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Southern inspirational dada.

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Options February 12, 2013: Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White

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Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:01pm Philo Gristle:

Hearty Hello!
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:01pm Honey Mae Westwater:

Hiya, Hearty!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/12/13 7:03pm Mike East:

hey guys!
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:04pm Philo Gristle:

Mr. Mike! With your Primer cage! Have you solved the mystery yet?
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:04pm Honey Mae Westwater:

This miguel blow your mind, Mike: We watched "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" over the weekend. It was *not* awful!
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:06pm northguineahills:

Will be out for 15 minutes, need to purchase food that is not the same dish I made 3 days ago. (variety will be nice)

I see aliases I 'friended' weeks ago, that no longer show up in corresponding color.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:06pm Honey Mae Westwater:

I ♥ you, Hearty!
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:07pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Well hello, hearty macromachines!
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:07pm Philo Gristle:

Hope you find something tasty, ngh!
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:07pm heartywhite:

Hi, friends! You add sponge to my broth.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:08pm Honey Mae Westwater:

I ♥ you, ngh!

I ♥ you, Devin!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/12/13 7:08pm Mike East:

getting closer, Philo. not there yet. I forced a friend to watch it to give me a hand, er a mind.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:08pm Honey Mae Westwater:

I ♥ you Mike! :)
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:08pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Howdy doo, Devin, and hello hello hello Hearty! That was not an incantation!
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:09pm Honey Mae Westwater:

I got food poisoning from a chocolate eclair. Pick another form, Hearty.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:11pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Methinks someone named Cliff oughta write up some Notes on Primer, Mike.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:11pm Honey Mae Westwater:

@Hearty-ites (except Mike East): Check out the superbly creepy .gif at Philo's profile [lower R. click].
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:11pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

I ☂ YOU!
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:12pm Honey Mae Westwater:

Is that a jellyfish, Devin? Mollusk! ;)
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:12pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

I penumbra, too.
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:13pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Oddly enough, this is far easier.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:13pm Honey Mae Westwater:

  Tue. 2/12/13 7:13pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

It is an umbrella. It was either that or an airplane.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:14pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

I feel your pain, Devin. I have a copy-paste system.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:14pm Honey Mae Westwater:

So you shelter us from sky-falling elements? Sweet.
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:14pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Nobody understands my pain! You're not my real dad!!
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:15pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

The sword is sharper than the fist.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:15pm Honey Mae Westwater:

Ah, the Richard III skull-duggery.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:15pm Roberts:

Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:16pm Honey Mae Westwater:

Leicester, Uxbridge, Cambria Leicester, Uxbridge, Cambria Leicester, Uxbridge, Cambria Leicester, Uxbridge, Cambria Leicester, Uxbridge, Cambria Leicester, Uxbridge, Cambria Leicester, Uxbridge, Cambria Leicester, Uxbridge, Cambria
Leicester, Uxbridge, Cambria
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/12/13 7:16pm Mike East:

I mentioned that hellclown on the end of Chris T.'s playlist
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:16pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Richard III's body was discovered deep within a Chuck E. Cheese ballpit.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:17pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

German, Hearty? Hellclown is German!
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:18pm Honey Mae Westwater:

@Mike: My poor grandmother! She was an army nurse in WW I over in France and painstakingly brought that ballbearing clown doll back home to St. Louis. Then my mother displayed it for decades. Now I have it. It's harmless. Mostly...
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:18pm Philo Gristle:

Green porridge..... sounds curryliscious!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/12/13 7:19pm Mike East:

Its a lovely heirloom, Honey. But once animated, it is terrifying.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:20pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

I'm outta beer! Well, cold Hoegaarden at least.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:21pm Philo Gristle:

Mushroom does not taste like steak. I re-fute that claim! Tuna, on the other hand, does.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:22pm Honey Mae Westwater:

@Mike: Actually it's scary as hell. But I don't display it anywhere I have to look at it very often.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:23pm Honey Mae Westwater:

Hahahaha! Efferdent for prosthetic testicles! :)
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:24pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:24pm Honey Mae Westwater:

No, prosthesticles.
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:25pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:27pm Honey Mae Westwater:

Hearty, wish I could give any advice, but I've never really "dated" in the traditional sense. With my HS sweetheart from 17 - 35. Then the ether took over as cupid after that.
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:28pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Very sad. But also very true. {:~(
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 2/12/13 7:29pm blee:

Up wave: a set
Down wave (no waves): lull
Large unexpected set: rougue wave
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:30pm Honey Mae Westwater:

I started noticing a LOT of couples who looked like bro & sis back in the 80s. Seems to be some sort of narcissism, falling in love with one's own image.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:33pm glenn:

i LOATHE capers. take that, caper lovers.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:33pm Honey Mae Westwater:

@blee: Heee! (your profile pics). Are you a surfer? Live by the beach?
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:34pm Honey Mae Westwater:

@glenn: I can take 'em or leave 'em. Philo's always wanting to buy them, then they sit in the fridge for a few months.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 2/12/13 7:34pm blee:

yes I do surf and live by the beach. I'm in Oceanside, CA.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:35pm Honey Mae Westwater:

@blee: Sweeeeet! My dad was in Oceanside (in the Marines) before shipping off to Guam. He wasn't a surfer though. I love to body surf / boogie board though.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:36pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Gnarly! All I know about surfing is what Dick Dale, Surfink, Rudy Rucker and Kem Nunn have taught me. I *wish* I surfed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/12/13 7:36pm Mike East:

@glenn - a new development in my coffee saga - went to make a pot in the new carafe only to discover the water boiler is missing. wtf?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/12/13 7:36pm Mike East:

...and I love capers, but take no offense
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:37pm Honey Mae Westwater:

Hmm, the caper of the coffeepot, tying two threads together.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:37pm glenn:

best surf band ever. www.youtube.com...
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:37pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Everything I know about surfing I learned from Val Kilmer in "Top Secret".
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:38pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

I don't drink coffee, but I would like to drink the coffee Artie Wu makes in Chinaman's Chance.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 2/12/13 7:38pm blee:

Bodysurfing is great exercise and fun. I get moody when there is no surf. So I guess that's the downside.
There still are a lot of Marines here, along with high and tight barber shops and military suit dry cleaning.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:39pm glenn:

second best surf band ever. www.youtube.com...
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:40pm Honey Mae Westwater:

Meshach? Me shock? Shad rack and a bed to go?
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:40pm glenn:

ross thomas. he's the man.
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:40pm schizflow:

my granpapa was is guam
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:40pm Philo Gristle:

@Glenn What about the best Japanese surf band? www.youtube.com...
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:40pm Honey Mae Westwater:

Peter File.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:41pm Philo Gristle:

First concert I ever saw was Hank Marvin & The Shadows.

And Devin, I loved Top Secret when I first saw it!
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:41pm schizflow:

i would say, "granpapa, tell me again about the guam."
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:42pm Honey Mae Westwater:

@schizflow: During WW II? That's when my dad was there. My mother lived in L.A. during his duty. She loved it. I think it was an exciting time to be in L.A. Unfortunately, they moved back to Indiana after the war.
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:42pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

What did you think about it upon further viewings?
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:44pm Philo Gristle:

@Devin I never saw it again, which is why I'm leery of saying I love it. It came out some 25 years ago, I think? I *think* I'd still enjoy it. Have you seen it recently?
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:46pm Honey Mae Westwater:

My parents were divorced after 13 years of marriage and both remarried. Nevertheless they died within 50 weeks of one another.
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:47pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Not for many years. Maybe close to ten years now. But I remember liking it enough to see it more than once. But I am hesitant to revisit it and other similar comedies I enjoyed as a child, since most of my attempts at revisiting such gigglefests from my past have ended with frowns.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:48pm Honey Mae Westwater:

COCONUT!!! Yeeeecccccccch!
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:50pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

I am a piece of ikea furniture.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:50pm Honey Mae Westwater:

Coconut, Brazil nuts, almonds -- all barfy to me. But I *do* like cashews, pisachios, pecans, peanuts and walnuts. Go figure. I think these intense dislikes have something to do with past lives.

Ah, Angel Martin! Hearty sorta sounds like Margolin actually.
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:51pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

I'll take your coconut. But Brazil Nuts are just boring.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:51pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

@Devin Exactly, and more true of comedies than any other type of film. I do still enjoy cheap-o eurotrash action, or Charles Bronson showcasing his catfish moustache. Somekind of perverse nostalgia.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:54pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

I used to ride my bicycle as a kid to the close-by airport (6-7 miles) to watch planes take off.....
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:54pm Honey Mae Westwater:

Was there a better character actor at portraying loveable human weasel than Stuart Margolin? Think not.
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:55pm schizflow:

i would say, "tell me about the fighting."
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:56pm Fredericks:

Is Miracle Whip nutritious?
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:58pm Honey Mae Westwater:

@Fredericks: That is *not* the magic word! But hey there! Good eve all good people!

Thanks, Hearty, and Happy Valentine's Day!! :)
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:58pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

I was standing in a parking lot near an airport earlier. Nice fumes!
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:58pm schizflow:

he was childlike and stubborn
  Tue. 2/12/13 7:59pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Have a good night friends. I'm going to go look at some more furniture.
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 7:59pm Philo Gristle:

Good luck, Devin! And nighty night, owl!
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 8:00pm Honey Mae Westwater:

Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 8:00pm Fredericks:

Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 8:00pm heartywhite:

Thanks, friends!
  Tue. 2/12/13 8:01pm schizflow:

he preferred short women, which isn't too surprising because he was just a tiny man himself
Avatar Tue. 2/12/13 8:07pm glenn:

kat - michael j. pollard.
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