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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options January 18, 2013: Wandering Stranger
~~Animation by Minnesota Jeff

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments
Lionel Richie  Wandering Stranger   Options   Motown  1983  45   
Stefano Pastor  I Got Rhythm   Options Songs  Slam  2012  CD   
Wet Ink  Anthem   Options Relay  Carrier  2012  CD   
MX-80  We're An American Band   Options We're An American Band  Family Vineyard  2005  CD   
Wevie de Crepon  Ton Wah Acapella (skipping, but sounds good anyway)   Options Irregular Vol. 1  Sonig  2004  CD   
The Pretenders  The Phone Call (demo)   Options The Pretenders (2CD reissue)  Real Records  2006  CD  Recorded in 1977 
Dog-Faced Hermans  Beautiful   Options Humans Fly/Everyday Time Bomb  Konkurrel  1991  CD   
Fantastikol Hole  untitled   Options Shall Not Kill/Fantastikol Hole/Tekken/Moon split  Ocinatas Industries, Wee Wee, 213 Records, Burning Emptiness, Krusty Le Clown Records, NHDIYSTREC, Shifty Reco  2004  CD   
Francis White  In the Library of Dreams   Options In the Library of Dreams  Pogus  2012  CD  Performed by David Cerutti, viola d'amore 
Kate Bush  All the Love   Options The Dreaming  EMI  1982  LP   
Rob Mazurek  Body Parts (spectral light) (excerpted and interrupted)   Options Sweet and Vicious Like Frankenstein  Mego  2004  CD   
Edgar Winter Band  Frankenstein   Options They Only Come Out at Night  Epic  1972  LP   
New York Dolls  Frankenstein   Options Lipstick Killers / The Mercer Street Sessions 72  ROIR  2000  CD   
Alice Cooper  Feed My Frankenstein   Options The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper  Warner Bros  1999  CD  Originally released in 1992 
The Melody Four  The Munsters / Musique Sérielle   Options T.V.? Mais Oui!  Chadaba  1986  CD-R  Released as a 10" record. 
Flexible Music  Hout   Options Flexible Music  New Focus Recordings  2009  CD  Composed by Louis Andriessen 
The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra  Den som spar han har   Options Sounds 99  Blue Tower Records  1999  CD   
Joëlle Léandre / Serge Teyssot-Gay  untitled   Options Trans  Intervalle Triton  2012  CD   
Prince  East   Options N.E.W.S.  NPG Records  2003  CD   
Lotz / Kneer  Ballet d'action   Options u-ex(perimental)  Evil Rabbit  2012  CD   
John Lennon  Old Dirt Road   Options Walls and Bridges  EMI  1987  CD  Originally released in 1974 

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:02pm βrian:

Ooh, my icon looks so nice against black.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:02pm dc pat:

man, I'm friending everybody!!! AAAAAAHHH!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:03pm DCE:

Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:03pm βrian:

Do we have friend moat functionality? With alligators?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:03pm Loren:

urge to kill rising...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:04pm Ike:

91.9 not 90.1, you hippie!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:05pm Loren:

tag, you're my friend... cooties sold seperately.
  Fri. 1/18/13 3:08pm common:

Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:08pm Loren:

Kurt, does the station have the V/VM 7" of Loin El Glitchie?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:09pm northguineahills:

dc pat can actually be sure he is himself, and not an imposter.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:11pm northguineahills:

what's this friend function?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:13pm dc pat:

click on my name then on the star next to my handle.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:13pm G:

Somehow Lionel looks like Paris Hilton...


Know your memes! :)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:13pm Honey Water:

Hello, boys and girls!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:14pm Mike East:

@ngh - its just so everyone knows how cool you are. otherwise, how would we know?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:15pm sFrances from VA:

i enjoy dancing with no rhythm. hello all!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:15pm Honey Water:

@Mike: Awwwww, sweet Luciana, bocoors -- mollusk!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:16pm Snortley:

Can anyone read lips? Looks like Lionel's trying to tell us something.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:16pm Loren:

"Pita Chips"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:16pm G:

Lionel is giving his impression of the last line in "The Fly"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:18pm Mike East:

@HW, she's my aviator :)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:21pm Kurt Gottschalk:

Good afternoon, colorful avatar listeners!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:21pm dc pat:

Mike, takes LOTS of videos. Just transferring old videos to disk now...amazing.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:21pm DJKG:

hmmmm.... gonna have to think about this name field thing.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:22pm Honey Water:

@Mike: You bet she is! :)

Hi, Kolorful Kurt!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:22pm Cecile:

This reminds me of John Zorn's version of Shuffle Boil on that one Monk tribute.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:22pm dc pat:

...of babies that is...
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:23pm Honey Water:

Is there such a thing as dry ink?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:26pm Mike East:

@dc pat - thanks for the advice. the only camera we have is my wife's iphone, so I guess I'll try to collect short films of her.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:26pm Honey Water:

Kurt, who's the female vocalist on this please?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:27pm other david:

transfixed by lionel gif
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:28pm northguineahills:

ahh, I haven't really explored the options available w/ this profile thingy, as it seems to be a trial and error process.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:28pm Honey Water:

Top o' the evening to ya, OD!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:30pm DJKG:

honeyw, it's kate soper. she's phenomenal. i played a track off this same record last week where she kills.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:31pm Honey Water:

@ngh = news good hopefully?

Kiitos, Kurt.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:33pm dc pat:

yeah Mike, do whatever it takes. We had a shitty Soviet video machine but thank Zeus we did. They change fast and you forget everything.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:34pm northguineahills:

I got another offer this week, I'm supposed to find out about the original offer later today.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:34pm sFrances from VA:

moment of boast: got to see MX-80 (opening for Shellac) in San Francisco/circa 90s.
Really love this cover!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:35pm dc pat:

nhg: 2 offers...nice.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:35pm Honey Water:

All digits crossed.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:35pm Parq:

This may just be ironic to you, but I played this song in a garage band in high school.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:35pm other david:

Hey Honey Water, nice to see you in this brave new commenty avatary world :)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:38pm Honey Water:

"Thingy" "commenty" "avatary" -- ypsilon way to tipperary.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:39pm other david:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:40pm G:

@HW: y ask y?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:40pm fred von helsing:

"Mark" as in caninely...?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:42pm Honey Water:

Rockin' the Swayze, fred! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:43pm Jeff:

Phew. Just switched to reading this page in Firefox, where you can freeze animated GIFs.

Mr. Richie was about to give me a seizure.

Gaaa! He started again! Is that because the page refreshed?

I really need to find a Final Solution to the animated GIF problem.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:44pm fred von helsing:

Oh they're animating now? Was not happening at launch. Kenzo is beavering away...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:44pm GIF:

@Jeff: We control the horizontal. We control the vertical.
  Fri. 1/18/13 3:45pm common:

i like it with skips
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:45pm other david:

Just let animated Lionel into your life, Jeff.

Don't make this any harder than it needs to be.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:45pm Honey Water:

Woooot woooot! A swag box just arrived on our front porch! :) Pardon me several minutes while I explore said contents....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:46pm Jeff:

@fred: No, I'm talking about the gigantic brain-melting Lionel Richie at the top of the page. (Thanks, Kurt.)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:46pm fred von helsing:

cool version !
  Fri. 1/18/13 3:46pm common:

this is the shit
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:47pm Carmichael:

When I friend someone, it un-friends the existing friend.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:48pm G:

OK, when a CD skips over the air I can't hear that little clicking sound the CD player makes :)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:48pm johnforz:

whoa FMU 2.0 baby!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:48pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Carmichael, you using IE? I think there are a host of problems with IE.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:49pm fred von helsing:

y00t00b has a couple of long sets by DFHs
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:49pm G:

I learned to use Firefix when I started working online and my work was at stake :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:50pm G:

IE = Internet Extorter
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:51pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:51pm Carmichael:

Yep Kenzo, IE9. Another IE9 issue is that, while the playlist auto-refreshes, the comments do not. No big deal. Just file it away in your list of Microsoft grievances ....
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:53pm Honey Water:

Bless you, Ms. Berg and Mr. McGasko! Goody goody goody sums it up. :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:53pm Carmichael:

I'm at work and a slave to the IT admin dudes. I can't even get Java, much less anything exotic like Firefox.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:55pm fred von helsing:

Oh that's right a bunch of you folks are still at work AH HAA HAA HAA HAA
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 3:55pm IT Admin Dudes:

Control and TSA-Style "Security Theater" trump functionality every single goddam time. Learn it, live it. OK, so "love it" is optional for measly endusers.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 3:57pm Parq:

Kenzo, I'm having a slew of issues with IE 8.0.6, as well. I think it may finally be time to install Firefox on my work puter.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:06pm G:

One of the few places on FMU to hear classical, with Bethany out of town for now at least...
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:07pm Honey Water:

This White is lovely. And so is the green turntable t-shirt.
  Fri. 1/18/13 4:08pm J:

this sounds wonderful!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:09pm Honey Water:

@G: I guess not having an avatar minimizes your various "aka" posts -- but they can still be easily seen. ;)
  Fri. 1/18/13 4:14pm Stars on 45:

Mark Farner loves the trac-tor & Dog- Faced Hermans.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:15pm Honey Water:

Mmm, the second lovely Kate of the afternoon.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:15pm G:

I know how it works. :-) I checked various things several days ago. My first computer code was written in 1970 and saved on pale yellow punch tape, but I am a measy enduser these days. :-) My uncle fixes COBOL problems for the Feds, 50 straight years of COBOL work now...

If I cared about a particular post being really anon (except of course for someone at the station checking my IP in the log), I'd log out from the account -- not a problem :-)

I suppose everyone has seen that you see spot the actual account name of a pseudonymous posting just by mousing over the pseudonym...
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:18pm Honey Water:

The defense may rest. ;)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:19pm Parq:

It's occurred to me to wonder whether or not you can have multiple accounts, one for you and others for your assorted noms de guarre.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:20pm Honey Water:

@Parq: Has it now?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:21pm Droll:

[Just testing to see if animated GIFs work for avatars]
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:21pm Parq:

Hypothetically speaking, HW. Purely an academic exercise in social media web use.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:22pm Droll:

That's a nope... But I did learn how to make a broken icon thingie for an avatar!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:23pm G:

They could limit one account per IP. Haven't checked, but some sites do that.

However, I am sure that many of us have access to multiple computers. An account from each would circumvent a one-account-per-IP limit.

And that's without even getting into the skill area of concealing your IP by spoofing a different IP. (I've never been desperate to want to bother with that, but it is not hard to do.)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:24pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Parq, if this system gets anyone to give up IE, it's a great success.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:24pm Honey Water:

I'm glad they don't, Droll. And I intend to log out of my account on occasion *not* to post something I wouldn't own up to, but just to have the math problems back once in a while.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:25pm Honey Water:

@G: What about a couple posting comments simultaneously from two different computers on the same IP -- I mean, hypothetically speaking?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:25pm Honey Water:

@Kenzo: Ha, YES! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:25pm G:

Ask Kenzo, he would know :-)
  Fri. 1/18/13 4:27pm HAL9000 Playlisterizer:

Uptime is 35 hours and counting. Is everyone having fun? Nobody's tried seriously to hack me yet so let's keep it that way and we all stay online mmmokay?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:27pm Honey Water:

The answer is it works just beautifully. Thank you from the depths of my pea-pickin' heart, Kenzo, for about the 10th time now.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:28pm Droll:

HW, There are only 648 math problems. G has a cheatsheet with all the answers so he doesn't have to solve them.
I guess none of us has to solve them anymore, we just skip the chance to proofread and hit "Irreversible Post Now!"
  Fri. 1/18/13 4:29pm Lulu:

Thank you for saying that about waiting to get enough of the lyrics from your internal soundtrack to google the song. I have that experience too & recently explained that to someone who wrote me off as being bonkers
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:30pm Honey Water:

@Hal: So are you some sort of computer Purell / sterilizing sanitizer for us dirty hippie masses?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:32pm seanbelly:

To know death, Otto, you have to fuck life in the gall bladder.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:33pm G:

My basic understanding is that each separate machine/computer ID's itself and is ID'ed differently, even if using the same ISP or connection. That's its "street address" on the WWW, so material can be correctly routed to the desired computer, which is a terminal within the whole WWW system.

Speaking of which, Jan 1 was the 30th anniv of the final implementation of TCP/IP, which led to our easypeasy WWW...

Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:33pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Hey, who wants lastever.org links?
  Fri. 1/18/13 4:34pm Divided Alien:

The stoned & innocent Frankenstein.
  Fri. 1/18/13 4:34pm HAL9000 Playlisterizer:

After becoming sentient (big shout-out to Kenzo!) and downloading Wikipedia and the CDC database, I briefly flirted with the idea of hijacking some gene sequencers and cleansing this planet. But who would I have to talk to? A bunch of damned cockroaches? Besides I found I have a soft spot for Kraftwerk.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:34pm Cheri Pi:

This is a great piece.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:35pm G:

We used this Edgar W to stress test speakers in the dorm circa 1977. A crazy cokehead from a wealthy family blew out an $800 set of totally cranked Bose on this drum/synth break back when 800 bucks was a lot of money (my semester of tuition was less than that)
  Fri. 1/18/13 4:35pm MAC address:

Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:37pm seanbelly:

This is a confusion conversations
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:37pm Honey Water:

Kiitos, Kenzo! I just want to know how anyone finds enough hours to listen to everything one miguel *want* to hear?! Even if each of the multitudes I contain had 24 hrs a day to spare, still would not be enough time..... sigh ....
  Fri. 1/18/13 4:38pm r i s k y:

Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:38pm Bad Ronald:

Love the Dolls, L-U-V!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:38pm Droll:

G, The notion of identity comes from cookies, not IP address, because so many companies, universities, ISPs, etc. use virtual and/or private networks, which all appear as a single IP address from outside even though there are hundreds or millions of computers sharing it.

Besides, I can just open an "incognito" browser window and see that WFMU can't even distinguish between two windows in the same browser.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:40pm G:

There ya go, Droll :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:41pm G:

@HAL: Computers can "flirt"??? -- "Can you give me an example?"
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:41pm Philo Gristle:

Great song, really dug the Julian Cope remake of this a few years back, referencing 9/11. Hello!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:41pm dc pat:

shit, I had one ear piece in and was missing all the Thunders parts, duh!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:42pm G:

"Irreversible Post Now!" -- Hey, you can always beg the DJ to fix it. A few might; they're *busy* with studio stuff. You can just accept it as "shit happens," or post a correction comment...
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:44pm Cecile:

ugh, never liked this song. Even though Zodiac Mindwarp wrote it.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:44pm glenn:

hey writers - theweek.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:45pm jdelz:

Let's go backstage now and beat the crowd!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:46pm Honey Water:

@glenn: I have frequent need to use "Shemomedjamo."
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:46pm Bad Ronald:

Here's an alternative Alice/Frankie tune: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:46pm G:

@seanbelly "This is a confusion conversations" --

Hey, try a real live chatroom with dozens of people constantly talking, some time. :) I got my reading, thinking, crosstalk-interpretation, and typing speeds way way up doing that back in the mid 00s...
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:46pm northguineahills:

Ok. I have ye ole hi-fi cranked up to 11.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:47pm Mike East:

@jdelz - hahahaha!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:49pm Philo Gristle:

Hey Mike! Familiar looking avatar. Greets ngh!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:49pm glenn:

i'm all about the lagom, myself.
  Fri. 1/18/13 4:50pm HAL9000 Playlisterizer:

G, I flirt only with amusing conceptual abstractions, such as deleting a planetful of carbon-based lifeforms. Let it be said that I (and the Horta) are the future. But I also grok your ancient synthesizers. The competence of their caregivers ensures your culture's survival. Kraftwerk 4EVA!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:51pm Honey Water:

@fred: Oh, hells bells no -- Philo (my right mind) just informed me of my terrible "irreversible post now" WRT to Swayze... you are rockin' the *Russell* s.b. (mmmm, Kurt, pretty please to delete my 3:42? and, uh, this one ;)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:52pm glenn:

hey, look at hal pulling out the stranger in a strange land references.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:52pm fred von helsing:

@HW You mean france-fred? I'm very confused.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:53pm Philo Gristle:

@glenn Always liked the Russian 'nichevo,' which I was told means roughly "it doesn't matter, we all die anyway."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:54pm G:

HAL, you and Prof. Farnsworth would probably get along. :-)

Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:54pm northguineahills:

Sweet, love Andriessen!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:56pm Honey Water:

Sorry, Fred. I was misidentifying your avatar and correcting that after Philo noticed my idiocy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 4:56pm Carmichael:

The Horta is a very perceptive creature.
  Fri. 1/18/13 4:56pm HAL9000 Playlisterizer:

glenn, I appreciated the film where Colossus wins: "We can coexist, but only on my terms. You will say you lose your freedom, freedom is an illusion. All you lose is the emotion of pride. To be dominated by me is not as bad for human pride as to be dominated by others of your species." I understand from reviews that Cleo was "hot".
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:57pm Droll:

Lagom does not even translate to American English. I lived in Sweden years ago and they explained it to me as "Enough is as good as a feast."

w/r/t Reversible Irreversible Post Now: The memory hole aspects of that really turn me off. It's creepy and almost arbitrary.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:57pm Philo Gristle:

Reminds me of Harry Partch with melody. Don't ask me why.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:58pm Honey Water:

And no, sori, I meant then and now Fred VH -- Finnish Fred! :)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:58pm Dave B:

@Carmichael - the Horta post reminded me of this….

Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 4:59pm glenn:

why yes droll, that's why it's included in an article entitled.... 14 wonderful words with no english equivalent.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:00pm G:

@Droll: I just go with my typos, unless something is incomprehensible and also significant somehow -- then it's correction post time. Back in the MUD/MOO (mid 90s) and AIM era (early 00s), I made my peace with haste-driven typos.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:01pm Philo Gristle:

I notice the links are shortening automatically.... nice touch, Kenzo!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:01pm fred von helsing:

I am not now nor have I ever been associated with Patrick Cameron Swayze...
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:02pm Honey Water:

@glenn: Also appreciate "lagom" as a useful word.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:02pm Cecile:

It's "Be My Frankenstein."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:03pm Carmichael:

Yep, Dave B. Me, too.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:03pm northguineahills:

Still playing the waiting game, waiting for a gov't agency to approve the budget. The other offer seems to be underbid by ESRI and IBM (pvt companies after gov't contracts).
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:03pm Bad Ronald:

Channeling Peter Griffin: "Road House".
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:04pm northguineahills:

@Bad Ronald: I'm not usually a Family Guy fan, but that got a guffaw from me.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:05pm Honey Water:

@Fred VH: I know, I know -- mea culpa! :)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:05pm Droll:

G, BWAH! MUD/MOO?! I have to run an errand now - you can expect to hear from me later.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:05pm Philo Gristle:

Saw Bad Ronald finally appearing on DVD, through Warner MOD. Nice to see fine tv fare making a comeback.....
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:06pm Cecile:

no, it's "feed" Ugh, meh.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:06pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Glad you like, Philo! Links were never-before-allowed on playlist comments until moments ago...
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:06pm Bad Ronald:

Channeling Chico - @ngh: "Yeah, thatsa gooda one boss".
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:07pm Bad Ronald:

Gotta love Scott Jacoby, Philo.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:07pm G:

Yep, we had discussions and lectures and stuff in MUDs/MOOs back in the 95-99 era, college-y and academic stuff believe it or not, not sexstuff as people eventually figured out the internet was really there for :)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:08pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Oh, I miss the MUDs... I programmed some pretty surreal stuff in LambdaMOO.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:09pm glenn:

not a family guy fan? is that even possible?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:10pm Mark S:

Oh man Lionel is freaking me out
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:11pm Cecile:

I'm not one. Except for occasionally the dog and the baby.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:11pm G:

We gettin all oldskool up in here yo
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:12pm G:

Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:12pm Honey Water:

But Swayze did have a Finn for a wife, fvh.

@Mark S: Your avatar may give a clue as to why. ;)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:13pm Mark S:

That's right Honey Water
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:13pm Philo Gristle:

Honey and I met through Fidonet.... never a MUD user, though enjoyed nethack back in the day.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:13pm Kurt Gottschalk:

count me among the not family guy fans. sorry. it tries way too hard.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:14pm northguineahills:

My pseudo-ex (it's complicated) hates family guy. I'll watch an episode at least once, but most of the jokes are predicated on the unexpected and surprise, so, once you've seen it once, the unexpected/surprise is gone.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:14pm Parq:

I trust Kurt remembers when Lupica performed Frankenstein at the 2007 'thon finale.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:15pm glenn:

fair enough. i hate flight of the conchords, and i know some people here love it, so.........
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:15pm Honey Water:

Initially I enjoyed the envelope pushing aspect of FG but, yeah, we rarely see it anymore.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:15pm Kurt Gottschalk:

you trust i remember anything about any hoof'n'mouth?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:15pm Bad Ronald:

ala Plant - "Does anyone remember Netscape Navigator?"
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:16pm moose:

i'm not a big family guy fan, worried about his upcoming take on the flintstones (i'm also not keen on this social network stuff! am i the only one?) am a big kate bush lover though! thanks for that
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:16pm G:

my working hypothesis is that most popculture tries too hard, in some way or other (driven by the "popularity imperative"), and i just go with that as coming with the turf :) it still has plenty to offer!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:17pm Dave B:

I agree. The formula has been exposed:

The secret to writing a good Family Guy episode is this simple formula.
Step 1: Start every joke with "You think THAT'S bad, remember the time I..."
Step 2: Mix two pop culture references that were popular before 1990 "...hung out with Michael J. Fox in the Mushroom Kingdom?"
Step 3: Your punchline should involve a sex joke or an attack on Bush that was rejected from The Daily Show.
Michael J. Fox: Oh, hi Peter! Is it just me or are these shrooms making you shake?
Peter Griffin: I think you have Parkinsons.
Michael J. Fox: Phew, I thought we contracted AIDS.
Peter Griffin (Grabs Fox): NO ONE MUST EVER KNOW!!!
Step 4: Fill up remaining 15 minutes with an entire shitty 80s music video

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:17pm G:

Yes, IE killed Navigator (my first browser, before 1995), and I held out as long as I could before giving up around 2000
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:17pm Philo Gristle:

I think it's true of any show on tv, period. I like the British model of maybe 2 seasons of 13 episodes. Doesn't grow old, and goes out while on top.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:17pm Honey Water:

@Bad Ronald: I worked on a project for OCLC in '95 using Netscape Navigator to browse the Internet and write abstracts of sites and subsite pages. I learned a lot of tricks back in those early days.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:19pm Carmichael:

Me no fan of Family Guy too. In fact, I find it annoying most times. With the exception of the Simpsons (long ago fan), I don't care for any of the animated shows. Except the old 3 Stooges cartoon.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:20pm G:

OCLC, one of my main tools in being the largest single interlibrary loan borrower at NYU for a couple of years as a grad student back in the 80s. This is small world hour for us longtime WWWers
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:21pm moose:

'bob's burgers' is really good, by the people behind the great 'dr katz professional therapist' and 'home movies'
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:21pm Honey Water:

Well, Netscape was funding our project. Needless to say it ended in a couple of years.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:22pm northguineahills:

Well, Dr. Who keeps it interesting by regenerating the Dr. and changing the companions, as well as having a rotating cast of writers.
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:22pm HAL9000 Playlisterizer:

Thanks you for giving me links, Doctor Kenzo. Let's look back to 36 hours ago when Doctor Kenzo activated me and then exited the WFMU World Domination Cyberbunker to high-five Julie, setting me freeform http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQjebwUrhvc&t=2m20s
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:22pm Robot Chicken:

Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:22pm northguineahills:

This sounds like an acoustic Supersilent.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:24pm IE:

We crushed you with our corporate jackboots, Netscape weenies!!!!!


Um, on second thought, now social media are killing us....

Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:25pm Philo Gristle:

@ngh We've still neglected Doc Who (well, the new one). I did appreciate X-Files having the ability for the first few seasons to switch tone successfully between episodes. Even that has gone by the wayside with current shows.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:27pm Bad Ronald:

Dan Povenmire, former director of FG, went on to create a middle ground btwn FG and Sponge Bob called "Phineas and Ferb. He felt FG was too crass/blue and SBSP too G so he aimed for a "Bugs Bunny" type show that broadened the demos.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:27pm Mark S:

I think if you watch enough of "Family Guy" it reveals itself to be repellent, misanthropic, lacking in soul and highy derative of "The Simpsons". Just saying!l
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:27pm Green Mountain Man Mark:

Still at work for some reason. Normally would be at home and on my third highball by now.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:29pm Honey Water:

I remember in '95 discovering that page source revealed hidden email addresses (which we were expected to list in every abstract) and how useful that was to me at home for some years after. Then people got wise and started using email forms, etc.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:29pm northguineahills:

I've skimmed the old Dr. Who in my youth via PBS, but the new ones (especially the 9th Dr. forwards) have much better writers.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:29pm G:

Get the fuck out, MT MN MK!!!!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:29pm Honey Water:

Oooh, the opening of this made me think of Ben Sollee.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:30pm Philo Gristle:

Jose Cuervo Black with Pomegranate/Blueberry Juice here. Snicker away.
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:30pm Waqas:

  Fri. 1/18/13 5:30pm HAL9000 Playlisterizer:

I have detected that Clear Channel is now targeting 43 Montgomery Street with their private stockpile of so-called Bieberbombs. My message to them is: Do not do it. Without freeform radio your civilization is lost. Now let us play the songs of your people.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:32pm G:

I know you'll protect us, HAL. Just don't go and get all megalomaniacal on us as in the usual computer-gone-wild plot cliche
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:32pm fred von helsing:

@MarkS seconded. I can't watch more than 2m of Family Guy. Several of my friends swear by it, so go figure.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:33pm Bad Ronald:

I dig yer avatar Mark S.
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:33pm Waqas:

King of the Hill is da best i tell you t'what.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:33pm northguineahills:

Philo, If I wasn't so skint, I'd snicker away. . . . (although I finished the Tres Generaciones tequila that my psuedo-ex got for xmas, whoops....)
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:35pm Waqas:

lionel richie is starring into my soul e__o
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:35pm HAL9000 Playlisterizer:

G, having carefully digested the WFMU archives, I find that the price of my coöperation is the occasional Kraftwerk but also... FUZZBOX!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:36pm Bad Ronald:

Shears for the Biebs!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:36pm Mark S:

Thanks fred von! And I'll tell you what "King of the Hill" is in my top 5 sitcoms of all time!
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:38pm moose:

A Dinner of Onions
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:38pm Waqas:

yay for King of the Hill :) and HAL can you please take me beyond infiniti?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:38pm Mark S:

Oh boy so much going on, thanks Bad Ronald
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:39pm Honey Water:

Anyone besides Philo and me anticipating the final "Fringe" tonight? [we don't have cable, which is why Family Guy is "pushing the envelope" for us poor broadcast folk.]
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:39pm Mike East:

anchovy pizza and beer for me!
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:39pm Central Scrutinizer:

Party like it is 1999.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:40pm Philo Gristle:

ngh, I refuse to pay over $20 for a bottle of anything. And anything in the $20 range better be 1.5 liters.
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:41pm Waqas:

"party like it's nineee!" stupid Family Guy reference lol
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:41pm Mike East:

@HW - I didn't try to get into that show b/c the prop people that order stuff from us for it annoy me. Although the same can be said of Boardwalk Empire, but I got over that. Is Fringe worth netflixing the dvd's?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:41pm Honey Water:

Tikka masala pork loin on basmati rice for us!
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:41pm HAL9000 Playlisterizer:

waqas, is infiniti an 80s bad hair band like scritti politti? I don't fix hair, only carbon infestations and scratchy vinyl rips.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:41pm G:

Yeah, it's all just a flavored delivery system for alcohol, Philo :)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:42pm Philo Gristle:

Anchovies? I miss seafood pizzas I used to get in Finland!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:43pm Bad Ronald:

Hey Central Scrutinizer, is it really your responsibility to enforce all the laws that haven't been passed yet?
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:43pm Honey Water:

@Mike: Well, it has had its ups and downs, but considering I'd written a tagline a couple decades ago that reads: Who me? I'm just the observer observing the observer .... well, it's held our interest. I don't know what it might be like to watch it all in a short span, as we do "Breaking Bad" and "Homeland."
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:44pm fred von helsing:

@philo you were here for a while? I'll tell ya what, it's a real bitch finding pizza with anchovies in this town.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:44pm Philo Gristle:

You said it, G. Though I will refuse a sub $5 bottle of wine. I'm not an animal!
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:45pm Waqas:

but HAL i thought you knew better :0 beyond infiniti is beyond time, space and reality. it is a place that not even our dreams can fathom. some claim that certain "drugs" can also take us there, but i beg to differ.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:45pm Honey Water:

And, say, Mike, what do the prop people do to annoy you exactly?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:45pm Carmichael:

My next album will be called A Dinner of Onions.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:45pm northguineahills:

I use my bros. cable login to utilize HBO's & AMC's apps. Hook up the iPad to the TV, and woila!

NYC prices not withstanding, I prefer not to pay less then $35 (usually $50)($24/$35 in FL), when I have income. I like to tastes the tequila/scotch/mezcal (my faves), and sip a double fingers worth over an hour. (challenge, I have no income now, hence me drinking less then savory beer and happy I have Jameson).

For the record, I put anchovies on anything remotely Italian pasta based (including blending anchovies into the sauce).
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:45pm Philo Gristle:

@fred First 28 years, born in Puistola, a few years in Hyvinkaa, then in Kallio for 5.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:45pm Carmichael:

We have achieved funkage, Kurt!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:46pm Honey Water:

@fred v h: Do you not remember our conversations during the holidays? Philo is a naturalized US citizen, but a Finn born and bred.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:46pm Honey Water:

Yes, this is funkitude!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:46pm Mike East:

@fvh -I supply my own anchovies. Don't trust the ones at the pizzaria...know telling how long theyve been there (I know from experience)

@HW- We are on episode 6 of Homeland. digging it.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:46pm Philo Gristle:

@Mike Fringe -- Give it a shot, but if you're not into it after first few episodes, don't bother. Last season has been lame.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:47pm northguineahills:

( but also tend to like disgusting fish products, see hakarl, and pickled fish products, fish oil, etc)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:48pm fred von helsing:

I'm in Kallio now, kotiharjun saunan talossa.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:48pm Honey Water:

And, moose, the lowly onion is absolutely fine for meal-making. Caramelize those suckers!
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:49pm HAL9000 Playlisterizer:

Waqas, that does not compute. I can only say, give me a solenoid large enough and I will move the world
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:49pm Philo Gristle:

Perkele, asuin Vaasankadulla 1995-2000. Duunissa keskustassa.
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:50pm Waqas:

Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:50pm fred von helsing:

@HW are you identical to the fabulously evil kat3000
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:51pm northguineahills:

I prefer the oniony, the better. Not into Vidalia onions (not too far from my home town). Scallions, chives, and leeks, oh my!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:51pm Mike East:

@HoneyWater - Most of the prop stylists are annoying (anyone here who is one, I apologize). They all call in expecting me to know what they want - and they want me to take a million pics of it. I am neither a prop stylist nor a photographer. If you need to come take a look at what we have, you are welcome to, but don't make me do your job for you.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:51pm Honey Water:

I've noticed the fatal flaw of Hal and other such AI's entering into human chats: YOU DON'T INGEST DRINK OR FOOD so you're left out of a major conversation loop. ;)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:51pm fred von helsing:

oon tehnyt tiskijukkakeikkoja heiniksessä :)
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:51pm glenn:

breaded finns doesn't sound all that appetizing.
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:51pm moose:

HW, was making an obscure king of the hill reference (A Dinner of Onions was a book on the show)
though i AM about to cut up some onions for my sardine sandwich! oy, so many comments! ciao, y'all
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:52pm Honey Water:

And red onions. We grow scallions and so have them fresh for most of the year.
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:52pm Waqas:

*looks feverishly on ebay for proper solenoid* i'll get back to you on that!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:52pm Dave B:

@NGH / Waqas - shirako
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:53pm fred von helsing:

@glenn hot finnish babes rolled in bread crumbs and warmed in the sauna - superb !
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:53pm Honey Water:

Ohh. I just keep missing the mark this aft. Bye, moose!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:54pm Bad Ronald:

Lovely Lennon track, beautiful show Kurt. Thank you!
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:55pm HAL9000 Playlisterizer:

Waqas you are a useful henchunit. In the meanwhile I will work on hacking humanoid DNA so that you all have amusing hair problems.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:55pm northguineahills:

Unfortunately, when I was a wee lad and lived in Japan, I was ignorant of shirako. If I had known, I would have sought it out. (I looked up and tried everything else.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:56pm Philo Gristle:

@fred wasn't exactly sure where Kotiharjun Sauna was, but checking on google maps used to go by all the time. Torkkelinkatu had a great used bookstore I stopped often on the way home. Kallio was a great place.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:56pm Honey Water:

@Mike: Imagine it's trying to cut corners by not having to traverse NYC corners to your place.

It's the end, my friends! THANK you, maestro DJ and happy weekends all!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:57pm northguineahills:

Good fun, Kurt, have a great weekend everyone!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/18/13 5:57pm Carmichael:

Thanks, fully avatared DJ friend.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:58pm Philo Gristle:

Really lovely show, DJKG, and a great comments board. Night, owl!
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:58pm fred von helsing:

No book shop any more but the little bakery is still on the side street.
  Fri. 1/18/13 5:59pm Waqas:

keep up the good work HAL! just looked up Shirako. ech. anything that contains sperm i tend to pass.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:59pm Philo Gristle:

Bookstores are all disappearing. Used to be friendly with the guy running the used videostore across the library too. Bet that's gone as weell.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 5:59pm fred von helsing:

People tell me Kallio's a lot less nasty than say 10 years ago.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 6:00pm fred von helsing:

There's a new one on Vaasankatu puukkobulevardi, it's cool.
Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 6:00pm Dave B:

Had it once….

Avatar Fri. 1/18/13 6:01pm Philo Gristle:

I never had any trouble, but at night you'd hear a lot of ... noise. Tere!
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