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Southern inspirational dada.

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Options January 22, 2013: Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White

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Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:03pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Hi, Hearty!
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:04pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Hello Hello Hello!
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:04pm Devin Gristlewater:

Well hello friends of all shapes, sizes, and transparencies!
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:05pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Mr. Gristlewater! You feeling back to 100% now?
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:07pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Ribcage music!
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:08pm Devin Gristlewater:

YES, thanks for asking! I had a delightful weekend and start of the week!
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:08pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

The Lullville alternative weekly had an item the past week about how if the area were simply nicer to its natives, they might stick around. She brought up Kentucky not being the Land of Lincoln because KY wasn't nice to the Lincoln family. I certainly know Ali was treated badly. Probably Hunter S. Thompson was, too.
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:09pm Devin Gristlewater:

How is everyone else?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/22/13 7:09pm Mike East Riverwatercorn:

Hey Philo - didn't get a chance to say hello before the Sunday morning/afternoon comment blackout.

I'll have a cup of tea if you're boiling water, HUK.

Hi Devin. at the peak of a seasonal cold/flu. hopefully on the way to recovery.
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:10pm Fredericks:

The board's up. I thought Mr. White was feeling exclusive.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:10pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

And Rudy Rucker! His favorite comment about Louisville is that "it's real humid."
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:10pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

I've never felt a lot of love from across the river. If I manage to win Leonard Cohen tix for his Palace performance, that might be mitigated. ;)
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:12pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

@Devin: We're nippy in Knob Knee but so far holding our health. I think the humidifier at night helps so the air's not so dry (virus loving conditions).
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:12pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Greets Mr. Mike! The little one asleep yet?

@Devin Honey & I had ourselves a good long sniffles earlier this year, thus maybe avoided this latest bout.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:13pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

I'll whistle just for you, Mike! ("You know how to whistle, don't you?....;)
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:13pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

It was last October, Philo, hunaja -- last year.
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:14pm Devin Gristlewater:

The air is quite cold here too. Thankfully there is also heat. In summation: Temperature is happening all around us!
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:14pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Are you saying you're sick, Mike?? I thought you'd escaped it. :/
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:15pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Thanks for clearing that up, DG.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:15pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Some of us have many somethings.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/22/13 7:16pm Mike East Riverwatercorn:

@Philo - probably not. Poppa's still at work. Usually its me that puts her to sleep at night, but I hope she doesn't wait for me.

@Honey, I thought so, too. I don't know if its the same thing everyone else has/had. Atleast there's no vomiting.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:16pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

I'd like me some temporal-ture, to keep my years straight. Or tempura-ture, to keep warm.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:18pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Oh, Savile, yes, what a prince.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/22/13 7:18pm Mike East Riverwatercorn:

or tempora-ture to put a crispy fried coating on everything
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 1/22/13 7:18pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I remember the Fabersham gag from The Beverly Hillbillies.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:19pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

At least your aviator staved off any illnes, yes?
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:21pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Schnatter, eeeechhhh!
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:22pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Hearty, wherever we raise our glasses together when you drop by, there may not be a Papa John's within a 1/2 mile. :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/22/13 7:22pm Mike East Riverwatercorn:

yeah, she cool. she's got her mother's constitution.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:24pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

@Mike: More importantly, she has her mother's immunities from breast milk and her time in utero. That lasts for quite a while, longer if breastfeeding.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/22/13 7:24pm Mike East Riverwatercorn:

right down the block from John Jay College
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:24pm Devin Gristlewater:

Papa John's cannot be escaped. They're the Whole Foods of frozen pizza.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:25pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Hare soup? Some people like rabbit. I don't think I would. It would be cannibalism.
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:25pm Devin Gristlewater:

That may actually be an inaccurate comparison. Politically both their owners are pretty in line though.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:26pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

@Devin: Around here, where it originated, it's more like the Starbucks of pizza. :,
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/22/13 7:27pm Mike East Riverwatercorn:

@HUK - yes, exactly. Michy East has been sick only one time since I've known her and it was because she got a flu shot.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:27pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Ha! Exactly, Devin. Slim Pickens locally, if you want good pizza.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:28pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

I thought Whole Foods had a progressive political POV -- wrong? John Schnatter is a piece of work.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:29pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

I note Hearty is livetweeting this episode on his profile page!
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:30pm Devin Gristlewater:

"Whole Foods CEO John Mackey Says He Regrets Comparing Obamacare To 'Fascism'"
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:30pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

"Get my Idiot seeds from Burpee catalogue. 90% sprout rate!"
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:30pm Devin Gristlewater:

I guess now he's apologizing? I don't know, haven't been following it. That was the first result on google though...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/22/13 7:30pm Mike East Riverwatercorn:

ha! nice, Philo! Thanks for the headsup
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/22/13 7:32pm Mike East Riverwatercorn:

get off twitter and onto the fmu comments board, Hearty! its way cooler.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:33pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

@Devin: Oh, wow. I did not know that. Next you'll tell me Newman's Own is Schnatter-esque.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:34pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Well, yeah, Schnatter is back-pedaling, too.

Say, did anyone else think it a poke when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed at the inauguration? I'm not a news junkie, but I didn't hear a soul mention it as ironic. Maybe they perform at EVERY such event?
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:36pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Hear here, Mike! Yes, Hearty, *some* of us eschew the twitterverse -- Hoosier Mama??
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/22/13 7:37pm Mike East Riverwatercorn:

I thought it was the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir that sang? I thought their arrangement of Battle hymn of the Republic was not great. performance was good, though
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:37pm Devin Gristlewater:

I have no idea, but I would definitely derive quite a bit of perverse pleasure from learning that.
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:37pm Devin Gristlewater:

Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:38pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

@Devin: Doesn't Hearty find some way to work that work into every show?
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:40pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

@Mike: YCOCBR -- I was no doubt multitasking and just *thought* I heard them announce Mormon TC. Oh well, would have been great! :)
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:40pm Devin Gristlewater:

Don't think he's said it in a while, but it is a favorite word of mine. Thanks for teaching me well, Hellboy.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:41pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

work that WORD, s.b. My typing has sunk to a new low. Too much screen time for my eyes today.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:42pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

I think I first came across it in the similarly titled terrific James Blaylock novel. The original steampunk before it became a fashion statement.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:43pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Hearty, it's the hormone replacement therapies pushed onto them by greedy medical professionals.
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:44pm Marmalade Kitty:

Dr Who - Noddy Holder :D
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:44pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Jeopardy has a "cat"egory called "Songs for Your Cat"! :)
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:48pm Devin Gristlewater:

Philo are you saying you were into Steampunk before it was cool?
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:51pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Bocoors! I used to host a K.W. Jeter website in the oldendays, and he's the man who coined the word, being facetious. But gave up once it got popular; I'm such an elitist pooper!
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:52pm Devin Gristlewater:

So trendy! What's the next big thing?
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:53pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Cute cats.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:53pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Devin, Philo was into many things before they became mollusk. He's of the à van-guard. ;)
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:54pm Devin Gristlewater:

Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:55pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Philo-Honey lexicon includes: mollusk=cool, bocoors=but of course, miguel=might as well
  Tue. 1/22/13 7:55pm Marmalade Kitty:

When I was a kid I used to think John pertwee had dyed his hair - Tom Baker..?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/22/13 7:57pm Mike East Riverwatercorn:

green mountain man mark's new religion involves holy guacamole instead of holy water.
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:57pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

@MK: Is the newest Dr. Who really good?
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:57pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

guacamole is holy!
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:58pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Thanks, Hearty, and thanks for the company of all you fine Hearty-ites! 'Night!
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 7:58pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Thanks Hearty! Thanks listenerds! G'night, owl!
  Tue. 1/22/13 8:10pm Marmalade Kitty:

I loved Christoper Eccleston, and I think the current Dr. Matt Smith is good! A friend of mine is the double of Matt Smith :)
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