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November 6, 2012 Options
Did the right thing
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
James Brown 
Cold Sweat (pt. 1)   Options b/w Cold Sweat (pt. 2)
(King 1967)

Peggy Seeger  Abe Lincoln Stood at the White House Gate   Options Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger:
The Long Harvest
(Topic 1967)
Mitch Torok  Madam President   Options
( 1984)
Lee Hazlewood  Save Your Vote for Clarence Mudd   Options The N.S.V.I.P.'s (Not So Very Important People)
(Reprise 1964)
Lillian Brooks  First Lady of America   Options b/w Lead on Mr. President
(B and F )
Ella Fitzgerald  Vote for Mr. Rhythm   Options Ella Fitzgerald 1935-1937
(Chronological Classics )
Joseph Mazibuko  White House Special   Options Greatest Accordion Jive Hits,
Volume 3
(Go Go 1972)
Bobo Jenkins  Democrat Blues   Options b/w Bad Luck and Trouble
(Chess 1952)
Hank Marr  White House Party   Options Bucket o' Grease

Talkover Music:
Melvin Jackson 
Funky Skull   Options Funky Skull
(Limelight 1969)

Double Dee & Steinski  I'll Apologize and Vote Democrat   Options
Steinski  Rev. Joseph Lowery at President Obama's inauguration   Options
Steinski  Mitt vs. The Truth   Options

Talkover Music:
Q-Burns Abstract Message 
Feng Shui   Options Feng Shui
(Astralwerks 1998)

John Earnest  Soul President #1   Options Funk Cargo
Louis Jordan  Jordan for President   Options b/w Oil Well Texas
(Decca 1952)
Lulu Reed & Freddy King  Do the President Twist   Options b/w Your Love Keeps A-Workin' on Me
(Federal 1962)
Jimmy Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys  Guitar Picking President   Options Jimmy Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys
(Bear Family 1965)
The Almanac Singers  Dear Mr. President   Options Dear Mr. President
(Keynote 1942)
The Birds of Harmony  Tribute to a Great President   Options
The Brotherhood  The Monkey That Became President (pt. 1)   Options Funky Funky New Orleans, Volume 4
(Funky Delicacies )
President Obama  Let's Stay Together (excerpt)   Options

Closing Theme:
Specks Williams 
We Gave the Drummer Some   Options b/w Specks' Blues
(Jax 196?)

Listener comments!

  Tue. 11/6/12 3:27pm Van in DC:

*peeks head in *

Oooh. Someone went messing with your gimme-meter again.

Have a wonderful show Doug!
  Tue. 11/6/12 3:31pm Doug Schulkind:

Thank you my man Van! It will be a (mostly) non-partisan presentation this evening. Offered with a heart full of love.
  Tue. 11/6/12 3:33pm Van in DC:

Good luck with that :) I'll try to stop in if possible, if not, I look forward to looking back on this here show with adoration :)
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:27pm Van in Arlington:

Good pic
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 5:30pm Doug Schulkind:

Nothing like a moving Van.
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:36pm Van in Arlington:

Beers to you Doug :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 5:38pm Doug Schulkind:

First round: I'm buying.
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:40pm Van in Arlington:

Yay! Listener rush in 3...2... :)
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Where's beer!?!

Hiya Doug and Van! Inspiring image indeed, to get yer vote on!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 5:45pm Doug Schulkind:

Hullo there Matt from Springfield!
I am serving a nice IPA made from Gowanus Canal water. (A bonus: It's fluorescent!)
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:45pm Van in Arlington:

Hi Matt
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Hope the vote's going well in PA--no one was turned away at the polls because they "look like a day laborer from a boardinghouse", were they? (With ref to your wife's great legal analysis article...)
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:52pm Artie:

So, what's the subject of tonight's show?
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:53pm listener james from westwood:

good evening all, and happy voting day/night, fellow americans!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 5:54pm Doug Schulkind:

Many long-time registered voters in Philly are showing up to find themselves NOT on the voter rolls. Having to vote using provisional ballots. A voting machine here in Pittsburgh was recording a vote for one candidate when pressing the button for the other. I imagine you can guess who was which. The voter took a cellphone video that's gone, as the kids say, viral.

Hi Artie!
Just taking requests (cough cough) tonight.

Hello Brother Listener James FW! Big radio bear hug to you.
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:55pm 42th:

Hello everyone.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 5:56pm Doug Schulkind:

I hope you don't get a 42th ache.
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:57pm 42th:

  Tue. 11/6/12 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Howdy LJFW, fellow American, AND fellow listener!
Hi listeners Artie and 42th!
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:57pm ndbob:

evening Doug and everyone!
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:57pm Artie:

Pants joke:
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

And a good evening to you, Forty-somethingth state Bob!
  Tue. 11/6/12 5:59pm Van in Arlington:

Beer is back In the corner
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

@Van: Will certainly be opening some when I get home! :)
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:02pm listener james from westwood:

i might need another hug by the end of this evening, or morning, however long it takes to glean a clean result on the vote. howdy, all!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:06pm Matt from Springfield:

"Madam President"! I guessed you would play this when I saw the theme! One of the hits of the past year!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Lee Hazlewood! Good writer, and singer!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:12pm ndbob:

wow never heard this before
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:13pm Matt from Springfield:

@NDBob Thought this was a song-poem at first, but that's too many backing vocals and orchestration for those outfits.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 6:14pm Doug Schulkind:

Howdy ndbob!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:15pm Wu Tang Clan:

Vote for Mr. RZA!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Of thee we SWING!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:16pm Pascal in Ann Arbor:

As a non-US citizen, I nevertheless support all ballot initiatives for drummers to have some more!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 6:17pm Doug Schulkind:

Hi Wu! How are yu?
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:19pm ndbob:

@matt i did too
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 6:20pm Doug Schulkind:

You've got my vote, Pascal.
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:21pm Pascal in Ann Arbor:

Canucks for Schulkind would look mighty nice on a bumper sticker.
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:22pm Wu Tang Clan:

Chillin' brother, chillin' with the Drummer! Hustlin's hard, yo.
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:24pm Matt from Springfield:

@Pascal: Thanks for your endorsement of Bond Issue #37: "An increase to further provide for Drummers of all types".
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:24pm Aurélie:

Just saying Hi ! Love & Mana to you
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 6:29pm Doug Schulkind:

Hi hi hi hi Aurélie!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:30pm Matt from Springfield:

W00t!!! Steinski redux!!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:30pm Matt from Springfield:

Greetings to New Caledonia, Aurélie!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:32pm listener james from westwood:

this rev lowery mix just about wrecked me the first time i heard it. ok, and the tenth time.
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:32pm Aurélie:

@Doug: Your programmation is terrific !! It's so sunny around here in New-Caledonia and wonderful with your music, sending so much love to you and all your listeners !
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 6:33pm Doug Schulkind:

Fingers crossed we will HEAR IT AGAIN!

It is you who is terrific. I am just a mirror. (How corny!)
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:34pm Aurélie:

@doug: geez :))))
Hope all of you guys went to vote!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:36pm Matt from Springfield:

If you live in the Eastern Time Zone of the USA, it is 25 minutes until 7 pm, probably the closing time for your polls. If you HAVE NOT VOTED yet...DO IT! Hurry!

And when you return, make sure you throw some scratch WFMU's way.
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:38pm listener james from westwood:

hope this is the last we hear from this entitled, soulless, plastic, prevaricating motherfucker. he reminds me of the guy who laid me off.
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:39pm northguineahills:

NYC polls are open until 9pm. Walking over after I finish my tea.
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:40pm Matt from Springfield:

We're listening to STEINSKI! On G-T-D-R!
Standing O to Double Dee and Steinski! And Doug! Hell, to this Q-Burns as well!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:41pm northguineahills:

After 7, the lines are shorter, and my polling place is just down the street.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 6:42pm Doug Schulkind:

En Gee Aiche!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:44pm listener james from westwood:

absolutely stay in line past the closing hour at your polling place. you gotta be in it to win it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 6:45pm Doug Schulkind:

Possibly the only song every to find a rhyme for Kefauver.
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:46pm Matt from Springfield:

"If you want a hipster who'll take no sassin', vote for Stassen"!!!
The hippiest praise ever given to ol' Harry Stassen! :D

Go Jordan! Is you is or is you ain't his supporter!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:48pm ndbob:

no doubt Doug
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Boy, everything was about the Twist in the early 60s...
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:49pm Matt from Springfield:

@Doug: Hip-est, most hip, not "hippie" est :)
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:50pm northguineahills:

Past elections I showed up after 8, and I didn't even have to wait in line. Showing up b/tn 8am-7pm guarentees a long line.
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:50pm listener james from westwood:

nertz, i was in the other room; did they rhyme "kefauver" with "palaver"?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 6:51pm Doug Schulkind:

Apparently, it serves the purpose of some to keep some fellow citizens from voting. Should be the death penalty for that.
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:53pm Matt from Springfield:

@NGH: Wow, those are open late!

Talkin' Blues!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:55pm northguineahills:

Ok, off I go, thanks Doug! will be back in 30 minutes. (it's been so hard to find info on the justices of the NY Supreme Court.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 6:57pm Doug Schulkind:

Vote with the wind, NGH.
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:58pm ndbob:

excellent show Doug!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 6:58pm Doug Schulkind:

This funky track by the Brotherhood is actually a Tom T. Hall song!!!!
  Tue. 11/6/12 6:58pm listener james from westwood:

wish we had a single national voting standard for the prez. election. and a single national means of voting. i can dream, can't i?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 6:59pm Doug Schulkind:

You are a dreamer and a stream, my good James.

Thanks ndbob and thanks everyone!
  Tue. 11/6/12 7:02pm listener james from westwood:

many thanks, doug. tough days ahead for fmu and a long night ahead for the nation, but my dream is we'll find a way thru both.
  Tue. 11/6/12 7:04pm Matt from Springfield:

The Presidential Suite of shows!
Thanks Doug for this great walk through politics past!
Have a good Election Night, all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 11/6/12 7:05pm Doug Schulkind:

A Jacuzzi comes with, Matt!
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