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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options November 2, 2012: RERUN: Non Curse Swear Words

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Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:01pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:01pm Carmichael:

Late for the Robot Dance .... !!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:02pm Michele:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:02pm FRANGRY:

Sorry we can't be there today folks. The station has a lot of damage from the hurricane. No phone lines among them.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:03pm Michele:

Where are all our weirdos at?!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:03pm giraffe-o:

Frangry's explanation of why Johnny Muller's in studio sounds like a set-up for a lo-budget adult film
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:03pm Weirdos:

Phones? We don't need no stinkin' phones.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:03pm Caryn:

Hi, weirdos!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:03pm FRANGRY:

Maybe it's just you and me, Michele?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Rerun weirdos beats no weirdos.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:04pm Weirdos:

We're out looting.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:04pm JackInAZ:

Are all the weirdos okay after the storm mess?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:04pm FRANGRY:

I think a lot of folks are still without power
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:04pm FRANGRY:

We miss you guys.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:04pm channeling Andy:

Forgot to put the nonworking phones in mono
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:05pm mike noble in dc:

hello everyone.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:05pm the glowing one:

this weird, you both in the comment board but there's a rerun playing at the same time. I can hear your voices and I can read your comments... but they actually don't belong to another.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:05pm Carmichael:

♫ Long time passing ...♫
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:05pm G:

Don't overthink it, glowing :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:05pm FRANGRY:

We got lots of new pledges, and I will thank them on the air next week. In the meantime please send what you can www.wfmu.org...
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:06pm Danne D:

Aw man :( it's a rerun

But Hi Frangry :) <3333
Hi Foodbed :) <3
Hi Weirdos
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:06pm Michele:

Hopefully we can make our goal by the end of this hour. The station really needs everyone's help! It is weird to listen to myself and comment here. How is everyone doing?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:06pm FRANGRY:

Record fair is cancelled and the station has $250k in damage!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:06pm giraffe-o:

related to today's topic : Let's play 'hide the spider' !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:06pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:07pm the glowing one:

the transmitters are still offline, right? web stream only, no FCC. what a opportunity this could have been!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:07pm Bloomblerg:

Does Espanyoll Counta?


Sign *that*, scenestealing bitch!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:07pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Confound it! You don't have insurance? Dash it all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:07pm FRANGRY:

@ the glowing one We still have to follow FCC in case the transmitters come back :(
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:08pm FRANGRY:

Can I just say, I hate Spikes calls.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:08pm FCC:

We need fine money BAD. Deficit reduction goals, yknow. DON'T SLIP UP, KIDS! :P
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:09pm MISTER JOHNNY:

"Real Co-Hosts of Jersey City"
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:09pm G:

Thanks for the honesty, Frangry. Dude makes my skin crawl a little, every time.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:09pm FRANGRY:

Let's play a comments board game: frangry and Michele tell SUW secrets!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:09pm Michele:

You can say it sister!!
Transmitters might go back any minute so we are still under FCC regulations.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:09pm Carmichael:

Ha ha, Frangry. Who doesn't hate Spike's calls??
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:10pm Danne D:

I moved the meter :)
Wish I really could do more :(
But I've maxed out.
Please pledge for these Weirdos and for FMU.

I think I actually called this episode.

I don't think it was a very good call though.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:10pm MISTER JOHNNY:

You broke the radio, FOOD-BED!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:10pm Michele:

WHAT KIND OF SECRETS??? You start Frangry
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:10pm FRANGRY:

It's Michele's turn to tell a secret.....
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:10pm G:

Have your periods synchronized since July? :-)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:11pm mike noble in dc:

why did i ever confess that dumb name!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:11pm FRANGRY:

@G not yet! My period is a week late....
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:11pm Danne D:

Actually really slammed at work so probably won't comment much :(

But I'll listen to the replay of my old comments from the rerun ;)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:11pm MISTER JOHNNY:

sufferin' succotash!!!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:12pm G:

Too late,. Mike. Err in haste, repent at leisure (old saying)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:12pm Carmichael:

Meet-up secrets, please. PUHL-EEEEASE!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:12pm Gangas Dong:

I like calling my chubby tall friends "knuckle draggers" they always get very self conscious.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:12pm mike noble in dc:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:13pm Michele:

I will tell a secret if we make our goal.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:13pm G:

"My period is a week late.... " <--- sounds like it could be a life changing secret, maybe she got knocked up in a stall at the meetup :-P
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:13pm FRANGRY:

Where's peteheavycream????
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:13pm FRANGRY:

Don't be lame, Michele. Tell a SUW secret....
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:14pm Phillip in San Antonio:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:14pm squirrel carcass:

Yeah give us meet-up secrets.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:14pm g:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:14pm G:

Frangry will show you hers, Michele, if you show her yours (this is the especially mature comments board)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:14pm FRANGRY:

Nothing that great happened at the meet up...
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:15pm Michele:

I think I hugged Pete Heavy Cream at the meetup.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:15pm G:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:15pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Fargin Icehole!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:15pm FRANGRY:

Michele and I are listening to our show, while commenting on the board, AND texting.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:16pm Jesus:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:16pm G:

Your fingers will get tangled up. Or, you'll type a super embarassing pvt text to the board :-)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:17pm MISTER JOHNNY:

sufferin succotashole!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:17pm FRANGRY:

I just laughed all over again at "wizard sleeve".
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:17pm JackInAZ:

The pics of Frangry & Michele with Pete Heavy Cream look so happy!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:17pm squirrel carcass:

Can you chew gum at the same time?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:17pm FRANGRY:

We have the best radio show ever.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:17pm mike noble in dc:

gordon bennett = god in heaven
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:18pm FRANGRY:

So is everyone ok?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:18pm mike noble in dc:

I was gonna play a movie at the record fair that had a kid shouting "gordon bennett!" but alas, it will never be.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:18pm MISTER JOHNNY:

The MARATHON's been canceled...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:18pm FRANGRY:

PLEDGE: www.wfmu.org...
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:18pm G:

@JackInAZ: Those two women deserve the Academy Award!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:19pm Caryn:

I still say that guy was full of it claiming he came up with "wizard sleeve". It's a British thing, dammit!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:19pm FRANGRY:

When Jenna said "ship", you can hear Michele panic.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:19pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What about "RATS!!!"
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:19pm G:

@mike: Do you know where that "Gordon Bennett" comes from?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:19pm Michele:

Totally panicked!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:19pm Danne D:

OOF. I missed this Andy part of Jenna's call
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:20pm Ken From Hyde Park:

They cancelled the NYC marathon? Aw, Jiminy Whiz!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:20pm FRANGRY:

Thanks for ur pledge Danne D!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:20pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Cheez its Christ!!!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:21pm Phillip in San Antonio:

The ladies running this show are a couple of broads!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:22pm G:

Phjillip is a tape-measure man.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:22pm Snortley:

Godfre Daniels!!!
"Bloody" is seriously obscene in Britain, just not here.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:22pm Danne D:

You're welcome Frangry :)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:22pm Michele:

I cant believe I thought I had to bleep douchebag
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:22pm FRANGRY:

@phillip Classy broads!!!!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:22pm Snortley:

That is, Godfrey.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:23pm JackInAZ:

Where's Johnny Muller?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:23pm FRANGRY:

U DO have to bleep douchebag
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:23pm Doug in Tangiers:

what do you mean nothing great happened at the meet up. Frangry was panty-less the whole night!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:23pm Phillip in San Antonio:

A bit of the old 1930s 40s lingo.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:23pm FRANGRY:

Not sure where Muller is, but I know he's ok because he emailed me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:24pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:24pm Caryn:

@G: the oft-cited source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Gordon_Bennett,_Jr.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:24pm Michele:

You do?!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:24pm G:

Phillip was doing his best Humphrey Bogart right there.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:24pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I had a boss who would mumble "bad words..." instead of cursing. I found it very funny.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:25pm FRANGRY:

@ Michele yeah. I think ken told me that once.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:25pm mike noble in dc:

@G - gordon bennett is a cockney thing i think. it's a minced oath.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:25pm G:

@Caryn: Yep, his paper (the NY Herald) sponsored many races (auto, yachting, etc.) -- he even shows up by reference in Joyce's Ulysses...
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:25pm Doug in Tangiers:

Is it weird hearing yourself Frangry?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:25pm Eric:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:25pm Skirkie:

How does it feel to be listening to yourselves like this?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:25pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How is Andy Cohen? Unharmed, I hope.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:26pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is FRANGRY wearing panties now?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:26pm G:

G.B. was Scots, he inherited the paper business from his dad, if I don't misremember. He was Gordon Bennett Jr.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:26pm FRANGRY:

Haven't spoken to him, but ken says all DJs and staff are ok
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:26pm G:

@MJ: One hint: she's in bed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:27pm FRANGRY:

I'm wearing granny panties
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:27pm Weed Head:

whoa, yes! more Frangry not wearing underpants stuff. sweet
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:27pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:27pm F Capone:

what about "mother skunk"?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:27pm Danne D:

Dang did Michele dis Evan Funk Davies there? ;)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:27pm Danne D:

(Michele is still the nice one though)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:27pm Eric:

butt monkey
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:28pm Caryn:

@G: yep, more about both Bennetts and their combination with "Gor blimey!": http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/gordon-bennett.html
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:28pm G:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:28pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:29pm Eric:

jeepers creepers
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:29pm Weed Head:

you can call someone an asshole but you can't say stick your finger in your asshole.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:29pm Eric:

holy makerel
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:30pm FRANGRY:

@ weed head correct
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:30pm squirrel carcass:

Shut Up Weirdo granny panties would be a nice premium.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:30pm G:

"Zounds!" is a 16th/17th-century "curse dodge" for "God's wounds" (i.e. swearing by the wounds in Christ's hands, feet, and side from being crucified)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:30pm Doug in Tangiers:

can you say "Frangry's asshole was not covered by underwear at the meet up?"
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:30pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Hurricane Sandy cannot match the power of "Shut Up, Weirdo!!!"
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:30pm G:

squirrel carcass is an old but kindly perv :-)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:31pm Skirkie:

I think after 9pm is the rule for things like asshole and shit. Same as it was for NYPD Blue.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:31pm Phillip in San Antonio:

All of these non-curse words sound like horses names at the kentucky derby.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:31pm G:

@Doug: You can say it, but she'll all-cap your ass on the board a minute later
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:31pm MISTER JOHNNY:

John McCabe was raised Mormon, huh?

That makes a lot of sense....
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:31pm jizzy jeans:

percosets and red wine anyone?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:31pm Caryn:

@Eric: interestingly (well, to some), "mackerel" is a slang word for a pimp in many cultures (because the fish has flashy, shiny skin).
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:32pm F Capone:

Jimminy Cricket!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:32pm robyn:

are you listening to how mean you are to us (commenters) on your radio show? sniff. sniff. sob.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:32pm Skirkie:

So no one commented that they called and can't get through yet?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:32pm FRANGRY:

@doug tangiers: you asshole.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:32pm Doug in Tangiers:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:32pm Phillip in San Antonio:

mother father chinese dentist!!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:33pm Caryn:

@Skirkie: that's for tv. On radio, I believe the FCC says it's okay only between midnight and 6 a.m.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:33pm G:

No way Doug. Frangry wears Depends on all social occasions to protect herself from incontinent drunken bf's sleeping over.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:33pm mike noble in dc:

awww, frangry missed andy in that slip
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:33pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Cartoon mild profanity:

Butters from South Park - Hamburgers!
Sponge Bob - Tartar sauce!
Dick Dastardly from Wacky Races - Drat and double-drat!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:33pm James Bondage:

"lady part" = cooter.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:33pm Brian AllMotor:

Growing up, my mom dismayed curse words. On The occasion my father would get upset with one of us he would say "I'M REALLY TEE'D OFF , YA KNOW"
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:34pm Skirkie:

I didn't call this one in at the time (because I don't call) but my brother's weird freshman year roommate had his brother over and they said things like, "Son of a Blonkey!"
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:34pm Danne D:

Wacky Races was my favorite :)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:34pm Snortley:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:34pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

We are going wild! In rerun!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:34pm Danne D:

Blinking Fertilizer sounds like the name of a harness horse
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:34pm Danne D:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:35pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Sacred sexual feces!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:35pm robyn:

ha!! @danne d
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:35pm Tinkle Glimor:

When American Graffiti 2 played on TV they overdubbed "Pigs Eat Shit" into "Pigs Eat Slop"
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:35pm Pinball:

Power back on in the east village!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:35pm shaun the midgit:

censors for TV dubs are the worst. That and Frangrys panties.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:35pm Skirkie:

Bruce Willis grew up in New Jersey. (Bruce Willis Facts)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:36pm Eric:

+1 for wingnut
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:36pm MISTER JOHNNY:

FRANGRY likes Bruce Willis!!!

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:36pm G:

Frickin Frackin Curse Words.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:36pm Tinkle Glimor:

Also: Fiddlesticks
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:36pm F Capone:

what the peanut butter and jelly is going on here?!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:36pm Nat the Parker:

Yippie ki yay Melon farmer
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:36pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

I enjoy all the "mickey fickey" bombs in the TV edit of "Do The Right Thing."
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:36pm Doug in Tangiers:

Anyone remember Bruce Willis one hit wonder? "Respect yourself?" Me neither.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:36pm FRANGRY:

No power t y house. And very one need to stop talking about my damn panties.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:37pm Phillip in San Antonio:

shepherds purse!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:37pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

I'm a Gentile with a twist of Jew.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:37pm Nat the Parker:

Yippie ki yay My Friend
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:37pm G:

@MJ: Frangry has a daddy thing going there.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:38pm Frangry's Panties:

Why is everyone talking about me? I wasn't even there!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:38pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Definition for schmendrick:
Web definitions:
A man who messes things up, always loses and feels miserable. An unfortunate asshole. Closely related to Schlemazel and Schlemiell....
More info »Source
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

In the edited version of the movie "Fargo," they used the word "frozen" a lot.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:38pm robyn:

LOL..the guy playing the drums has to be one of the weirdest calls i have ever heard on this show.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:38pm G:

Since Frangry and Michele can't come up with a deep show secret, here's one:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:39pm Jesus:

Flip you !
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:39pm JackInAZ:

When I was a kid, my mom wouldn't swear unless I had really pissed her off. Then she would say,"dammit Jack!" In the funniest cartoon voice and I couldn't help but laugh - which would never save me from what came next....
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:39pm Pinball:

power in most the east village except Frangrys place
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:39pm Pinball:

was the meet up fun?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:39pm Nat the Parker:

See You Next Time!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:39pm Schmendrick:


SUCK MY Schmendrick!!!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:40pm Brian AllMotor:

lots of fag callers these days.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:40pm Phillip in San Antonio:

Corn on the cob!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:40pm Danne D:

Johnny's Muller's "woah" = "woah that's hot"
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:40pm Weed Head:

Michele is part Indian? Let's smoke somr peace pipe, dude!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:41pm Schmendrick:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:41pm Weed Head:

any one else well on their way to getting seriously baked?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:41pm Pinball:

sudenly the homophobes and racsists hit the thread
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:41pm truly hope:

That muller gets the therapy he so obviously needs. Before it is too late…
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:41pm truly hope:

That muller gets the therapy he so obviously needs. Before it is too late…
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:42pm G:

@Pinball: Someone's vibe tripped the breaker at the local transformer.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:42pm FRANGRY:

Apparently, I live in gramercy
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:42pm Schmendrick:

Kids don't like FOOD-BED, either...
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:43pm pooty tang 120:

Does anyone have a report on Michele's panty situation at the meet up?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:43pm Michele:

Here comes STRAWBERRY!!!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:43pm G:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:43pm Pinball:

I didnt loose power...apperently I live in williamsburg,,,
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:43pm FRANGRY:

@brian SUW does not discriminate based on sexual preference. And u shouldn't either.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:44pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:44pm Caryn:

"You fooding bed!" Hmm... that might work.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:44pm Pinball:

was the meet up fun? I was in New Orleans...
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:44pm Schmendrick:

Parker Poser is so over....
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:44pm Nat the Parker:

Hipster, please
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:44pm luvs2bang:

Frangry should be played by Sarah Silverman.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:44pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:44pm Johnny Muller:

I get my therapy twice a week thank you very much.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:45pm G:

brian ≠ brain
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:45pm Schmendrick:

FRANGRY will be played by Bruce Willis in drag...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:45pm FRANGRY:

You tell em, Muller!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:45pm Danne D:

honestly it sounds more like constipation than "mother fucker" when they are saying these other words...
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:45pm mike noble in dc:

the rusty show with this guy
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:45pm Michele:

Rusty's voice is so soothing
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:45pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

This is the guy that makes "heavy breathing" calls at 3am.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:45pm Weed Head:

Johnny Muller's mom had him tested.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:45pm G:

@JM: Twice a week for how many years? And how's that workin' out fer ya?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:45pm FRANGRY:

Rusty's calls went downhill after this.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:45pm truly hope:

Excellent. Avoid the pharmaceuticals.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:46pm porch monkey:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:47pm Danne D:

Muller's therapy: listening to SUW Friday at 6pm and then listening to the archive on Tuesday cuz he misses Frangry :)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:47pm G:

Rusty the Bailiff

I wanna shower again, after that call
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:47pm robyn:

this call is crazy. i missed this show the first time around. it is pretty good.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:47pm Schmendrick:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:47pm Ben Dover:

When it all comes down to it only one phrase can rid the universe from bad swear words...........EATTTTTTTTTT ITTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:47pm Pinball:

whats with the racists tonight?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:47pm JackInAZ:

Wow, Rusty. Purrrrrr.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:47pm truly hope:

Oh god you had to encourage Rusty. Oh well.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:47pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Kittens with mittens!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:48pm Doug in Tangiers:

Frangry is so quick to fall for listeners like Rusty only to be destroyed two calls later.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:48pm G:

Sounds more like a frequent commenter I know, Danne 0:-)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:48pm Schmendrick:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:48pm Johnny Muller:

@G since forever
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:48pm Eric:

up yours, buddy!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:48pm Brian AllMotor:

Balsamic Vinegar = Ball Smack Vinegar.... just sayin..
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:48pm sand nigger:

KKK all day
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:48pm Nat the Parker:

Double-U Fuck My Uterus
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:48pm FRANGRY:

@doug very good point. I am very fickle.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:49pm Schmendrick:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:50pm FRANGRY:

You guys please pledge. The station is desperate and every penny counts. www.wfmu.org...
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:50pm shaun the midgit:

Frangry was too quick to proclaim her love for a one hit wonder caller. Rusty from Hawaii sux.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:50pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:50pm Jimmy Cracked Corn and I dont give a DAMN:

I like goldfish in my pants
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:50pm truly hope:

Schieße = shit
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:50pm Schmendrick:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:50pm G:

Fick u
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:51pm Michele:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:51pm dick cheese:

Frangry tosses in a shameless plug for station dough.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:51pm Schmendrick:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:51pm HFuchs:

I find myself saying crikey a lot and I hate it but I can't stop!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:51pm Carmichael:

That's "sheissen".
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:52pm FRANGRY:

I have to ask for money. Ken is making us.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:52pm Weed Head:

I'm toasted. Tracers everywhere.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:52pm Michele:

I still like "Oh Sweat!"
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:53pm Doug in Tangiers:

Honor? wha?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:53pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

BLERG! (from "30 Rock")
I use that one a lot.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:53pm channeling Ken:


  Fri. 11/2/12 6:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I've heard people say "oh snap." Where did that come from?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:54pm re-TODD:

Just joined the conversation. Anyone talking about Frangry and Michele's lesbo kiss at the meet up?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:54pm Schmendrick:

Dag Nabbit!!!

Dag Nabbit!!!

Dag Nabbit!!!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:54pm Pinball:

the station is listener supported and dunces like you need to be reminded
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:54pm Caryn:

@BGZ: ever use "nerds!"?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:54pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Shazbot! (from "Mork & Mindy)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:55pm channeling Ken:

i missed a lesbo kiss????? WTF???????
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:55pm Nat the Parker:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:55pm Weed Head:

lesbo kiss? What the?...
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:55pm Schmendrick:

Roofie Raper!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:55pm FRANGRY:

@re-Todd Ssssshhhhhhh
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:56pm Pinball:

meet up/make out session?
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:56pm Michele:

You tell 'em Pinball!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:56pm Doug in Tangiers:

There were roumors of a lesbo make out session but thought it was fake. Not? sweet!!!!!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:56pm G:

You snap your fingers at someone to diss or dismiss them. "Oh, snap!" ie., you got burned
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:56pm Hands Mcgee:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:56pm Eric:

masca nalgas
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:56pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

@Caryn: Every once in a blue moon. "Blerg" gets used waaaaaaaay more often.

I'm also fond of the whole "Who has two thumbs, speaks limited French and just _______________? :Points at self: THIS MOI!" thing.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:56pm Bob:

Cheese and rice!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:56pm Nat the Parker:

scientific curse words: placenta, smegma
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:56pm Danne D:

Have a good one Weirdos :)
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:57pm Schmendrick:

The Roofie Raping Community is very offended by Food-Bed's intolerant comments...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:57pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:57pm Doug in Tangiers:

loves me some lesbian girl on girl action. Frangry is my fantasy girl.
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:57pm Caryn:

@Ken: Tracy Morgan popularised it on SNL. And Biz Markie's RadioShack commercial probably made it even more known, as he quoted "Oh Snap! Guess what I saw!" from his song "Just A Friend".
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:58pm Michele:

See you next week WEIRDOS!!! Support WFMU, FREEFORM FOREVER!!
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:58pm Doug in Tangiers:

Peace out lezzies!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/2/12 6:58pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 11/2/12 6:58pm Hands Mcgee:

Why werent any of my 60 calls answered damnit
  Fri. 11/2/12 6:58pm Roofie Raper:

Call me, FRANGRY...
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