

in honour of the st. valentine's day massacre. - news.nationalpost.com...
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:26pm Uncle Michael:

Hi S.A. That's interesting....maybe I should think about breaking it up at my end.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:26pm Charlie:

Welcome, U.M.!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:26pm kat330:

@S.A. from S.F.: Happy Birthday, Tim (RIP). What a talent.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:27pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks for having me, Charlie.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:28pm Uncle Michael:

Actually, you mentioned the Saturday nights and there might not be any more of those so I think I'll leave them be.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:29pm Uncle Michael:

I'm humbled by your interest, S.A.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:29pm Matt from Springfield:

GO 365 Days Project!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:30pm S.A. from S.F.:

@U.M. - Well, it wouldn't be a problem if I had a pod of some sort that could remember where I stopped it -- but I have a CD boombox with a Chinese mp3 decoder. So, basically, it's just me.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:31pm listener james from westwood:

<----ll cool ljfw (lol)
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:31pm Uncle Michael:

I knew those Chinese mp3 files were going to give people fits.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:33pm Matt from Springfield:

LL JFW = Cool! :)
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:35pm kat330:

Someday I'll get the courage to post to my blog my x-rated lyrics for "Randy Rappin' Raunch."
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:37pm fleep:

L.L. Cool J's house is visible from our front steps, up on a hillside. When he has a party, we can see the paparazzi flashes.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:37pm kat330:

Charlie, I think there's a "ni" syllable missing in the artist?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:39pm ndbob:

great song here!.. as is petula's original
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:40pm kat330:

[A member of the Knights Who Say "Ni."]
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:40pm Charlie:

I've got Pet singing it in French, too! Love all versions of this one.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:40pm S.A. from S.F.:

Hey fleep -- don't you wish for a tear gas launcher?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:42pm listener james from westwood:

@fleep, i read that as paparazzi flashers. that too is awesome.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:43pm Uncle Michael:

Heading back to training... Thanks for the Interlude, Charlie. Carry on, everyone.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:44pm S.A. from S.F.:

The thing I like about Charlie is, he back-announces "old school" -- first songs first.

Uh oh, love has come to town.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:44pm fleep:

@S.A. it's out of range, but the party music sounds like it's two doors up - our house and fence act as resonators.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:45pm Matt from Springfield:

Interlude on, UM--INTRAlude on, if you can! ;)
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:46pm Parq:

Be 'me up
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:47pm Matt F:

Hi Charlie! Greetings from Studio C.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:48pm kat330:

@Matt F: Someone's *really* getting lei-ed.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Ahead-of-time greetings to you, Fiveash!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:49pm kat330:

I was always typing it "Matt 5," but I guess Matt F is preferred.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:50pm Charlie:

Hi, Matt Fiveash, in Studio C!
Here's the playlist for Matt's show, folks, which will begin right after this show:
so y'all stay tuned now, hear?
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:50pm kat330:

You know me, any chance I can get to use a number. :)
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:51pm Matt F:

Matt 5 will do fine. Call me whatever you want (within reason).
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:52pm jan:

Late again-listening to the last half hour. What? No tribute to the Dave Clark Five? Bassist Dave Huxley died. Seems as if weekly some mid century entertainer checks out.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:53pm Charlie:

It's our age, Jan (and Hi).
I already played the Troggs in honor of the recently departed Reg Presley...
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:55pm kat330:

Thank you muchly for your audio valentine, Charlie!

I'll be listening to the continuing fine tuneage sans keyboard, so have a great day everyone!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Woooooo! HRH Nat King Cole!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:56pm ndbob:

excellent show Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:57pm Katya Oddio:

Every time you play that June Foray segment, the United Airlines Advertisement where the wives beg to be taken along pops into the noggin. "Fly the Friendly Skies - Take Me Along"
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:57pm Matt from Springfield:

A great Valentine's Day to you, kat!
Thanks Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:57pm S.A. from S.F.:

Saving the best for last.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:59pm Charlie:

You've been a great crowd! Thanks for joining me. Stay tuned for our next act here on Give the Drummer Radio (www.wfmu.org...)! See you next week.
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:59pm Katya Oddio:

Fingers crossed and hoping this lovely classic pop line does not lead to "Wives and Lovers"
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 1:59pm fleep:

Episode gets a star, thanks for the tunes Charlie
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 2:00pm Katya Oddio:

Fun show, Charlie! Happy Valentine's Day!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 2:00pm Vicki:

thanks Charlie :)
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 2:00pm S.A. from S.F.:

Quit pea-ing the mattress!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 2:00pm Rich in Washington:

Thanks for a cool show, Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 2:01pm listener james from westwood:

thanks for the audio romance, charlie!
Avatar Thu. 2/14/13 2:01pm Michael:

Charlie: I believe in YOU! Or Jack Jones. Or Buddy Greco. One of you I'm sure. Wonderful show - I'm almost in the Valentine mood.
See ya next week.
  Thu. 2/14/13 2:01pm Tower:

Thanks, Charlie. I enjoyed the music.
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