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Options January 13, 2013: Talkin' 'Bout Yesterday

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Helen Merrill   Dawn   Options 0:00:00 ()
Lee Wiley   A Ship Without A Sail   Options 0:03:56 ()
Ernest Tuibb  I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In   Options 0:07:53 ()
Tom Paley's Old-Time Moonshine Revue  Roll On, Roll On   Options 0:10:24 ()
Nat Phillips  Talkin' 'Bout Yesterday   Options 0:14:23 ()
Earl Connelly  Don't Take It So Hard   Options 0:17:42 ()
Mabel Scott  Fool Burro   Options 0:20:29 ()
Dinah Washington  Big Deal   Options 0:23:17 ()
Todd Rhodes and his Septet  Bell Boy Boogie   Options 0:26:10 ()
Les Paul & Mary Ford  I'm Movin' On   Options 0:29:02 ()
Eric Sanders  Suite IV   Options 0:39:47 ()
Eric Sanders  Thelamba   Options 0:43:02 ()
Parris Mitchell  Beatnix   Options 0:47:06 ()
Edmundo Ros  Edelweiss   Options 0:49:47 ()
Ann-Margret and Cast  A Lot Of Livin' To Do   Options 0:52:44 ()
Patti Page  Exactly Like You   Options 0:58:24 ()
Merle Ray & the Southern Rockets  Save The Last Dance For Me   Options 1:01:12 ()
Mikis Theodorakis  Only You   Options 1:08:39 ()
Tee See Connection  Black Mamba   Options 1:10:03 ()
Watty Burnett  Rainy Night In Portland   Options 1:13:00 ()
Radio Stars  Dirty Pictures   Options 1:18:16 ()
Clarence Garlow  Purty Little Dolly   Options 1:20:38 ()
Jay & The Americans  Come A Little Bit Closer   Options 1:22:57 ()
Yo La Tengo  Stupid Things   Options 1:25:47 ()
Lloyd Cole and Hans-Joachim Roedelius  TangoLargo   Options 1:31:04 ()
Butter   Tortured Tug   Options 1:32:25 ()
Marty Allen and Steve Rossi  Famous People In The News   Options 1:40:55 ()
Masters Of Harmony  Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella   Options 1:43:15 ()
American Quartet  Carolina In The Morning   Options 1:45:17 ()
Claire Austin  Lover, Come Back To Me   Options 1:47:34 ()
W.C. Fields  The Day I Drank A Glass Of Water   Options 1:51:39 ()
King Pleasure   I'm Gone   Options 1:56:05 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 7:04pm annie:

i made it!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 7:04pm G:

Thought the front page would never change to the Monica link! Yeah, I admit I was too lazy to go fish for it off the homepage :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 7:05pm annie:

i fished....
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:05pm david:

happy new year to Monica and all!
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:06pm CB1:

Evening Mo, CB2 sick with flu. I'm a lousy nurse. That Helen Merrill reminded me of Jo Swann. Did you ever hear her?
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:06pm deanland:

Checking in from Northern Manhattan, sometimes known as Upstate NYC.
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:06pm sweet cheri:

monica tell me how does it feel to be known as the queen of sunday nights??
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:07pm david:

i hear everyone in nyc has the flu - is it true?
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:07pm deanland:

@david and one and all: Happy New Year. @CB1: had it, in my case it morphed into Shingles. Chicken Pox cirus, dormant for decades, decides to revisit.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 7:08pm Archive Truth:

1/9/13 10:16pm sweet cheri: evan-this is why i call you "the king of wednesday nights"!!!

New material, plz!!!! :-P
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:08pm deanland:

Er, make that Virus, not cirus
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 7:09pm Miley Virus:

One way or another, im gonna gitcha gitcha gitcha gitcha...
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:10pm david:

Holy ships
Avatar Sun. 1/13/13 7:15pm monica:

you're back!! hello, all..... talkin' to YOU, annie, G, david, CB1, deanland, sweet cheri, Archive Truth, and Miley Virus!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 7:15pm G:

Settling in to sweet end-of-weekend melancholy...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 7:18pm annie:

ok, just so you know, the chick on the left is blinking her eyes the same time as the shooter
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:19pm seang:

that is hot stuff, man. Howdy Monica!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 7:19pm G:

@annie: And the director TOLD HER OVER AND OVER AGAIN not to flinch at the effect!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 7:20pm G:

La Leche Lugar League
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:20pm sweet cheri:

monica..this is from austin powers,, right?
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:20pm david:

they're all blinking... crazy..
Avatar Sun. 1/13/13 7:21pm monica:

howdee, sendg! cb1 - please send some hot chicken soup to CB2 on our behalf!
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:25pm Roy Boy:

Surely not the same Dinah Shore who used to date Burt Reynolds?
Avatar Sun. 1/13/13 7:27pm monica:

oy, roy boy! thanks, major typo! corrected....
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:27pm Andrew Waterloo:

ah.. boom boom bras!
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:27pm david:

This is a good chicken soup playlist. I can feel my corpuscles coming back.
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:28pm tr`sh:

A bulldog that trampolines : http://youtu.be/tU9RSNXaElw
Avatar Sun. 1/13/13 7:29pm monica:

hola, andrew and tr`sh (thanks, will check later)....
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:31pm tr`sh:

howdy. It's a galloping sorta bounce n' bounce. With surprising little flips.
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:32pm deanland:

Mrs. Yankfan has been making Chicken Soup by the vat here at the homestead for what seems like weeks. Medicine notwithstanding, I am sure this is what has kept me alive.
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:36pm CB1:

The one on the right seems to be saying

"Oh, that's gotta hurt!"
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:36pm ken in denver:

Keep up the red-carpet treatment, Monica!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 7:37pm G:

Not the "check is coming" scam. That was old 100 years ago :-P
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:37pm Nate:

Great show tonight, Monica! I'm listening to you and watching Football and Golden Globes Pre-Game. . .
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 7:39pm G:

You found out your friend is a thieving liar. How much was *that* worth? :-P

Seriously, sympathies!
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:40pm Chris A:

You said it. Neither borrower nor lender be, at least where friends and colleagues are concerned. I think that's where I come down.
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:40pm kenny:

never lend something that you're not willing to give away. a lesson learned.
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:40pm Maggie:

I had an actual friend like that, no longer friends with her and all my other friends say I got off cheap. Lesson learned! There are so few people I would ever help out that way.
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:41pm Andrew Waterloo:

When you loan a friend money you must be willing to lose the friend or the money
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:41pm Chris A:

Yeah, I've learned the hard way too. On the lending side, that is.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 7:42pm annie:

i've loaned money and i've borrowed money... you really have to say bye bye to it ...
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:43pm seang:

hunt the bitch down! bring a baseball bat
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:43pm CB1:

CB1 andme once worked with a fellow who said he was a vet from Iraq. Had shrapnel in his brain - unoperable. Had a 2 month old baby which we met. Needed money to secure an apartment and get out of the welfare system. We gave it. Never saw him again. Turned out to be a whole lie. The baby was his neigbors. OY!
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:45pm Listener Schned:

We <3 you Mo] Amazing after all your time in the biz of Music, you wavered on the "arm's-length rule of lending" that is, never ever loan to those who won't be w/i yr arm's length :)
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:45pm deanland:

Been stiffed, but only in business not by friends. Have learned to never have financial doings with family; the cost is too dear. Long ago I had a business associate who tried to put my piece of our collected earnings up his nose, but in the long run he made good (and uses me and the business we did together to try to get more business even now, nearly 30 years later). There's a guy, a friend, who owes me some money, which I never expect to see, but I knew I was helping him out when I did it, which is reward enough.
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:46pm tr`sh:

I'd guess the problem is more on the 'still waiting to be paid' drowning contract end.

An offer to help with that, instead? If not recovery (noting "hey, recovery can be really hard!") then on the preventative end.
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:46pm PJ:

Monica, if this were a close friend, I would advise you to forget about it and put it down as something you learned about their character. But this doesn't sound like a close friend, and it sounds instead like a scammer. I would take her to small claims court. It's kind of a hassle, but you will get your money back.
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:47pm CB1:

That Eric Sanders is just awesome with that shooting bra!
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:47pm Andrew Waterloo:

Was a guranteur for someone, and the collection agency came after me for some debt. This person claimed that she owed nothing and would give me the paper work to prove it. I ended up paying just to keep from getting dinged on my credit. It was a bit painful because it wasn't chump change and it basically set me back half a year.
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:48pm Nashville Noah:

It's the principal of the loan, your "friend" should honor that and pay it back. Maybe the next time they work for you, at the end when they expect the check just say "you just paid me back".....
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:48pm CB1:

Hey MO - take her on Judge Judy!
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:49pm Andrew Waterloo:

If I had one of those bras.. I'd get my money back!
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:52pm sweet cheri:

mo,i'd say hunt the freeloader down and demaand your cash back,, also if you don't mind me saying ,,i think the picture is kind of sexist,,
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 7:53pm G:

@sweet cheri: Hermeneutic hint: The whole movie was ironic.
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:53pm Listener Schned:

Comforting Words Dep't: As all us "burnees" weighing in must have heard, "hey, these people are good" (as in, at stealing) - and remember karma ain't no joke neither-
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:54pm gabrielle & Dean:

if this "friend" grew up in Cicero it could be Dean's sister...
Happy New Year , Gabrielle & Dean. keep up posted....
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:55pm Nashville Noah:

  Sun. 1/13/13 7:57pm david from ks:

,,,i always think first can i afford to git by without the $?,cuz itz like gambling . Then if its for grocerys for the kids next meal maybe. Anything else NO!
  Sun. 1/13/13 7:57pm anon:

I worked for someone (aka Dictator Dickwad) who decided to change my rate at invoicing time.

Withheld payment for project A over discrepancy in project B. Week before xmas, rent not paid and fridge and cupboards bare.

No borrowing because this was bad enough without adding to it.
Avatar Sun. 1/13/13 7:58pm monica:

gabrielle & Dean - now it is a new year. if it was cicero, an arm would be broken...sweet cheri, thanks and thanks (the pic is merely campy but appreciate your view).... Thanks, Listener Schned - hear ya... G - exactly... Andrew - size 34 WOW...CB1 - YES!!!.... Nashville Noah - they ain't no next time now... PJ, agree - a scammer.....
Avatar Sun. 1/13/13 8:00pm monica:

Thanks, G - all good.... Chris A - yeah, unless you're tight like that.... annie - yep, this has been helpful.... seang - meet ya on the corner!!
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:01pm gabrielle & Dean:

if you need help from the family let me know...
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:02pm Roy Boy:

When I lived in San Diego, this guy showed up on my doorstep with a very convincing sob story about how he needed to get back to Brooklyn. He showed me a news clipping about his church and mentioned a neighborhood I had lived in, so I was sure he was telling the truth. But when I offered to buy him some food for the long Greyhound (hah!) ride he was going to take, he only bought a beer, and I slowly realized I'd been played. It would not be the last time. But bitter though I was, he clearly needed the $$ more than I did. Still, it sucks when you a trusting and get taken advantage of.
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:04pm Windy City:

If it were Cicero you'd be swimming with the fishes
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 8:05pm annie:

see, that's the thing with money, you either have it or you ain't.... i'm always happy to hand some cash out if i have to, and will do all the best i can to NOT borrow.. or at least make a personal commitment to keep a list of the people to whom i owe money in case i ever get real work again..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 8:06pm G:

Heard the actual Herb A. version the other day while getting coffee in a Mcdonalds. Must have been satellite radio.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 8:09pm Jake in Joliet:

Cicero in the house???

Ya want me and Elwood to handle that welsher for ya?
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:12pm deanland:

I like to think there's a big over-riding Karmic leveling of things. But I do not have the patience to wait. So I put it out of my mind. We can put a dollar value on getting stiffed, but it isn't always or limited just to money. I wish sometimes I had the Brooklyn equivalent of those Cicero, ahem, assistants.
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:16pm gabrielle & Dean:

yeah cicero is in da house. who wants to know?
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:17pm gabrielle & Dean:

yeah cicero is in da house. who wants to know?
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:17pm david:

was waiting for those delicious dub effects to kick in
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 8:17pm Jake in Joliet:

(chews on toothpick, gives a skeptical look, says nothing)
Avatar Sun. 1/13/13 8:18pm monica:

maggie - yes, lesson learned,... deanland, well put... Jake in Joliet - our usual arrangement, right?... G, never fails... Windy City - asian carp... Roy Boy - an American Greed episode... annie - smae here.... david from ks - hear hear.... anon - he'll get his....
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:22pm listener gary:

Happy New Year to DJ Monica. With the advent of 2013 I realized that I have been listening to this program for over 15 years. Is that possible?
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:27pm gabrielle & Dean:

Dear Joliet, who many more years inside? Hope you'r a stand up guy.
Avatar Sun. 1/13/13 8:28pm monica:

gabrielle & Dean - Berwyn , that's who!...Happy NY, listener gary! whoa - really???.... cool, david.... Jake in Joliet - mug shot scene?....
Avatar Sun. 1/13/13 8:29pm monica:

Nashville Noah - youse too!....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 8:31pm Jake in Joliet:

Nah, I'm gettin' paroled again this month. It was all a misunderstanding, anyway. And I am willing to do good deeds to help out my karma, as long as the car holds up, fingers crossed. My karma's gonna run over that welsher's dogma but good.
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:34pm CB1:

Butter is DOGma!
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:34pm Roy Boy:

Butter covers "Love to Love You Baby?"
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:35pm david:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 8:35pm G:

I'm almost expecting Butter to launch into a Roy Orbison impression.
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:36pm Windy City:

Notorious B.I.G. was right ...
Mo money mo problems
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:40pm gail:

MO speaking of WLS...Do you remember Dick Biondi?
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:41pm Catsilk:

What a pleasant scene you've got going here, folks. I could watch her all night. She's good!
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:42pm deanland:

Vaughan Meader?
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:42pm zotz:

mort sahl?
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:43pm Windy City:

Bob Newhart ?
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:43pm Mike Sin:

Coincidentally, I snagged all my Radio Stars' singles at a WFMU record fair many years ago!
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:43pm Listener Schned:

Awesome rim shots!
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:44pm sweet cheri:

well monica i'm sorry but i must take my leave,, thnx for a super show and for great company!! see you soon!
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:44pm widsta:

That was Bill dana!
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:45pm googalaswing:

today my 4 year old read the wfmu bumper sticker on my laptop (wufmoo?) until i helped him (WFMU) and then he asked me, "when i get older will we listen to W...F....M...U all day together?" it was like a proposal. because of shows like this, and because he is cute, i said, "yes!"
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:45pm deanland:

Bill Dana! Remember his "United Television" show, an alternative to Carson?
Avatar Sun. 1/13/13 8:47pm monica:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 8:47pm wiki:

"Dana's career took a major turn when he began writing stand-up routines for the young comedian Don Adams, including the now well-known "Would you believe?" jokes later popularized by Get Smart."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 8:48pm wiki:

Allen & Rossi was a comedy team composed of Marty Allen and Steve Rossi, active from 1957 until 1968. They appeared on over 700 television shows including 44 appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, including three of the four Ed Sullivan episodes on which The Beatles appeared. They recorded 16 comedy albums
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:49pm Andrew Waterloo:

My daughter was doing good with today's show and then she asked me to turn the Butter song off
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:49pm widsta:

Allen & Rossi have it-- "hello dere..." Should have remembered...
Avatar Sun. 1/13/13 8:50pm monica:

Butter remixes to come....Windy City, indeed....Gail! Love Dick Biondi!!! .... Catsilk in da house!!!......Mike Sin tooo!!! .....zotz - close....WC, another chi-town hero/.... deanland - ah the impressionist......
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:50pm CB1:

Andrew - Butter is an acquired taste. she'll understand when she's "older"'
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:52pm sweet cheri:

night mo and all.
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:53pm anon:

Butter's arguably more of a sound effect. Trains, vinyl records, audience cheers, cicadas, Butter, etc.
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:53pm CB1:

Thanks for a wonder-flu show !
Avatar Sun. 1/13/13 8:53pm monica:

widsta - yes!!.... aw, andrew, i understand... like CB1 said... wiki - you know EVERYTHING.... googalaswing - a beautiful legacy... you too, sweet cheri...
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:56pm zotz:

glad I caught the end of this swell show - and metallic murdertits no less!
Avatar Sun. 1/13/13 8:57pm monica:

THANKS ALL FOR TUNING TONIGHT!!!. Will now turn the reins over to the estimable Dave Mandl. See you all next week!!!
  Sun. 1/13/13 8:59pm Andrew Waterloo:

@CB1 Acquired taste for sure. It's just hilarious how conservative that kid can be sometimes
  Sun. 1/13/13 9:00pm Andrew Waterloo:

Her best line is still "I like music with real singers, not just background singers like your music has"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/13/13 9:00pm G:

@AW: Tough crowd. :-)
  Sun. 1/13/13 9:02pm deanland:

Another wonderful Sunday evening spent with Miss Monica & WFMU.org
  Mon. 1/14/13 12:03pm Parq:

Good Heavens! I missed the show last night, being otherwise occupied at the Bell House, so I am going to listen to the archive today. I clicked up the playlist for the day and ... well, as Jerry Lee Lewis once put it, Hey lady!
  Mon. 1/14/13 12:05pm Parq:

(By the way, I stole that joke from the mid-90s tabloid talk show spoof, Tim Stack's "Night Stand".)
  Mon. 1/14/13 1:00pm tony robots:

@andrew waterloo -- my girlfriend had exactly the same reaction
  Thu. 1/17/13 3:40pm Andy Kidd:

Just catching up now, another fine selection, where so you find them ??
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