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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options November 16, 2012: SHOUT OUT FRIDAY

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Frangry & Michele  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:00pm Carmichael:

Robot Dance!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:00pm Ken From Hyde Park:

It's weirdo hour again!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:00pm Caryn:

Hello, weirdos!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:01pm peteheavycream:

what up, weirdos
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:01pm Bill Cosby:

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:01pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Shout Out to FUN BED & FRANGRY!!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:01pm Carmichael:

For the 1st time ever, I ate (a piece of cake) in bed. It was weird. I thought of Michele.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:01pm ChaChaRodriguez:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/16/12 6:02pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:02pm Caryn:

Shout out to all the weirdos!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/16/12 6:02pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:03pm robyn:

what is the over/under of frangry getting enraged? 6 minutes?
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:03pm aaa:

Shoutout to Obama for winning the game
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:03pm peteheavycream:

shout out to shout outs
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:03pm ChaChaRodriguez:

Shout out Verizon - in reverse!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:03pm G:

Bossin' around Ken. Way to go, girls.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:04pm Caryn:

Verizon is trying to shut up "Shut Up Weirdo". They took the show title too literally.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:04pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Shout Out to SANDY!!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:04pm G:

"If this doesn't work, we're so dead." Famous Last Words!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:04pm ChaChaRodriguez:

Shout out Frangry!

Shout out Michele!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:05pm G:

Shut Up Spikey, starring Frangry and Foodbed
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:05pm DJKG:

can i give a shout out to me?
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:05pm peteheavycream:

shout out to pancake
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:05pm Caryn:

Shout out to WFMU!
Shut up, weirdo! to Sandy!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:06pm G:

The six boros, counting JC.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:06pm Pinball:

Shout out to Twinkies and HoHo's!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:06pm g:

Did Spike say "shout out to the feces?"
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:06pm G:

@DJKG: You just did.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:06pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Shout Out to STATEN ISLAND!!!

Drop DEAD, Spike!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:06pm Obvious Guy:

@g: Spike says that every time he has sex.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:06pm peteheavycream:

shout out to muller's mistress
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:07pm robyn:

shout out to RuPaul.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:07pm ChaChaRodriguez:

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Shout Out to DON FRANCISCO!!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:08pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:08pm KISS:

Shout it, shout it, shout it out LOAUD!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:08pm ChaChaRodriguez:

Shout out to the girls getting pumped up!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:08pm peteheavycream:

the phrase "shout out" has already lost all meaning
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:08pm Caryn:

Shout out to my dad for being the 5th person in 11 years to visit me (no-one ever comes over here)!

And not a shout out, but a sashay shante out to RuPaul!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:09pm robyn:

i also like as an alternative to shout out, snaps. snaps to obamaman and that crazy jill kelley who's nutty emails have made my week!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:09pm Jordan:

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:09pm cottage cheese:

Shout out to cottage cheese
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:10pm Shoutout to Spanish Grammnar:

Bonitas chicas, or chicas bonitas
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:10pm JessStar:

Shout out to My Bestie Mrs.Jackie O
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:10pm Carmichael:

Shout out to the Petreaus soap opera General's Hospital.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:10pm Papaki:

Shout to to stopping all shout outs and playing some music. Also, shout out to not sounding like you're 12.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:10pm Helmut von Kitten:

Shout out to my pussies!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:10pm Pinball:

Shout out to free balls!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:10pm g:

Shout out to the word "awesome"!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:10pm peteheavycream:

you girls got the jenna stamp of coolness. life must be good
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:11pm Mr. Fuzzybutt:

Shout out to Charmin ultra-soft!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:11pm Caryn:

Shout out to that dumbass, shirtless FBI agent! Way to make a boring, yet weird story even more weird.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:11pm robyn:

shout out to the shared tastes of jenna and foodbed.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:11pm ChaChaRodriguez:

Shout out for red wine & percocet!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:12pm robyn:

yeah shout out to that agent! and shout out to paula broadwell's crazy selection of sleeveless tops. shout out to those tops.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:12pm robyn:

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:12pm Pinball:

Shout out to Andy Cohen!!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:12pm Caryn:

Shout out to Frangry's shout-out to BJ! Woohoo, double entendre!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:13pm peteheavycream:

that last caller needs to give a shout out to PCP, i think
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:14pm Caryn:

Shout out to Broadwell's one top with frigging sleeves! It must be so lonely in that closet, surrounded only by its sleeveless brethren.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:14pm Mary Wing:

How can that doofus know the phone number to call but not the damn station?
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:14pm G:

Which andy cohen? *that* andy cohen?
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:14pm Jimi:

Shout out to Frangry's BOOBS & Foodbed's BUTT!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:15pm Andy Cohen fan:

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:15pm Skirkie:

Shout out to booze?
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:15pm mr El Donutsu:

Shout out to Dr. D. Sanchez!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:15pm Pinball:

Shout out to FOODBED YO!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:15pm Lester:

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:16pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Shout out to Tupac Shakur. Shout out to Biggie Smalls.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:16pm G:

Dogfish Head? That dude is my uncle's neighbor in Delaware!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:16pm Sharpling:

Shout out to porn and huffing!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:16pm Caryn:

Shout out to peanut butter M&Ms! Had to travel to Iceland to get my hands on some, and it was so worth the trip.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:16pm robyn:

@caryn shout out to jon stewart for pointing out broadwell's fashion inspiration was TOTALLY xenia blah blah blah from goldeneye.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:17pm g:

This show is killing me.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:17pm cottage cheese:

shout out to Walt disney
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:17pm g:

Marraige = death.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:17pm chad from Oregon:

shout out to AP Mike
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:18pm cottage cheese:

Shout out to the Associated Press
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:18pm G:

dittos, g
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:18pm Caryn:

Shout out to David Lynch's sitcom, because it sure didn't have any viewers.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:18pm Pinball:

Shout Out To the Mayan Calender!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:18pm peteheavycream:

shout out to not needing gold bond
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:18pm Weed Head:

shout out to my weed supplier. Puff on dude!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:19pm g:

Shout out to all the guys with boners calling.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:19pm Sharpling:

Shout out to big black ass and Hitler !
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:19pm Doug in Tangiers:

I'd like to give a shout out to red wine. Thanks for always being there.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:19pm Caryn:

There are some girls participating in Movember. I did wonder whether they were girls with moustache problems, or girls who were not shaving otherwise.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:19pm Mary Wing:

No-shave November:
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:19pm G:

no spoofing DJs "Sharpling"
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:20pm Mr. Fuzzybutt:

Shout out to Creamed Chipped Beef and Corned Beef Hash
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:20pm g:

Shout out to gas lines!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:20pm robyn:

holllatcha traffic!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:20pm Doug in Tangiers:

@ G: I'm hear ya!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:20pm jizzy jeans:

shout out to all those home boys gettin laid tonight!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:20pm g:

20 minutes in, have you lost the will to live yet?
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:21pm Pinball:

Shout Out To Weirdos Everywhere!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:21pm cottage cheese:

Shout out to awkward silences
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:21pm Jason:

Shout out to Michele's invisable boyfriend.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:21pm tool 3435:

shout out to all those Brazilian shaved ladies. wink wink.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:22pm g:

shout out to The Capital Theater!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:22pm Doug in Tangiers:

shout out to Frangry's lack of panties!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:22pm Shoutout:

Please god, make them stop. WFMU, have you been hijacked by Nickelodeon?
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:22pm Sharpling:

Shout out to the NRA and Southern Rock and plus size gals !
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:22pm Lester:

Shout out to cute man booty and nice bulges!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:22pm G:

This couple are DEAD on the radio.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:23pm peteheavycream:

never shout out new brunswick
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:23pm Pinball:

Shout out to headed off to work!!!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:23pm G:

"couple" = the male/female caller
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:23pm Weed Head:

shout out to shamless band plugs.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:24pm giraffe-o:

Shout-out to exclamation points!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:24pm g:

shout out to Spanx!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:24pm Shoutout:

I will pledge $5000 if you cut these girls off now. ugh.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:24pm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:24pm DJ Moneybag$:

Shout out to fly honeys
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:25pm g:

Shout out to weirdos who like 6!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:25pm peteheavycream:

shout out to happy hour
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:25pm Caryn:

Shout out to finding the perfect pair of jeans!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:25pm robyn:

shout out to the panties rumor! betta recognize!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:25pm James Bondage:

shout out to drinking ladies on the radio.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:25pm cottage cheese:

Shout out to Bing
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:25pm g:

shout out to guys who say "yo"!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:25pm peteheavycream:

this guy gets it. hell yea
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:25pm G:

@Shoutout: If you can get the money to clear to Ken inside of a few minutes, it will happen.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:26pm robyn:

i have to say this is improving my mood. shoutout to that guy for shouting out to that.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:26pm Pinball:

this is starting to feel like a frat bar.....
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:26pm Linder:

Holla for challah!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:26pm Billy Jam:

The name of this show is "Shout Out Weirdo" - jeyeah!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:26pm Mr. Fuzzybutt:

Shout out to Star Trek Pajama Pants
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:26pm mr El Donutsu:

Shout out to Donkey Sauce!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:26pm Frangry's Panties:

shout out to me not being on Frangrys buttocks.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:26pm Shoutout:

ok, now I like you both.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:26pm Lester:

shout out to SHOUT WIPES during fashion emergencies!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:26pm Caryn:

Shout out to Frangry having Movember on the mind and soon saying "beard" instead of "beer"!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:26pm G:

See? lol
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:27pm Pinball:

Shout out to bartenders everywhere!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:27pm Joe D:

shoutsout to my dude Lil' Bruce! Also shoutsout to my man Regular Bruce. And also Big B (the B stands for Bruce)
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:27pm peteheavycream:

what else would you do for $5,000?
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:27pm Sir Juggalo:

Shout out to the ICP Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:27pm Andrew Waterloo:

Shout out to $5000 dollars!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:27pm Shoutout:

Shoutout to Frangry and Michele because you girls have a good attitude and roll with the shoutouts!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:27pm Jerome:

Shout out to Frangry's NON-basket of kittens voice tonight.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:28pm Clam bake 69:

shout out to my favorite position!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:28pm robyn:

shout out to station manager ken for all those effed up and wonderful gifs every week. shout out to duane for breaaking my heart with those sweet sounds.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:28pm Caryn:

Shout out to kit-tens!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:28pm g:

Can I remove myself from the list voluntarily? It was far from my best post.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:28pm Pinball:

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:28pm peteheavycream:

shout out to everytime someone tells me a body part hurts, i ask them if their face hurts
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:29pm TheMarmot:

shout out to Frangry's buttocks
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:29pm Some Guy:

Shout out to that Hava Goodwin person.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:29pm ex-NJian:

Shout out to napping at work!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:29pm seang:

Shout out to LIFE!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:29pm Insane membrane:

shout out to diamond studded labia piercings.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:29pm g:

Shout out to General Petraeus!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:29pm katie:

Shoutt out to God and to unibrows
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:30pm Linder:

Shout out to kit-tens
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:30pm water fall of Jello:

shout out to no more Twinkies. Wahhh!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:30pm Devon:

Shout out to Michele wearing 2 pairs of PANTIES!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:30pm Homer Jay:

Shout out to unprocessed fish sticks!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:30pm g:

Shout out to HER crescent moon!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:30pm Caryn:

@g: Shout out to you possibly being SUW's Al Pacino, for winning for a time when you didn't do your best work, but actually winning for your past, neglected work.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:30pm peteheavycream:

whoa, michele, that was super depressing
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:31pm Brett:

Shout out to shout outs
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:31pm robyn:

shout out to pancake, the only one who really knows the truth of this malicious rumor.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:31pm Wong in Hawaii:

shout out to underwear and Frangry never wearing any! yeah!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:31pm g:

Shout out to EZ Pass and Metrocard!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:31pm Andrew Waterloo:

Should out to shits and giggles!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:32pm Weed Head:

shout out to Francine Dreyfus!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:32pm Mr Clotworthy:

The Mrs is not available.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:32pm peteheavycream:

shout out to RA the rugged man
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:32pm Comic Book Guy:

Shout out to lowering the collective caller IQ to the level of Spike.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:32pm sweet cheri:

i like to give a special holiday shout out to frangry, michele & caryn..
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:32pm Broccoli farts:

shout out to Broccoli farts!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:32pm Sharpling:

Shout out to James Earl Ray and Mark David Chapman !
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:32pm mr El Donutsu:

Shout out to adjustable beds.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:33pm Glenn:

Shout out to getting fired!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:33pm Devon:

Shout out to Nicaragua and Puerto Rico.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:33pm seang:

shout out to Mickey Digits!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:33pm Mister Rogers:

Shout out to our wonderful neighbors in Canada and Mexico.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:33pm Chicken!!:

Shout out to commenters who are too scared to call in
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:33pm robyn:

word up to my mama and all the mamas up in this earth hizzy.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:33pm Pinball:

no amens.....but shout out to Jill the lesbian tattooed christian!!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:33pm Guy:

Shout out to pee butts!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:33pm shaun the midgit:

shout out to me seeing Frangrys naked buns at the meet up!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:34pm Caryn:

@frangry: peteheavycream already gave a shout out to pancake at the start of the show!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:34pm robyn:

shout out to successful emotional manipulation!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:34pm g:

Shout out to Stan the Man!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:34pm TheMarmot:

Shout out to Billy Jam, X-Ray Burns, Glen Jones, and Nardwuar
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:34pm peteheavycream:

that caller sounded like he was inside my ear. shout out to his phone.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:34pm Pinball:

Shout out to I aint never getting a tshirt never!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:34pm Vito Doantiello:

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:34pm Sharpling:

Shout out to twinks and bears !
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:34pm Doug in Tangiers:

shout out to Food bed's ex's!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:35pm Obummer:

Shout out to all the voters who don't care that the economy sucks so bad for so many tears. Thanks, suckas!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:35pm robyn:

shoutout to peteheavycream sorry bro!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:35pm Caryn:

Shout out to pledges and pledgers!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:35pm mr El Donutsu:

Shout out to Snow Bud and the Flower People's "Bong Hit"
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:35pm Caryn:

Shout out to my sister, who had her birthday yesterday!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:35pm Mrs. Codger:

Shout out to The Old Codger.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:36pm eric the whale:

shout out to alley way hook ups after last call!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:36pm peteheavycream:

ha, thanx robyn. shout out to you, of course. SHOUT OUT TO COMMENTER'S LOVE!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:36pm Linder:

shout out to andy breckman
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:36pm g:

Shout out to PSE+G!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:36pm douchey the raccoon:

shout out to the "Dump" button!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:37pm Dexter:

Shout out to Frangry's 11th toe.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:37pm Sharpling:

Shout out to George Wallace and tits !
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:37pm TheMarmot:

Hollar at your boy E-40, RIP Mac Dre, All Day in the Bay
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:37pm Weed Head:

shout out to Chippy the cat! you rock!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:37pm Quay:

Shout out to the snapple lady!! HOLLA!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:38pm peteheavycream:

stupid dope shout out to Michele's sensitive ears
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:38pm Chicken!!:

Shout out to Wikpedia
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:38pm mr El Donutsu:

Shout out to Anal Magic
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:38pm Weed Head:

shout out to Sharpling!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:38pm g:

Shout out to callers who cure my insomnia!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:38pm Caryn:

Shout out to girls who still have 70s' style bushes!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:38pm Glenn:

Also shout to flushable wet wipes
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:38pm eric:

shout out to the corn snake
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:38pm TheMarmot:

Shout out to Frangry and Michele gettin super drunk and 'experimenting' on air
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:38pm Pinball:

Shout out to stealing GUM!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:39pm JoJo:

Shout out to Frangry's MOM!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:39pm Steve Luke:

Shout out to makin babies with FMU callers!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:39pm mr El Donutsu:

Shout out to sexy scandals
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:39pm g:

Shout out to Sandy for this show!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:39pm G:

bushes were not a style in the 70s. they were just reality.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:39pm robbie:

shout out to my backpack that only has one strap, now i look really cool wen i wear it
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:40pm robyn:

shout out to foodbed, this is funny.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:40pm cosmic matrix:

shout out to cosmic matrix!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:40pm Nate:

Shout out to FILET MINYONG
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:40pm G:

obviously frangry never told michele the gum story. i heard crickets just now.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:40pm Slim Whitman:

Shout out to all the women I have known.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:41pm peteheavycream:

shout out to drunk girls every where. thanks for leveling the playing field
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:41pm Doug in Tangiers:

shout out to panties and Frangry's aversion to wearing them.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:41pm robyn:

shout out to Danne D!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:41pm g:

Shout out to the commercials for erectile dysfunction medication!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:41pm Cooter:

shout out to Frnagry's panty allergy!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:41pm G:

shout out to the indefatigable danne d!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:41pm mr El Donutsu:

Shout out to that hidden can of beer in the trunk behind the spare tire!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:42pm mr. machine:

yo...shout out to the most delicious alien ever...cookiepuss.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:42pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Shout out to the balloon handlers in the Macy's Day parade!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:42pm Caryn:

Shout out to the tv channels who showed the HurryCane ad during the hurricane!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:43pm robyn:

shout out to whoever started the panties rumor!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:43pm TheMarmot:

shout out to chewing frangry panties as chewing gum
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:43pm JessStar:

Shout Out To No Panties Shout Outs
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:43pm Ken the Scientist:

Shout out to SCIENCE!!! 1.21 jigga what whaaaats
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:43pm puddin pants:

shout out to granny panties! May Frangry never wear them.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:43pm Chicken!!:

Shout out to gum + pubic hair
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:43pm Caryn:

Shout out to Frangry now wearing longjohns 365 days a year just to try and shut the rumour-mongerers up!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:44pm JoJo:

Shout out to Frangry's BOXER SHORTS!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:44pm g:

Shout out to MTV before they sucked!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:44pm Ken the Scientist:

Shout shout let it all out?
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:44pm cosmic matrix:

how about a shout-out to my home town HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON!!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:44pm youth gone wild:

Shout out to cunnilingus!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:44pm Carmichael:

Shout out to beer goggles!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:45pm Ken the Scientist:

Shout out to Isley brothers?
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:45pm Pinball:

Shout out to Frangry over Foodbed!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:45pm Caryn:

Shout out to MTV when Music Television actually played some MUSIC!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:45pm Survivorman:

Shout out to tasty grasshoppers and delicious grubs!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:45pm peteheavycream:

shout out to all the ladies calling in tonight. i love it
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:45pm re-TODD:

shout out to the satin remover "shout out."
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:46pm Joe The Plumber:

Shout out to stopped-up toilets!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:46pm Rindstone:

Shout out to mixing clonopin w/ benedryl! woop woop!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:46pm sweet cheri:

happy thanksgiving to all!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:46pm Ken the Scientist:

Shout out to being naked!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:46pm robyn:

shout out to whatever the hell is going on in that woman's personal life.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:46pm Weed Head:

shout out to crumbs in the covers.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:46pm Chicken:

Shout out to General Tso!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:46pm g:

Shout out to lesbians who steal straightish girls from their clueless boyfriends!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:46pm mr El Donutsu:

Shot out to stuffing a sock in your panties
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:47pm TheMarmot:

tonight the show is titled "Shout Out, Weirdo!"
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:47pm G:

about the no-panties rumor: How much "legs" a story has is not truth-related at all. Instead, it's in proportion to how good of a story it is. Sorry! Check political stories, celebrity reputations, etc etc
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:47pm mr. machine:

shout out to slappin your kids. no time outs.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:47pm Ken the Scientist:

Shout out to having a good one.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:47pm g:

Shout out to WA and CO!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:47pm chad from Oregon:

shout out to Larry the Perv for stealing frangrys panties
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:47pm Guy Fieri:

Shout out to my piece of shit NY restaurant!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:47pm Chicken!!:

@Chicken Second that shout out to General Tso
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:47pm u and I:

shout out to thongs, boxers, briefs and all other underpants Frangry is not willing to wear.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:47pm Sharpling:

Shout out to the K K K and murder !
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:48pm mr El Donutsu:

Shout out for Guy Fieri!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:48pm Archangel:

Shout out to Frangry someday sleeping in Foodbed's foodbed.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:48pm bare bunz:

shout out to Frangry's nude heiny!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:48pm miguel:

shout out to T P
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:49pm Mom:

Shout out to time out!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:49pm g:

Shout out to liquor stores!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:49pm G:

That's money, Guy.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:49pm pooty tang 120:

shout out to Frangrys surgeon!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:49pm T Shirt:

Shout out to deoderant!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:50pm The Car:

Shout out to Mark!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:50pm Frangry's boobs:

shout out to Frangry's double d's!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:50pm tom:

shout out to slapping monkey!!!!!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:50pm peteheavycream:

great job ladies! shout out to after show beverages! SHOUT OUT, WEIRDO!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:50pm g:

Shout out to Nicks (Stevie)!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:50pm Tim:

Shout out to Frangry's pocket-rocket doing extra duty the last 6 weeks.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:50pm Weed Head:

shout out to peteheavycream
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:50pm G:

Don't get *that* started, "F's b's"
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:51pm robyn:

shout out to super relaxed foodbed tonight. you sound like you should be a in drop top rolling with your homies.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:51pm Caryn:

Shout out to the tex mex place on the corner for making dishes that are 70 % cheese, thus clogging my arteries for all time!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:51pm Sharpling:

Shout out to the Holocaust and the sunami !
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:51pm seang:

Shout out to Michele saying "Pumped"!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:51pm Pie:

Shout out to ice cream!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:51pm JackInAZ:

Aww, I got a "that's cheesy."
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:51pm Chip:

Shout out to Dale!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:51pm Mr. PotatoHead:

Shout out to Frangry's gorgeous legs! LOL
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:52pm lez van dyke:

shout out to lesbians!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:52pm Ike:

Shout out to Mike!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:52pm Guy Fieri:

Shout out to goin' commando!!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:52pm cosmic matrix:

shout out to everyone who can't stand stand up weirdo either!

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:53pm Wichita Lineman:

You're welcome.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:53pm cosmic matrix:

oops i messed that one up
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:53pm Ken the Scientist:

Shouting out to my man Carl Sagan
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:54pm Mr. PotatoHead:

shout out to awesome internet memes about cats!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:54pm Andrew Waterloo:

shout out to saying word
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:54pm youth gone wild:

shout out to a menage ou troi with pancake and food bed
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:54pm mr. machine:

glad you liked my shout out. keep it real ladies. and dont forget cookiepuss
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:54pm my bunny:

shout to SHOUT OUT!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:54pm Chicken!!:

Shout out to new hobbies
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:54pm g:

Shout out to slapping your kids while eating a cookie in the mountains!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:54pm Tim:

Shout out to MICHELE'S Missing "L".
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:54pm 316 New York:

shout out to Landshark!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:54pm Caryn:

Shout out to everyone buried in space! You need to shout to reach them. (But don't scream, because then they can't hear it in space.)
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:55pm Nate:

Shout out to smoking crack with the dad from ALF
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:55pm g:

Shout out to Tesla!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:55pm drunken monkey:

shoutout to Frangry's diapers
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:55pm Ken the Scientist:

Shout out to taquitos because taquitos is a fun word
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:55pm g:

Shout out to Tofurkey!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:55pm my bunny:

to the hash i made today
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:56pm Cliff:

Shout out to the physical properties of sound waves!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:56pm Weed Head:

shout out to Skiddy and Boots!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:56pm Chicken!!:

Shout out to you're on the radio
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:56pm Chicken!!:

Shout out to getting the math problem wrong on the comment form
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:56pm Mr. PotatoHead:

shout out to food bed left overs in the morning!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:56pm g:

Shout out to heavy dudes!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:57pm g:

Shout out to cheap plugs!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:57pm Tom:

Shout out to Mike Hunt & Dick Hertz.
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:57pm Weed Head:

shout out to the Lockwood Tavern. RIP!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:57pm g:

Shout out to 7:00 PM!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:57pm Caryn:

Shout out to everyone from David Edward Hughes to Guglielmo Marconi for inventing the radio!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:58pm Pinball:

shout out to thank god no more shout outs! mountains, really?
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:58pm g:

Shout out to Elizabeth Warren!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:58pm my bunny:

shout to my actual bunny
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/16/12 6:58pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 11/16/12 6:58pm Comic Book Guy:

Shout out to Romney being unemployed!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:58pm Mr. PotatoHead:

hey you forgot the message boards!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:59pm g:

Shout out to dumps!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:59pm Andrew Waterloo:

Shout Out to live online streaming!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:59pm robyn:

shout out to the ladieeeeeez great show tonight!
  Fri. 11/16/12 6:59pm Ken the Scientist:

Shout out to stellar evolution! Weeeeee
  Fri. 11/16/12 7:00pm Comic Book Guy:

Welcome to the club Mitt!
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