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The WFMU-O-Tron 6000 takes over in a HAL-like way to program your entertainment when humans aren't available.

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Options November 1, 2012: WFMU in Exile, Day 2

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Listener comments!

  Thu. 11/1/12 12:05am G:

Back to Mr El Flamo Roboto D'Amour
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:07am amEdeo:

Back in the loving, well-oiled embraced of the Flaming Robot of Love.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:08am Mary Wing:

It hurts me a little, being replaced by a robot.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 11/1/12 12:08am Liz B.:

Hi G, amEdeo, and anyone else out there! The Flaming Robot will take care of everyone in the wee hours, and if all goes well, we'll be back to our normal un-normal selves at 9am.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:10am amEdeo:

Have a good night Liz! Looking forward to what tomorrow brings.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:11am Holly in NC:

Mary - I miss you a lot, which I hope alleviates your hurt a little bit xo
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:11am Ken From Hyde Park:

At least we humans will still have jobs fixing and maintaining those robots.
Avatar Thu. 11/1/12 12:13am Kenzo (lastever):

Not for long
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:14am G:

Mr Roboto Erotico Inflammabile has a way better ipod than Bender. But Bender is a bigger expert on mass-produced beer and cheap cigars.

Another advantage is that none of us are on the FRoL's kill list.
Avatar Thu. 11/1/12 12:14am Mary Wing:

My Singles Going Steady show will have to take place next week. Although with no Record Fair, it's just not going to be the same. :-/
x0x0 to you too, Holly! How are things down your way?
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:14am steve:

but what if we build robots that can build and maintain each other better than we humans can. then we're screwed.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:19am Ken From Hyde Park:

Pfft...yeah, I'd like to see that!
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:20am Holly in NC:

@Ken - you're obviously a glass half full guy. Which is good!

@Mary, here in inland Durham, it is & has been a little windy, occasionally slightly rainy, and oh dear lord! 50F - sweater weather!!!!! Yeah, we got beyond a free pass.

All sarcasm aside very, very lucky.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:21am BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Good evening everyone! Happy New Month to those of you on the East Coast.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:25am G:

FROLly was designed without hands, and hence cannot enter simultaneous playlists.

Union rules dating back to the 1930s prevent other DJs from entering them for him.

Just Go With The Flow, People!
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:27am BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

I'm listening to the 128k stream via Foobar. It shows the artist and song title of what's currently playing.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:29am G:

I just now saw that! Apparently Frolly can talk to the streaming software, but not to the playlist page!
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:29am Ken From Hyde Park:

Hmmm....My VLC player also shows the artist & song info...cool. Good robot!
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:30am Pine:

When robots have all the jobs we can spend our time having fun.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:33am Holly in NC:

!! @Badguy - how does one listen in Foobar? (Little Foobar skeleton face so appropriate tonight!)
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:35am Droll:

I think anyone who's used software can easily convince themselves there's no danger of a computer taking over -- they barely work under the best of circumstances. Humans will be cleaning up the mess of the computers long after this computer fad is over.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:36am BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

@Holly: Click the 128k link on WFMU's site. In Foobar click "File" and select "Open" from the dropdown. Click on the 128k download [should be wfmu.pls] and *voila!*
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:36am Computer:

  Thu. 11/1/12 12:37am Computer:

I'll never be Mary Wing. Bottom line.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:39am BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

I created a Foobar "playlist" that has all the assorted WFMU streams. I don't know if it's been mentioned, but the Give The Drummer Radio stream is up and running as well.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:41am Computer:

BGZ is right
Avatar Thu. 11/1/12 12:41am Mary Wing:

Aw, thanks G. :-)
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:43am Kenzo (lastever):

Jah, use the "128k MP3" link and feed to any audio player (Winamp, Foobar, even, gasp, iTunes) and the song info will display.
Sadly for the human world, one of my near-future tasks shall be to teach the singing robot to enter playlists like a good DJ.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:47am Holly in NC:

Think I've managed to work in Foobar -..is current song by Keith Frank?
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:48am G:

@MW: Are you keeping watch over your shift? Or making sure Robbie Robot doesn't go all HAL on us?
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:49am Droll:

Computer, Don't get me wrong, I'm only able to listen to WFMU thanks to you. However, you're just defective bloatware. Software is a pollution for which there is no historical precedent.
By way of comparison, DJ Mary Wing was never up-to-date and can never fall out-of-date, she does not require patches or upgrades, and when she plays an LP backwards it was typically on purpose.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:50am G:

I'm imaging scenarios like FROLly putting Taylor Swift on eternal repeat and disabling our ability to close steaming, mute the volume, navigate offpage, etc...
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:50am steve:

i like your style Droll
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:51am Holly in NC:

Now definitely Wreckless, question answered :-)
Avatar Thu. 11/1/12 12:52am Mary Wing:

Nah, I can't control the robot, I can just look inside the playlist (and comments).

Heh, I could use an upgrade, actually.
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:53am Droll:

. o O ( Open the DJ Booth Doors, FROLly. I can't do that, Dave. )
  Thu. 11/1/12 12:54am Holly in NC:

Oh, Beasties, how wonderful. Noah, are you listening?
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:02am G:

All robot joking aside, is this a predecided playlist, or a random shuffle program? Is it actually someone's itunes or some other collection? Liz introduced the show both nights, so I was thinking hers possibly....
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:04am Mary Wing:

Kenzo probably knows for sure, but I think it's the station's mp3 library on random shuffle.
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:04am G:

Makes sense...
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:06am Droll:

mw, I don't think it's the station's library because it was playing non-FCC-safe stuff last night.
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:07am G:

The station has plenty of FCC unsafe stuff. DJs just need to bleep as needed before airing.
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:08am G:

The stream isn't airing, just wiring :-)
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:10am Mary Wing:

Well, if I recall station history correctly, the FROL was created to fill up the 3 hours of web time while JM in the AM was on the air. So it didn't need to be FCC-compliant. Eventually real people were put in those time slots.
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:12am G:

Well, FROL is playing up a storm, but for the record it has no Friendly Persuasion, and no Hall & Oates. I aint sayin, I'm just sayin :-)
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:12am Mary Wing:

I could totally be making this up, however. :-D
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:16am Mary Wing:

(Plus, I'm copying down these tracks so that I can play the *exact* *same* songs at a later date, heh!) Robot deja-vu!
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:17am G:

Very sci-fi!
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:21am Droll:

MW, The 21st Century's version of the "Is is live, or is it Memorex?" test?
Computers are too young to remember TV commercials for blank cassettes back when the record industry's biggest fear was blank cassettes.
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:25am Mary Wing:

<crystal cracks>
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:26am G:

Alice Cooper in musichall mode
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:27am G:

Now entering Quentin Tarantino's ipod.
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:29am Mary Wing:

  Thu. 11/1/12 1:30am Holly in NC:

@Droll - not only do I have a silly amount of home-recorded cassettes, earlier today (yesterday) I received a "print" "fanzine" through the "mail" - which if I'd paid for with hidden cash$ in a SASE rather than PayPal would've been enough to make us all enter the twilight zone !
Shoutout to Jay Hinman, btw
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:30am G:

Otis Redding's last song is a weird one for our Sandy fill-in to stumble on...
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:37am Mary Wing:

The robot will not mind if I stop listening and go to sleep, so I'll wish you all a good night/morning. Please cross your fingers that there will be some way I can reach the mainland next Wednesday!
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:38am G:

Night, bed for me in a few, too.... Gotta be up by 8something...
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:40am Droll:

G+MW, Hope your stuff dries out soon. See you next week!
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:42am Droll:

Now it's just you and me, machine. Let's see what you're really made of. Show me whatchya got, machine...
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:44am obo:

oh man, savage, young The Mooney Suzuki crashing the party!
  Thu. 11/1/12 1:49am G:

As I sign off, Clay has just hijacked the robot!
  Thu. 11/1/12 2:11am Droll:

G'n'R? You think because you're a machine and don't have feelings that I won't lob insults at you?
  Thu. 11/1/12 2:56am Jay/ London:

thanks for the info got vlc on so can see song names hi From London UK .. is anyone there
  Thu. 11/1/12 3:11am Julie:

love the robot..worship him...
  Thu. 11/1/12 3:13am Jay/ London:

yeah Julie but real human DJs are better
  Thu. 11/1/12 3:16am Julie:

I'm so sad I can't be there! You can check out last year's halloween show with my live guest, and you can even still comment! http://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/42484
  Thu. 11/1/12 3:18am Julie:

Or even the year before http://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/37805 I hope everyone had decent halloween at least! EFD's disco party is so fun even the second time
  Thu. 11/1/12 3:22am Jay/ London:

Julie dark night will live again soon :) love your shows !!!
  Thu. 11/1/12 3:23am Julie:

aww thanks Jay!
  Thu. 11/1/12 3:42am Jay/ London:

just another coffee then off to work
  Thu. 11/1/12 3:50am Julie:

Thanks for coming by Jay :)
  Thu. 11/1/12 5:04am Andrew:

hi everyone ^_^
glad to see you are still going. I was worried because of the storm. They've shown a lot on the TV here(australia), looks so bad O_Q
hope everyones ok.
  Thu. 11/1/12 5:05am Jay /London:

Just got in to work Juile does the robot never mess up?
  Thu. 11/1/12 5:10am Andrew:

Hi Jay, ltns ^_^ how are you? i haven't been here for a while.
  Thu. 11/1/12 5:11am Julie:

I don't have much experience with the robot, I would suppose it does
  Thu. 11/1/12 5:16am Jay /London:

I am fine Andrew just getting ready for when the rest of the staff get in @ Juile The Robot is doing ok me Thinks
  Thu. 11/1/12 5:16am Andrew:

Hi Julie ^_^
  Thu. 11/1/12 5:21am Larry In Portland:

Relieved when I heard the stream alive. Seems only fitting the Robot gave me Beefheart. Beefheart to me means life.
  Thu. 11/1/12 5:23am Andrew:

Hi Larry ^_^
it's nice to hear some captain beefheart. i haven't heard a lot of him. this song is nice ^_^
  Thu. 11/1/12 5:26am Larry In Portland:

Beef into Dub. Perfect. Hello Andrew Down Under.
  Thu. 11/1/12 5:28am Andrew:

(reading the comments from before i joined)
hehe, Julie, I was listening & commenting on that show ^_^ least year i mean.
  Thu. 11/1/12 5:41am Andrew:

love this Chrissy Zebby song ^_^
  Thu. 11/1/12 6:28am woj:

good morning
  Thu. 11/1/12 6:32am Jeff:

Nice to hear some tunes. Gotta go recharge my phone in the car soon. Frontier living 2012.
  Thu. 11/1/12 6:36am Andrew:

hi woj & Jeff ^_^
yeh it's good WFMU is still going. I was worried about them & NY
  Thu. 11/1/12 6:46am woj:

hi andrew...was down in lower manhattan last night...pretty eerie in the dark but it was also pretty laid back as well. nyc, nj and all around are already coming back.
  Thu. 11/1/12 7:17am Andrew:

good to hear woj ^_^
  Thu. 11/1/12 7:47am Timothy:

I am really enjoying this song very much.
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:18am Elwyn:

No Underwater Theme Park? :-( No aquatic creatures are willing to help Meghan out?
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:23am Groper:

Megan is underwater!
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:26am Ozzy Skateboard:

you guys are amazing bucking the system and mother nature wfmu forever!
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:28am Andrew:

hi Elwyn, Groper & Ozzy
yeh, robot DJ tonight (or day)
hope you are all good ^_^
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:29am Dave E::

I'm glad the archive is available . . . listening to Trouble now.
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:29am Elwyn:

Yay for robots! Night: Sydney, Australia 11:30 pm.
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:31am Dave E::

Go to bed!
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:32am Ozzy Skateboard:

all good here in syracuse andrew only lost a lawn chair hehehe
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:41am andrew in helsinki:

Any idea when the regular programming starts again?
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:49am seang:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 11/1/12 8:51am Liz B.:

Scott Williams will be on the decks at 9am. If all works as planned, that is.
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:53am Ken From Hyde Park:

I hear the main studio building got power back yesterday afternoon. DJs ought to be broadcasting from there soon, instead of from their own homes. Expect some fill-in DJs over the next few days.
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:53am Andrew:

hi Dave E, andrew seang & Liz ^_^
the robot has been doing a good job ^_^
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:59am Mike East:

nothing about this storm was more terrifying than turning on 91.1 and hearing an NPR station bleed onto the frequency. Power came back at 3:30am. Hope everyone is OK.
  Thu. 11/1/12 9:02am andrew in helsinki:

Hey, thanks for the update. The Robot is bettter than nothing but. I am missing the DJ's :)
  Thu. 11/1/12 9:03am Andrew:

i am glad we still have the DJs ^_^
the pictures & videos looked really bad
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