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October 30, 2012 Options
Live from Pittsburgh, it's Tuesday afternoon
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Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)

Melton & Waggoner  Underneath the Cotton   Options
Oum Kalthoum  Lamma Enti Naouiya   Options
The Pretty Things  Gonna Find a Substitute   Options Get the Picture
Cachimbinho & Geraldo Mousinho  As Peças Do Carro   Options Cantar Côco é Assim

Talkover Music:
Odell Brown & the Organ-izers 
Tough Tip   Options Ducky
(Cadet 1968)

William Onyeabor  Good Name   Options Good Name
Alvarius B  Ding   Options The Vim & Vigour of Alvarius B. and Cerberus Shoal
Doug Anderson  I Won't Cry (I'll Just Laugh Myself to Death)   Options
Elise Deshotel w/Dewey Balfa  La Valse de Bon Baurche   Options Cajun Honky Tonk: The Khoury Recordings
Eddie Callahan  Paper Rain   Options False Ego
John Doughty  Will You Marry Me   Options Round the Rye Bay for More
Lonnie Holley  Mama's Little Baby   Options
( 1969)

Talkover Music:
Memphis Black (Ingfried Hoffman)  
Why Don't You Play the Organ, Man   Options Soul Club
(Sonorama 1968)

Sonny Simmons  Reincarnation   Options Rumasuma
Mika Nohira  Nikui Aitsu   Options Nippon Girls: Japanese Pop, Beat, & Bossa Nova 1966-70
Can  Waiting for the Streetcar   Options The Lost Tapes
Hamilton Streetcar  Brother Speed   Options Neurotic Reactions

Talkover Music:
Charanjit Singh 
Jab Andhera Hota Hai   Options Instrumental Film Tunes
(Odeon 1973)

Yoko Ono  Mind Train   Options Fly
Lee Hazlewood  No Train to Stockholm   Options Cowboy in Sweden
Soul Stirrers  Slow Train (Tribute to Sam Cooke)   Options Just Moving On
Junior Wells  I'm Your Gravy Train   Options You're Tuff Enough: The Blue Rock Studio Recordings
Tom Brosseau  I Tuned My Guitar to the Hum of the Train   Options Tom Brosseau
R.D. Burman  Title Music   Options The Burning Train (O.S.T.)

Talkover Music:
Clifford Coulter 
Big Fat Funky Shirley   Options East Side San Jose
(Impulse! 1970)

Tony Joe White  Going Back to Bed   Options The Beginning
Roscoe Holcomb  Little Bessie   Options The High Lonesome Sound
Mike Cooper  O.M.M. Coda   Options Life & Death in Paradise
Beth Orton  Something More Beautiful   Options Sugaring Season

Talkover Music:
Odell Brown & the Organ-izers 
Tough Tip   Options Ducky
(Cadet 1968)

Jack Wilcox Sowards  Mythos   Options A Marriage of Clocks and Highways
Twilight Nuages  Life Goes on Love Goes On   Options Twilight Nuages
Satya Sai Maitreya Kali  Country Girl   Options Inca
Peter Grudzien  Kentucky Candy   Options The Unicorn
Maynard & the Musties  Thought I Was Country   Options
Conan  Tell Ol' Anita   Options Strong Love: Songs of Gay Liberation 1972 - 1981
Albert Ayler  Ghosts - Bells   Options Stockholm, Berlin 1966

Talkover Music:
Jean-Jacques Perrey 
Eva   Options Moog Indigo

Les Fleurs De Pavot  Le Rateau de la Meduse   Options Les Fleurs De Pavot
Ahmad Zahir  Ahange Zindegi   Options Afghan 70s Psychedelic Folk Pop, Volume 2
Los Hermanos Rivera  Por Culpa de Ella   Options
Gene Davis  Satan's Daughter   Options
Erskine Hawkins & His Orchestra  Satan Does the Rhumba   Options
Leola Manning  Satan is Busy in Knoxville, Tennessee   Options
Gin Gillette  Train to Satanville   Options

Talkover Music:
The Soul Brothers 
Fiddler on the Roof   Options Hot Shot

Roswell Rudd  Maine   Options Maine
Mankunku Quartet  Yakhal' Inkomo   Options Yakhal' Inkomo

Talkover Music:
Emil Richards 
Turquoise (December)   Options New Sound Element "Stones"

Iris DeMent  Out of the Fire   Options Sing the Delta
Vetiver  On a Nerve   Options Vetiver
Matthew Young  Carmina Burana   Options Traveler's Advisory
C.K. Mann & His Carousel 7  Asafo Beesuon - Obaa Yaa Aye Me Bone   Options
Eddie Finley & The Cincinatti Show Band  Treat Me Right or Leave Me Alone   Options
Black Merda  My Mistake   Options
Ghetto Brothers  The Girl From the Mountain   Options

Closing Theme:
Odell Brown & the Organ-izers 
Tough Tip   Options Ducky

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 12:04pm Doug Schulkind:

Good afternoon. May I help you?
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:04pm Carmichael:

I'm still getting the disconnected error. But I'm keeping the faith!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:05pm Holly in NC:

Hero xo
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:05pm Owen in Indiana:

Welcome back, WFMU in exile! The "Listen" link on the front page still points to, which is down.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:05pm Caryn:

Hi Doug! Computer won't play stream, but I like to think someone is hearing it.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:05pm Mr El Donutsu:

Welcome back kids!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:06pm Andrew:

are you on the drummer url or the mothership url?
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:06pm Richard from Venezuela:

Hello Doug. Thanks to Ken and you for this stream. Freeform heroes.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:06pm Nate in Detroit:

Charmichael (and others trying to listen): it's not the usual "listen" link on the homepage - click the "click here" link in the news section just below the other link...or just open this url:
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:06pm Owen in Indiana:

Use Ken's "listen live" link for the stream:
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:06pm Michael:

The "FMU improve dance - how great! Hey doug and others
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:06pm Carmichael:

Ken's link is not connecting, but it's trying.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:06pm Holly in NC:

True, still no stream but Doug is a hero regardless ;-)
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:06pm Goyim in the AM:

Ah, the sweet sound of Sarah Webster Fabio.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:07pm Caryn:

@Nate & Owen: that's the one I've been trying, but still, nothing.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:07pm Richard from Venezuela:

I listen the stream using the extension via google chrome.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:07pm Andrew:

Got it. that's some reassuring Jujus all right.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:07pm Carmichael:

I am using it. It won't connect.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:07pm duke:

Still not getting either live or GTDS stream but I have faith in Doug
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:08pm k8:

yeah, that link just plays a few seconds and stops. anyone else getting that problem? regardless, many thanks and blessings!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:08pm Michael:

improv ! Ken's link worked for me tyr again!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:08pm f0f0 (:

Try again Caryn. It works for me...sometimes.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:08pm Holly in NC:

@Caryn ditto
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:09pm Richard from Venezuela:

the links for the stream is this:
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:09pm Christina:

Are you guys using this stream:
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:09pm Nate in Detroit:

@Charmichael & @Caryn: Seems to be working fine for me. I opened it in iTunes...maybe try that if you aren't already?
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:09pm Michael:

  Tue. 10/30/12 12:10pm lewis:

@Nate in Detriot has the answer!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:10pm duke:

Yay Doug
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:11pm holland oats:

is this thing on? srsly
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:11pm Artie:

Like Lazarus and Jiffy Pop, WFMU is back up!!!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:11pm Goyim in the AM:

Didn't work in web browser for me, works in Winamp fine.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:11pm pierre:

Bonjour Doug ! thanks for what you're doing.

I'm actually trying to reach the streams via internet and Itunes (128k as well as 32k; doesn't seem to work for me) ?
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:11pm Caryn:

Nope, nothing. Then again, my computer refuses to play the alternative streams even normally, so I'm not surprised it refuses to play this improv-ed one.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:12pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 12:12pm Doug Schulkind:

Greetings one and all! Just getting my bookkeeping together as this all came together rather swiftly! Hope you are all warm and safe.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:12pm Richard from Venezuela:

use this link Pierre:
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:12pm PMD:

Yes, I have nothing also. But at least someone can hear!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:13pm Artie:

Stream is up and sounding great here.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:13pm holland oats:

ah there you are
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:14pm Robert H from PA:

How cool is it that WFMU is broadcasting from pgh? I live in Highland Park and am a long time fan of the show and the station!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:14pm holland oats:

safari is go
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:15pm Vicki - WFMU:

Hi Doug! The listen link to the left of "Playlist and Comments" on the fmu frontpage is pointing to the usual but current power outage link. That's why some people are getting confused
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:15pm Artie:

The resilience of the Iron City is once again on display and serving the world.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:17pm Caryn:

6 attempts later: nothing. Well, at least someone is hearing this.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:17pm Richard from Venezuela:

People with stream listening problems: If you use google chrome browser, download this extension: . When it finished, reload your browser. You can check a play sing beside the remote link in the wfmu web page. Just click, when the black page with other play sing appear, click play again. I hope be helpful with this. Sorry for my english.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:17pm pierre:

Oum Kalthoum's breaking the silence !!!

(thx a lot Richard form Venezula, Doug and listeners !)
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:17pm Carmichael:

I'm using Ken's url with quicktime: error 47. Invalid url.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:18pm Cheri Pi:

i can only do flash at work, and hearing nothing...Im just happy to be on "board"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 12:18pm Doug Schulkind:

Thanks Vicki, I have emailed el jefe.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:19pm Richard from Venezuela:

dislexic problem. sing= sign
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:19pm PMD:

I just tried and am in.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:19pm f0f0 (:

Caryn, now you know how it feels to be a non-listener commenter. pierre and I had suffered from this syndrome before. Thanks for the solidarity.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:19pm Frank in VT:

Hitting the link with just confused my firefox - it thought it should try to download instead of bringing up winamp. However, if I directly loaded it into winamp, things worked fine (File -> Play URL)
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:21pm holland oats:

plan on breaking glen jones's record doug?
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:21pm k8:

yeah, i just get a few seconds of play at that link. tried safari too but no go.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:21pm PMD:

OK, I take that back. Quicktime played about 3 seconds and then stopped.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:21pm Holly in NC:

Do not have itunes or winamp, use Firefox, so nothing here - but glad other folks can listen!!! Perhaps I will dl winamp
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:21pm Richard from Venezuela:

Frank's winamp option also works. the stream link:
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:21pm Carmichael:

With IE9 I get a blank page with a spinning indicator.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:21pm Caryn:

Oh, f0f0 (: , I've been one many times before. And am always one for the alternate streams, which I'd love to listen to, but can't.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:22pm pierre:

to be complete :

1 - the link in my browsr, didn't work.
2 - i dragged the URL on my desktop
3 - opened it with iTunes (i guess any player'd work fine).

yeah, i'm a IT rookie, but i thought maybe, it'd help folks like me.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:22pm fred:

@Carmichael: with quicktime, you should use "File/open location"
With iTunes, use "Advanced/Open Stream".
Clicking from a browser probably won't work...
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:22pm Caryn:

Have tried via net (firefox), and download, and winamp. Nothing works.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:22pm Ricardo Montalban:

Yay! Glad to hear things are relatively OK in Pittsburgh and to also hear some sounds coming out of WFMU
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:23pm Brian in UK:

Hello, no connection yet but goal achieved. It's like when a band plays live the comments decrease and when the monsoon hits the pledges go up.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:23pm duke:

@holly paste into the address bar of firefox. I got the stream that way in firefox
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:24pm Skirkie:

Thanks Frank in VT.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:24pm pierre:

(it's like we've all found a floating raft of music, and we're are grabbing people on it. Doug's the captain.)
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:24pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

I'm using Google Chrome. I just copied and pasted the link into the search bar and *voila!* the sweet sounds of Give The Drummer Some.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:24pm Ricardo Montalban:

I couldn't get it to work in Safari, but pasted the link in iTunes/Advanced/Open Audio Stream and it works fine.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:25pm f0f0 (:

1. Copy artist and song title from the playlist
2. Paste it in Google (hit enter)
3. Find track
4. Play it
5. ?????
6. Profit
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:25pm Ricardo Montalban:

Chrome is magic. Unfortunately, it won't run on any of my (older) Macs
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:26pm pierre:

f0f0, the McGyver of streams
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:26pm G:

Ricardo's method worked for me!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:26pm G:

Brasilian Portuguese and everything!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:27pm anne:

that totally worked Ricardo M, thank you!! was having the same troubles as a lot of ppl here with the stream. I have a 2008 mac, so those with older macs try that. And our thoughts out to you, east coast!!! miss you tons and hoping for the best.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:27pm Richard from Venezuela:

BadGuyZero's method works perfect.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:27pm G:

This is a rap about car problems
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:27pm Carmichael:

No go, Frederico. Time to see what other players this computer has. I'm at work and the IT guys are the administrators.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:28pm Holly in NC:

@duke -
No luck that route, dling winamp now. Thank you though!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:28pm Andrew:

Don't forget to pledge for the emergency streaming. WFMU needs it more than ever now.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:28pm IT Guys:

We control the horizontal. We control the vertical.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:29pm Caryn:

Given up now. 11 attempts and nothing. Yay for those getting the show, though!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:29pm green mountain man mark:

used itunes-- advanced open stream and pasted the given url and it works. Thanks. Going to see how to do it through Roku.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:30pm G:

Yes for me too, green MT.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:31pm Ricardo Montalban:

@ Caryn: What methods are you using?
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:32pm Caryn:

@Ricardo: have tried browser, download and winamp.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:33pm G:

Didn't the storm center just about go straight over western or central PA overnight?
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:34pm Ricardo Montalban:

Damn. Sorry Caryn! Hope it works for you again soon.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:34pm Lucy:

Oh, I can hear you! So glad, British radio gets REALLY bad at this time of night (4.30-7pm). Thank you all at WFMU for keeping going and providing us with tunes and dulcet tones.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:34pm Snortley:

Winamp's working for me, but had one rebuffering event in the last 30 minutes or so. This stream might not be up to supplying a lot of listeners; we'll see...
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:34pm Brian in UK:

Hey Tough Tip in my ears. Top job Richard. Just heard Oscar D'Leon is playing London on Saturday.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:35pm green mountain man mark:

any news on the record fair happening still?
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:35pm Ken:

Yes, let's try to switch over to the other thang at 3pm.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:35pm Ken:

Record Fair is still on Mark.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:36pm fred von helsing:

Anyone got the URL for the Windows Media stream? I'm stuck behind a firewall, the mp3 streams all fail in VLC.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:36pm Richard from Venezuela:

Glad to be helpful Brian.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:37pm Caryn:

Hah, have tried so hard, that I have a mysterious cut on my hand now... well, that'll keep me occupied while waiting for a listenable stream to come on.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:38pm Holly in NC:

Winamp success! but dear god i just remembered how much I despise winamp, ugly beast. But it works!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:39pm Paul Sherratt:

"British radio gets REALLY bad at this time of night"

As opposed to 99.99% self-serving and gruesome the rest of the day time ! ( a comment from North Staffordshire)
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:40pm f0f0 (:

Caryn, are you getting stigmatated? Which god are you pouring your libations to?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 12:40pm Doug Schulkind:

Brother Paul Sherratt!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:41pm fred von helsing:

winamp fail :-(
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:42pm Brian in UK:

Hello Paul, is that VERY North Staffordshire?
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:42pm Lucy:

@ Paul, well quite - normally I don't have to even bother with it! It's just that daytime 6 music is listenable until it gets to Steve Lamacq and then I start wanting to pull my ears out.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:42pm Ricardo Montalban:

I missed Winamp when I made the leap from PC to Mac but now find VLC indispensable. It will play almost anything.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:42pm Caryn:

@f0f0 (: :hah, no, I don't think so, as the cut is on the outside of my hand, and not near the usual stigmata spot. Unless this is stigmata from a more uncommon deity, like one of the ancient Greek ones...
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:43pm Brian in UK:

Friday on Tuesday. Lovin' this Doug. Mid eighties?
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:43pm Van in DC:

Oh. Wow. Hi. My winamp is silent...
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:43pm Ocypete:

Oops, my bad - sorry Caryn.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:44pm Brian in UK:

@Lucy Someone has already pulled his ears out. I know that's cruel. Biggest let down is 6 Music.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:45pm Neg-guh-tor:

Lovin the comments! Nick Speaks is thinking about all his friends at WFMU and will have to donate more money for the drive now.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:45pm Paul Sherratt:

Extreme North Staffordshire. When I hit the dogs' ball over the hedge it lands in posh Cheshire
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:45pm sinner:

Hey all you honky bitches!Checking in. I'm transfering all the 45s I plan to play on Thursday's show here at work...where I'm really not supposed to....but the DAW and converter are just too sweet.....
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:45pm fred von helsing:

whoa ggl chrome works, on windoze, its built-in player I guess,
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:45pm Ricardo Montalban:

VLC will work on most platforms, play nearly everything
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 12:46pm Doug Schulkind:

Hellooo Van! I just invoked your name in heavenly tones. Thanks again for "last night."
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:46pm Caryn:

@Ocypete: I suspect that you are just covering up for Typhoeus. He just doesn't want us hearing WFMU in any way.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 12:47pm Doug Schulkind:

And blessings to you, Sinnerman! Blessings to all y'all. Pass the hot sauce.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:47pm Brian in UK:

@Paul you are lucky our dog wishes he still had his.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:47pm f0f0 (:

VLC isn't working for me Ricardo Montalban.

I think what we need here is a little program that would play weak stream signals.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:47pm Lucy:

@Paul of course there is the excellent Resonance FM but they talk a bit much for when I am editing at work. Needless to say life just isn't the same without WFMU!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:48pm Van in DC:

Ah, right. I'm up to speed with the sub link now :)
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:48pm βrian:

iTunes on OS X is working with this stream:
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:49pm Andrew Waterloo:

running on foobar2000
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:49pm βrian:

Sorry, that's (Old one still in my paste buffer.)
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:50pm Paul Sherratt:

By a strange quirk of fate ( a regular event 'round these parts ) 6music has been on in the house this week via Tiler John's large portable DAB radio. 'Great To Grout With' And a fairly reasonable improvement on past tradespeoples noise blasters. John and I even had a chat about Sixto Rodriguez during a teabreak !
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:50pm other david:

Sounding great w/ Rhythmbox on linux
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:50pm G:

Can Doug see how many are successfully streaming now?
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:51pm disastrogirl:

Hello NJ! Thanks for keeping the music coming in spite of the weather!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 12:51pm Doug Schulkind:

Looks like 140 listening right now.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:53pm Hugo:

Finally got it to work. I´m on a Mac now, which I am still in the process of figuring out. Running the stream on Itunes, using the open stream function or whatever it´s called in English. This box has an OS in domestic language. Apple´s supposed to be user-friendly, innit?
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:53pm Brian in UK:

@ Paul this was on Radio 4 this PM for Billy Bragg fans
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:53pm Cecile:

Hello! I can't hear anything now, but good that others can!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:54pm C in Bushwick:

wooohooo had the wrong link open for a while and just finally said "hey didn't i start the wfmu stream before?" now fixed it and it works. this is magic
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:55pm ndbob:

heya Doug and everyone!.. can't connect yet
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:56pm Bas, NL:

Good job getting the remote up Doug!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:57pm Hugo:

6 Music isn´t all that bad. After all, they got Gilles Peterson from Radio 1. Sort of Radio 2 and a half, if you ask me.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:57pm Brian in UK:

Is that Doug on the front page holding the waters back for the FMU ship to sail through?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 12:57pm Doug Schulkind:

Sorry the link is not working for everyone. If tech-savvy amongst us can keep efforting work-around suggestions, it would totally rawk.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:58pm northguineahills:

Woohoo! I just got internet back. Now, if I could just get the stream to work.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 12:59pm Doug Schulkind:

Hey hey, NGH!
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:59pm kenya:

Huzzah! Nice work gang. The link from the homepage worked for me.
  Tue. 10/30/12 12:59pm Brian in UK:

@ Hugo it is just that when it was first sold I imagined that it would go to the places that Mr Peel inhabited. I know me being naive.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:01pm seang:

Cajun Style!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 1:02pm Doug Schulkind:

Seang baby!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:02pm other david:

WOOT! 128k stream is working on the WFMU android app!

I guess this means all the usual streams will be up soon
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:02pm Michael in Baltimore:

@NGH The 128K stream is working for me.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:03pm fred von helsing:

Works (even behind workplace proxying firewall): Windows 7, Google Chrome,
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:05pm Skirkie:

Anybody know how things are back at HQ? I'm going to try and assess things via bike later, maybe I can make it down there.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:05pm Caryn:

Flash stream not working yet, but will try streams again in a little while.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 1:05pm Doug Schulkind:

Never enough Davids.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:06pm ndbob:

got it now:)
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:06pm Jessie:

Link didn't work in my browser (firefox) -- but when I pasted it into the installed player here (yuck - Windows Media Player) it works! Three rivers WFMU -- Yay!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 1:07pm Doug Schulkind:

Hi Skirkie and Hugo and Michael in Balmer (how about our O's this year, eh?!)

Big radio smooch to Jessie.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:07pm Holly in NC:

Oh huzzah - regular stream is back!!!!!!!!! Winamp uninstall!!! :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 1:08pm Doug Schulkind:

Holly O'Holly!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:08pm seang:

Hi Doug, Thanks for doing this!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:08pm Hugo:

@Brian: They do run old Peel sessions, but it´s hard to see anyone appoaching the span of Peel´s tastes. This station is closer to the spirit of Peel.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:10pm ndbob:

@jJessie same here - but worked when I pasted it into ITunes
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:10pm Owen in IN:

The pledge-o-meter is at 63% now, way to go!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:11pm Amanda:

Congratulations, Doug!!! We are listening in Brooklyn after a tour of the (largely undamaged) waterfront. I'm still hoping I can take the ferry home tomorrow morning, though it's not looking good that I'll be able to broadcast.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:11pm northguineahills:

ok, I can hear it now....
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:12pm Terry:

Thinking of y'all from down here in the sunny..if windy south!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:12pm Goyim in the AM:

Ah, regular stream is up! Bye-bye tinny laptop speakers, hello fancy Philps I'net readio!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:13pm charlie:

yay! congrats, wfmu! thanks, doug! see you later.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:16pm amEdeo:

Good afternoon everyone. Hope everyone's doing alright out there.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:16pm Lucy:

@hugo and @brian I do like 6 music, particularly after 7pm, but tend not to listen in the day as it veers off course (for me) then. But I'm not aware of anything like WFMU in the UK, where you can get taken from Latino gospel to prog rock in the same playlist :)
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:16pm still b/p:

Got the stream and glad of it.

We'll leave it to Ken to play John Travolta singing "Sandy" tomorrow ...through the Traktor a'course, a'course.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:17pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

@Amanda: Aside from being stranded in Brooklyn did you make it through the storm ok?
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:21pm E. Ahbez:

Thanks for keeping it going Doug!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 1:22pm Doug Schulkind:

Thanks, Nature Boy!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:24pm Carmichael:

OK, got the link off the FMU homepage. It's working in Quicktme!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:25pm paul:

"Seat of my Pants Radio" yet another great slogan from WFMU and its oct-upation forces. Listening over a link url: which was on the WFMU home page & seems to be working fine
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:25pm Brian in UK:

I may be picky here Doug but it is Singles Going Steady. Yeah alright six hours straight but look at it this way, no 78s.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 1:26pm Doug Schulkind:

I see that our pledge goal percentage has risen to 63%. Thanks to all who have pledged!! I want to thank you, but don't have access, just yet, to the part of the WFMU infostructure that will show me the story.

How about that word "infostructure." I just made it up. It's probably worth billions in Silicon Valley.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:27pm Van in DC:

Be right back. Running over to the patent office.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:28pm G:

@Brian: You mean these haven't all been 45s?????
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:28pm fred von helsing:

O-oh Sandy... you came and you gave without takin'... But I sent you away... Oh, Sandy
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:28pm ?:

Editing Lucy, there is nothing in the uk like wfmu, or as far as I'm aware, in the known universe. Maybe it's because I'm ( not ) a Londoner but Resonance don't resonate with me. But I do have a very soft spot for Good Gideon Coe at 6Music. He's as open as they come over here. Doug should play some of Gideon's dad, Tony's stuff sometime if possible.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:29pm Carmichael:

Hopefully Ken will use some of these scimollians to buy a back-up generator. FMU could then be the voice of East Orange in emergency times, and snatch up some FEMA money.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:29pm f0f0 (:!

Oh, hai there Doug!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:31pm Paul Sherratt = ?:

? over me again
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:33pm Brian in UK:

@? I agree about Mr Coe when he was on Radio London that station was OK with the likes of Charlie Gillet. Now it is a vox shop. We can only admire the depth of furrow that John Peel ploughed.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:33pm Hugo:

Gideon is the son of Tony Coe? Didn´t know that. I´m sure Doug will follow up the request. Gideon is one of the more listenable djs on 6 Music.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:34pm Lucy:

hey @? I agree totally about the lovely Gideon Coe - and I also have a soft spot for Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone and Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service. Anyway I am filling the feed with this - sorry Doug!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:35pm Holly in NC:

Oh, fave song of the day (so far)!
Flute AND fuzz
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 1:35pm Doug Schulkind:

Sorry, Chum. I have no Coe at hand. Gideon or Tony.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:35pm Van in DC:

Paid day off, for 2 days now, relaxing at home, and Studio P playing great stuff. Can it get any better? :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 1:35pm Doug Schulkind:

  Tue. 10/30/12 1:38pm mike noble in dc:

I think we're going to be waiting a long time. For transit to return.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:39pm Ricardo Montalban:

It sounds like Damo (or Malcolm - I can't tell) is saying 'Are you waiting for the pizza"
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:39pm mike noble in dc:

actually i take part of that back. dc metro is back in about a half hour.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:40pm other david:

May I take this opportunity to say, this is a bloody awesome set.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:40pm A fish:

Are you waiting brother stinker?
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:41pm Paul Sherratt:

A short sweet for later Tony Coe, Lol Coxhill and Mr Beresford
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:41pm Brian in UK:

I am imagining at the end of Can hearing Viv Stanshall's voice saying simply 'No'.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:43pm Paul Sherratt:

Gorgeous, Brian.
" I Love Viv "
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:43pm Elias:

Where is that streaker?
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:44pm frenchee:

I am deliriously happy to be able to hear this stream!!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:44pm Goyim in the AM:

This song plows right over the tedium border back into fascination. LOVE IT.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:45pm frenchee:

and hearing Can is the demented cherry on top
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:45pm Brian in UK:

@ Paul Have you read Ginger Geezer by Chris Welch. Passable but not great.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:45pm Paul Sherratt:

Elias, that's exactly what my fine OH was asking.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:45pm Van in DC:

NO! I'm waiting for the Mind Train! Traiiiiiiin!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:45pm A fish:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 1:46pm Doug Schulkind:

The Transit Authority has announced that you will have to wait a bit longer for the streetcar.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:46pm Hugo:

This is Can with Malcolm Mooney. Cd1, track 2. Recorded in 1968. Got the thing on the shelf right behind me. Just wonderful.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:46pm Brian in UK:

Brother Speed
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:47pm Narfson:

Louder than ever!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 1:47pm Doug Schulkind:

You are ON, Listener Van!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:48pm lewis:

One of those flitting back and forth days - just want to say THANKS to all the WFMU folks out there where ever you may be!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:48pm Paul Sherratt:

>>>Can it get any better? :)

Van, my money is on " no "
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:49pm A fish:

WFMU DJs are the toughest breed (with the other volunteers and staff, of course).
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:52pm Paul Sherratt:

Brian, haven't read that but will now. I have a couple of friends who claim to have been passing Viv's place when they saw smoke coming from his residence, thinking it was a chip-pan fire ...
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:53pm Chris:

WFMU should relocate to Pittsburgh permanently! It only ever rains unicorns and rainbows there (occasionally there are kittens).
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:54pm frenchee:

OH HAI DOUG! You're our superstorm superstar
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:54pm Van in DC:

Woooo! Wooooo!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 1:54pm Doug Schulkind:

This one is for Listener Van and everyone who missed the streetcar.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 1:55pm Doug Schulkind:

Merci buckets, Frencheee!
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:55pm Holly in NC:

This Yoko cut is another fave, thank you
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks for providing some internet radio. My thoughts and prayers to those who have lost lives, homes and possessions from this big storm.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 1:58pm Doug Schulkind:

True dat, Ken from HP.
  Tue. 10/30/12 1:59pm A fish:

  Tue. 10/30/12 2:00pm Van in DC:

Mind Train is always a good ride to take!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:03pm Loren:

Goin after rails on a mind train!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:03pm Marmalade kitty:

You cant keep a good dog down (&cow) ... WoofMu!!!!!
Good on ya Doug!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:04pm Brian in UK:

Did someone mention PLEDGING? Oh that was me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:04pm Doug Schulkind:

Yoko's OTHER train:
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:05pm Loren:

What will happen at noon? Doug, will you continue broadcasting?
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:07pm Loren:

er, i mean 3pm...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:08pm Doug Schulkind:

Yes, Loren. In about 53 minutes, I will be switching to another stream that should be more accessible to more listeners. I will announce the link to click to get it. More info to come...
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:10pm Holly in NC:

Have to go move a huge dried out lemon verbena bush from my car (don't ask) to go pick up some young lads - after a cheese quesadilla snack we are going to attempt to make an automatic weapon (paper bullets of course) out of an empty altoid tin, a dried out fat crayola marker, a playing card (joker), & a few other sundries. WHO is the best babysitter?? ;-) I get inventive because they keep whipping me at Stratego.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:12pm Doug Schulkind:

Lemon verbena is good for mosquito repellin'!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:12pm A fish:

Pretty awesome, Holly.
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:13pm Hugo:

Come to think of it, I never did take the train to Stockholm.
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:14pm Van in DC:

Doug you are on fire, just smokin' right down the track. Or tracks.
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:14pm Fred from Paris / France:

Stream is coming back ! Thanks, thanks... The show must go on with the WFMU team.
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:14pm Fred from Paris / France:

Stream is coming back ! Thanks, thanks... The show must go on with the WFMU team.
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:17pm duke:

@holly how do you make an automatic weapon out of an altoids tin?
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:19pm stefan:

Many thanks for being back, we missed you already over here, all the best from Europe:)
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:19pm Van in DC:

For those in DC area, the Metro is now back in operation. NJ...not so much.
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:20pm Hugo:

This set got me thinking of "This train" by Culture, off the "Africa Stand Alone" album. Prime Jamaican.
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:20pm Holly in NC:

@Doug -also all around delicious seasoning, & herbal tea! And my car smells beyond amazing. Negates the general damp animal smell.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:20pm Doug Schulkind:

I could probably play "train" songs until midnight without raising a sweat.

Yay Stefan! Yay Europe!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:20pm Lordy:

Request: Tony Joe White "Takin' The Midnight Train"
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:22pm Holly in NC:

@duke -
not sure yet - found blueprints in a book @ the boys' house last week, will copy out & share if actually works!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:23pm Brian in UK:

What's yer man Brousseau doing these days apart from being tall & thin. Aside from The Shelleys
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:23pm Bob:

The burning train!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:24pm pierre:

Still totally enjoying these sets of tunes, it's great.
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:24pm Jay/ London:

good to have you back .. wfmu must live !!!! thinking of you all over there from the other side of the pond
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:25pm Doug Schulkind:

Tom Brosseau recorded a 45 with the actor John C. Reilly. No really.
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:25pm Paul Sherratt:

May I recommend to folk enjoying this old Tom Brosseau train gem, his album 'Grand Forks' particularly ' Here Comes The Water Now '
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:28pm dcp@:

huh. Streaming ain't working for me. Tried the link on the home page and the one at the top of this page. I get nuttin'
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 2:32pm Kenzo (lastever):

Hey, y'all...that radio listen link up at the top now works! dcp, try again now! (Homepage/etc. coming next.)
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:35pm Snortley:

Sounds like the mic line could be potted up some, or the other lines down; whichever.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:36pm Doug Schulkind:

@Thanks Snortley
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:36pm Lordy:

I'd like to add that every morning stabs me in the face... good call Doug. cheers!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:37pm Holly in NC:

TONY JOE!!!!!!!! (reading pl while waiting for kids)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:37pm Doug Schulkind:

At 3pm, you will need to click on a new link to reestablish the stream. Here is that link:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:38pm Jeff G:

MORE wfmu pls!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:38pm G:

The regular stream!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:39pm Jay/ London:

thanks doug for the stream alert .... the stream is very strong here in the U.K.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 2:41pm Kenzo (lastever):

The new streaming link will appear everywhere on our website at 3pm automatically, too, including at that radio link up top right now.
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:41pm Sandy:

DRAT and DOUBLE DRAT! A world class storm surge defeated by an e-stream! Curses, foiled again!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:42pm mike cooper:

Back on in Italy ..hope you and yours all well? :-)
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:43pm Jay/ London:

you can not beat the power of the internet sandy ha
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:44pm Doug Schulkind:

Buona sera, Brother Cooper!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:46pm Hugo:

One of the casualties of Sandy rings a special bell. HMS Bounty was here last September, we visited the boat and got a long-sleeved T-shirt for the youngest kid.

Here´s a link to a video shot during the visit last year, including an interview with the captain, believed to have gone down with the ship:

This was shot in the harbour, quite close to where I live.
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:46pm Van in DC:

@Sandy - Well, you certainly gave it a worthy whirl(wind)
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:46pm dcp@:

got the stream now by the way, thanks Kenzo
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:47pm Brian in UK:

The water is wide I cannot cross over,
Neither have, I wings to fly.
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:47pm dcp@:

love Roscoe, no mistaking that voice.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:47pm Doug Schulkind:

Glad you leaped aboard the moving vessel!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:48pm Doug Schulkind:

At 3pm, you will need to click on a new link to reestablish the stream. Here is that link:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:51pm Doug Schulkind:

This gorgeous record from Mike Cooper from '74 will be re-released on vinyl presently. Keeps your noses open!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:51pm Brian in UK:

This is a grisly old set. No offence Mr Cooper!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:53pm Narfson:

unrelated photo, why was i compelled to take that just now..
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:53pm Van in DC:

You're not making it easy to find a time to switch links :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:55pm Doug Schulkind:

Don't switch until I announce that it's time!
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:55pm Jay/ London:

this life and death in paradise is just so..... lost for words
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 2:57pm Kenzo (lastever):

Yes, Doug. I await your command by email, playlist comment, or audibly on the streams!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 2:59pm Doug Schulkind:

After this song ends, I will announce the URL for switching streams. It will take me a minute or two to make the switch here. Then you should hear music when you click on the new link:
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:59pm Brian in UK:

There is a tribute to Lol Coxhill at Cafe Oto tomorrow. Funnily enough Tony Coe is playing.
  Tue. 10/30/12 2:59pm Hugo:

Gorgeous is indeed the right word for that Mike Cooper record, featuring the Mike Osborne Trio!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:00pm Shaun:

Peter Laughner coming in the songer-singwriter set, Doug?
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:01pm Jay/ London:

hi Brian in UK i was up most of last night checking if my friends were ok over there
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:02pm Shaun:

Timing once
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:02pm Brian in UK:

Hello Jay how're you keeping?
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:02pm Shaun:'ve got that.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:02pm Van in DC:

  Tue. 10/30/12 3:04pm dcp@:

new stream is working fine for me.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:04pm Jay/ London:

new link not working here in uk
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:05pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

I've got the new stream going via Foobar!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 3:05pm Doug Schulkind:

OK, I just connected. Hearing it?????
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:05pm Carmichael:

Not working for me w/QT.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:05pm frenchee:

nor here in BK but I'll try to be patient
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:05pm mike cooper:

Not here in Italy
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:05pm Brian in UK:

Early birthday greetings to you Mr Cooper on your three score & ten.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:06pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

And it just went away.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:06pm C in Bushwick:

ayeeeeeeeeee new stream was working then it wasn't
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:06pm frenchee:

HUZZAH! yessss
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:06pm northguineahills:

yep, but instead of WFMU, like usual, it says "Doug Schulkind's Broadcast".
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 3:06pm Kenzo (lastever):

Doug, these new stream links aren't working, and I don't think it's a matter of audio signal.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:06pm Van in DC:

nothing here or hear
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:06pm neil d:

Not getting anything in iTunes in Brooklyn.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:06pm Dave/Liverpool:

not working...
VLC is unable to open the MRL ''. Check the log for details.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 3:06pm Doug Schulkind:

No success anywhere?
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:07pm amEdeo:

Getting it loud and clear through the normal stream at:
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:07pm dave in sodak:

not working yet on vlc
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:07pm mike cooper:

Doug come back, come back....
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:07pm Loren:

Lost now... i'm unable to listen now... after going over to the new stream. I'll keep trying.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:07pm northguineahills:

Am I the only one getting the stream?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 3:07pm Doug Schulkind:

amEdeo has it right. The path should be
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:07pm frenchee:

I got it on iTunes in BK
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:08pm amEdeo:

(I'm on iTunes, if that makes a difference for anyone)
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:08pm ajamieb:

not here in Pittsburgh yet
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:08pm Van in DC:

Okay, got it thanks amEdeo
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:08pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

It's working on the regular 128k stream stream now.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:08pm John Dalton:

I am not getting anything here Doug. The home page links are changed by Kenzo not me.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 3:08pm Kenzo (lastever):

Working...web pages will be updated accordingly shortly...
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:08pm dave in sodak:

BOOM. works!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:09pm Goyim in the AM:

Had been listening on "new" stream for the last couple of hours, and just lost it...
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:09pm neil d:

stream0 address works, yay!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:09pm Brian in UK:

  Tue. 10/30/12 3:09pm Lorenzo:

FWIW, the link on the front page isn't working for my anymore, but the link amEdeo provided works fine.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:09pm fred:

It works!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:10pm Dave/Liverpool:

played fine for a bit via in firefox but then went off...
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:10pm Loren:

@dave - we're back and we're bad! Thanks!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:10pm Jessie:

sadly the new link won't work for me -- Windows media says it "cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file"
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:10pm Marmalade kitty:

128k (iplayer) loud and clear, Doug!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:10pm dave in sodak:

mine had small hiccup - i just hit the play button and it reloaded immediately...
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:10pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

I'm using Foobar. That's what I normally use to listen to the streams.

It stopped about a minute ago but started working again about 30 seconds later.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:11pm Snortley:

This works:
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:11pm tully:

working in OH
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:11pm Hugo: works fine on Itunes on this Mac box here.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:11pm Terry:

I here music. Funky, funky music...
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:11pm fred:

@Jessie: the link failed at first for me too. Just wait a little and try again
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 3:11pm Doug Schulkind:

I see that 53 people are listening when there were well over 200 before the switch over.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 3:12pm Kenzo (lastever):

Doug, I'm assuming that when you said you meant to say
I think the https is wreaking havoc with some players.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:12pm ajamieb:

working in Pittsburgh
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:12pm Goyim in the AM:

...and I'm back in.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:12pm Dave/Liverpool:

It lives....streaming in to VLC fine using
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:13pm mike cooper:

you are back !!!!!! :-)
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:13pm Loren:

it is the .pls for me... Govt. employee here, no admin access
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:13pm Goyim in the AM:

https made no difference to me, Kenzo. Stream just went dead and is now back.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:13pm Owen in IN: works a charm in my iTunes.

I thought it didn't. Then I turned my volume up :-)
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:14pm John Dalton:

The 128k and flash streams are working from here.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:14pm Loren:

I used Dave's sugge, and it works fine now... through Windows media player
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:14pm Van in DC:

Sounding good
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:14pm Artie:

  Tue. 10/30/12 3:15pm Narfson:

second https as the problem
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:15pm Steve in Whitby UK:

Wonderful stream here in North Yorkshire.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:15pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

The link on the WFMU homepage - - isn't working for me. I'm listening via
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:15pm Hugo: without the s in http works too.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 3:15pm Doug Schulkind:

Alrighty. Listener number climbing. Up to 95. Keep pedaling, gerbils, keep pedaling!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:15pm Jessie:

Thank you Snortley, I plugged into my Windows Media Player and now i hear you loud and clear.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:16pm Snortley:

The .pls file didn't get posted as quickly as it should. The right one is there now:
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:16pm Battle Axe:

just clicked link of little radio on Doug's 'Drummer " page and Voila!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:16pm ?:

Sounds great -- just pasted your link into winamp and viola
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:16pm Jay/ London:

yes its working now it was that s yay ... yes hey Brian I am good but tired ... hi MK :)
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:17pm Battle Axe:

Is it voila or viola?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 3:17pm Doug Schulkind:

Apparently, the earlier link giving was slighly wrong. It should be

not https....

Try that if you're still not hearing it.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:18pm Snortley:

Links are all updated now.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:18pm Owen in IN:

@Battle Axe: V'wah Lah!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 3:19pm Doug Schulkind:

Try this link if you can't hear the stream:
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 3:25pm Kenzo (lastever):

All the links all over the web site (incl. the radio link at the top of this page, the homepage, etc.) should now be updated. The live Flash player works, too!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:26pm Stanley:

Yay! I got a stream going. Hi Doug and everyone. Hi Brian, Jay amd Kitty. Also hello to Steve in Whitby UK. Did you see any Goth action last weekend?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 3:29pm Doug Schulkind:

Hi Stanley! Thanks Kenzo!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:32pm Steve in Whitby UK:

Hi Stanley! Last weekend was the 'Bram Stoker International Film Festival' in Whitby. He's quite a famous film director, perhaps. But next weekend is the big 'Whitby Goth Weekend' when all self respecting vampires rise early for a walk on the pier!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:33pm Paul Sherratt:

>>>Wonderful stream here in North Yorkshire.
Inevitable really, Steve, that the best stream should located in Yorkshire !
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:33pm dave in sodak:

no aac+v2 yet, but i'm not complaining. just glad to hear my woof-moo.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Doug! Thanks for saving the day and powering up our speakers!

Hi all Drummers! But apparently someone beat the rain drums a little TOO hard! ;)
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:35pm Ricardo Montalban:

This is the best Grudzien song in the whole universe
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Great country rock block! I was wondering if I was listening to the right song when I saw "Satya Sai Maitreya Kali" on the playlist! I guess they were a hippie-era country rock band?
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 3:35pm Kenzo (lastever):

Yup, just streaming 128K MP3, and the live Flash player.
(No: WM, Real, AAC+, OGG, 32k MP3, 91.1/90.1 FM)
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:35pm Jay/ London:

Hi stanley so happy the stream is back ... some of my friends are goths they will all be there I have never been but looks fun with the pictures they bring back
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:36pm Van in DC:

Matt! Hello! :)
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:37pm Jay/ London:

Doug What state is the station in?
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:37pm Matt from Springfield:

@Steve: I WOULD go to the Whitby Goth Festival, being a self-respecting vampire--the problem is that would require a seven hour flight and five hour time shift forward, and I would have to venture out into daylight! :)
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Hello Van! :) How have you been? Housebound?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 3:38pm Doug Schulkind:

@Matt from S
That Satya Sai Maitreya Kali was really the band Penny Arkade.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:38pm Goyim in the AM:

"Satya Sai" is what Craig Smith called himself and his band the Penny Arcade" after he went notes, if I understand the story correctly.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:39pm Van in DC:

Been well! Yep, going stir crazy...about to get out for a bit!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:39pm Artie:

Tested playback on iPhone app. 128k Live Stream (WFMU Main) is working.
32k Live Stream, Ichiban Drummer, Ubu, DIY are currently down.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:39pm suea:

like a twisted bob dylan
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:39pm Steve in Whitby UK:

aey oop Paul! ...and Matt
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:39pm Goyim in the AM:

misspelled both "nuts" and "Arkade", and Doug got there first anyway.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:40pm Caryn:

Yay, flash works! I can finally hear you!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:40pm Van in DC:

Kenzo is a wizard. That's why I secretly adopted him for this year...shhhh, don't anybody tell him ;)
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:41pm Ricardo Montalban:

wow! I just went downstairs to heat up a bowl of soup and a calzone and this song's still on!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Doug and Goyim, interesting name.

@Van: I just finally got out since the rain slowed to a drizzle, walked by the stream by my house and took pics to capture the moment! I'll upload those in a sec, but I was disappointed there wasn't as much "damage" as in September a year ago!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:43pm Stanley:

@Steve - how wonderful. I saw the posters around the place when I was there last month. I admit to having a soft spot for Goths and their music. Respect to those alternative types.
@Paul Sherratt - good to see you man, another North Yorks presence here at WFMU. What a beautiful part of the world you have there. Me and the missus loved it so much we booked to go again next Spring!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:43pm Van in DC:

I was Van in Dallas last September :)
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 3:45pm Kenzo (lastever):

Thank Jeff Moore for audio wizardry!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Great one!!
He was LGBTQ Country / When LGBTQ Country wasn't cool!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:46pm Brian in UK:

Belated hello Stanley & the missus.
@Paul I heard the best thing about Yorkshire was the road out.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:48pm Caryn:

Oh, Yorkshire is lovely! Of course, I only know West Yorkshire from personal experience.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:48pm Ricardo Montalban:

  Tue. 10/30/12 3:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Bingo, Ricardo!
Fastest growing segment of C&W, get in on the ground floor now!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 3:51pm Doug Schulkind:

Behind the scenes, a stalwart crew is racing against time to bring you WFMU before the Statue of Liberty blows up the world. Big thanks to

Ken Freedman
Jeff Moore
John Dalton
The Easter Bunny (who has been helping on my end)
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:51pm northguineahills:

Live Ayler!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:52pm Stanley:

Brian's just being silly, He'd love it if he went.
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:52pm Pascal in Ann Arbor:

Thanks for the stream, Doug. I always imagine Albert Ayler leading the most righteous processions...
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:52pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks also to Clay for keeping watch at the station, and Doug for filling the void!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:52pm Carmichael:

OK, back frum luncheon and linked up to the music. Keep on a rockin' me, baby ....
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:53pm Steve in Whitby UK:

@Brian - well it's true that a lot of Northerners contribute their talent to the London economy, but some of us prefer to stay in Yorkshire... and listen to... WFMU!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:53pm amEdeo:

Loved that Maynard song. LGBTQC&W forever!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:54pm Dan B From Upstate:

yay! gtdr flash stream! if only it were permanent...
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:55pm Brian in UK:

@Stanley, mum was from Donnie in the Independent state of South Yorkshire.
Put your hands up if you want to live in Keighley.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 3:55pm Doug Schulkind:

And I love the Chadbourne reference: LGBTQC&W
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dan B: Hopefully sooner rather than later!
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:59pm Stanley:

@Brian - where's it you live again?
  Tue. 10/30/12 3:59pm Brian in UK:

Gotta make some dinner. Wonderful work Doug and all those at base. Brilliant.
Catch yous later.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:00pm Brian in UK:

Stanley - Watford.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:00pm Stanley:

See ya Brian.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 4:01pm Doug Schulkind:

Happy dinner, Brian in UK. Just don't put pineapple on pizza!
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:01pm Marmalade kitty:

Might see you 't Whitby Goth fest if I can find a tick't! ;)
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:01pm r.j.:

yes! yes! & yes!
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:02pm Brian in UK:

@ Stanley if you ever come down to the smoke you are welcome to stay, there is roon in the chicken coop. I'm serious, not about the coop though.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:02pm Van in DC:

mmmmm. Pizza. Hmmmm.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:03pm Brian in UK:

@Doug less in more on pizzas. All in the base.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:04pm Carmichael:

Doug?! No pineapple on pizza?? You would not like California style pies then, my friend.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:05pm Stanley:

@Brian - That would be well cool. Similarly if you're up in Bonnie Scotland.
Have a good dinner and see you around.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:06pm Hugo:

New York has its charms, but so has Old York. Any town with a street named The Shambles has something going for it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 4:09pm Doug Schulkind:

I did make an artichoke-topped pizza, thanks to your suggestion. It was delish.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:09pm Caryn:

Evidently, California and Scandinavia have similar ideas about pizza. Pineapple is almost ubiquitous. And man, do I wish it weren't. No pineapple on pizza, people!
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Ham is GREAT on pizza! With onions, or artichokes, or jalapeños. But not pineapple--the textures just don't sync for me.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:13pm Skirkie:

I went down to the studio to see if anyone there wanted to charge their devices with my laptop and no one was there. Scott and Ken showed up and make sure all was secure and they locked it up.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 4:13pm Doug Schulkind:

Caryn, let's not go to California together.

I snuck a wee bit of prosciutto on my artichoke pizzas. I certainly WILL be doing that again.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:14pm Carmichael:

Matter of fact, tonight I'm having either Canadian bacon and pineapple or Jamaican jerk chicken pizza. The chicken satay pizza is also delicious.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:15pm Caryn:

Doug, it's a deal. Although we might be fine if we avoid places like the California Pizza Kitchen. Non-pizza foods only.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:17pm amEdeo:

@Skirkie: Are the surrounding streets still flooded?
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:19pm Skirkie:

It looks like things have receded. Just no power, traffic lights, etc.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:19pm Craig in Edinburgh,Scotland:

Great work Pittsburgh! And the toppest of tunes in these anxious hours (William Onyeabor's "Good Name" - what a beast of a record) Hoping the havoc isn't too terrible back at HQ. Thinking of you and listening with relish.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:21pm Van in DC:

Okay, finally the apt. maintenance guys are finished and gone from my apt. Time to go see what the area looks like...thanks Doug!
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:21pm Carmichael:

As long as you're not listening with pineapple, Craig. Although I don't mind myself, ....
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:22pm Skirkie:

The basement and such remained dry.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:22pm amEdeo:

@Skirkie: That's good to hear. Thanks man.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:23pm Matt from Springfield:

Good news on the basement!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 4:25pm Doug Schulkind:

And more good news: The basement at WFMU is dry dry dry! The water stopped about 50 feet away from the front door. (At least this is the rumor I am comfortable spreading.)
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:25pm Caryn:

Currently listening with cabbage.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:26pm Carmichael:

So they just need to wait for the boys from ConEd shove the long cord back into the wall thingie?
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Or, is cabbage listening, with you?? Cabbage for thought...

Satan does a swingin' Rhumba!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:29pm G:

From CNN newsfeed: Half of Hoboken, New Jersey [next to Jersey City], is flooded, Mayor Dawn Zimmer told CNN. "The Hudson River came in and filled half of Hoboken like a bathtub," she said. Pump stations are flooded, and much of the city will not be able to get power back until that flooding is gone. There's "major concern" about people walking in the streets, because live wires could be in there, Zimmer said.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:29pm Caryn:

@Matt: well, not for long, because it will soon be consumed
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:30pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey guys, great article from The Onion!
"Failed Bush FEMA director Michael Brown says Obama, FEMA acted too quickly in hurricane response"

Oh shit. This is ACTUALLY TRUE.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:30pm Artie:

All Hail Dry Basements!!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:31pm Carmichael:

Hell of a job AGAIN, Brownie.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:33pm Dave in PA:

Hey Everybody - Hope everyone in/around the station is ok. Is the WFMU Record Fair still on for next weekend? I'm a few hours West so just curious how bad things are in WFMU-land...
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:35pm amEdeo:

Record Fair IS happening Dave in PA!
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:35pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Good cabbage can't sit around for too long! :)

@Carm: The more astonishing part is that he's "now a talk radio host in Colorado". Someone (I assume there's at least one) WANTS to listen to him? I would imagine if he had a 3 hour shift, he would refuse to go to mic and insist that the show will air itself, until it's too late and the 3 hours have passed.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:36pm Caryn:

Talk-show joke writers are in trouble with Brownie. When the set-up to the joke is more ridiculous than anything you can come up with, you're screwed.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dave PA: We are hoping infrastructure/transportation will be back in service to help get people to the Fair, but it's good to know that amEdeo says the Fair will be happening.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 4:40pm Doug Schulkind:

News Flash: Greenwich Village Halloween Parade
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:41pm Caryn:

@Matt: well, Ken has been very adamant about the record fair going on. So adamant, in fact, that I suspect he'd personally pedicab everyone over there if necessary.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:41pm glenn:

no pineapple on pizza??!! that's crazy talk.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 4:43pm Doug Schulkind:

Call me crazy, glenn. I've been called worse.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:43pm Caryn:

Pineapple on pizza? That's humdrum, boring, ho-hum sane talk. Rather be crazy.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:43pm still b/p:

Song request: "I'm a'Goin' Fishin' in the Queens Midtown Tunnel."
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:45pm glenn:

pineapple and cream cheese on a toasted bagel is a wondrous thing also.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 4:48pm Doug Schulkind:

Oh stoppit, glenn. You're worse than Sandy.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:48pm Caryn:

Hmm, should I go get a bagel tomorrow? Only one cafe chain in the whole country where you can get fresh bagels. It's kind of sad. (The menu: 4 types of bagel, about 7 different topping options)
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:49pm Marmalade kitty:

gammon steak and pineapple!
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:49pm Matt from Springfield:

Pineapple and cream cheese? Sounds like an obscure Southern comfort food of the past, like: upside down pineapple lemon cream cheese cake.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:50pm Marmalade kitty:

pineapple on its own!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 4:51pm Doug Schulkind:

Now you're talking, MK!
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:51pm Matt from Springfield:

@MK: Do you eat the pineapple with the steak, or just cook it with pineapple on for flavor?

(I see in the next comment, "pineapple on its own". Bite of steak, bite of pineapple then?)
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:52pm Caryn:

I'm with MK on the "on its own" idea. Either that, or with mint-flavoured sugar and plain yoghurt.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:52pm Marmalade kitty:

ice pineapple and rum shake with lime!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:53pm dcp@:

phew! Been carving pumpkins. Luckily I have a drill attachment to clean them out. Essential these days.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:53pm Caryn:

When I was homeless, the standard daily meal was a can of pineapple slices.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:54pm Caryn:

Hey, have pineapple soda in the fridge! Maybe I should go have some of that.
  Tue. 10/30/12 4:55pm Marmalade kitty:

that shit is DANGERous!!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:00pm amEdeo:

There's pineapple soda?! WHat?! That sounds exciting, though potentially too sweet for me.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:02pm Marmalade kitty:

I recommend freshly squeeezed pineapple (slushy), golden Rum, twist of lime Mmmm. so nice bu leathal if od'd
tip: use cling film wrap around top of glass and shake it baby!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:03pm Skirkie:

Pineapple soda sounds like a thing created exclusively for vodka.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:03pm Caryn:

@amEdeo: the same manufacturers also make my favourite - X-mas apple soda. Apple, vanilla and ginger flavour. I always try to stock up during the brief time it is available each year.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 5:03pm Doug Schulkind:

Jesus Fucking Christ! Bush's FEMA stooge Michael Brown REALLY DID criticize Pres. Obama for acting too quickly in response to Hurricane Sandy. I thought it was a joke.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:05pm texas scott:

holy shite,Doug!
How long you been 'casting?
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:05pm Marmalade kitty:

will obama play golf tomorrow?
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:06pm Matt from Springfield:

@MK: Delish! Makes it feel like summer! :)
@Doug: Like Caryn says, the headline itself is the punchline--after that it just becomes sad that it's true!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:07pm Caryn:

@MK: well, Obama is supposedly coming to NJ tomorrow, so I'm not sure there are golfing opportunities. It's one big water hazard.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:07pm A fish:

Can't wait for The Best Show tonight!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:07pm amEdeo:

@MK: Mmm Mmm. That does sound good!

@Caryn: What company? I wanna check it out.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 5:08pm Doug Schulkind:

@Texas Scott
I've been on since noon. Are you on my mailing list? I sent out an alert.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:08pm A fish:

@Doug Schulkind: The only Republican on the media that I saw behaving well was Christie.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:09pm A fish:

Meaning that he applauded Obama for how he handled Sandy.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:09pm Matt from Springfield:

@fish: I don't know if Tom will connect on--but much like the playlists here, we can still go on the FOT chat at 9! :)
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:09pm Carmichael:

You know we'll hear all about Brownie on Jon Stewart (and probably Colbert) tonight. Should be the best comedy since Ross Perot.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:10pm Caryn:

@amEdeo: I don't think it's available over there. Finnish company Hartwall. Here's a pic:
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:11pm Skirkie:

Tom tweeted that he has no power. There's no traveling tonight either. Mandatory car restrictions in Jersey City after 6pm. Not that he could do anything in Jersey City anyway.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:15pm glenn:

oh republicans. there's nothing in the world so bad that they can't make it worse.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:16pm amEdeo:

@Caryn: I shall make it a goal to acquire and taste this soda! I SHALL NOT BE DENIED BY GEOGRAPHY.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 5:17pm Doug Schulkind:

At 6pm, I will sign off the stream and you will have a few moments of silence while Dan Bodah connects to it. He will be streamcasting live, remotely from deepest, driest Brooklyn. When I sign off, hang on until you hear the music again. It WILL come back.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:17pm Carmichael:

How about by tariffs?
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Lovely Vetiver here!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:20pm amEdeo:

Oh no. I ran out of ginger candy. Time to cook some gluten free pasta in heavily-chlorinated water.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:21pm Caryn:

Oh, amEdeo, if it wasn't a carbonated beverage, I'd send you some myself. Alas, I fear regular mailing would not have great results.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 5:26pm Doug Schulkind:

When I sign off the stream at 6pm, the signal will go silent. Wait about 30 seconds and then RECONNECT TO THE STREAM to hear it again. You must reconnect to hear it.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:26pm amEdeo:

Thanks Caryn! Yeah, not to mention we might anger some very-soaked-with-soda postal workers to boot. Don't want to get detained for acts of Soda Terrorism (my record can't stand any more soda crimes!).
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Supermellow™ set, Matthew Young's also great!

Thanks for the programming advice.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:29pm Caryn:

@amEdeo: I wonder if there's a Scandinavian or Finnish food place in the NJ/NY area that might have some or could order some in? After the Sandy situation is over, that is.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:30pm Carmichael:

@amEdeo: Manhattan Beer distributors in Brooklyn carry the Jaffa line. They could tell you what stores they service.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:31pm Hugo:

I see the heading in Itunes has the following web address:

This is software to use with Macs to broadcast on the net, apparently.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:33pm Ricardo Montalban:

That is indeed what it is. You can also use it to stream music within local networks.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:34pm Ricardo Montalban:

Thanks for keeping the discs spinning, Doug! You're like the DJ at the end of the world, spinning away while the undead horde roam the ravaged countryside.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:35pm Ike:

Hey hey! No power in my part of Newark for the last 26 hours, no cell service (!?!), no WFMU at 91.1 on my battery radio, forced to listen to WNYC. At a friend's in Bloomfield for an hour or two, hope you've got better conditions in your areas, folks.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:35pm amEdeo:

@Caryn&Carmichael: Ooo boy! Exciting development indeed. I shall check it out once things have calmed down.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:35pm Caryn:

Man, Manhattan Beer carry loads of Finnish brands! Nice.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:35pm dave in sodak:

Doug, you're a trooper. Thanks so much for keeping us company during this crisis. And best wishes to all you right-coasters. Stay dry.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 5:38pm Doug Schulkind:

It has been an extreme pleasure, Dave in Sodak!

Much love to the ravaging undead hordes!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:38pm Carmichael:

I will soon hoist a beer in your honor, Doug, since it's $2.50 pint day at the local micro-boozer. Ah heck, I'd even pay full price in your honor!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:38pm Brian in UK:

@ Caryn Pineapple solo, the only way. Keep life simple, nature does.
By the by, Carmichael, loved the use of 'luncheon' earlier. Class.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:38pm Caryn:

BTW, how are things over there in Pittsburgh, Doug?
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:40pm Caryn:

@Brian: yep, best way to have it. Have some fresh pineapple in the kitchen, which will be consumed solo.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:40pm Matt from Springfield:

@Doug: Afropop Zombie Dance!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:40pm Marmalade kitty:

oops my 5:02 comment needs tweaking.. (that should be 3/4 pineapple and 1/4 orange juice) just in case any one wants to join me, lol:)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 5:41pm Doug Schulkind:

Other than needing a job, everything is going swimmingly (OK, poor choice of words) in Pittsburgh.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:41pm Stanley:

Doug this CK Mann is good stuff. Nigerian?
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:42pm Caryn:

That's good to hear, Doug!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 5:42pm Doug Schulkind:

From Ghana.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:43pm Brian in UK:

@Caryn Some in the 'fridge right now.
@ Doug C K Mann was BIG.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:43pm Carmichael:

@Brian: HA! Thanks; have never been accused of being classy.

@Marm Kitty: and 4/4 rum!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:44pm Stanley:

Thought I detected a bit of juju business going on then.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:45pm bjørn:

Listening via the app. Good to have you back on the air.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:45pm duke:

You're our hero Doug.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:45pm Marmalade kitty:

my fractions are skewered!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 5:46pm Doug Schulkind:

Can't be. Don't have a cape. No cape, no hero. Sorry. FCC regulations.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 5:47pm Doug Schulkind:

When I sign off the stream at 6pm, the signal will go silent. Wait about 30 seconds and then RECONNECT TO THE STREAM to hear it again. You must reconnect to hear it.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:47pm Caryn:

Apart from it just being a joy having WFMU broadcasting, the actual show has been very good. So, nice improvisation, Doug!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:48pm Brian in UK:

Time for a blow, Doug. By that I mean a rest ofcourse!! Great mix. See you Friday, aurally speaking.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:48pm Matt from Springfield:

@Doug: But at the very least, you're our hoagie! Grinder, maybe? :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 5:49pm Doug Schulkind:

Give the flooding, I'll take submarine sandwich, thank you.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:50pm ERD:

Thanks Doug for keeping things going! !
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:51pm Marmalade kitty:

Is Dan Bodah in da house?
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:51pm Caryn:

Hey, Doug, "hero" and "superhero" are two different things. And even with superheroes, you have non-caped ones. Like Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, many of the X-Men, Green Lantern, the Fantastic 4, Wonder Woman,... Actually, it seems like a minority of superheroes wear capes nowadays.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:52pm Matt from Springfield:

The Ghetto Bros! Love them!

@Doug: Of course! And especially since "we all live in a yellow-mustard submarine".
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 10/30/12 5:52pm Doug Schulkind:


Ken Freedman
Jeff Moore
John Dalton

for keeping WFMU on the air and humming. Amazing behind the scenes effort from these gentlemen.

Stay tuned for Dan Bodah, live remotely from Brooklyn here on WFMU IN EXILE. Remember, when I disconnect and the stream goes silent, YOU MUST CLICK TO RECONNECT THE STREAM. Wait about 30 seconds for the next connection to be made, then go crazy. Keep you eye on WFMU's homepage for the link to Dan Bodah's playlist.

You guys are the very best. What a fantastic way to spend six hours. Radio hugs to all.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:52pm G:

@Caryn: So it seems they've ex-caped?
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:53pm Marmalade kitty:

Thank you Doug!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:53pm amEdeo:

Thanks for the excellent afternoon Doug. Have a good night.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:55pm Caryn:

@G: hah, exactly. Unless you're a flying superhero, you tend to eschew capes.
@Matt: that reminds me, am I the only one horrified by the "Yellow Submarine" remake? In 3-D?
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:56pm northguineahills:

Thanks for keeping WFMU running, Doug!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Radio houg to Doug!
Great entertainment on short notice, thank you much!

See you all over on the other playlists!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:56pm Brian in UK:

Everybody step away from the STREAM
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The Daily Show and Colbert are reruns tonight and probably the rest of the week.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Gawd, Hollywood so intellectually bankrupt nowadays, not enough to reuse old movie ideas, now they have to mess with the classics as well?!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:57pm Caryn:

Don't cross the streams, people! Instead, reconnect the stream.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:58pm Carmichael:

Doug, you're our gyro!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:58pm Bas, NL:

It was a great many hours Doug! Thanks!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:58pm frenchee:

  Tue. 10/30/12 5:58pm Jessie:

the warriors
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:59pm frenchee:

thank you, Superstorm Superman Schulkind!
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:59pm Caryn:

Yep, "Warriors", Doug.
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:59pm Matt from Springfield:

@Carm: Nice! We have a winner! :D
  Tue. 10/30/12 5:59pm Artie:

Thanks Doug, Ken, Jeff, John, Kenzo and all. Lovely recovery.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:27pm Van in DC:

Doug, you proved today why you are the Bestest there is.
  Tue. 10/30/12 9:18pm Doug Schulkind:

Aw Van, you're just still drunk on "Mind Train"! But thank you. There is nothing I rather do than spend six hours spinning trax and schmoozing music with the FMU crew. Ooh!
  Thu. 11/1/12 8:36am A listener:

Wish I could hear this show again, it was great. Thanks!
  Fri. 11/2/12 4:52pm Bob:

As an addendum to my very brief comment above, I wanted to point out that the complete movie "The Burning Train" is available on YouTube: Because there are no subtitles, if you don't speak Hindi, you'll probably want to focus on the excellent opening title sequence at 0:0:46 to 0:4:12. Dig the colors.
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