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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options January 3, 2013: All new, 2013 edition of Failure!

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
James last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party    0:00:00 ()
Sutcliffe Jügend  The Fall of Nature (excerpt)   Options The Fall of Nature    0:10:42 ()
Barbara Lynn  (Until Then) I'll Suffer   Options Atlantic Sisters of Soul    0:30:39 ()
Marie Osmond  Karawane   Options   Hugo Ball Composition, 1916  0:42:06 ()
Kurt Schwitters  zweiter teil: largo   Options Ursonate    0:43:11 ()
Kurt Schwitters  Dritter teil:Scherzo - trio scherzo   Options Ursonate    0:44:35 ()
Jaap Blonk   Frictional   Options Flux De Bouche    0:45:02 ()
Köhn  Transported Man   Options Random Patterns    0:58:13 ()
Milton Metfessel  Phonophotography   Options Pictures of Sound: One Thousand Years of Educed Audio: 980-1980    1:22:34 ()
Paul Wendeler  Sprachzeichner   Options Pictures of Sound: One Thousand Years of Educed Audio: 980-1980    1:24:50 ()
Paul DeMarinis  Pathe Discs   Options The Edison Effect: A Listener's Companion    1:25:42 ()
Ekkehard Ehlers  Nie Wieder Schnell Sagen   Options A Life Without Fear    1:26:12 ()
Ignatz  The Dreams   Options I I    1:26:31 ()
Charlie Patton   Prayer of Death Part 2   Options King of the Delta Blues    1:34:25 ()
Staple Singers  Uncloudy Day   Options Best of The Vee-Jay Years    1:35:42 ()
Kreng  Meisje in Auto   Options L'Autopsie Phenomenale de Dieu    1:40:27 ()
Kreng  In de Berm part 3   Options L'Autopsie Phenomenale de Dieu    1:40:47 ()
The Stooges  We Will Fall   Options The Stooges    1:45:22 ()
J.A. Caesar  Tenshoutan   Options Kokkyou Jyunreika    2:27:32 ()
Mt. Vernon Arts Lab  While London Sleeps   Options The Seance At Hobs Lane    2:28:06 ()
Mt. Vernon Arts Lab  Black Drops   Options The Seance At Hobs Lane    2:28:21 ()
Bruno Nicolai  Fuga Dopo La Tortura   Options La Notte Che Evelyn Usci' Dalla Tomba    2:28:53 ()
Giancinto Scelsi  Duo Pt. 1   Options Giancinto Scelsi    2:29:35 ()
X-TG  Breach   Options The Final Report    2:32:40 ()
Galbraith/Nielson/Youngs  Coral   Options Belsayer Time    2:45:07 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 1/3/13 3:13pm DCE:

hey failure fans!
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:13pm Loren:

Failure in 2013! Hi ho Fabio!
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:14pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The failure of the fiscal cliff.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:14pm Loren:

Hi ho DCE!
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:15pm Cheri Pi:

I feel like a failure right now, and I like it.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:19pm Ike:

I think this Sutcliffe Jügend track is attempting to re-wire my brain, and I like it.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:19pm jeff in puna hawaii:

aloha DC, happy new year all
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:20pm Rachael:

Wow, I just blew my own mind. During Mr. Giant Man, I accidentally had the url stream and itunes playing at the same time, so there was an awesome delay happening that went perfect with the lyrics.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:21pm Loren:

Hi ho all! ecstatic drone 2013!!
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:21pm We Still Accept You:

@Rachael-- you are a WINNER not a FAILURE.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:24pm zotz:

Fail, fail again, fail better! I forgot who said that.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:26pm Cheri Pi:

Sutcliffe Jügend: babies of Whitehouse!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/3/13 3:27pm No One:

Is that from Beckett?
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:28pm tim from champaign:

So how for real are the Whitehouse dudes and cronies about misanthropy, misogyny and white power? I've always held them at arms length because I've never been able to find a clear delineation.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:30pm Cheri Pi:

Me too TFC...you can't be a little White Powerish in my book, and is it just a facade?
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:31pm Loren:

my buddy who really likes whitehouse makes collage of porno and poop, watches reruns of golden girls, and smokes a brick... does really matter if it is a facade?
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:33pm northguineahills:

From the interviews I've seen (most w/in the last decade), that whole ill attitude was a more a juvenile eff u facade during their first decade or so....
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:33pm steve:

William Bennett (founder of Whitehouse) is not racist, violent, or consciously sexist. he's "addressing issues" with his music and lyrics... you can find interviews and writings if you search (i've read a few). also the guy now has an African percussion project and loves Italo Disco.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:34pm Cheri Pi:

A real facade would be a strong statement against the poo, a juvenile facade though is just confusing and off-putting.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:34pm steve:

ah, ngh beat me to it!
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:34pm Andrew Waterloo:

I think Whitehouse's primary interest is depravity and everything else is just a part of that
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:37pm Cheri Pi:

I can get behind depravity.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:38pm Loren:

Giligan's Island...
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:38pm what?!:

are you calling the princess bride a bad movie?!
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:38pm northguineahills:

Although, they wanted to put people in uncomfortable spots to make them confront certain taboos.

I've been stuck in quicksand in FL.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:38pm Andrew Waterloo:

I read a really interesting interview with Sotos awhile back. Don't remember much detail though.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:39pm common:

i was twilight zonin' on new years
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:40pm kata:

ok well, since you asked Fabio - I have experienced quicksand. I was soaking in a natural hot spring in Big Bend Texas, and the bottom of the hot spring, the sand was falling away from our feet. Quicksand.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:41pm zotz:

Latter Day Dada!
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:42pm phat:

this always makes me feel uncomfortable, hearing this.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:42pm Loren:

Wow, Marie is really getting into it!
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:42pm slugluv1313:

GO MARIE!!!!! bless her lil Mormon heart :)
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:43pm tim from champaign:

Maybe I'll go to Branson with my folks next time.....Could be more interesting than I ever thought.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:43pm Rachael:

I just saw this on Youtube - other great "avant-garde meets pop culture" are John Cage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSulycqZH-U
John Cale: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYHIqMmtS-0
Frank Zappa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MewcnFl_6Y
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:44pm BSI:

Marie's Hugo Ball bit sounded oddly like Robert Tilton's coked-out glossolalia...
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:45pm Andrew Waterloo:

There's a great film with Rahsaan Roland Kirk and John Cage as well
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:45pm Loren:

@tim - give my regards to Boxcar Willie (RIP). Loved Branson as a kid... got to touch Ray Stevens bald spot.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:47pm tim from champaign:

Who am I kidding? I'm only going to see Yakoff Smirnoff.
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:48pm slugluv1313:

@ what?! -- okay i would not call "Princess Bride" a "bad" movie but i just do NOT get it . . . Peter Falk is undeniably charming, but i totally have *issues* with all that "helpless-female"/"Princess" crap . . . why is it considered such a "great" movie???
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:48pm dinatekno:

I feel all avant-garde now....I talk like this to my cat all the time. Just thought it was an offshoot of being an Aspie. ;-)
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:50pm Brother Yakoff:

"In Russia, you play mini golf, but in Branson, mini golf plays you!"
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:51pm zotz:

Keep thinking of Bronson Missouri...thank you Simpsons
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:52pm zotz:

First Marie Osmond...now Donald Duck..
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:53pm George from Romania:

Chef d'oeuvre of Mr. Blonk!
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:53pm JTE:

That sounded like my lawn mower when I was growing up
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:53pm what?!:

@ slugluve1313
it is not a great movie - i'd say the few memorable scenes make it rather than the story itself - quicksand was one of them
  Thu. 1/3/13 3:59pm JTE:

By the way, if anyone's interested, I'm looking for beta testers for a new social media technology I'm working on. The test will take place in the evening of January 8th. It will only take about 45 minutes or however much time you have, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. I can't offer free coffee and donuts, but you'll definitely be invited to the speculative launch party.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:04pm DCE:

you got a link to that JTE?
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:07pm Sandy in Houston:

Oh man I just got here and I missed the kurt schwitters and the jaap blonk! damn.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:12pm JTE:

Sorry about that! You can email me and I'll send you the info when it's ready. Thanks! josephteilhard@gmail.com
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:13pm Loren:

@zotz - Bronson child: "hey mom, how's about some ice cream?" Bronson mom: "no dice."
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:19pm northguineahills:

Lamin played some of this dust-to-digital comp last night, very nice...
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:20pm Cecile:

slug, the book is amazing. All kinds of snarly asides about fairy tales. The Peter Falk character is a stand in for the narrator.

I think people love it because 1) Inigo Montoya! 2) Andre the Giant. 4) Robin Wright and Carey ELwes are luminous, and 5) the funny swordplay.

I like it a lot, but it's not one of my absolute favs. Still I can get behind that one as a cult over a lot of other movies. Yes, I'm looking at you, "Clue".
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:22pm Cecile:

marie osmond? awesome. Not only can she fit into her teenage clothes now thanks to jenny watches nutrisystem, but she has culture!
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:24pm Mike East:

aw, come on Cecile, Clue had Marin Mull!
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:24pm Fake Fabio:

I now visualize a Hugo Ball composite all over marie O.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:25pm Mike East:

...and Tim Curry! (also the name of my boss)
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:25pm Cecile:

mike east, it had a lot of good people. Good people in a boring movie.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:26pm Mike East:

I'm pretty easily entertained, I spose.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:27pm steve:

i never understood why no one likes Clue. its a fun movie! though i haven't seen it in years, maybe it hasn't aged well.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:28pm Mike East:

on the other end of the spectrum, I forced my 7 yr daughter to watched the restored Metropolis last weekend, and not only did she sit through it, but she was into it. We're gonna watch it again, cuz the baby kept interrupting important plot points.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:28pm Cecile:

It's a big cult movie, steve.

I didn't like it first time out, and it didn't get any better with age, sorry to say. We.. it was slightly better than Spies like Us. Which was also not good. That's something nice I can say. Better than Spies like Us.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:29pm Andrew Waterloo:

The first time I saw Princess Bride I was around 10, so it's hard to have an unbiased opinion of the movie.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:30pm DCE:

who's playing this spooky guitar?
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:31pm DCE:

Ignatz, always cool stuff
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:31pm tim from champaign:

The first time I watched Metropolis, I saw a version with Queen and Laura Branigan songs. I was so pissed about the soundtrack I almost called the cops. It was much more enjoyable when I muted the sound.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:33pm Cecile:

I never quite got why they did that, tim.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:35pm MenfussMike:

Charley.....my all time favorite blues musician.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:35pm Spacism:

Ova there, beyoned the hills...
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:35pm Mike East:

I wanted to check out the Giorgio Moroder version for shits and giggles...we were just watching Flashdance, which he also did the soundtrack for. We didn't make it all the way through Flashdance, btw.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:37pm ERD:

God Damn I Hate The Blues
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:37pm ERD:

Is the name of a great comp series on KRAAK featuring Ignatz among others!
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:37pm MenfussMike:

I just visited Charley's grave a couple of months ago. Drank some whiskey. Polished his stone. Interesting note...John Fogerty bought his headstone.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:38pm ?:

this one gives me the chills
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:40pm Andrew Waterloo:

I once saw a version of Nosferatu that had a really cheesy 'metal' soundtrack. It sounded like your conservatory teacher's interpretation of metal.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:41pm kat330:

Chopin' Prelude in C Minor, IIRC?

Hi, Fabio!
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:52pm carmichael:

testing, testing. Hey fabio, commenting thru my tablet, listening on flash. Glad to hear new failure.
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:54pm Iguana:

All hail Sun Ra/MC5 the Strength of fatalism!
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:55pm Rachael:

Wow this is amazing! Who knew Iggy was a yogi! I want to meditate to this every day now...
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:56pm ?:

the segue from Kreng to Stooges was truly inspired, BTW
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:56pm green mountain man mark:

no spaghetti western shoot out music, no?
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:56pm carmichael:

@sandy: how was Jandek?
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:59pm Jex:

this song is pretty nice. I'd dance around a little if I weren't at work..
  Thu. 1/3/13 4:59pm MenfussMike:

that Stooges song sounds like something heard at a LaVey mass
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:00pm Sandy in Houston:

It was good! about my 8th or 9th time seeing him.
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:01pm david:

ahh I thought that was Iggy... ok... hi all!
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:04pm carmichael:

I'm green with envy. I might die with joy if I ever saw him.
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:05pm Sandy in Houston:

the session is going to end up on here: http://www.livefromsugarhill.com/ (as soon as they piece together footage from the many many cameras)
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:08pm MenfussMike:

Jandek Sucks!!!
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:08pm Jex:

your talking intervals are always so informative!
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:09pm MD:

We're a Happy Family!!!
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:10pm MD:

Me Mom and the DJ...!!!!
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:10pm Sandy in Houston:

MenfussMike Sucks!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:11pm kat330:

Play nice, folks.
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:12pm tim from champaign:

Fabio's plugs of films showing in NYC was a motivating factor for me to re-double my efforts to make it to the local art theater as often as I can.
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:12pm Philo Gristle:

Well, Bava does beat Lenzi any day, though the later had some rugged poliziottechi that were pretty good. But makes me think that Riz Ortolani ripped off Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side for some Henry Silva flick I saw 20+ years ago for the main theme....
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:13pm MenfussMike:

Ha. the most boring, plodding artiste' bs i have ever heard. Bunny Brains eat Jandek for tea
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:15pm Sandy in Houston:

  Thu. 1/3/13 5:25pm Loren:

Aren't we talking the Corwood represenative here? or Jandek in it's entirety?

Saw a perfromance in SF with Tom Carter on bass! It was gross, in the way that Bay Area rock is gross (think TFUL282, SCG, Caroliner). So it was good, in a gross way... I think what made it "good" was the fact that all types of SF folks showed up, some left midway through, others appluaded with tears... SF is a tough crowd, and that performance survived, relatively speaking.
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:28pm MenfussMike:

I saw a "performance" on youtube and had to buy a new monitor
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:29pm Sandy in Houston:

I like both. the live performances I've seen have been ALL OVER the place stylistically. funk, new age, punk, solo, electronic. Usually fun.
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:31pm Loren:

I picked up that 3 cd Bunny Brains set... pretty good. I don't own much of the Corwood stuff. Really liked the live stuff he did with Matt Heyner, is that his name?
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:31pm kat330:

@MMike: Finally catching up on the earlier comments. That's a mollusk factoid about Fogerty buying Charlie Patton's headstone. If you're actually in Memphis, I've enjoyed a couple great times in your city.
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:32pm steve:

some of his recent performances have been questionable (i remember an embarassingly bad white boy funk thing he did a few years ago, wtf) but his early albums are pretty undeniable
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:33pm Loren:

I wonder if the Corwood rep went to any Charalambides shows?

@steve - the "bad white boy funk" gives credence to a biographers referent of the later Tim buckley output.
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:33pm Sandy in Houston:

The funk show was fun. you really had to be there.
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:36pm J:

this show is getting inside me! or is it the wine?!
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:37pm Loren:

I always thought the buckley reference was far fetched, but if there is bad white boy funk being played, maybe the biographer has an inside scoop?
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:37pm steve:

i guess you did have to be there, i remember in that video it looked like the crowd was into it... but i still only really like Ready For The House etc
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:37pm Wine:

In vino fabitas.
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:37pm MenfussMike:

kat330 I am indeed. Sitting at cumpooter in East Memphis trying to look busy.
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:41pm Philo Gristle:

Night Evelyn Came Out From the Grave, I believe is the current English title...
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:49pm Loren:

one of the best duos is Neilsen and Youngs... (like what they did on the live Jandek stuff too) this album with Alastair, and the couple they put out on VHF are bomb... ther eis one that coems with an extra cd of Shikansin (sp) and hand drum workouts...omg, if Alex and Richard could jam with Corsano and Flowers... double drums, double guitar over-the-top insane Glasgowian smoke!!!!
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:50pm kat330:

Connecting Fogerty AND wine is this tag of mine: I heard it through divine grape / Not much longer would you be ape
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:54pm tim from champaign:

My main man, Clay!
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:54pm bobby:

  Thu. 1/3/13 5:56pm kat330:

Neither am I, Fabio, and yet here we are. ;)
  Thu. 1/3/13 5:58pm david:

don't respond to peer pressure clay! ;)
  Thu. 1/3/13 6:00pm david:

Strategic Starcastle Reserve
  Thu. 1/3/13 6:02pm Loren:

preparing to LARP
  Thu. 1/3/13 6:03pm Marmalade Kitty:

James Mason?
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