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Options January 20, 2013: Violets For Your Furs

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Artist Track Approx. start time
L. Pierre  The Grief That Does Not Speak   Options 0:00:00 ()
Al Jolson  The Anniversary Song   Options 0:04:47 ()
Fats Waller  Night Wind   Options 0:07:40 ()
Danny Kaye  Ballin' The Jack   Options 0:10:56 ()
Greg Nestor  The March Of The Siamese Children   Options 0:12:38 ()
John Prine  Clocks And Spoons   Options 0:16:29 ()
Linda Ronstadt and Dolly Parton  My Blue Tears   Options 0:20:03 ()
Butterbeans & Susie  Until The Real Thing Comes Along   Options 0:22:19 ()
Yo La Tengo   Ohm   Options 0:35:52 ()
Solange  Losing You   Options 0:43:01 ()
Wanda Davis  Save Me   Options 0:46:40 ()
Raisa K  Repetition   Options 0:48:56 ()
The Soul Tornadoes  Boot's Groove   Options 0:52:19 ()
Allen Ginsberg  Going To San Diego   Options 0:53:00 ()
Gene Autry  Do Right Daddy Blues   Options 0:57:20 ()
Bumps Myers  I'm Clappin' And Shoutin'   Options 1:00:42 ()
Leo Watson  Tight And Gay   Options 1:09:15 ()
Laura Casale  The More I See You   Options 1:12:00 ()
Flanders and Swann  Design For Living   Options 1:14:33 ()
L. Pierre  Dumbum   Options 1:18:52 ()
Chris Connor  Moon Ray   Options 1:20:17 ()
Tanya Stephens  If You Knew   Options 1:23:31 ()
Sundia  Stand Up And Be A Man   Options 1:26:45 ()
Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory  Photon   Options 1:30:04 ()
Umberto Santucci  Train's Runaway   Options 1:34:22 ()
Whispering Jack Smith  Ramona   Options 1:42:06 ()
Billie Holiday  Violets For Your Furs   Options 1:44:38 ()
Solomon Burke  I'm All Alone   Options 1:47:59 ()
Lily Fields  Keep Your Love Warm   Options 1:50:15 ()
Johnny Cash  We'll Meet Again   Options 1:53:57 ()
Arthur Tracy  It's A Sin To Tell A Lie   Options 1:56:42 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 1/20/13 7:05pm sweet cheri:

hi there once again monica,,it's always a joy to be here sunday nights!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:05pm Doug S.:

Like Monica, the night is young. Dance, radio dance!
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:06pm bruceleh:

No metal boobs shooting sparks? :(
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:06pm anne:

i'm favoriting this show right away
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:06pm MuttonChops:

Hi Monica - Happy Sunday!
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:07pm Dave E:

Good Evening Monique!
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:07pm CB1&2:

Had to run up from our Scrabble contest and say PERFECTION.
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:10pm CB1:

Mo, That Jolson's awesome. Heard just today that his tombstone says "I told you I was sick!"
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:12pm monica:

and it's always a pleasure to have you here, sweet cheri... Doug S. - YES!!!! catch up this week.... bruceleh - not a gam man?... anne - yay, lady!!.... MuttonChops - happy veal chop to you, sir.... evenin', Dave E!... CBs Uno y Dos - HOWDEE!
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:13pm Sem Chumbo:

and my very sweet Companion
she's the Angel of Compassion,
she's rubbing half the world up against her thigh
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:14pm Monica:

CB1 - too funny..... Sem Chumbo - compassion is one way of looking at it!
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:16pm deanland:

Uh, huh, what? ...thought I'd checked in & said hello, but that does not show up.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:16pm Andrew Waterloo:

Bon soir!
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:17pm trish:

All online profiles make me think of how I once was paid to tag and track wildlife. And crunch statistics etc.
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:18pm trish:

Plus, I like math.
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:18pm zotz:

Ah, the perfect lead-in to Downton Abbey this show...yaeah John Prine, I am contented....Evening all...
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:18pm mrc:

hey Mo..I'd holler but the town's too small y'all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:20pm Jeff:

trish: but the posting puzzle isn't math, it's arithmetic.
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:20pm Dave E:

So far so good . . . sounds great!
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:23pm bruceleh:

Oh, I *love* legs, but SPARKS!
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:24pm Monica:

hola, deanland (tryin' to figure out myself, sorry), andrew, trish, zotz,... MRC!!! The city's a pity without you here..... Jeff - arithmetic? no wonder.... thanks, Dave E!.... yo, bruceleh!
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:24pm trish:

@Jeff If it were division or multiplication or a cute cube root, I'd still call it math.
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:25pm MuttonChops:

Is that a slight bulge I see . . . ;)
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:25pm zotz:

glad i keep my abacus handy
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:28pm glenn:

nice pins, monica.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:29pm anne:

@trish, what kinda wildlife did you hafta track?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:29pm sugarwolf:

yes avatars!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:31pm Jeff:

@trish: Anyway, as you've clearly figured out, you don't need to opt in. Them as finds the WFMU Friendship Society fun or convenient can play, and them as is creeped out can just ignore the stars and icons and suchlike, and enjoy keeping the old addition muscles in the brain limbered up.
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:32pm MuttonChops:

Conan close?
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:32pm Walter Mitty:

What's wrong with Danny Kaye?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:33pm sugarwolf:

Do you think Danny Kaye really had an affair with Laurence Olivier?
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:34pm trish:

@anne A fairly diverse range of species across the range - fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds, mammals. A variety of techniques. Mapping. Social interaction crap. Ginormous databases.
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:34pm Laurence Olivier:

Not while I was awake.
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:35pm bruceleh:

Monica, did you listen to Danny Kaye's "Grimm's Fairy Tales" as a kid?
Oy, those ducks praying would have us rolling in stitiches!
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:36pm zotz:

Spring will set you right Monica! Me? Hammer toes are the reaper's calling card...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:36pm other david:

Wonderful tracks Monica, only problem is it's after midnight on this side of the pond and yet I feel like pouring a whiskey & settling in for the rest of the show.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:37pm anne:

@trish, that's awesome! that's my field. snakes, sea turtles w/ nps. tagging,but not tracking. mark & recapture. applying for jobs these days for more of the same. hopefully in owls or more snakes. maybe mammals. would like to get into the tracking and mapping.
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:37pm deanland:

The first sure sign was when, *instinctively* I removed my glasses in order to read something. Next came bifocals. Then -- oh wait, what were we talking about ............
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:39pm Monica:

glenn, love that term, haven't heard it in a minute... s'wolf - the avs and the av'nots.... Walter Mitty - nothin' in my book, just an odd (not ugle) duckling.... hi there, Laurence Olivier - sir.... bruceleh - nope, will check... zotz - oh no! worse than bunions.... other david, pur one for me, m'dear... deanland - oy...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:40pm sugarwolf:

I felt old when my friend A turned 30 and I can remember her mother pregnant with her.
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:41pm Neil:

I was walking by the local park a couple of years ago where some kids were throwing a frisbee. One of the throws went wide and came right towards me, so I caught it and threw it back, at which point one of the kids exclaimed, "Hey! The old guy caught it!"
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:41pm zotz:

@sugarwolf..other people's kids...yes
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:43pm andy in greenpoint:

just checking in now.....i once worked in an apartment that belonged to olivier, where apparently he and kaye did some heavy lifting.
and speaking of heavy lifting....yes advil liqui-gels is the shit. granted, i have a physical job, and i cycle everywhere, but i am abt to turn 48 and i have been relying on ibuprofen (vitamin i) for years. however.....i do think it's important not to gripe too much/too often..do you really want to be one of those older persons who talk abt nothing else but their physical state? i'd rather talk abt kaye/olivier, satin gloves, and yo la tengo
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:43pm Maggie B.:

Oh, Mo! That moment came right when I moved upstate from the city in 2000. I was sitting on a CoachUSA bus bound for Harriman from work in the city and my eyes could not focus on the print in the book I was trying to read! Not one of my finest moments. Also, there were no iPods so I couldn't even turn to music for solace prior to getting progressive lenses (which sounds SO much better than bifocals)!
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:45pm Monica:

Neil - ouch!... s'wolf - double-ouch!... andy in greenpoint - oh man, forgot they were a thing. and yes on the rest... Maggie B. - sounds too familiar....
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:45pm trish:

@anne The outdoors part of the job is great, isn't it? I worked near one project where the moth sampling technique was just to go and gas a bunch to death, freeze them for counting and identification and stats later.
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:45pm sweet cheri:

mo, this topic is good to talk about cause i'm 33 years old now (ugggghhhh) and i wish i was still in my late teens early twentys.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:46pm Andrew Waterloo:

A middle-aged guy was mocking the fact I was checking the time on the phone by showing me is watch. So I pointed to it as earnestly as possible and said "I've seen those, my grandpa had one"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:47pm sugarwolf:

I felt a little old when I found out I'm the same age as Justin Bieber's mom.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:48pm Andrew Waterloo:

I'm 35.. I'm at the point where I've begun to realize that there is a whole crop of adults that weren't even born when I was going throw my informative teen years.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:49pm other david:

I'm 29 and now my first thought when snow arrives is "hope I don't fall on my butt".. so yeah, ageing disgracefully.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:49pm Doug S.:

Sunday evenings are divine time. None more than right now.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:50pm Andrew Waterloo:

This is a very good set
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:51pm Listener Schned:

When the "senior moments" became "senior hours" !!
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:53pm zotz:

I had a friend tell me once 'death is not the enemy'...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:54pm anne:

@trish, i'd perish if i couldn't work outside. keeps me young and parasitized ;p
but really on the topic of aging, my hubbie is wracked with lower back pain @the moment and i've been having inexplicable high blood pressure readings for a year now though i've had normal bp all my life til now. cutting back on all kinds of my favorite things.
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:55pm bruceleh:

Prunes have become staple snack item.
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:55pm CB2:

I recently went into a Burger King and was given a senior discount. I nearly hit the cashier!
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:55pm Monica:

Listener Schned, abd the next thing you know you're watching infomercials with Robert Wagner for reverse mortgages.... thanks, andrew.... Doug S. - ha, yiou got Fridays on lock, buddy.... anne - xlent point re: working outside....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 7:56pm Andrew Waterloo:

It's like the first time a kid calls you sir
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:57pm zotz:

oh, it's sir all the time now..yep
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 7:58pm glenn:

didn't the anteater in b.c. say zotz? i miss that comic strip.
  Sun. 1/20/13 7:58pm pete:

i'm 29 about to turn 30.. what am i going to feel? is it over?!
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:00pm zotz:

@glenn..yes, he did...it's also a a rather bad 60's movie about a magic coin that stops time...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:00pm sugarwolf:

Ugh, I have been hearing "ma'am" a lot lately.
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:01pm bruceleh:

Walking with a cane before and after my knee replacement. Embrace your inner geezer!
'Geezer' is from Cockney slang for 'guise', which is etymologicaly related to 'wise'.
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:02pm Sem Chumbo:

Pete: 1: nothing at first, then everything.
2. does it feel like it?
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:02pm zotz:

@pete..29 is worse tan 30, trust me...you'll feel a wave of relief. You're but a pup!
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:04pm sweet cheri:

i need your opinoin monica, do you think a woman like me is over hill? i'm talking about being 33?
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:04pm zotz:

I love elevator punk!
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:05pm pete:

i'm sensitive to numbers, and i hate the number 3 unfortunately... i think i will invent a new time unit and express my age this way to compensate
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:05pm Tom K'way B'klyn:

Love the Tunes as Always Monica !!!... got you all beat maybe I'm 52,. if that makes you feel better.,,. or not ,,, I'm feeling good all I can say now ! !! !
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:06pm BDR:

Please tell me who is doing this Ramones instrumental you're using as bed music. Thanks.
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:07pm bruceleh:

Monica, whatever your age, to me you'll always be a red hot mamma!
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:07pm zotz:

who smokes More cigarettes...
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:07pm Joe:

My daughter who was born 6 weeks ago made me feel old. Can you say hi to her? Her names Olivia.

I wanted to be an old man since I was little.
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:08pm bruceleh:

Opening the mailbox and finding a letter from AARP!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:09pm sugarwolf:

All my celebrity crushes of my youth are turning 50, that makes me feel old.
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:09pm lola:

Hey!!!! Age is in your head.. start doing some yoga and you won't creak anymore..
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:12pm deanland:

And then there's realizing that I quit smoking cigarettes on April 15th, 1978, which will soon enough be 35 years ago. I work with any number of people who haven't lived that long.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:12pm Jeff:

@BDR: The Nutley Brass.

@s'wolf: Most of celebrity crushes of my youth are underground. Now, that's sad.
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:14pm Carolyn:

How about "Dowager Today!" for a post "More" audience? let's bring in dowager chic! And per the comment re yoga, yes I do yoga, everyday, and look young for my age, but I still creak...
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:15pm phil:

I remember the first time I was called, "sir" I was shocked. I was rolling on a heavy dose of ecstasy. We had to make a quick stop at the grocery store. I was walking down the aisle when some kid said said to me, "Sir, can you reach that X"(don't remember what it was). I was 25. SIR! Are you f(*^#ng kidding me, kid! Man, that was a long time ago...
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:15pm zotz:

Modern Crone and Garden
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:17pm Monica:

bruceleh - you're still a babe if you JUST got that.... sugarwolf - and they're joining hair club for men... lola - yeah, been thinking about that.... zotz - a silly millimeter longer...Joe - happy arrival into this world Baby Olivia!..... BDR - the nutley brass!.... Tom K'way B'klyn- aw thanks.... pete, i'm with ya.... sweet cheri - yes, i'm afraid so, dearie... phil - right up there with "maam"... Carolyn - right on... deanland - i hear ya...
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:17pm Windy City:

Explaining to co-workers the difference between Fanzines and Pitchfork !
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:17pm trish:

"Dowager Today" Makes me think of that '97 documentary, "Powder Room".
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:18pm Listener Schned:

Lovin' the Flanders & Swann, obviously you can take the gal out of Chelsea, but y'can't take Chelsea outta the gal-
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:18pm sugarwolf:

They should have a magazine called CRONE.
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:19pm Chris Hodge:

What was that I Want to Be Sedated you were playing? I don't see it on the playlist. (PS Would definitely subscribe to Dowager Today.)
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:19pm zotz:

always a silly millimeter short..sigh
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:20pm frenchee:

Oh so much to love about tonite's show...mostly the hostess with the MORE-est!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:20pm anne:

when my co-worker stares at me blankly and says, "I don't know who bananarama is" in response to my yammering on about bananarama
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:21pm zotz:

  Sun. 1/20/13 8:21pm frenchee:

My youngun co-workers were going thru the presidents....and they were like, wait, when did Reagan get elected? Everyone looked my way.
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:22pm frenchee:

  Sun. 1/20/13 8:25pm zotz:

But it's cool to be one of the custodians of the past sometimes...
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:25pm trish:

"broad sheet"
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:26pm Monica:

frenchee - yikes!.... anne - wth??.... Chris Hodge - charter subscriber.... @8:18 Listener Schned - zackly!!! give me shelter mags or give me death.... trish - love.... Windy City - we remember gabba gabba gazette...
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:26pm sweet cheri:

mo- even though i'm old your tunes make me feel very young! thank you monica.
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:26pm frenchee:

trish: right on!
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:27pm Catsilk:

You makin' me dumbum.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:28pm G:

Crap, I let females drag me shopping. Shoulda known it would take hours and hours. :) I'm here now, though.
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:30pm david:

can i get a witness!
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:32pm Monica:

trish - you nailed it... zotz - indeed....sweet cheri, thank YOU, lovely.... G - too funny, what the hell though? shopping for ottomans or something?.... david - amen...
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:32pm Windy City:

We remember it all...thanks for keeping it alive !
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:32pm Monica:

Catsilk in da house....
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:34pm zotz:

NYC needs a one-stop ottoman shop.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:36pm G:

@monica: nah, tarzhay run near here. i was needed for carrying home, and companion-y conversation at various points. mostly, though, i read while nursing a humongous watery coffee so i could own a seat in the store's starbucks while shopping occurred that did not involve me. yeah, i broke down and got a starbucks so i could sit.

did you know people can shop in a tarzhay for nigh on three hours? dafuq.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:36pm Andrew Waterloo:

The shop could be called "The Ottoman Empire"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:38pm Tom K'way B'klyn:

sweet shout outs ..., warms my heart :)
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:39pm zotz:

"The Sick Man of Retail"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:39pm G:

re ottoman empires: remember in the late 80s when conran's was the cats meow in manhattan home furnishing (in my circles anyhow) for the warholian quarter-hour in the late 80s....
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:39pm david:

us fellas gotta wear the pants every now and then
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:40pm G:

yes, punish me, i deserve it lmao
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:40pm bruceleh:

Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:41pm bruceleh:

Above, that's a mp3 link to Danny Kaye's Grimm's Fairy Tales
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:45pm listener gary:

I am here too I am just being quiet. Good evening to dj monica.
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:45pm trish:

Yeah! Monica!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:48pm Jeff:

The phrase "violets for [my/your] furs" has always befuddled me.
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:48pm frenchee:

yes, a Mo-love shout-out can take me all the way thru the week.
PS: Billie singing about violets and furs is THE MOST.
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:50pm Monica:

hey there, listener gary!.... thanks, bruceleh.... jeff & frenchee - yes, an odd but amazing song.... david - don't get carried away now.....
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:51pm Monica:

G - nice try! you're in the dog house... andrew - ha!....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:51pm Doug S.:

Billie. With. Strings.

  Sun. 1/20/13 8:52pm zotz:

a free-form serenade on our collective glide toward senescence..thank you
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:52pm Catsilk:

I'm also all alone >> beside the fire with a box of buttery crackers and kombucha in a champagne flute. Goodnight, Mo and co. Praise MLK!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:53pm Jeff:

And in Francis Albert's version of that song, his pronunciations sound especially Jersey.
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:53pm CB2:

A lovely show. Thank you as always.
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:54pm Monica:

Thank YOU, CB2 !!!
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:55pm david:

such a distinctive voice, mr. cash...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:55pm Andrew Waterloo:

tonight it's my favourite lemon-ginger tea with a shot of rye
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I enjoyed the show tonight.
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:57pm deanland:

Mrs. Yankfan says, "Too bad Monica's show is coming to an end. Can you play it again?" Note; she did not call me Sam.
  Sun. 1/20/13 8:57pm Reeshard:

Warhol may own pop, Daniel Buren may own stripes, Beuys owns felt, etc., but you, Miz Monica, OWN Sunday evening. Thank you for another immaculate set.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:58pm other david:

A perfect show, thank you Monica.
Avatar Sun. 1/20/13 8:58pm Monica:

hi ken from hyde park! THANKS ALL FOR TUNING IN TONIGHT! Be back next sunday with plenty of liquid advil for all - PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR WORLD OF ECHO WITH DAVE MANDL!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/20/13 8:59pm G:

  Sun. 1/20/13 9:00pm kw:

great ending
  Sun. 1/20/13 9:08pm BRIAN BUTTERICK:

Monica, I had the BEST time listening to your show this week. Warmest regards in the Bleak Midwinter! I shall now be a regular!
Avatar Tue. 1/22/13 3:51pm Parq:

Hi, Miss Mon. Archive-digging again this week. Wanna know when I felt old? When some skinny boy in Armani offered me his seat on the subway. Arrgh. It was something like five years ago and hasn't happened again, but still ...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/27/13 7:59pm Maggie B.:

Mo, your neighbor would rather have killed herself than deal with the psycho living upstairs from me in SI for several years. He didn't work, didn't keep any kind of regular hours but thought nothing of subjecting us to his 3 am babysitting for wide awake toddlers, domestic violence, and sex parties no matter what day of the week or hour of the night. I came within putting my hands around his pencil neck.we put up with him for 2 1/2 years. He did us a backhanded favor - we gave the apt. back to the bank and moved upstate. Your neighbor - what a lightweight.
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