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November 17, 2012 Options
Singles Going Steady!
Hurricane Recovery Appeal!

BOTH WFMU transmitters were knocked out & the station lost power during the storm. Now that power is back on at our studio and 91.1 transmitter site, we see tons of equipment damaged by electricity & water- all of which is needed to keep us streaming &on the air.

Plus the Record Fair has been cancelled which is huge loss of revenue.So we are forced to go into Hurricane Recovery Marathon mode-please pledge now and help WFMU recover from electrical, water and financial damage suffered during the Hurricane.

So please PLEASE use that form ABOVE to make a pledge to the Cherry Blossom Clinic so that WFMU can keep bringing you the rock for many months and years to come!

And as always w/donation u get all kindsa great gifts: new WFMU turntable tee or Best Show Hurricane Recovery tee designed by Coop! and our Holiday music cd: w/exclusive Big Star, Reigning Sound, Fleshtones cuts etc. plus u have an opportunity to pick any DJs premium u might have missed!

Thanx so much for your well-wishes, support, and generosity! LoveTerre
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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Cilnic Revisited   Options Shazam!. Repertoire. CD. (1998) 1970 0:00:00 )  
JOEL RL PHELPS  Cherry Blossom Hours   Options Joel RL Phelps' website, Facebook and Soundcloud. 0:07:09 )  
URGE OVERKILL  Now That's The Barclords   Options Sub Pop. 7". (1991) 0:09:20 )  
SILVER FLEET  Come On Plane   Options UNI. 7". (1971) 0:12:44 )  
NEIL DIAMOND  You Got To Me   Options Bang. 7". (1966) 0:15:23 )  
SYNDICATS  Crawdaddy Simone   Options Columbia. 7". (1965) 0:18:21 )  
RIFFS   The Lucky Ones Are Dead   Options Pelado. 7". (1999) 0:21:12 )  
CHINA STREET  You're a Ruin   Options Criminal. 7". (1978) 0:24:17 )  
THE STASH  Should I Suck Or Should I Blow   Options Get Hip. 7". (1993) 0:28:05 )  
ELOIS  By My Side   Options In. 7". (1966) 0:30:40 )  
LAMPS  Niels Bohr was an Excellent Ping Pong Player   Options Dull Knife. 7". (2010) 0:32:46 )  
LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE  Machines   Options Capitol. 7". (1968) 0:35:29 )  
ABWÄRTS  Roboter In Der Nacht   Options Zick Zack. 7". (1980) 0:37:59 )  
IMAGINARY ICONS  Eye-Cons   Options Daggerman. 7". (2006) 0:41:49 )  
BLANK POSTCARDS  You're a Swamp   Options Laptop Smashing Party. 7". -NR 0:44:15 )  
BAILTER SPACE  New Man   Options Flyning Nun. 7". (1987) 0:45:58 )  
AMERICAN BREED  Bend Me Shape Me   Options Acta. 7". (1968) 0:49:27 )  
P.V.C. 2  Deranged Demented and Free   Options Zoom. 7". (1977) featuring Midge Ure (pre-Rich Kids and Ultravox) 1:12:01 )  
MARY MONDAY  Popgun   Options Malicious. 7". (1977) 1:14:55 )  
A-LINES  Heidi's Head   Options Sympathy for the Record Industry. 7". (2005) cover of a Kleenex track 1:17:35 )  
HELLCOWS  Crazy Clock   Options T/K. 7". (1991) EP 1:19:44 )  
TEDDY FIRE AND THE IGUID FIDD  Snake Bird Cow Fox Human   Options Eary Canal Plates. 7". (1992) 1:20:54 )  
MAX TASH  La Do Da Da   Options MCE. 7". (1982) 1:23:03 )  
CHEAP TRICK  Everything Works If You Let It   Options Epic. 7". (1980) Demo single. From the "Roadie" soundtrack 1:25:48 )  
GROUPIES DELITE & THE SANDWICH BAND  Rock 'n' Roll   Options EMI. 7". (1975) 1:29:09 )  
20/20  Giving It All   Options Bomp. 7". (1979) 1:31:48 )  
STATUS QUO  You Lost the Love   Options Vertigo. 7". (1976) 1:34:55 )  
FACTORY  Try a Little Sunshine   Options CBS. 7". (1969) featuring John Pantry 1:37:14 )  
JACCO GARDNER  Where Will You Go   Options Trouble In Mind. 7". -NR 1:40:51 )  
GAYE BLADES  Ruby Tuesday   Options Norton. 7". (2010) featuring members of the Black Lips, Gentleman Jesse and his Men and the Carbonas. 1:44:06 )  
THE STATE OF MICKEY AND TOMMY  With Love from 1 to 5   Options Mercury. 7". (1967) 1:46:54 )  
T. REX  Telegram Sam   Options Reprise. 7". (1972) for Brendan. RIP ol' sweet friend. 2:10:55 )  
RICK DERRINGER  Teenage Love Affair   Options Blue Sky. 7". (1973) 2:14:38 )  
MOODY BLUES  Ride My See Saw   Options Deram. 7". (1968) 2:17:14 )  
MERRY GO ROUND  Time Will Show the Wiser   Options A&M. 7". (1967) 2:20:30 )  
ALAN POUNDS GET RICH  Searching in the Wilderness   Options Parlophone. 7". (1966) 2:24:29 )  
FORTUNE & MALTESE  A Girl's Gotta Learn   Options Get Hip. 7". (2004) 2:25:31 )  
SIBERIANS  Who's Laughing Now?   Options Killer Diller. 7". (2011) 2:28:51 )  
ELECTRIC MESS  You've Become A Witch   Options Heavy Soul. 7". (2011) 2:32:24 )  
TENPOLE TUDOR  Swords of a Thousand Men   Options Stiff. 7". (1981) 2:34:22 )  
BOW WOW WOW  C-30 C-60 C-90 Anda!   Options EMI. 7". (1980) 2:37:03 )  
SHIRLEY ELLIS  The Clapping Song   Options Congress. 7". (1965) 2:40:03 )  
FREDDY CANNON  The Urge   Options Swan. 7". (1960) 2:42:44 )  
PAPER BAGS  Mommi I'm a Misfit   Options Rapid Pulse. 7". cover of a Misfits track - NOT the Lodi, NJ Misfits, but a early '80s band from Albany, NY! -NR 2:45:50 )  
WARM GUN  Crapy Hands   Options RCA. 7". (1977) 2:47:16 )  
BARBARA MANNING WITH FLOPHOUSE  Before We Go Under   Options Teen Beat. 7". (1993) 2:49:53 )  

Listener comments!

  Sat. 11/17/12 3:11pm Ken From Hyde Park:

It's Terre T, our Saturday afternoon heroine!
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:12pm G:

with an e!!! (that's a different addiction)
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 3:12pm Terre T:

Hi Guyz! It's a belated "Single Going Steady" show All 45s!
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:13pm G:

keep 'em spinnin'!
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:16pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Hi Terre, Ken and G! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 3:17pm Terre T:

Thanks Jack S in Hoboken, Stephen P in West Chester PA, John C in Brooklyn!
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 3:20pm Terre T:

Thanks leroy f in Metuchen, NJ, Philip K in San Antonio, Dom T in London, England, Christopher T in Savannah, GA!
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:22pm G:

The Syndicats, best known now as the first band of future Yes guitarist Steve Howe
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:24pm On the Yazoo:

Yes G, that's it. I thought I had heard of the syndicats for some reason.

Hey all.
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:25pm Kevin:

Hey Terre;
It's Kevin from Urinals. Glad you survived Sandy!
Best wishes from all of us!
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:26pm G:

@OtY: Joe Meek produced them, if memory serves.
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 3:30pm Mike Sin:

Steve Howe was in Syndicats but not on that single!
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:31pm G:

Yep Mike, just researched it: "Crawdaddy S." is the B side of their last single, and Howe had moved on to The In Crowd/Tomorrow by then... That dissonant solo at the end of "CS" had me curious... The guitarist was Ray Fenwick...
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 3:31pm DJ Terre T:

Hi Kevin from Urinals!
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 3:32pm DJ Terre T:

Hey Bad Guy Zero!
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:33pm dcp@:

The Stash? Childish connected?
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:34pm dcp@:

huh, I have about 30 Childish albums--missed that one.
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 3:37pm DJ Terre T:

dcp@ -- Yes, indeed Billy Childish and co.!
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:38pm dcp@:

Kevin From Urinals?! Thank you for the Urinals!
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:43pm ScottC:

Hey! God's Gym! That's on Telegraph in Oaksterdam!
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 3:45pm DJ Terre T:

Hello Scott C!
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:46pm ScottC:

Hey Terre! Rock'in on the West Coast!
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:48pm Allseeing Google:

@ScottC: 2501 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:55pm ScottC:

I stand corrected Mr. Googleman. Missed it by a block...
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:56pm Juarez Laredo:

Pow Wows are listening on our way to Philly! Ya'll are killing it today - fact.
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:57pm Carmichael:

I'll wager that's Timmy DeezNutz's car on the homepage. Rapper friend of Billy's.
  Sat. 11/17/12 3:57pm Joe B:

Go Terre T! Hey to Mike also!
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:01pm eyenoise:

  Sat. 11/17/12 4:02pm On the Yazoo:

The only difference between a hoarder and a collector, is the size of their storage/barn.
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:02pm G:

"On the next Audio Media Addict Intervention..."
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:06pm dave:

niels bohr was a physicist who gets most of the credit for our understanding of the structure of the atom. the "ping pong player" gag is probably a reference to atomic chain reactions.
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:12pm dave:

bohr WAS a hell of a soccer player, for what it's worth. dunno whether they played much table tennis around los alamos whilst designing doomsday devices.
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:13pm G:

@dave: Bohr is shown playing pingpong with Heisenberg in the play _Copenhagen_, late 90s, bet that is the reference...
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:13pm dcp@:

dave: you don't say... Hmm, like him even more now. Wouldn't think they'd be playing too much REAL football around Los Alamos either, though..
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:14pm dave:

ah, thanks G! i really badly need to see that play...
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:15pm dcp@:

oh, man--Bohr was a goal keeper! Sheesh..
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:15pm G:

My ex-wife was working in a NYC physics dept when the play premiered in NYC, so I remember :-)
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:25pm Cuz Jerry:

Terre...Just started streaming about 20 minutes ago. You and Mike have made my day! I am now deranged, demented and FREE!
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:33pm On the Yazoo:

Sound like you need a new needle/cartridge for that turntable.

try unplugging the needle in and out a few times. could be dirty.
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 4:33pm DJ Terre T:

Thanks Greg G form Brooklyn!
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:43pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

@On the Yazoo: Turntable #2 in one of the studios enjoys creating special left - or right-channel only versions of songs.
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 4:48pm DJ Terre T:

Thanks Kevin B and Cuz Jerry M for donating!
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:49pm ScottC:

I think Bohr almost blew up Chicago - seriously....
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:52pm G:

That would have been a crashing Bohr
  Sat. 11/17/12 4:53pm fred von helsing:

AFAIK Chicago was never in danger. There was a bunch of guys with buckets full of boron in solution at the ready.
  Sat. 11/17/12 5:01pm Ron:

Terre T, you sound so great today!!! Play singles FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!
  Sat. 11/17/12 5:13pm Ignore Function:

Singles going super on the CBC!
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 5:14pm DJ Terre T:

Thanks Hens from KiLiFAX!
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 5:14pm DJ Terre T:

Hi Ron! Thanks!
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 5:18pm DJ Terre T:

Thanks Dan A from Ithaca and Bruce D from Brooklyn for your donations!
  Sat. 11/17/12 5:25pm Kevin:

Kevin B. is kevin from Urinals.
Urinals love them some Terre T !
Avatar Sat. 11/17/12 5:34pm DJ Terre T:

Thanks Jeffrey W from Middletown, NJ for your generous pledge!!
  Sat. 11/17/12 5:54pm eyenoise:

What a great show, Terre. I have exactly 4 of these records! More next week, please! & please incl. some stuff from the post-punk era.
  Sat. 11/17/12 5:57pm breugelesque:

Who's got some knowledge for me...which version of "Before We Go Under" come first, Barbara's or The Magick Heads?
  Sat. 11/17/12 5:57pm Cuz Jerry:

We opened up for Freddie'Boom Boom' Cannon at Palisades Park, NJ in the summer of 1962. He record of 'Palisades Park' was riding a national wave!It was the summer of WMGM Radio's pop format.
  Sat. 11/17/12 6:00pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Great show, Terre! Now I have some more records I need to track down. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week! Cheers to you , Mike Sin and all the listeners and commenters. Until next week...
  Sat. 11/17/12 6:12pm mr. misfitNJ:

Your show is officially my favorite! keep up the good work.
  Sat. 11/17/12 6:43pm Kath:

Thanks, T, for remembering B in your show today. I really appreciate it and think he would too. Of course hearing his alterego Marc B. got me teary eyed. Thanks, friend <3 K
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