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A big record collection, a long memory, and a short fuse.

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Options September 7, 2012: Mid-'90s Rough Mix Rebroadcast #28

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Artist Track Album Label
Hans Reichel  Le Bal   Options Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones  Ellipsis Arts 
Reed Ghazala  Silence the Tongues of Prophecy   Options Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones  Ellipsis Arts 
Trouble Funk  Let's Get Small   Options    
Buddy Rich  Quiet Please   Options Tommy Dorsey, Yes Indeed   
Elmore James  The Sky Is Crying
I Must Have Done Somebody Wrong
I Gotta Find My Woman
Sophie Tucker  Who Wants 'em Tall, Dark and Handsome   Options Greatest Hits   
Sugar Belly  Shake Up Adina   Options Super Merengue   
Luis Russel & His Orchestra  High Tension   Options Luis Russel & His Orchestra 1930-1934   
Duke Ellington  Hiya Sue   Options Giants of Jazz   
Soul Coughing  Disseminated   Options Irresistible Bliss   
Dawn Penn  You Don't Love Me   Options Dancehall Stylee Volume 4: Best of Dancehall Style   
Po Pimp feat. Twista  Do or Die   Options    
Howard DaSilva and the Politicians  A Little Tin Box   Options Fiorello! (Original Cast Album)   
Emmett Miller  The Sheik of Alabam   Options The Minstrel Man from Georgia   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/7/12 12:04pm listener james from westwood:

just about time for my steinski-theme dance!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 12:04pm Doug Schulkind:

Yo yo yo!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Break away now, everybody! And go to the Steinski side!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:06pm listener james from westwood:

ah, "willy wonka" in the mix.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Thought that was Willy Wonka!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 12:08pm Doug Schulkind:

Now who would go and name their willy Wonka?!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:11pm still b/p:

Someone in a world of pure imagination.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:13pm listener james from westwood:

no doubt some wanka!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:13pm still b/p:

...And a candy-ass.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Buddy Rich - how rich the world is to have recordings of his drumming!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:15pm kat330:

Back! Hiyagain!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 12:17pm Doug Schulkind:

Hiya kat330!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Only "R"?? What kind of dirty B-flick do they think they are??

"INDEPENDENT International" -- those who couldn't cut it at the esteemed American International!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:19pm Bong Head Bill:

High Doug,
Is there something I am missing here - what's so special about these old radio show mixes?
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:20pm kat330:

Speaking of game shows, somehow the "tiles" aren't turning with the new spins. We supposed to guess first? :)
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:20pm still b/p:

Thelma Houston was in Game Show Models!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 12:21pm Doug Schulkind:

Remember the Boston band the Del Fuegos? An earlier incarnation of the band, back in college — a band that was the opening act for a dorm concert, with my band as headliner — was called the Jogging Wankers.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:21pm listener james from westwood:

instead of the price is right fail horns, she'd sing "don't leave me this way"
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:21pm Matt from Springfield:

This robot speaks truth to power...
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:21pm kat330:

Broadcast that in China, I dare you.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:22pm listener james from westwood:

lol, doug—wonder if that band name was a reaction to gentrification?
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:23pm kat330:

What about the importance of ABnormal boys?
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:23pm listener james from westwood:

to say nothing of the intersexed
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:23pm Matt from Springfield:

Although the penis envy/castration complex thing has been around ever since Freud. That doesn't make it incorrect, but that does make it a very old idea.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:24pm northguineahills:

I honestly only know about the Del Fuegos from a Juliana Hatfield song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 12:24pm Doug Schulkind:

Well I went to Oberlin College, and it just so happens that the first real "runner's guru, Jim Fixx" lived in Oberlin. Related??
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:24pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: I once used in an experiment a brain from one Mr. A.B. Normal!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:25pm listener james from westwood:

ngh: i hate my sis-ter, she's a bitch
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:25pm listener james from westwood:

abby who?
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:25pm northguineahills:

that's the one, james!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:27pm kat330:

@Matt: Your last name is Frankenstein?
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Abby Normal, maybe that's his wife, I found a female brain also labeled that...
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Last of the Red Hot Mamas!
And a then-topical reference to Prince's name/symbol change!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:29pm kat330:

Are you guys talking about Abby and Ann Landers?
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:29pm northguineahills:

I love Hans Reichel!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:29pm still b/p:

X degrees of triviation: Marty Feldman selected the A.B. Normal brain. Thelma Houston appeared for a while in Marty Feldman's comedy series.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:30pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: Frahnkensteen, yes.

To continue this Mel Brooks streak, watch the conference scene in "High Anxiety"--where psychologist Mel tries to talk about penis envy with young children in the room.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:31pm Matt from Springfield:

Good observation still b/p! Let's keep the triviation going!
Actually that's ALL we do on these boards! :)
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:31pm kat330:

I really enjoyed "The Man with Two Brains," apropos of very little.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 12:32pm Doug Schulkind:

@still b/p
True story: Yesterday, when the first batch of potential jurors were being dismissed from my group, one of the names called by the clerk was "Thelma Houston." Well that got me scrambling to Google images on my iPhone to compare with the mid-60s-looking African American woman in the room with me.

Verdict: Not the same Thelma Houston.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:32pm listener james from westwood:

matt, imho that film doesn't get enough love. always tried to catch it on tv as a kid. all i need to see is a still of harvey korman with the werewolf teeth in his mouth and i can't breathe i'm laughing so hard. plus, mmmmmmadeline kahn.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:33pm kat330:

Wow, is this an incredible sync?
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:33pm listener james from westwood:

thelma hovers over all this week, it seems!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:34pm still b/p:

Woulda been great if you both were selected and you spent the next several days speaking to her and treating her as if she WERE.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:36pm Matt from Springfield:

Adina shaken up!
@LJFW: Mel gives such a funny but loving tribute to Hitchcock, I love that one.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:36pm kat330:

The one jury I actually got onto was out in Los Angeles. During voir dire it was found out one of the jurors had the same last name as the defendant -- but no relation assured. Turned out this juror was involved in an indiscretion that caused a mistrial. The Judge was not amused, and it was such a disappointment in my earnest wish to do my civic duty.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:37pm Matt from Springfield:

This came up the other week, the earliest WFMU schedule available on the Internet Archive (Nov '96). THIS edition of A Rough Mix was actually in its original run at the time! Wednesday 7-8 pm, right after Seven Second Delay!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 12:38pm Doug Schulkind:

@still b/p
Oh the monumental fool I could have made of myself. What a lost opportunity.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:38pm kat330:

Hey, I just remembered that last name was "Coulter." Heh!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:40pm kat330:

Thanks for the link, Matt. Certainly proves a great loyalty in the FMU family.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:44pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: Loyalty over time, and over different time slot changes.

In fact I just noticed Busy Doing Nothing was once the Thurs-Fri overnight slot, where Stan is now. Charlie and Doug, separated only by Nachum on Fri mornings!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:45pm listener james from westwood:

liked the switcheroo to the natural voice. breakin' kayfabe!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:47pm listener james from westwood:

and that juror whom nobody wanted to impanel grew up to be ... tony coulter. and now you know the rrrrrest! of the story.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 12:47pm Doug Schulkind:

My first ever WFMU slot was 3-6:30 early Monday morning leading into Nachum (back when Nachum's show started at 6:30.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Ah, this song is by Soul Coughing.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:48pm kat330:

@LJfW: "Grew up to be"? Yeah, they have a really tough time getting enough jurors for the trials out in L.A., but they haven't yet resorted to enlisting minors. :)
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:48pm Matt from Springfield:

DAWN PENN! I HAVE this one! This is incredible, Steinski was wise to choose this!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:49pm listener james from westwood:

okay, i laughed at that last wonka drop-in way too hard.
i really love the archives for, among other reasons, making late-night djs easily accessible for daylight listening. lotsa goodness going on in the safe harbor hours.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:50pm northguineahills:

This version of "You Don't Love Me", is different from the one I have, and I think mine is titled "No, No, No".
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:51pm Matt from Springfield:

@Doug: You got your start in the crucible of that hard-to-fill late night slot!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 12:51pm Doug Schulkind:

I thought Dawn Penn's portrayal of Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High was just brilliant.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:51pm listener james from westwood:

kat, sometimes i think my friends' kids might be just the thing the jury pool needs. or the voting rolls. they've got more horse sense than some adults i have to interact with.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:52pm Matt from Springfield:

Willy Wonka/Jon Stewart: "I SAID, GOOD DAY!!!"
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:52pm Matt from Springfield:

" "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)" is an interpretation of Willie Cobbs' 1960 song "You Don't Love Me", which was inspired by Bo Diddley's 1955 song "She's Fine, She's Mine". "
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:53pm Matt from Springfield:

"It is a remake of her 1967 song "You Don't Love Me". The song was her only Billboard hit, peaking at #58 on the Hot 100 and #10 on the Hot Dance charts in 1994."
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:54pm kat330:

I thought Fast Times at Ridgemont High was rather brilliant.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 12:56pm Doug Schulkind:

An apple for Professor Matt from Springfield!
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:56pm Marshall Stacks:

The book Fast Times at Ridgemont High is also surprisingly good. Cameron Crowe actually went undercover as a HS student to write it -- not much of a stretch for him at the time, apparently.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:56pm kat330:

Say, whatever happened to Michael Penn? Must say he wooed me on board with "No Myth," then he gets married and, whomp, there it isn't.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:58pm listener james from westwood:

early on as an fmu listener (early 90s), i heard a rumor that there was a ban on playing show tunes. but then i'd hear jonesey play "man of la mancha" cuts, or tunes like this cut from steinski's show, and i'd wonder, was this ban bs? an in-joke?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 12:58pm Doug Schulkind:

Sounds like you have "Penn Is" envy, kat330.
  Fri. 9/7/12 12:59pm still b/p:

I fear katstration.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 1:00pm Doug Schulkind:

The show tunes ban was a oft-repeated goof from Station Manager Ken. No doubt he wished it to be true, but there has never been a ban on any non-FCC-problematic content.
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:01pm kat330:

Awwwww, you jokers kill me. Now you're all going to trial.
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:01pm northguineahills:

Holy crap, Emmett Miller. I need to get more of his stuff after reading Nick Toshes' "Where the Dead Voices Gather".
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:01pm listener james from westwood:

that's what i thought, doug. and later on, ken himself developed an acute addiction to non-english-language "jesus christ superstar" original cast albums.
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Po Pimp feat. Twista, seguing into the original cast recording of "Fiorello!"
What a creative mind that Steinski has!
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:02pm listener james from westwood:

kat: i've been called trying, certainly, but trial, that's something new. (actually not true; was a defendant in a mugging case once.)
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:03pm Matt from Springfield:

@Doug: Just a typical qualified Wikipedian, although that apple would be a healthier side with this reuben than fries...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 1:03pm Doug Schulkind:

LJFW, you were mugging for the camera, surely?!?
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:03pm kat330:

@LJfW: Fact: I auditioned for the original B-way cast of JCS. [My life may have taken some very different turns if I'd passed muster.]
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 1:04pm Doug Schulkind:

Too bad it wasn't a Swedish take on gangsta rap!
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:05pm Webhamster Henry:

Thanks again Doug & Steinski!
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:05pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: The guys from Air Supply met in the Australian cast of JCS--it's probably better you didn't enter *that* world! ;)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 9/7/12 1:06pm Doug Schulkind:

Much fun and merriment! Thanks for hanging with me.
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:06pm still b/p:

Thanks for the 'ski lift!
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:06pm listener james from westwood:

indeed it would have, kat! wow!
this was a fireball of a show. thanks, steinski and doug!
have a mighty weekend, all!
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Without a care, and without a clue! That's what I call a good day!

Thanks Steinski and Doug! Take care all of yinse, have a grrrrreat weekend!
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:06pm kat330:

I'd just b'dayed out of my teens at the time, so it probably was a good thing.

TY Doug & Steinski! Great weekends to you all!
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:07pm Marshall Stacks:

Thanks Doug and Steinski!
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:07pm Matt from Springfield:

LOL still b/p!
  Fri. 9/7/12 1:08pm northguineahills:

Have a great weekend, Doug, thanks!
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