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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options November 30, 2012: All I Do is Dream Of You
~Animation by Minnesota Jeff

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments
Richard Chamberlain  All I Do is Dream of You   Options          
Michel Doneda  untitled   Options Sopranino  Fringe Recordings  2001  CD   
Sonia Turchetta  Efebo con radio   Options Storie di Altre Storie  WDR  2008  CD  Composed by Salvatore Sciarrino 
Alessandro Bosetti  It is Amazing (Gesualdo's Waterboarding)   Options Annunciations  Fortneranderson  2012  CD   
Anthony Braxton Georg Gräwe duo  Duet II   Options duo (amsterdam) 1991  Okka Disc  1997  CD   
Zs  Z is For Zone   Options Score: The Complete Sextet Works: 2002-2007  Northern-Spy  2012  CD   
Paul Anka  Something About You   Options Absolutely the Best of Paul Anka: The 70s  Fuel 2000  2003  CD  Originally released in 1976 
Deep Purple  Lazy   Options Machine Head  Warner Bros.  1972  LP   
Fantômas   Animali In Calore Surriscaldati Con Ipertermia Genitale   Options Fantômas / Melt-Banana ‎– Split  Unhip  2005  CD   
Capharnaum  Stained   Options Fractured  Willowtip  2004  CD   
The Dogmatics  ... and those Melodies Proved to be Invulnerable Again   Options The Sacrifice For the Music Became Our Lifestyle  Monotype  2012  LP   
Ava Mendoza  Mandible Moonwalk   Options I Never Meta Guitar... Too  Clean Feed  2012  CD   
Sir Richard Bishop  Dingbatica Cathedral   Options Graviton Polarity Generator  Social Music Records  2010  LP   
Molly Berg + Stephen Vitiello  Geese   Options The Gorilla Variations  12k  2009  CD   
César Bolaños  Intensidad Y Altura   Options Tensions at the Vanguards: New Music from Peru (1948-1979)  pogus  2012  CD  Recorded in 1964 
Evan Parker / Sainko Namchylak / Carlo Mariani  Synergestics #14   Options Synergestics - Phonomanie III  Leo Records  1996  CD   
Curtis Mayfield  Sweet Exorcist   Options Sweet Exorcist  Curtom  1974  LP   
Winter Webber Wolfarth  Bells   Options The Holistic Worlds of Winter Webber Wolfarth  Monotype  2012  LP   
Der Kreis Des Gegenstandes   DKDG I   Options Der Kreis Des Gegenstandes  Monotype  2010  LP   
Quincy Jones and His Orchestra  The Sidewinder   Options Golden Boy  Mercury  1964  LP   
Sonic Youth  Agnès B Musique   Options J'accuse Ted Hughes / Agnès B Musique  SYR  2008  LP   
Petula Clark  The Show is Over   Options Beautiful Sounds: The Petula Clark Songbook  Castle  2000  CD   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 11/30/12 3:04pm G:

Swingin', man. Kookoo!
  Fri. 11/30/12 3:05pm amEdeo:

Applause. Applesauce. Applauds.
Now that is how you speak on radjio.
Good Anka to you!
  Fri. 11/30/12 3:07pm common:

yes. comic gold every time!
  Fri. 11/30/12 3:08pm HotRod:

  Fri. 11/30/12 3:17pm Marc:

like a cross between Aria and Radio Music and brilliant
  Fri. 11/30/12 3:28pm Caryn:

Aw, damn, I missed Chamberlain? Oh well... the archives will beckon.
  Fri. 11/30/12 3:28pm Looms:

It IS amazing.
Avatar Fri. 11/30/12 3:30pm DJKG:

oh, i'll be playing chamberlain over and over. but you did miss it at the right speed. hi, everyone!
  Fri. 11/30/12 3:32pm Caryn:

Yeah, I was delayed by a list of old tv show covers. Damn you, internet, for enticing me to check things out all the time!
  Fri. 11/30/12 3:33pm green mountain man mark:

I need to go back outside and finish taking down the clothesline. I brought in the empty garbage cans. It is garbage day, and recycling. Left some bones out there for Satan last week. The bones are still there. He will get them on his own time, I guess. Ants got to the bones, though. Maybe that is what he wants, clean bones. The ants clean off all the meat, tiny particles of meat, on the bones, that only ants can get at. It might leave Satan free to do all sorts of things with the bones sans any tiny particles of meat.
  Fri. 11/30/12 3:34pm amEdeo:

And that's just science!
  Fri. 11/30/12 3:35pm northguineahills:

Thought this Braxton/Grawe sounded familiar.
  Fri. 11/30/12 3:40pm 37:

just tuned in. what a great duet!!!
  Fri. 11/30/12 3:46pm dcp@:

This Braxton/Grawe is right on.
  Fri. 11/30/12 3:59pm Marmalade Kitty:

great bass line in this!
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:04pm 37:

i really do love this tune... how come you are playing deep purple anyway?
Avatar Fri. 11/30/12 4:05pm DJKG:

cuz you really do love this tune
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:05pm Honey Water:

@Caryn: I've an even better excuse for being so tardy. Our electricity went out and stayed out for an hour. No wind, no excuses, just screwing up the roasting turkey is all.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:06pm green mountain man mark:

Sometimes I look at our cats. They walk on four legs. Then I think of our chickens. They walk around on only two legs. Then I think of myself all of a sudden. I walk around on two things as well. Chickens walk around on two legs and they flap wings all around. I flail my arms around sometimes when I talk. The cats flail tails.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:07pm Honey Water:

Man, Mark, what's in your Green Mountain water?
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:07pm das:

This is the song that first inspired me to pick up the
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:08pm hamburger:

  Fri. 11/30/12 4:09pm Caryn:

@Honey: Tough break. Over here, the storm has caused major power outages. A few hundred thousand earlier today, but down to the tens of thousands now. Luckily I have power, so I can listen in. The storm wind did fling a bicycle at me in the street today, though. That was a first.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:10pm Honey Water:

Here's an optical for your trip, GMMM: Scroll the animation down so you can only see Anka's sleeve. Kinda see a moving face there. Rubbing sleep outta the eyes or something.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:12pm Honey Water:

A bicycle? That's some powerful gust or super lightweight wheels.

Hopefully the turkey will be none the worse for sitting in a cold oven for an hour, so no big deal here.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:13pm 37:

well then thanks!
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:15pm 37:

Capharnaum sounds like they've listened to lost of deep purple
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:16pm 37:

that's lots of deep purple
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:17pm das:

Wow, the first time I heard this song I was
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:18pm Caryn:

Sheesh with that Fantômas song title... heh.

@Honey: yep, two people ahead of me had ducked behind the corner for cover, and I was close behind when I saw the bike coming at me. Managed to brace my arm against it so it didn't hit all of me. Then again, at least I'm not at sea. The waves are apparently 9 stories high.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:22pm hamburger:

9. stories. high?! no wayyyyyy // just googled, 10 meters. still crazy though.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:22pm DCE:

tuning back in, looks like I made a mistake when I left
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:24pm Honey Water:

@Caryn: Holy moly! Is this in the Helsinki area? Better suggest Philo email if his family's OK.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:24pm 37:

or was that fantomas?... either way... DP inspired
Avatar Fri. 11/30/12 4:25pm DJKG:

the fantomas was 45 seconds long. you're probably thinking capharnaum.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:26pm Honey Water:

45 seconds? It takes that long to announce the track title. ;)
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:27pm Caryn:

@hamburger: yeah, I don't know. I was basing it on footage of the waves crashing down on the ninth deck of a cruise ship. Other ships have tilted dangerously due to the high winds and waves. Cars are being shifted by the wind.
@Honey: yep, it's hitting the south and especially the coast the hardest.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:27pm 37:

i dug it!
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:28pm DCE:

I'll never be a seaman
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:29pm hamburger:

@Caryn yea still, that blizzard sounds intense
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:30pm dcp@:

it's snowing on the Gavle Goat:

  Fri. 11/30/12 4:30pm Honey Water:

Enjoying this Mendoza!
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:30pm DCE:

as intense as this Ava Mendoza person
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:31pm Honey Water:

I imagine GMMMark is also quite enjoying this - if he's still with us.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:33pm Cheri Pi:

Ava Mendoza is a badass
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:33pm Caryn:

@hamburger: yep. Currently waiting to hear from my father, who's up in a plane right now. Hoping for a fine, safe landing. And that he gets home fine from the airport. About 200 traffic accidents so far, including a truck that fell 10 metres from an overpass.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:33pm DCE:

I guess I'm in the mood for winter now. That will end on Jan 1st, however.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:34pm Sandy:

Man, that is one badass storm.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:35pm Honey Water:

Well, here's the southernmost Helsinki current camera shot:

  Fri. 11/30/12 4:38pm DCE:

care to translate that Fantomas title for us Italian-impaired folks?
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:38pm Honey Water:

Nice, DJKG!
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:38pm Sandy:

Just hope that hell isn't sinky
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:39pm steve:

ohmygod! bleeeaaargh!
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:40pm Caryn:

@DCE: "Pets In heat overheated with genital hyperthermia
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:40pm Honey Water:

Guessing: Animals in surrealistic (colors?) with (something) genitalia.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:40pm DCE:

haha, I like both translations!
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:43pm G:

Caryn's really got it. Animali could be just animals, not necessarily pets
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:44pm Caryn:

@Honey: well, that certainly looks better than this morning. They say the snowfall should continue tomorrow, but that the winds will die down. Even now it's supposedly just gusts, except for at sea, where the winds continue.
@G: that's true
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:44pm Honey Water:

"Ipertermia" didn't come up as a valid Italian word in the dictionary I just tried. Misspelled or a made-up term?
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:45pm Caryn:

  Fri. 11/30/12 4:46pm northguineahills:

Really had to do a detailed Google search to find results for a Baltic/Gulf of Finland storm. Even Euro news sites failed to mention it.
Avatar Fri. 11/30/12 4:47pm DJKG:

google translate says: Pets In Heat overheated With Genital Hyperthermia
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:48pm Caryn:

Oh look, wikipedia translates the Fantômas song title as "Animals In Heat Being Overheated By Genital Hyperthermia." Agreeing with G there.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:48pm Honey Water:

Thanks, Caryn. Certainly seems a subject deserving more than 45 seconds in any event.
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:52pm Caryn:

@NGH: They've named the storm Antti. Apparently, large storms get named after the name day they fall on (or in case of longer storms, the name day they first make landfall on). If you want to see pics and stuff (since English-language text may not be available, just google either "antti myrsky" or "lumimyräkkä".
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:53pm northguineahills:

They just started to name winter storms here in the US (at least in the Weather Channel)
  Fri. 11/30/12 4:59pm Caryn:

The storm has had it's nicer effects, too. This is what it's done to some trees along the shoreline: http://www.ksml.fi/incoming/2012/11/30/antti-teki-tadetta.jpg/ALTERNATES/w480/Antti+teki+tadetta.jpg
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:00pm northguineahills:

Actually, the benefits of the storm was a few of the articles I found that were more then two sentences in English.
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:02pm hamburger:

aww yiss curtis
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:04pm Caryn:

So far, it's been an excellent 2 hours of music. And Curtis ain't hurtin'!
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:08pm northguineahills:

^ (about Curtis)
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:18pm Honey Water:

Ran in from another room thinking my cooking timer had gone off.
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:21pm Husband Man:

This track made my boy cat hide under the bed! The girl cat is present but on high alert.
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:26pm Honey Water:

Ha, boy cat is a scaredy-cat. :)
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:27pm Honey Water:

@Husband Man: If your cats could get a whiff of the roast bird smells wafting around here, they'd both be out front and on high alert.
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:32pm Caryn:

@Honey Water: are you having a late Thanksgiving, or do you just enjoy turkey?
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:37pm Husband Man:

My cats like peanut butter, as it happens.
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:38pm Honey Water:

Good question (phone call interruption). It's a repeat Thanksgiving. Company bird was handed out too late for thawing/brining/roasting for the big day, so did a small version last week and doing the big bird today.
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:38pm Honey Water:

@HM: Sure they do. Keep telling yourself that. ;)
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:44pm northguineahills:

Dig this SY, nice and chill....
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:44pm Caryn:

My cats were mad for popcorn.
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:46pm Honey Water:

@Caryn: Yeah, I had popcorn fetching/eating cats, too, and even one who would eat cantaloupe! But you can't eliminate the fowl/fish hunger and need from any feline.
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:48pm Caryn:

@Honey: are you also going to be doing some of the other traditional dishes (yams, stuffing, pumpkin pie, etc.) or did you just do those last week?

And very true about the cats. Our cats also had a thing for bottles. If they saw anyone drinking or pouring something from a bottle, they had to come and nuzzle the bottom of the bottle, I suppose to leave a scent mark.
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:51pm Honey Water:

Nope, just the turkey. My "husband man"'s company threw us a real curveball this year with the late turkey delivery. Now I'll have to freeze a bunch, make soup, eat leftovers longer than usual. Wish I could share the bounty with the good folks of FMU/GTDR.
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:52pm Honey Water:

Thanks for the Ava Mendoza introduction, DJKG. May everyone have shelter from storms of any ilk this weekend. Bye!
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:52pm Mike East:

a bit early to end the show, no?
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:52pm northguineahills:

Thanks Kurt!
  Fri. 11/30/12 5:54pm Caryn:

Have a great weekend Kurt! You certainly deserve it after this show! And a great weekend to everyone else, too! Happy Turkey Day II: The Return, Honey Water!
  Fri. 11/30/12 6:00pm Erica:

Where's Andy???
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