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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options December 11, 2012: Thom Jones (aka DDDJJJ666) fills in for Tony

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Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
Music behind DJ:
Elton John 
Funeral for a Friend   Options       0:00:00 ()
Zazie Und Ihre Freunde   Strasse Der Sehnsucht   Options Zazie Und Ihre Freunde 7"  private  1982  0:08:19 ()
Joe Meek  Valley of the Saroos   Options I Hear a New World  RPM  1991  0:09:09 ()
Coil  Contains a Disclaimer   Options Pathological Compilation  Pathological  1989  0:11:01 ()
Queen  She Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilettoes)   Options Sheer Heart Attack  Elektra  1974  0:18:25 ()
Meredith Monk  Under Street   Options Key  Lovely Music Ltd  1977  0:22:37 ()
Minty  Useless Man   Options Useless Man 12"  CNS  1995  0:26:06 ()
Nash the Slash  Swing Shift (Soixante Neuf)   Options Children of the Night  Dindisc  1981  0:30:27 ()
Premature Ejaculation  Worst Hell   Options Assertive Discipline  Baader Meinhof  1989  0:34:07 ()
Flying Lesbians  Wir Sind Die Homosexuelen Frauen   Options Flying Lesbians  private  1975  0:38:33 ()
Nervous Gender  Nothing to Hide   Options Music From Hell  Subterranean  1981  0:41:46 ()
Tuxedomoon  New Machine   Options No Tears EP  private  1978  0:43:59 ()
Music behind DJ:
Elton John 
Benny And The Jets   Options       0:48:16 ()
Jobriath  Ooh La La   Options Creatures of the Street  Elektra  1974  1:00:56 ()
William S. Burroughs  Summer Will   Options Nothing Here Now But the Recordings  Industrial  1981  1:04:41 ()
Tonetta  Crucify Me   Options 777  Black Tent  2010  1:06:30 ()
Death in June  Black Radio   Options Burial  Leprosy Discs  1984  1:08:23 ()
Soeur Sourire  Dominique   Options Dominique 7"  Scalp  1982  1:13:28 ()
Catherine Lara  Ton Ame Se Lit Sur Ton Visage   Options Catherine Lara  CBS  1972  1:16:39 ()
Gary Allen  Oops! It's an Accident   Options In White America  19Ninety9  1982  1:20:38 ()
The Smiths  That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore   Options Meat is Murder  Sire  1985  1:23:34 ()
Steve Lacy/Brion Gysin  I Don't Work You Dig   Options Songs  Hat Art  1981  1:28:21 ()
Terre Thaemlitz  Down in the Park   Options Replicas Rubato  Mille Plateaux  1999  1:30:05 ()
Pauline Oliveros  A Love Song   Options The Well & The Gentle  Hat Art  1985  1:34:06 ()
Peter Grudzien  Kentuky Candy   Options The Unicorn/The Garden of Love  Subliminal Sounds  2007  1:37:37 ()
The Electric Chairs  Bad in Bed   Options The Electtric Chairs  Safari  1978  1:43:48 ()
Annea Lockwood  Tiger Balm   Options Ruth Anderson/Annea Lockwood split  Opus One  1970's  1:46:07 ()
Baba Yaga  Too Cool To Be True   Options On the Edge  Bloodleaf  1978  1:47:22 ()
Music behind DJ:
Elton John 
Candle in the Wind   Options       1:51:53 ()
Noel Coward  I Went to a Marvelous Party   Options Noel Coward In New York  Columbia Masterworks  1960's  2:08:43 ()
Patrick Cowley  Mutant Man   Options Mind Warp  Megatone  1982  2:11:27 ()
Pete Shelley  Part 1 (excerpt)   Options Sky Yen  Groovy  1980  2:15:18 ()
Dorian  Face   Options Dorian  Amerama  1977  2:16:06 ()
Nightmares in Wax  Shangri-La   Options Nightmares in Wax  KY  1985  2:18:54 ()
Simon Fisher Turner  Cocktail Party Blues   Options Edward II OST  Mute  1991  2:21:43 ()
John Cage  Music For Marcel Duchamp (excerpt)   Options Jon Cage  Cramps  1974  2:24:25 ()
Judas Priest  Dying to Meet You   Options Rocka Rolla  Gull  1974  2:25:44 ()
Soft Cell  Metro MRX   Options Collectors Edition-Vol. 6  private  1981  2:31:33 ()
Klaus Nomi  Key of Life   Options Klaus Nomi  RCA  1981  2:33:29 ()
Husker Du  The Tooth Fairy and the Princess   Options Zen Arcade  SST  1984  2:35:45 ()
Meat Joy  Godpleaser   Options Meat Joy  Flesh and Blood  1984  2:38:12 ()
The New Haven Women's Liberation Rock Band  Shotgun   Options Mountain Moving Day  Rounder  1972  2:43:13 ()
Dean and the Weenies  Fuck You   Options Chicken/Fuck You 12"  Radical  1987  2:46:19 ()
Music behind DJ:
Elton John 
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road   Options       2:49:51 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 12/11/12 11:51am Carmichael:

Ahoy, 3D3J3(6).
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 11:53am DDDJJJ666:

Tee minus 7
  Tue. 12/11/12 11:56am listener james from westwood:

welcome back, thom! and good tuesday, all!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 11:57am DDDJJJ666:

Thanks JFW. Or, as they say in Austria, JVW.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 11:59am DDDJJJ666:

Put your gay goggles on, everyone! Let's take a walk down Rue Paul, shall we?
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:00pm Dervish:

Is the the Thom Thom club?
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:01pm DDDJJJ666:

Fried green Thomatoes.
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:02pm Dan in Seattle:

This sounds like the beginning to Candle in the Wind.
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:02pm listener james from westwood:

the opening to ozzy's "mister crowley" is like an abstract of this elton john opening.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:03pm DDDJJJ666:

Ozzy and Elton: ONE AND THE SAME!
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:05pm Carmichael:

Does this mean you'll play some Sylvester?
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:05pm DDDJJJ666:

Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:06pm DDDJJJ666:

Puddy Tat for sure.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:07pm DDDJJJ666:

I like Zazie, but I LOVE Ihre Freunde!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:08pm DDDJJJ666:

This has more than 3 things sonically in common with Die Zimmermaenner. Hmmm...
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:09pm DDDJJJ666:

I think it's time for a space age bachelor pad re-revival.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:10pm DDDJJJ666:

Joe Meek shall inherit the Earth.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:10pm DDDJJJ666:

Life must have been deadly dull before reverb and delay were given to us by Jesus.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:12pm DDDJJJ666:

Nothing like a well Coiled Mattachene.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:13pm DDDJJJ666:

Trivia FACT: Jhon (sic) Balance & Sleazy had Besenji's named Moon & Pan.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:15pm DDDJJJ666:

Before Coil, Jhon had his own zine called Stabmental. Somebody compile and reissue,please.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:16pm DDDJJJ666:

Let's see, just 2 more GTDR shows and then we have to listen to Mayan broadcasting 24-7.
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:16pm listener james from westwood:

that zine sounds like something _someone_ has to have scanned and posted somewhere, after running across copies in their archives.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:17pm DDDJJJ666:

I've seen bits on the web, but I need something I can read on the toilet.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:20pm DDDJJJ666:

Brian May has returned to astrophysics.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:20pm DDDJJJ666:

That's how he originally saved us from Ming.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:22pm DDDJJJ666:

This is not to be confused with Stormtrooper In Drag by Paul Gardner from Tubeway army. Those tracks should date.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:23pm DDDJJJ666:

Don't you hate songs with sirens when you're driving? DON'T YOU?!
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:23pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

Hello Sailors!
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:23pm listener james from westwood:

brian may--ah-ahhhh!--he saved every one of us!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:24pm DDDJJJ666:

Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:25pm DDDJJJ666:

I recently watched a documentary about pre-Stonewall gay culture, and apparently the Navy really has been gay since the invention of the boat.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:26pm DDDJJJ666:

This would make a good wake-up alarm.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:26pm DDDJJJ666:

Oh my...
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:27pm listener james from westwood:

whoo! deadwood-like!
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:28pm listener james from westwood:

well, i've got MY next ringtone set.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:28pm DDDJJJ666:

Ian McShane finally has some competition.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:28pm DDDJJJ666:

Ian McShane did the spoken intro for Grace Jones's "Slave To The Rhythm."
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:30pm DDDJJJ666:

Leigh Bowery also used to design costumes for coreographer Michael Clarke, who frequently created dance pieces for the music of The Fall. Oh, Minty=Leigh Bowery.
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:30pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

well babe, in the navy its all that time out at sea with only men for company, on top of each other in those tight bunks.
Oh and when my bunk mate is climbing up to bed - its head to head baby!
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:31pm mike:

wowzer. what was that? (useless man)
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:32pm listener james from westwood:

a brit i know who only knew mcshane from his nice, pleasant, g-rated lovejoy character was scandalized when i routed him to some deadwood yt clips.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:32pm DDDJJJ666:

Useless Man=Minty
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:32pm DDDJJJ666:

Just watched him in Sexy Best last night.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:33pm DDDJJJ666:

Sexy Beast. Which IS Sexy Best.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:35pm DDDJJJ666:

I much prefer the best Hell.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:37pm DDDJJJ666:

Goth folk psych.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:39pm DDDJJJ666:

Watch out for low Flying Lesbians!
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:39pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

Britush gangster movies for a while in the 70s had gay characters,
Ian Mcshane and Richard Burton in the forgotten classic Villain,
Get Carter,
The Last Good Friday,
The Krays
all had hard gay characters.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:40pm DDDJJJ666:

I love that about UK Gangster films.
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:42pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

lets not forget the psychedelic classic Performance, the main mafia boss is reading his naked boys mag in bed!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:42pm DDDJJJ666:

Let's be Phranc.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:44pm DDDJJJ666:

Naked boys=gangster fuel.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:44pm DDDJJJ666:

This is for my wife.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:45pm DDDJJJ666:

She appreciates my inner gay.
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:46pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

wonder whether you will play
Wendy Carlos,
Jayne Country,
Walk On the wild side,
Genesis P Orringe?
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 12:48pm DDDJJJ666:

I will mention Wendy Carlos. She is kind of a special case. Not because she is trans, but because she is a pain in the ass.

P-Orridge I do not consider gay, nor fully trans. He's Pandrogynous.
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:52pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

I watched that bizarre Meek biopic Telstar. It seemed like he was just this screaming monster through the whole movie.
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:58pm listener james from westwood:

here come benny and the warm jets!
  Tue. 12/11/12 12:59pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

@LJFW: oh god. THis riff IS kinda mashable with Warm Jets....
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:00pm DDDJJJ666:

A Fripp solo would go great with it.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:01pm listener james from westwood:

in a minute i'm gonna go full metal biz markie over this loop!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:02pm DDDJJJ666:

I will sometimes make and listen to a loop for an unreasonable mount of time. Alone and naked, of course.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:04pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

I think the best pretentious observation that one can make in a record store might be "Roderick Falconer was NO Jobriath".
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:05pm DDDJJJ666:

He did, however, score a victory for Rock City.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:06pm DDDJJJ666:

William S.Burroughs is such a cut-up.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:08pm DDDJJJ666:

All hail the mysterious weirdness of Tonetta. Look it up on YouTube when this show is over. NOT DURING!
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:09pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

yeah, especially those of us chained to our desks at work...
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:11pm DDDJJJ666:

BTW, Tonetta is NEVER safe for work.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:11pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

Hey, it's one of the DiJ songs that doesn't sound like Heaven Street.
Kaptcha: 666
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:12pm DDDJJJ666:

Rīcäärdüü, do you sit in a chair made of rich Corinthian leather?
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:12pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

Oh, I kid the mask-ed one. I actually dig a lot of DiJ.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:12pm DDDJJJ666:

I tried to pick a DIJ that Tony might sort of enjoy.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:14pm DDDJJJ666:

Soeur Soirire's failed come-back bid.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:15pm DDDJJJ666:

Oh, allegedly DIJ is about to do a US tour.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:15pm Uncle Michael:

Beat me, Daddy...
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:15pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

I am sure Tony will enjoy this Nun Disco music. It's habit-forming, nein?
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:16pm Uncle Michael:

I'm opening some Blüe Nün.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:17pm DDDJJJ666:

It's giving me anal rosary beds
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:17pm DDDJJJ666:

Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:17pm DDDJJJ666:

in beds
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:18pm DDDJJJ666:

If only Laura Nyro were this deep.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:20pm DDDJJJ666:

Remember when Laura Nyro burned Lesbian Rome? That was weird.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:23pm DDDJJJ666:

Gary Allen fan-club sound off!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:24pm DDDJJJ666:

The Joneses love the Smiths.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:25pm DDDJJJ666:

According to Mick Jagger, A Rolling Stone gathers no Moz.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:26pm DDDJJJ666:

Moz may be asexual.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:27pm DDDJJJ666:

Wait, is it over?
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:27pm DDDJJJ666:

  Tue. 12/11/12 1:28pm listener james from westwood:

the more you ignore him, the closer he gets!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:29pm DDDJJJ666:

He's really really close right now.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:30pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

Ha! I was just thinking about this album this this morning!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:30pm DDDJJJ666:

People should think about it more often.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:31pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

Gysin's musical outings are hit-or-miss. Miss hit or. Or hit miss.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:32pm DDDJJJ666:

I very nearly bought a Brion Gysin painting a couple years ago. I bought 30 overpriced records instead.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:33pm DDDJJJ666:

Numanoid from day one.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:34pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

This is lovely. I've never heard it before.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:35pm DDDJJJ666:

He did a whole album of Gary Numan interpretations. And one of Devo.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:35pm DDDJJJ666:

I almost did a Hat Art rockblock!
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:36pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

I think I've heard bits of his Kraftwerk covers. That's where I'm familiar with the name. but never heard the Numan stuff.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:37pm DDDJJJ666:

Accordion bellows are ribbed. For her pleasure.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:37pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

think Duke Ellington's writing partner Billy Strayhorn deserves a mention, as does the tremendous Harvey Milk documentary of the early 80s, possibly the most famous gay person murdered for being gay.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:38pm DDDJJJ666:

Thaemlitz's original material is interesting as well.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:38pm DDDJJJ666:

Ernst Roehm doesn't rate?
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:39pm DDDJJJ666:

I hereby mention Billy Strayhorn.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:40pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

and Pasolini, supposedly murdered by his boyfriend?
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:40pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

Yeah, I should check him out. Looking at his Discogs entry. I think I'm only familiar with his stuff from compilations.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:41pm DDDJJJ666:

Coil did a track about that.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:42pm DDDJJJ666:

This Peter Grudzien could be a Death In June song.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:42pm listener james from westwood:

more famous than edward ii, or was that a rumor/libel of later historians?
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:43pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

his films are just brilliant, Arabian Nights in my opinion greatest piece of mystical cinema I have ever seen. Could you imagine if he had directed Lord of the Rings!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:43pm DDDJJJ666:

Edward II enters the fray shortly.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:44pm DDDJJJ666:

Here's your Wayne County, boys.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:45pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

And THAT's how one segues out of an overly-long gay cowboy song.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:46pm DDDJJJ666:

I jumped ship.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:46pm DDDJJJ666:

A Gay navy ship.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:47pm DDDJJJ666:

  Tue. 12/11/12 1:48pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

of course there was the Joe Orton murder too, by his gay boyfriend and brilliantly portrayed in Prick up your Ears by Gary Oldman and Alfred Molina
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:48pm DDDJJJ666:

See also David J's song "Joe Orton's Wedding."
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:50pm listener james from westwood:

or maybe [puts on sunglasses] ... the fray entered edward ii? yeaaaaaaahh
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:50pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

any Boy George coming? or cumming!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:51pm DDDJJJ666:

Boy George-free zone. Though Boy DID play Leigh Bowery (Minty) in Broadway's Taboo.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:51pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

you have simply got to play Andy Warhol by David Bowie on his Hunky Dory album.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:54pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

How come Elton got away with just dusting off an old song and re-dedicating it to a dead princess? Isn't that tacky, like re-gifting?
I DO hope he gets a chance to do it at least one more time, though.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:56pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

How do they know? Do gays have Straightdar?
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 1:57pm DDDJJJ666:

  Tue. 12/11/12 1:57pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

it was Lady Di's favourite song!
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:57pm Ike:

Aw, that story about your lady driving by and yelling "faggot" at you is so sweet. I wish I had a special lady who would do that to me.
  Tue. 12/11/12 1:58pm listener james from westwood:

gays have gaydar. straights have breeder reactors.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:05pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

what you really rate The Smith?
Also where is the gay connection?
Moz on the South Bank Show appeared very straight indeed although ran the UK's Jobriath and New York Dolls fan club in the 70s?
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:09pm DDDJJJ666:

Moz is meta-gay.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:11pm DDDJJJ666:

What a blithe spirit.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:11pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

is there a Quentin Crisp album?
Kenneth William's Diary is apparently outrageous!
Noel Coward played the Mafia boss in prison in The Italian Job
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:12pm DDDJJJ666:

There is a Quentin Crisp DOUBLE LP. Next time.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:12pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

yeah, there's an Evening With Quentin Crisp LP
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:12pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

oh please - tell me you are going to play Frankie Goes to hollywood - Relax!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:13pm DDDJJJ666:

Here's your Sylvester connection. Patrick Cowley, the man behind the man.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:13pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

He has a great (one minute) piece on Morgan Fisher's Miniatures LP
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:13pm DDDJJJ666:

I had a weird Frankie song but had to edit it out for time reasons. next time.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:14pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

There's also Peter Wyngarde (sic?), who put out a great LP that's gayer than all of us put together.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:15pm DDDJJJ666:

Je besoin le.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:16pm Uncle Michael:

No Husker Du, Grant Hart or Bob Mould? *sniff*
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:17pm DDDJJJ666:

Just wait, you silly foie de gras.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:17pm Uncle Michael:

  Tue. 12/11/12 2:20pm listener james from westwood:

peter wyngarde! also, like queen, part of "flash gordon."
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:20pm DDDJJJ666:

The Pete, it Burns.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:21pm Uncle Michael:

Chris Montez? Smokey Robinson? Johnny Mathis?
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:21pm DDDJJJ666:

Best Klytus ever!
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:22pm Uncle Michael:

I kick it old school.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:22pm DDDJJJ666:

Good music only.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:22pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:23pm DDDJJJ666:

I kick old school.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:25pm DDDJJJ666:

This is my old school. For you to kick.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:26pm DDDJJJ666:

A Halford/Tipton sandwich anyone?
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:28pm DDDJJJ666:

Pee break song.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:30pm DDDJJJ666:

He drives a Judas Prius.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:32pm DDDJJJ666:

Soft Cell V. 1.0.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:33pm listener james from westwood:

okay, a literal lol on "judas prius."
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:34pm listener james from westwood:

aaaaahh, wondering when we were gonna hear from klaus!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:34pm DDDJJJ666:

Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:34pm DDDJJJ666:

Oh, you Nomi.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:35pm DDDJJJ666:

One of the better Klauses.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:36pm DDDJJJ666:

Just Du it!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:38pm DDDJJJ666:

I Hart Husker!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:39pm DDDJJJ666:

Sometimes joy is made out of meat.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:41pm DDDJJJ666:

Texas's own. I hope they played with Jon Wayne.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:41pm Uncle Michael:

Grr...I missed the Hüsker Dü.
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:42pm DDDJJJ666:

Listen to the archive. DAMMIT!
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:43pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:44pm DDDJJJ666:

Sorry, I didn't mean to flip your wig.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:45pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

wow what a great track!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:46pm DDDJJJ666:

They is GAYniuses!
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:46pm Uncle Michael:

It's ok...there will always be a new day rising...
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:48pm DDDJJJ666:

Don't let Mould get near your bread.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:50pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

some more anal:-
George Michael - I want your sex
The Revolting Cocks - anything
Frigging in the rigging - Sex Pistols
Larry Levan -Its all over your face remix
jubilee - derek jarman
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:52pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

know any chicks with dicks rock stars?
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:53pm Uncle Michael:

Johnnie Ray?
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 2:54pm DDDJJJ666:

  Tue. 12/11/12 2:54pm listener james from westwood:

cole porter was in fact a one-man marvelous party.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:55pm Uncle Michael:

Just ask Monty Wooley.
  Tue. 12/11/12 2:57pm Doug S.:

Three cheers to DDDJJJ666 for filling in for Tony today. Dr. Coulter will be back next week to show off his new body. In the meantime, keep your ears peeled to Give the Drummer Radio for two more sizzling radio shows coming up this evening:

GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME at 6pm (a dentistry special) and KAMINSKY KAMOUTSKY WITH JESSE, live at 7pm from Providence, Rhode Island, with guest co-host Erik Ruin (a shadow puppeteer among many talents).

Keep your magic talking box tuned to the Drummer Stream now as the following gay and non-gay artists are ready to show you their undergarments, musically speaking...

Kanda Bongo Man
Nahawa Doumbia
Shot Jackson
Carlisle Brothers
Marvin Rainwater
New Dawn
Betty Harris
Spencer Wiggins
Brenda & the Tabulations
Jazz Ministers
Keshevan Maslak
Joanna Newsom
Makowska Orkiestra Dzialowego
Bennie Moten's Orchestra
The Black Eagles
Eli Wamala
and more
and more
and eternally more...
  Tue. 12/11/12 3:00pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks for all the goodness, DDDJJJ666.
  Tue. 12/11/12 3:01pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

THanks for a fun, big gay show, DDDJJJ666!!!
  Tue. 12/11/12 3:01pm Rīcäärdüü Möntäälbänüü:

THanks for a fun, big gay show, DDDJJJ666!!!
  Tue. 12/11/12 3:03pm JUSTIN BOTTOMLEY:

Thanks for a great show - DickDickDick!
  Tue. 12/11/12 3:04pm listener james from westwood:

thanks for the programme of musicks, thom!
Avatar Tue. 12/11/12 3:04pm DDDJJJ666:

Thanks Doug, humans and others!
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