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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options December 20, 2012: Failure of the Apocalpse with Very Special Guest Alexander HAcke

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Artist Track Album
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party 
David Bowie  Future Legend   Options Diamond Dogs 
Blue Öyster Cult  Don't Fear The Reaper   Options Agents of Fortune 
Roling Stones  Gimme Shelter   Options Let it Bleed 
Karel Gott  Die Biene Maya   Options  
Tiger Lillies  The Crack of Doom   Options Bad Blood Blasphemy 
Skeeter Davis  The End of the World   Options The Essential Skeeter Davis 
Will lSelf  Introduction to Revelation   Options  
David Bowie  Five Years   Options Ziggy Stardust 
William Burroughs  Apocalypse   Options Dead City Radio 
Wendy Rene   After Laughter Comes Tears   Options Head On (soundtrack) 
Johnny Cash  The Man Comes Around   Options American IV: The Man Comes Around 
Hank Williams  The Battle of Armageddon   Options  
The Louvin Brothers  The Great Atomic Power   Options When I Stop Dreaming: The Best of The Louvin Brothers 
Hank Williams   Angel of Death   Options  
John Fahey   Dance of Death   Options Dance of Death and Other Plantation Favorites 
Son House  John The Revelator   Options  
Einsturzende Neubauten  Fur Den Untergang   Options  
Chrome  Armageddon   Options 3rd from the Sun 
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  Gates to the Garden   Options No More Shall We Part 
Gavin Friday  Death Is Not The End   Options Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves 
Tom Waits   Earth Died Screaming   Options Bone Machine 
Aphrodite's Child  Seven Trumpets/Altamont   Options 666 
Black Sabbath  Electric Funeral   Options Paranoid 
Om   State of Non-Return   Options Adviatic Songs 
Leif Elggren  Is there a smell on the Other Side? (excerpt)   Options Is there a smell on the Other Side? 
Alex Hacke & Danielle DePicciotto  Hitman's Heel   Options Hitman's Heel 
Nico  The End   Options The End 
Woven HAnd  King, O King   Options Laughing Stalk 
Beatles  Tomorrow Never Knows   Options Revolver 
Johnny Cash  We'll Meet Again   Options American IV: The Man Comes Around 

Listener comments!

  Thu. 12/20/12 3:15pm Robert:

What next, "Eve of Destruction"?
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:16pm Ike:

Did Clay barge in and seize control?!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:16pm Mike East:

no, I would guess "Dream on" by Aerosmith. That's what it would be if we were listening to Q104.3. I am an expert on such matters.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:17pm Alexander Hacke:

Hola, who's Clay?
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:17pm sFrances from VA:

Ah, looking forward to this apocalyptic set!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:18pm dcp@:

Jesus' Blood wouldn't be Clay..
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:18pm ?:

Alexander, if you're around at 6 you just might meet him!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:19pm Ike:

Why do you torture yourself in such a fashion, Mike East? Wouldn't it be more comfortable and pleasant to shove angry habanero-sauce-drenched piranhas into your ear canals? ;)
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:19pm G:

i thought clayy had dispatched fabio with an "assault weapon" and barricaded himself in the studio.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:19pm tim from champaign:

Yeah, I was gonna say Fab's been drinking Clay's brand of Kool-Aid. Dig the jams. My guess is Led Zep's Thank You next.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:19pm Loren:

Good, I have to have a deep cleaning and get a crown... I can check that off the list after tomorrow!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:20pm Mike East:

you know, Dec. 31 is the end of the calendar that I follow, and guess what....it starts over again on Jan. 1
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:20pm Loren:

If you play REM, "it's the end of the world..." I'm outta here
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:21pm dcp@:

Mike East: yeah but do you have the new calendar? That's the problem...
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:24pm northguineahills:

Ike's comment suddenly made me hungry. Now, I just need to find some piranhas.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:24pm seang:

love it when Alexander stops by!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:25pm kczmrk:

Beloved people, I was raised on this cartoon. In my country although it is sang by mr. Wodecki Zbigniew, please consider his version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XndzE7baD7M
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:25pm BSI:

Apocalyptic schlager... NOW I can die happy!
The Bee hath foretold it!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:25pm common:

seang: Me too!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:26pm kczmrk:

Beloved people, I was raised on this cartoon. In my country although it is sang by mr. Wodecki Zbigniew, please consider his version: watch?v=XndzE7baD7M
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:27pm elka:

but I don't wont it to end yet! will there be Fab failure on the other side?
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:27pm kczmrk:

Sorry for doubling, Polish internet is wild.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:28pm Alexander Hacke:

Will do kczmrk.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:29pm Jeff:

I guess that must've been the Tiger Lilies doing "Crack of Doom", but it sure sounded like Dame Edna to me.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:33pm BSI:

Man, that CRACK OF DOOM track was the greatest thing I've heard since the LAST apocalypse.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:34pm northguineahills:

Apocalypse, Wow!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:35pm DCE:

I am pleased to join you now.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:37pm Alexander Hacke:

Good Bye Everybody!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:37pm Johnny Bigfoot:

Killer Ziggy track. XTC's "This World Over" would be apocalyptoic. Jus sayin...
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:37pm DCE:

is it my breath?
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:37pm Cheri Pi:

Fave Bowie song!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:38pm northguineahills:

Bill Frisell does a MOR countrified version of the Skeeter Davis tune. It's not all better the original, it just remember hearing it before.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:40pm elka:

I just got a 2013 Mayan calendar! we are fine.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:41pm Mayan, Ancient:

yeah, I was going to finish the calendar but I figured it wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't get around to it
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:42pm Racharoo:

A translated version of Maya the Bee used to be on Nickelodeon in the states in the 80's, actually.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:43pm MD:

"It's the day before the end of the world and I
know it!"
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:45pm Carmichael:

About 10 hours to go until Epic World Fail. I'm preparing by taking Mayan through Rosetta Stone.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:47pm Johnny Bigfoot:

Yes Elka, and Miss November is killing it!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:48pm common:

i remember that my mother believed that the world would end on April 1st, 1984. She had just gotten "saved". Scared the shit out me! Explains a lot about my mental state...
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:49pm elka:

Oh Johnny, I got the one with puppies behind bars
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:49pm Mike East:

ah, I just remembered I haven't listened to Danny the Carwipe yet this Christmas season.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:50pm Mike East:

or is that just called A Junkie Christmas?
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:50pm Johnny Bigfoot:

Gotcha big E!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:54pm Ike:

@common: Isn't it strange how people all throughout history have repeatedly predicted the imminent end of the world? Ah, eschatology!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:54pm G:

eschatology = taurine scatology
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:54pm Cheri Pi:

Side note-my Burroughs box set, packaged in an album shaped box, was chewed all to hell by my previous dog,. I miss you buddy!
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:56pm Notes for the end:

Look listen and learn. Treat others the way that you would like to be treated. Do things you're proud of and mean it. All we are is all we do.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:58pm northguineahills:

I think I'm going to get some gringo Mexican. Don't want to buy any fresh food to cook w/. Mike got me simmering on Mexican food.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:58pm common:

Ike: Indeed! So strange to tell a kid that the world is going to end on a certain date. Creepy.
  Thu. 12/20/12 3:59pm Mike East:

enjoy it, ngh. I just finished my afghan, and couldn't imagine eating anything else for atleast another 12 hours. This is perhaps my last meal!
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:00pm Dr. Strangelove:

Is mutual obliteration still not on the table?
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:00pm Cheri Pi:

I had leftover choley w/garlic naan. perfection.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:00pm G:

@Cheri: in your 3:54 comment, does "buddy" mean Burroughs or your former dog?
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:00pm Alexander Hacke:

It already is the 21st in Australia btw.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:02pm Mike East:

oh, those poor Australians. I'll miss them and their funny accents.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:02pm Cecile:

damn, missed BOC
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:06pm tim from champaign:

Cecile - Are you familiar with the band White Mystery from Chicago? They recently played in Houghton. I thought that was super cool.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:07pm Cecile:

No, I'm not! Cool that they did.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:07pm Cecile:

any versions of John the Revelator?
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:08pm Stanley:

I don't want to brag but I've survived at leat six 'end of the worlds' so far.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:09pm Cheri Pi:

My former dog, it's not the holidays w/o him destroying the whole house.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:10pm blee:

Will the end of the world obey proper time zone restrictions? If so, won't Toyko have been caput as of 6 hours ago, since it's 6am there now.

Love the show, Fabio.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:10pm Daltrey:

I survived six farewell tours... can you hear me?
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:10pm Cecile:

What happened to Edith Megadeth, Cheri?
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:14pm Alexander Hacke:

Son House coming up.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:15pm Phillip in San Antonio:

Killing Joke is a pretty good apocalyptic band. Spooky stuff. Very underrated.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:15pm northguineahills:

I'd imagine the end will come at the time zone where the descendants of the Mayans now live, -6 GMT.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:16pm aaron in chicago:

I'm fairly certain we're safe until the exact moment when dawn rises upon the Temple of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:16pm Cecile:

  Thu. 12/20/12 4:16pm northguineahills:

I love this Fahey!
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:16pm Cheri Pi:

Not her Cecile! My previous dog:( Ms. Megadeth IS destroying the house currently -but it's just not the same.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:16pm aaron in chicago:

or maybe it's the moment of sunset. my Mayan is rusty.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:17pm Marmalade Kitty:

Hola Fabio et al!!
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:17pm green mountain man mark:

Does anyone have any animals acting strangely in anticipation of the end? Our cats seem pretty chilled. And the chickens seem fine.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:18pm Cecile:

I think one trip to the doggie ER and it will feel just like old times.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:18pm aaron in chicago:

my Quetzalcoatl is goin kinda nuts
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:19pm Cheri Pi:

Hey MK :) You're right Cecile! Sadly EM"s best friend cat in the household dropped dead. RIP Ted Lio.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:19pm Cecile:

aw, that sucks, cheri.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:21pm Cheri Pi:

T'was a good death, he just outright died. total shock though. He was my present wrapping helper cat.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:23pm green mountain man mark:

The ancient Meowans predicted there would be nine end of the worlds.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:23pm Carmichael:

Impending Mass Death is kinda cool. Gives a good vibe to the list and music. Now ACTUAL mass death, not so much.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:24pm Black Angel's Death Song:

  Thu. 12/20/12 4:25pm Cecile:

you could play something by Trouble.
Trouble the metal band. They were pretty end-times obsessed. Sabbath too.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:27pm The Ox:

Ted End: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJQGeXn6Ufk
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:27pm Cecile:

oh! you should play 900 foot Jesus by Tragic Mulatto.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:28pm Cecile:

  Thu. 12/20/12 4:28pm Ike:

Re: the intersection of country music and the end of the world, Harold Camping lost loads of money predicting the end of the world, so now his church has to sell 94.7 FM and there are rumors it will become the NYC area's first "hot country" station in years. But I doubt they'll play much Louvin Brothers, sadly.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:28pm MD:

  Thu. 12/20/12 4:28pm kathleen in chicago:

It was Haley's comet. Or Hale-Bopp..
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:28pm Cecile:

hale bopp was in the 90s.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:29pm Cecile:

I think it was Khohoutek.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:29pm DCE:

I think in the 80s it was She Bop and in the 90s it was mmmbop
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:29pm blee:

Heaven's Gate mix drink: phenolbarbitol and vodka!
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:30pm George of Troy:

Pretty sure Khohoutek was the early 70s.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:30pm Heaven's Gate:

Lace up yer Nikes!
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:30pm ?:

Possibly this? - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comet_IRAS%E2%80%93Araki%E2%80%93Alcock
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:31pm blee:

If you're slamming down Heaven's Gates, be sure to wear your nikes.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:31pm blee:

Doh, HG beat me!!!!
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:31pm Cecile:

Are you playing some music from your day job, Alex?
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:33pm Cecile:

You're right, George. THe REM song came in the 80s. As I remember, people thought Kohoutek was kind of lame.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:33pm tim from champaign:

If this is really the end, then I'd like to state on record that I always thought Joe Piscipo was friggin hilarious and a true arteest. If this is not really the end, then I will die anyways from shame because everyone will tease me about Piscipo.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:33pm Stanley:

WFMU - Making the End Times, Happy Times
Now that was one great tee-shirt
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:35pm Alexander Hacke:

Cecile, that was EN but Blixa and Andrew only. The first ever release, a 7 inch.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:36pm rada:

Now's the time to eat all the ice-cream before it melts from all the brimstone raining down.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:36pm Cecile:

oh! I always thought Was/Not Was's "It's an Attack" was a great apocalypse song.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:36pm Cecile:

WOW! Alex, a rarity. Very cool.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:37pm Alexander Hacke:

  Thu. 12/20/12 4:39pm Cecile:

excellent. It sounds very ahead of its time.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:39pm Some Dickie:

  Thu. 12/20/12 4:40pm B. Baggins:

Yes! E.N. rocks!
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:40pm rada:

flippin' sweet mind meltin'
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:48pm green mountain man mark:

What was the food like that Mayans ate? I wonder what an ancient Mayan would be imagining what his last meal was going to be. Or what kind of world the Mayans imagined people would live in on this fateful date in 2012. I bet a lot of us here listening to this show thought as kids that we would be riding around in space cars and everyone would have their own robots, no body would work, and people would go to the Mars for vacations. Those things, it turns out, did not really happen by now.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:50pm Cecile:

oh, got Neil Young's Revolution Blues?
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:51pm Alexander Hacke:

You guys still there?
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:51pm Alexander Hacke:

  Thu. 12/20/12 4:52pm kat330:

Hi, Fabio and Alexander! When Philo walked in, he noted how super the set is -- but he'll be here to tell you himself now. :)
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:53pm Mayans:

We ate corn fer Christ's sake but I forgot what we used to call it. It's fun to watch it come out in the latrine. We really did not understand that calendars would be such a big deal. Really, I thought the farmers almanac was a joke. Long live Leonard Graves Phillips and Miss November!
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:54pm green mountain man mark:

Remember a few years ago that people thought the Christian rapture was going to happen on a certain date? And people as a hoax put burnt clothes around in places.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:54pm northguineahills:

I remember the first time I dropped a tab when I was in high school while we were on field trip to Disney World for all of the kids in AP classes, I saw a kid w/ a Neubauten tatoo, and complimented him on it while everything had that sparkly melty hue to it.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:54pm rada:

I have a robot that cleans my floors. I'd say that is about all we can ever hope to achieve. Good job everyone.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:54pm michael c:

best end of the world radio show ever! How about Monochrome Set's 'Apocalypso"
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:54pm Philo Gristle:

What kat said. This one always makes me think of the great Arthur Conan Doyle story "When the World Screamed."
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:54pm Cecile:

still here!
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:54pm kat330:

I've been hearing how super it is from the get-go, btw. Perfect for our last day on Earth.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:55pm common:

everyone have a good last day!!!
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:55pm Listener John from NJ:

@green mountain man mark: I'm pretty sure that them Mayans ate (and still eat) a lot of what people in the USA call "corn," but which British people call "maize."
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:55pm BSI:

damn, missed Son House's revelator... a deep favorite. That man tears up the world. Back now, praise praise.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:56pm kat330:

Heya, NGH! Was typing elsewhere, as you know, and why I wasn't on here earlier.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:56pm Cecile:


time to grab some coffee.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:57pm green mountain man mark:

Ah. Corn. I eat lots of fresh corn on the cob in the summer. And use the dried corn throughout the rest of the year. But I have noticed that when I eat corn on the cob, the next day I notice the corn has been placed back on the cob in the toilette.
  Thu. 12/20/12 4:58pm rada:

Are you implying you keep spare cobs in the toilet, green mountain?
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:00pm Miss November:

Two girls one cob.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:01pm northguineahills:

The corn back in the Mayans era would have in Mayan's era would have been much smaller then today's corn, approximately 7-8 cm, and the kernels would have been smaller.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:01pm Philo Gristle:

Hey ngh! Always grew up calling ourselves scandinavian and was never corrected. Later on it got clearer, but it was in common usage by then and nobody particularly cared in my circles.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:02pm green mountain man mark:

The Mayans made beer, too, right? Probably out of corn and other stuff. They probably made corn cob pipes as well. For Santa.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:02pm rada:

I'm a Carpathian, but no one even knows where Carpathia is.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:03pm kat330:

Fabio, if you care about such, what the "L" with the "Roling Stones"?
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:04pm Philo Gristle:

Didn't Dracula come from the Carpathian mountains?
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:05pm northguineahills:

I knpw the Carpathian Mountains are in Romania and are in a "s" shape.

The Mayans fermented the sap of the maguey plant, a precursor to today's pulque.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:07pm Cecile:

a co-worker travels to there to study language and culture every year. her family came from that area.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:07pm northguineahills:

@Philo: I met a Finn in college that insisted that he wasn't Scandanavian.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:07pm Philo Gristle:

Always loved the Paradise Discotheque album from c+tcs...
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:08pm Listener John from NJ:

Did you know that early on in all of this foolishness about the "end" of the world and the "end" of the Mayan calendar, one of the people commenting on it was Jose Arguelles, who promoted the Harmonic Convergence of 1987? The Convergence was set on that date because of something to do with the Mayan calendar . . . I did not note any serious change in human consciousness or even the tiniest bit of progress by humankind towards fullness and love as a result of the Harmonic Convergence . . .
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:08pm rada:

Virus - Mankind, Where Do You Go
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:08pm Cecile:

I did a apocalypse show in the early 80s, and some guy from the forensic center (hiome for the criminally insane) sent me a fan letter.

Paranoid is their 2nd
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:09pm Mike East:

@Philo - I think so. so was Vigo from Ghostbusters II, I believe.

Also, I always thought Finland was Scandanavia, too. I consider myself half scandanavian cuz I'm a mix of Finnish, Norwegian and Danish, I believe. It gets confusing, though.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:09pm aaron in chicago:

I was born exactly 9 months after the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. Coincidence? I sincerely hope so
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:10pm green mountain man mark:

I remember one time I was in or on acid and I saw, imagined, whatever, that the end of the world came after humans evolved into ant like creatures. Our whole Earth society together was ants. And the world ended once the whole world evolved to the point that we were all one on the Earth. Then the inter space stuff would begin.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:10pm Listener John from NJ:

Back in the day the album by Aphrodite's Child called "666" was regularly offered in newspaper & magazine advertisements by the Columbia House Record Club. Do any of you folks remember that?
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:10pm Bill F.:

Does The Apocalypse unwind in the order at which time zones roll over into midnight on Dec. 21? First Asia and Australia, then Europe and Africa, then finally the Americas? Very orderly.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:11pm Cecile:

None of the Finns I know consider themselves Scandinavian. Oh, there's shared culture, but nope.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:11pm kat330:

Hi, Mike! How's sweet Luciana today? The weather is taking a nasty turn here in southern Indiana. Still no snow like someone in Missouri mentioned, but maybe will be by Christmas.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:11pm northguineahills:

I believe Terrence Mckenna also touted a change in human conscience tomorrow, back in the 70s.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:12pm kat330:

We couldn't most certainly use a change in human consciousness, so let's hope that prediction's right.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:13pm rada:

Fennoscandia includes Scandinavia, Finland, Karelia and the Kola Peninsula.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:13pm kat330:

Um, that is *could*.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:13pm Mike East:

I first heard about this 2012 nonsense from bands like Incubus and hed(pe) in the late 90's, which is enough for me not to be worried about the end of days.
They likely heard about it from Terry McK, though.

@kat330 - I'm going to send you the latest and best pic yet, shortly.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:13pm Gary McEwen:

Give praise, my bretheren, for what you're about to receive - old John Barleycorn, nicotine, and the Rock'n'Roll chord E!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:14pm Philo Gristle:

Hey Mike! Hope kat conveyed what great photos you sent -- the polar bear hat was particularly terrific!

Personally I don't have a strong opinion on the subject of scandi or not; whatever works for each person. All i can state is how I personally grew up.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:14pm nic:

so glad you're not playing x-mas music
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:14pm kat330:

  Thu. 12/20/12 5:15pm kat330:

@Philo: Some of that could be that your Dad's / family surname is Swedish, not Finnish.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:15pm Alexander Hacke:

nic, that would be cynicism.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:16pm northguineahills:

  Thu. 12/20/12 5:17pm Mike East:

thanks Philo G! I dug your Roger Corman sketch. A true master.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:18pm tim from champaign:

Just as I'd written OM off as something I don't need to keep up with....this jam clobbers me over my head.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:18pm The one in an awful print skirt.:

As long as you're not one of those guys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyPgb1WkDSA
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:19pm Philo Gristle:

Thanks Mike! Did it for a book cover on Corman -- grew up on those movies, still love many of them.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:19pm G:

NASA already released their video on "why the world didn't end yesterday" --

  Thu. 12/20/12 5:19pm kat330:

I wasn't familiar with OM, but OMG, enjoying this.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:20pm kat330:

@G: That's jumping the gun a little, nessy paw?
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:21pm Alexander Hacke:

I Love OM!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:22pm Alexander Hacke:

We're having a laugh!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:22pm Philo Gristle:

Grey meatloaf....mmmmm...... grew up on that, too. Finnish cuisine.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:23pm BSI:

yay! coffee and u-rine! I approve!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:23pm kat330:

Ja wohl!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:23pm blee:

Never heard OM. I like. Very entertaining.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:24pm kat330:

Ken's Werner Herzog animations would go well here.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:25pm green mountain man mark:

Does kind of make sense from my vision or what have you from my acid experience. Something happens so that people are forced to survive underground. And learn how to organize underground. With scouts that go out to get stuff, see stuff.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:27pm Abbie the Hoff:

Steal this Book.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:29pm Philo Gristle:

@Abbie Steal this Urine Test.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:29pm green mountain man mark:

Has anyone noticed ants acting crazy? Some of you in warmer places. I don't really know what the ants do underground in where I am, a colder climate.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:30pm Jerry:

Do It!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:30pm Ants:

we cool.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:30pm kat330:

If there IS a smell on the Other Side, I hope it isn't of coconut or of Philo's "popcorn" socks.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:32pm Alexander Hacke:

In the end there will be crackles, obviously.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:32pm Tiny Tim:

Anyone else think Nico is my nemesis?
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:33pm kat330:

Awwwww, Mike, just went to check mail and there was an adorable Christmas elf attached! :) Lucie's a light for the longest night of the year upcoming.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:35pm BSI:

That last one put me in the mind (favorably) of Atomic Rooster. Will cue up the Death Walks Behind You LP for some choice apocalypse listening...
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:35pm Philo Gristle:

Crackles to me mean eternity, not end, given that my LP player didn't automatically return the needle, thus it just kept on snapping, crackling and popping...
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:36pm Alexander Hacke:

Oh, and there will be German accents.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:38pm blee:

Nico doing Morrison, how grandly absurd. Father, Yes Nico?
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:38pm kat330:

Speaking of Other Side, I wonder if Nico covered that Morrison tune, too.

Hendrix "Are You Experienced?" is another "other side" type tune.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:38pm Alexander Hacke:

"... and when it came time for the end, and when it came time for the end, the men will look like the women and the women like the men and they will dance in an hypnotic trance..."
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:38pm BSI:

i would insist on it, mr.hacke...
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:39pm blee:

Nico: Mother, I want to.... (lights a smoke).
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:39pm Marmalade Kitty:

I'd love to hear this in Deutsch
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:39pm kat330:

@Alexander: How androgynously Jungian!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:39pm Alexander Hacke:

We did it all the way to the end!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:43pm Marmalade Kitty:

Der Mörder erwachte vor Morgengrauen, legte er seine Stiefel auf
Er nahm ein Gesicht aus der alten Galerie
Und er ging weiter den Flur hinunter
Er ging in das Zimmer, wo seine Schwester lebte, und ... dann hat er
Einen Besuch abstattete, um seinen Bruder, und dann hat er
Er ging auf den Flur hinunter, und
Und er kam an die Tür ... und er sah hinein
Vater, ja Sohn, ich will dich töten
Mutter ... Ich möchte ... WAAAAAA
C'mon Baby, --------- Nein "nehmen Sie eine Chance bei uns"
C'mon Baby, nehmen Sie eine Chance bei uns
C'mon Baby, nehmen Sie eine Chance bei uns
Und treffe mich an der Rückseite des blauen Bus
Doin 'einen blauen Rock
Auf einem blauen Bus
Doin 'einen blauen Rock
C'mon, yeah
Töten, töten, töten, töten, töten, töten
Dies ist das Ende
schöne Freundin
Dies ist das Ende
Mein einziger Freund, das Ende
Es tut weh, euch frei
Aber du wirst nie folge mir
Das Ende des Lachens und weichen Lügen
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:44pm green mountain man mark:

I totally love that. Is there a smell. Been a question of mine for a long time. Along with other questions.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:45pm Marmalade Kitty:

Das Ende der Nächte, die wir versuchten zu sterben
Dies ist das Ende
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:45pm Dylan:

I smelt the Nico.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:45pm kat330:

Smells on the Other Side would be of more concern to females, as I understand olfactory science.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:46pm kat330:

Ich schnitt es gern in alle rinden ein (u.s.w.) Dein is mein Herz!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:46pm Rockit:

There is at least one Australian listening.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:46pm crocodile dundee:

It's a dark bloody arvo here, mate. We're all done for blokes.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:47pm B. Crumb:

Eggs Ackley.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:47pm kat330:

Shout out to Aussies!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:47pm blee:

The end would not end. Haha.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:47pm kat330:

@Rockit: I guess you'll see the end ahead of us? ;)
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:48pm Philo Gristle:

The Endless
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:48pm Aussies:

Yeah, about the "Great Barrier Reef", sorry, we thought it was a toss...
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:49pm Philo Gristle:

Woven Hand sounds outstanding.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Tomorrow Never Knows!
TNK on the TNP!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey everyone!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:51pm green mountain man mark:

smell is such an important sense to me. Huge. As well as with most humans. Taste of course associated with it. All of these senses, feelings/emotions, of being here in the physical and our own spirit that lives all around. The end of the world stuff is interesting because it connects the spiritual self with the body. Weird.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:51pm Marmalade Kitty:

Singen! Ihr Bastarde!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:51pm Philo Gristle:

And have to say Hitman's Heel reminded me of Simply Saucer.... Hiya Matt!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:51pm kat330:

Ah, this is Uroborus.

Hey, Matt! On Ted Barron's playlist today, it's a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt world! :)
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:52pm Dr. Proboscis:

Smell ya later instigator!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:53pm kat330:

My, my what a beautiful cover, Mr. Cash!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Philo and kat! Yes, virtually me and no one else (kudos on the proper 4 "Matts" of the title too :)

Kitty! Danke für "Das Ende" auf Deutsch!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:54pm BSI:

how very Strangelove...
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:54pm nic:

i'm having a laugh 2 :-)
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:54pm Matt from Springfield:

I think this was the last track on Johnny's American IV or V album. I believe I have this one since I have those albums.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:55pm kat330:

I could do without the chorus, but I've never heard his voice more lovely.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:55pm sFrances from VA:

Raising a pint of Imperial Choklat Stout in the face of the Apocoliciousness, hello all!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

IV probably -- I think this was the last recording of Johnny w/ June heard her in there.

YEP! Dr. Strangelove! (or, shouldn't it be "Fremdlieben"?)
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:56pm kat330:

Hi, Frances!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:56pm northguineahills:

I just watched Dr. Strangelove again on Sunday, as my ex hadn't seen it before.

Tomorrow Never Knows made me smile for some reason.

Thanks Fabio & Alexander, awesome show!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:56pm Intruder Alert:

Perimeter violated.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Frances!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:57pm Perimeter Buster:

"How much do you WEIGH, caller?..."
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:57pm sFrances from VA:

Hey Kat, Matt, Philo, et al! See y'all on the Dusty playlist. Enjoyed Fabio's set muchly!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:58pm kat330:

@PB: Ha!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:58pm Philo Gristle:

Hi Frances, see you on the "other side!"
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:58pm Carnac:

Oh watta goo Siam?
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:58pm green mountain man mark:

I am wondering that if people on this planet get more and more, say some eleventy billion people on the face of the Earth. There might be ant like governments needed to keep things in order. And pile, ant ple.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:59pm Philo Gristle:

I'm less of a smeller, more of a stinker.
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:59pm kat330:

Yes, Fabio and Alexander, a *wonderful* show this End-all Eve! Thank youse!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:59pm Mike East:

good night all. hope to see you tomorrow!
  Thu. 12/20/12 5:59pm Cecile:

I think one show was duets.
  Thu. 12/20/12 6:00pm Philo Gristle:

Night, Mike!
  Thu. 12/20/12 6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, an Underwater Theme show!
Good night Mike! Good rest of the world's existence, of whatever length!
  Thu. 12/20/12 6:02pm kat330:

Nighty night, Mike! Hug the lovely for me!
  Thu. 12/20/12 6:03pm Broadway Joe:

Love the nylons!
  Thu. 12/20/12 6:04pm Cecile:

It's an organ that helps the birds chew.
  Thu. 12/20/12 6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Cloaca Chat, with Clay Pigeon.

  Thu. 12/20/12 6:05pm Gizzard:

  Thu. 12/20/12 6:06pm northguineahills:

Since birds swallow their meals whole.
  Thu. 12/20/12 6:07pm Matt from Springfield:

"Let me get that __ off"?
  Thu. 12/20/12 6:07pm green mountain man mark:

hey. I just thought of something. I have a big beard but not old and white like the traditional Santa Clause. Doing a back in time, through a machine or whatever have you experience, the kids end up greeting Santa as a younger/middle aged man before the white hair.
  Thu. 12/20/12 6:08pm Broadway Joe:

  Thu. 12/20/12 6:08pm kat330:

Harland's my dad's middle name.
  Thu. 12/20/12 6:09pm northguineahills:

My middle name is my mother's maiden name
  Thu. 12/20/12 6:10pm Matt from Springfield:

Sweet message! Danke schön Alex!
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