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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 17, 2012: Roach Motel

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 8/17/12 6:00pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:00pm peteheavycream:

what up weirdos?
Avatar Fri. 8/17/12 6:00pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:01pm Cecile:

I'm a little slow here, but what happened to Andy? I shared a lot of his geriatric concerns.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:01pm midgetface babyteeth:

I wuv u Fwangwy
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:01pm peteheavycream:

a couple of pre-show cocktails?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:01pm Mr. Potato Head:

YAAAAY!!!! What's the topic? I am pummmped too!! LOL
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:01pm norelpref:

wow. i've never listened to this live before.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:01pm pinball:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:01pm anthony:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:02pm Andy:

Where is Andy?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:02pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:02pm cool fool:

pumped? easy, cannibal salts? is Andy ever coming back? :o
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:03pm MISTER JOHNNY:

That's MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:03pm Mr. Potato Head:

pffft.. Frangry you always look awesome! =)
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:03pm peteheavycream:

andy's gone forever
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:03pm Cecile:

Okay, here is my roach story, via my husband.
He was going to take on a job cleaning apartments at our old building, and his first assignment was to clean the apartment they'd evicted this guy from. He had gotten depressed, not cleaned the place in months, and when my husband opened the fridge door, it was crawling with em.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:03pm Cecile:

he didn't take the job.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:04pm Andy:

Topic should be what are you doing while Pussy Riot, Manning ans Assange are captive like roaches?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:04pm peteheavycream:

i've got a lot of roach stories. unfortunately none of them involve insects
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:04pm robyn:

yes...the south is swarming with roaches.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:04pm Cecile:

Dude who left hadn't washed dishes or opened the fridge in 3 months.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:04pm midgetface babyteeth:

i bet them cockroaches had cute eyes
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:04pm Andy:

I miss Andy
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:04pm robyn:

ewwww Cecile. that reminds me of ...well, about half of fight club.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:04pm Jordan:

Michele, Are you really prepared for this level of fame?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:05pm anthony:

palmetto bugs fly
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:05pm peteheavycream:

yes, like pot
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:05pm JessStarJess:

My dad killed one...And there huge there in puerto Rico and they fly and he killed it and landed on me and started to scream! :)
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:05pm robyn:

waterbugs have a different shape. i'm not sure, they might still be roaches. they are easier to kill though.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:06pm other david:

We don't really have cockroaches in Ireland, mercifully.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:06pm jman:

frangry, is andy really gone from the show forever? i miss him. waterbugs are just another variety of a roach.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:06pm peteheavycream:

of course, spike has a roach story.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:06pm cool fool:

friend of mine had epic cockroach killer move, he would jump on it, do a twist, and then drag it across the concrete and smear it all over the pavement.... it died.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:07pm other david:

we do have a member of parliament named "Dick Roche" though
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:07pm mike noble in dc:

my proudest roach moment happened in college. i was limping around with a broken toe, saw a humongous roach dart across our dorm kitchen. i did a sudden thrusting attack like a fencer, dragging my injured foot behind me and smashed the roach in one precise hit with my cane. i have never been more graceful in my life.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:07pm Mr. Potato Head:

um, what is the backup topic? This is kinda boring ladies.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I met Michele - it totally made my day.
She is even more charming in person than on the radio!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:07pm peteheavycream:

"hello, pal" love it
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:08pm Andy:

Yeah time to smoke a roach! Let me know when Andy is back
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:08pm robyn:

i'm waiting for a latin man to call in with a story about the "cucaracha" for our ladies.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:08pm peteheavycream:

SUW, a show even roach farmers can enjoy.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:09pm pinball:

I was 16 and living in a burned out old building. I was in bed and I was watching roaches run across my blanket. it was then I realized I had probably gotton to Punk for my own good.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:09pm Anthony, Esquire:

Johnny did she give you a hug? she seems like a sweet gal whoi likes to hug.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:09pm norelpref:

I saw the Roches with Robert Fripp once.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:10pm peteheavycream:

this man knows way more about roaches than any one human should know
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:10pm Ralph:

Maybe the Andy and Michele show should air next
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:10pm pinball:

michele didnt get the roach joke?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:11pm Anthony, Esquire:

i miss frangry calling peeps brother
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:11pm MISTER JOHNNY:

No, no hug - but she did slap on the arm.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:12pm Anthony, Esquire:

how cute. good job johnny
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:12pm peteheavycream:

an adult baseball league? i guess that's better than playing in a kids baseball league
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:12pm Listener Paul:

I spent a couple of summers working as an exterminator. We serviced several restaurants. I try not to think about those experiences when I eat out.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:12pm peteheavycream:

an adult baseball league? i guess that's better than playing in a kids baseball league
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:13pm Mr. Potato Head:

borrrrring... c'mon, no backup topic?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:14pm Anthony, Esquire:

i am not calling because of the negative ...i dont want to be known as a roach caller...creepy
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:14pm peteheavycream:

i thought i was prepared for this. but, this show is creeping me out more than i thought it would
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:14pm Jordan:

Who doesn't like wet & hot?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:14pm Robert in Seattle:

I'm missing the sexual tension between Frangry and Andy.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:14pm norelpref:

what about expanding the topic to horrific bugs in general, e.g., stink bugs from hell and the like
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:14pm Roach:

Can I have that with DOUBLE CHEESE? TY!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:15pm MISTER JOHNNY:

This was at a flea market.

Later I thought I should have said "are you looking for an antique food-bed?"
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:15pm Joe Ray:

I really miss Andy. I used to look forward to this show. The dynamic between Frangry and Andy was great. Now I often don't even bother to listen.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:15pm robyn:

yay jill
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:15pm midgetface babyteeth:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:15pm peteheavycream:

you're missing out joe
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:16pm Mr. Potato Head:

I bet Andy would've thought of a better topic... meh.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Do roaches lay eggs?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:16pm Robert in Seattle:

Frangry and Michelle like each other too much.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:17pm Yeah:

Signing off with so much hardship going on we talking about roaches sucks especially when the talk is boring and not funny
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:17pm Robert in Seattle:

Oh, please!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:17pm Anthony, Esquire:

Joe Ray...have you seen how awesome michele is? she has a gorgeous smile and a sassy attitude. change happens
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:17pm Yeah:

Signing off with so much hardship going on we are talking about roaches sucks especially when the talk is boring and not funny
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:17pm midgetface babyteeth:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:18pm Mr. Potato Head:

zzzzz... zzzzz... zzzzz... I WAS puuuumped for the show. Now I am deeeeeflated.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:18pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I think Andy had a crush on Frangry...but Frangry would rather die that get it on with Andy. Am I right?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:18pm other david:


  Fri. 8/17/12 6:18pm Ike:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:19pm Joe Ray:

Frangry is too nice now. It wasn't sexual tension between her and Andy, it was the awesome bitchy tension
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:19pm lucybluebear:

Back in college - with two roommates in an apartment I go in the bathromm and there is a dead cockroach legs up on my roommates hairbrush. It crawled on my roommates hairbursh, turned over and died.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:19pm Jordan:

All your pizza delivery guys are not going to like this show!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:19pm Mr. Potato Head:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:19pm norelpref:

Need to contact Joe from Joe's Apartment.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:19pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Andy should call in with a story of roaches in Russia...
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:19pm jt:

I knew a guy in college who went to the doctor for an earache. A roach crawled in and died.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:20pm mike noble in dc:

Beatles are overrated. Go Beach Boys!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:20pm Anthony, Esquire:

do an advice show
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:20pm G:

My gf had one of those electric cat water fountain things, and it started making a funny buzzing noise. After a few weeks I picked it up and put it on the washing machine to check the mechanism, and there was brown dust falling out of it. A few bangs of the fountain again the lid of the washing machine sent roaches scurrying everywhere. They had made a nest inside there next to the warm motor. The dust was dried out roach turds, I'm sure. Down the trash chute it went in a thick black garbage bag. No more cat fountains since then.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:20pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry prefers Roaches to Beatles...
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:21pm norelpref:

Tomorrow never knows
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:21pm pinball:

I was a graveyard shift security gaurd in New Orleans and I was sleeping on the floor of the office when I was awoken from a scratching noise in the pizza box on top of the microwave. i thought it might be a rat so i lifted the box top with my baton and a huge cockroach came running at me. I jumped back and hit it with the baton knocking its wing off. i grabbed bug spray and soaked it. it crawled out the door to the outside as I cowered in the corner. I sat down in the chair and went back to sleep only to be awoken again by the same wing-less cockroach crawling acoss the desk as if to get me. i pulled my gun on the thing. thankfully i didnt shoot.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:21pm Robert in Seattle:

we need your agenda Michelle.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:21pm mike noble in dc:

wasn't the song tomorrow never knows?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:21pm Anthony, Esquire:

this guy dissed michele...click
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:21pm Robert in Seattle:

Fngry eats with her feet
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:21pm some guy who was stoned once:

once i saw a roach going around on the edge of the LP i was playing. i went to go get it and realized it was the end of the joint i had dropped.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:21pm Robert in Seattle:

Joe Ray, you're totally right.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:21pm pinball:

frangrys shoes were better
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:21pm mike noble in dc:

What's with this ignorant Beatles fan! Within Without You isn't even on Revolver.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:22pm Mr. Potato Head:

maybe best hangover remedies?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:22pm Aloha! With kisses from Rusty:

Can't say much about roaches in Hawaii; yeah, their big,
yeah, there'r alot of em
but all the SCORPIONS eat them!
...problem solved.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:22pm Robert in Seattle:

HEY - who is posting comments as me? Stop it!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:22pm Robert in Seattle:

I did not say that!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:22pm Andy is gone:

But the foot fetish survives. No consolation.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:22pm pinball:

the beatles were lame. GO KINKS
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:23pm peteheavycream:

new topic; michele catch phrases
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:23pm mike noble in dc:

Yes, Kinks > Beatles. Beach Boys also > Beatles
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:23pm Robert in Seattle:

I did not say I did not say that!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:23pm Anthony, Esquire:

brush with fame and fortune...good topic
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:23pm JJ:

The beatles song in mad men was Tomorrow Never Knows. And I agree with michele. That song surprised me as I think the Beatles are really, using her expression, cheesy. PS: Ins't michele usually written with 2 LL's
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:24pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Weirdo Dance Party...

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:24pm LarryAnne:

Why are people picking on Michele?!?!?! <----**NEW TOPIC**
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:24pm Ike:

Yeah, it was "Tomorrow Never Knows." It influenced tons of modern rock. Great song. And I'm not even that much of a Beatles fan. May be their best song.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:24pm peteheavycream:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:24pm Mr. Potato Head:

Andy is laughing with his Thai harem at how borring this show is right now...
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:24pm mike noble in dc:

I mostly hate Macca. John and George are OK by me.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:24pm peteheavycream:

Weirdo Dance Party is an awesome idea
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:25pm mike noble in dc:

Celeb encounters is a little too Ken & Andy.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:25pm MISTER JOHNNY:

It gonna be in October? Can we come in Halloween Costumes??????
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:26pm peteheavycream:

robert's good name was smeared.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:26pm Anthony, Esquire:

if people dont respect Michele, I will send a dunning letter
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:26pm G:

Frangry is taking the fifth to avoid criminal liability
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:26pm mike noble in dc:

Frangry: will you and Andy come on Seven Second Delay? Breckman's been dying to do a conflict resolution show.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:26pm robyn:

yes. why does paul mccartney suck? i guess cos he sold out. also, good reporting there robert.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:27pm Sean:

The problem with the Beatles is that they were a mediocre band elevated to greatness. Everything they did had been done better by someone else. They were like the Radiohead of their day, supremely interesting to anyone who has never listened to WFMU.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:27pm Anthony, Esquire:

stop with the andy drama people
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:27pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Andy should post his story on a YouTube Video...

That would be awesome...
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:27pm Aloha! With kisses from Rusty:

Can't say much about roaches in Hawaii; yeah, their big,
yeah, there'r alot of em
but all the SCORPIONS eat them!
...problem solved.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:27pm Jordan:

Give Andy his chance to spill and then you can spill, Frangry.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:28pm Joe Ray:

Wait a minute, I thought Andy left because he got a new job that conflicted with the time slot. Obviously there's more to it.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:28pm peteheavycream:

michele's agenda is to make us laugh. and i think she's succeeding wonderfully.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:28pm Paul McCartney:

daeD sI ydnA
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:28pm Anthony, Esquire:

give the ladies a chance
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:29pm pinball:

I guess I dont care if andy comes back or not because Im a frangry fan but I would like to know that you two made up.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:29pm mike noble in dc:

Did the falling out happen on the air or over twitter? Or behind closed doors?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:29pm MISTER JOHNNY:

So I guess Frangry and Andy won't be slow dancing or spooning anytime soon, huh?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:29pm jovial German jingle writer:

I'm in Seattle and I'll have you know I am VERY MELLOW!

ps <3 Michele
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:29pm Tony, Esq:

Oh the lawyer has spoken
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:29pm Skirkie:

I really think that that underwear perv thought "agenda" meant "vaginia."
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:30pm Anthony, Esquire:

frangry what is the number so i can call?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:30pm robyn:

just do terrible hotel stories. that's what i thought about when i saw the subject anyway.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:30pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:30pm Tony, Esq:

Hello counselor
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:30pm Jordan:

Are you ladies drinking tonight?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:31pm Joe Ray:

Yes, the every-week fall-out was part of the fun of it!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:31pm Mr. Potato Head:

omg terrible hotel stories is AWESOME!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:31pm peteheavycream:

is frangry drinking? is she breathing?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:32pm robyn:

there's nothing like checking into a hotel after a long day of driving and looking at someone else's shit stain.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:32pm G:

Now if Frangry and Michele start bickering every week, we can nickname them "Fall Out Girlz"
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:32pm Sean C:

I absolutely hate roaches, and encountered 4 in one night, so I sprayed a bunch. Over the next few days, I developed a really bad headache. It wouldn't go away, and I couldn't figure out why, until my fiance pointed out that I emptied 3 cans of raid and had hardly left the house since.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:32pm peteheavycream:

sadly, the fresh prince song was the funniest part of tonight's show.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:33pm robyn:

i will call in with my story if you do terrible hotel stories one day/today.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:33pm Skirkie:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:33pm Mr. Potato Head:

how about people's worst stories about working with children?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:34pm Googy:

new topic ideas: your worst bad hair day, what's that smell in mark in the car's trunk? frangry's secret crush on the singer for nickleback
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:34pm fds:

Roaches? Smoked 'em all tonight. But then the exterminator came with bug powder, and I had Naked Lunch with Cronenberg.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:35pm Aloha! With kisses from Rusty:

Can't say much about roaches in Hawaii;

yeah, their big,

yeah, there'r alot of em

but all the SCORPIONS eat them!

...problem solved.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:35pm Jason:

Frangry, You really need to drink every show - you're much more "Frangry" in that state.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:35pm peteheavycream:

bart simpson sounds old as hell
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:36pm wow:

jesus, y'all have an audience made up of Pervy Perversons. Does that turn you on or something?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:36pm Mr. Potato Head:

this is less fun only bc Frangry is not buzzed... she's only puuuuumped.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:36pm Mr. Potato Head:

spoken like a true lawyer.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:36pm Skirkie:

Use the "demon voice" like Andy did on 7 Second Delay this week. That was hilarious.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:36pm peteheavycream:

anthony sounded very depressed when he said, "it's your lawyer"
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:36pm Heavyset Rick:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:37pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What's the BIGGEST roach you ever saw?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:37pm Jason:

Michele has a roach crawling in her weave
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:38pm pinball:

this show is good because Frangry is always good!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:38pm jovial German jingle writer:

I've never once seen a cockroach in Seattle, btw.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:38pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Did the cross keep the roaches away?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:38pm Anthony, Esquire:

hey just stick with it, don't change horses in mid stream
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:39pm Change the name of the show says:

Let's just say that Andy left due to Diva overload. Farewell Andy! We understand. Especially since she won't admit it.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:39pm Jed:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:39pm vermont:

Not a roach story, but gross non the less. Fresh strawberries, basil, lemonade, vodka shaken together. Hot afternoon cocktail. Take a sip on the straw. Bitten on the tongue. Spit it out on the kitchen floor. Earwig. Yuch. Tastes smokey.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:39pm Aloha! With kisses from Rusty:

Can't say much about roaches in Hawaii;

yeah, their big,

yeah, there'r alot of em

but all the SCORPIONS eat them!

...problem solved.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:39pm pinball:

i watched them jumping off my chest while i layed in bed.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:39pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry's getting pumped up...with RAGE!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:39pm vermont:

Not a roach story, but gross non the less. Fresh strawberries, basil, lemonade, vodka shaken together. Hot afternoon cocktail. Take a sip on the straw. Bitten on the tongue. Spit it out on the kitchen floor. Earwig. Yuch. Tastes smokey.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:39pm Jason:

hey, if the horse is drowning, change horses midstream!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:39pm peteheavycream:

failures always much more fun with company. hang in there, ladies
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:39pm Anthony, Esquire:

Frangry! Not get angry, get determined!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:40pm mike noble in dc:

I walked away for 10 minutes. what did i miss?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:40pm peteheavycream:

where's jenna. she's gotta have a good story.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:41pm G:

I lived in Brazil for awhile. They had wooden floors there, no carpeting. Sometimes at night if you came through the door of a room and turned on a light, you would hear one hauling ass across the floor to get under a piece of furniture. It was a tropical climate, and I swear I saw adult roaches that were a good two inches long. With the right saddle, you could practically have ridden one.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:41pm Sneve:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:41pm Anthony, Esquire:

Frangy any cupid dates in the past two weeks?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:41pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Maggots are worse than roaches, right?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:41pm other david:

New topic: if you had to keep Frangry entertained for an hour, how would you do it, could you do it?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:42pm pinball:

we all liked Andy. his smarts and his OCD made for a good sidekick. but lets face it we're all here because we love Frangry!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:42pm peteheavycream:

tom was just gross enough to be good
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:42pm Mr. Potato Head:

other david you just opened a pandora's box lol
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:43pm peteheavycream:

inspired by tonight's show. next week's topic should be, terrible career decisions.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:44pm other david:

a pandora's box = great topic
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:44pm fds:

of course it happens, roaches are always close to our lips
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:44pm robyn:

your line is busy. i'll call back later.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:44pm Aloha! With kisses from Rusty:

Can't say much about roaches in Hawaii;

yeah, their big,

yeah, there'r alot of em

but all the SCORPIONS eat them!

...problem solved.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:44pm Skirkie:

Oh my god. Fuck. The . South.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:44pm peteheavycream:

another catch phrase contender. "your life's bad enough"
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:45pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Why would roaches eat plaque? Are they dental hygienists?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:45pm Jordan:

Frangry - Maybe we're running out of topics after 25 years.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:45pm Anthony, Esquire:


when i called i was not happy about the michele dis...
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:45pm pinball:

Kid Rock for President!!!!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:46pm G:

@MJ: They smell food on your breath.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:46pm other david:

Shane McGowan for prez
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:46pm pinball:

I do not like kid rock....not nice!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:47pm pinball:

im more shane McGowen for prez
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:47pm peteheavycream:

michele..... this is your life.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:47pm Skirkie:

Hold up. Makes dirt!?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:48pm Jordan:

Michele, We need to hear some street hockey stories.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:48pm peteheavycream:

Chris Brown for president
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:48pm Anthony, Esquire:

frangy and michele...a ray of light in an otherwise dark radio world
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:48pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Dirt can not be created nor destroyed.

Ask Einstein.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:49pm Mr. Potato Head:

New Topic: why did Frangry pick Michele?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:49pm Einstein:

it's true
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:49pm peteheavycream:

why would you segregate callers?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:50pm Anthony, Esquire:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:50pm pinball:

I want to be your call screener
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:50pm Aloha! With kisses from Rusty:

Can't say much about roaches in Hawaii;

yeah, their big,

yeah, there'r alot of em

but all the SCORPIONS eat them!

...problem solved.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:50pm Roach:

Dirt of any kind can however be eaten! NUMNUMNUM!!!!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:50pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Cockroach Fun Facts! Put those in a fortune cookie!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:50pm JD:

Frangry should play roller derby, she already had the name
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:50pm Jordan:

Frangry and Michele should invite Spike to guest host with them.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:50pm Jonathan:

Not enough ladies call. That's always been a problem.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:51pm peteheavycream:

who's the winner?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:51pm Mr. Potato Head:

only 9 minutes left of this torture topic LOL
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:52pm Skirkie:

If needed, put Pancake in the dryer on high heat and he'll be fine.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:52pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Would roaches eat a dead body?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:52pm Anthony, Esquire:

frangry is the winner
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:52pm Mr. Potato Head:

it was part of liquid television Frangry.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:53pm pinball:

wasn't that show called "Alf"?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:53pm mike noble in dc:

i think someone made a kafka-based video adventure game where you spent 99% of the game as a cockroach.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:53pm Jim:

Can we call Michelle by a nickname.... How about Mandy?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:54pm pinball:

why are you stealing my "pinball" name
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:54pm Tiger:

Where's the post show party tonight ladies?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:54pm mike noble in dc:

Bad Mojo is the name of the computer game.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:54pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Can we get Michele to puke on air?
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:54pm Roach:

make your own names up, you losers!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:54pm MISTER JOHNNY:

youin larvae teeth!!!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:55pm frangroid:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:55pm K:

kafka high, literally high, bug powder for recreational activities
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:55pm Jeff:

Let's just call Michele "One L"
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:56pm mike noble in dc:

i thought joe's apartment was a movie
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:56pm Kafka:

One day, I woke up to find myself transformed into a giant insect.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:56pm Mr. Potato Head:

by "they're saying" don't you mean Mr. Potato Head-- sheesh, no credit.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:56pm mike noble in dc:

If i saw a roach crawling on Frangry's head, i'd smash it.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:56pm pinball:

shut up weirdo dance and sausage party coming soon!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:56pm peteheavycream:

whoa, ending the show strong
Avatar Fri. 8/17/12 6:56pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 8/17/12 6:56pm peteheavycream:

great job, ladies. way to pull it together! see you next week. hopefully michele gets recognized again. Adios, Weirdos!
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:57pm Jason:

Have a good w/e kids.
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:57pm Anthony, Esquire:

good job
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:58pm Anthony, Esquire:

frangy was upset tonight
  Fri. 8/17/12 6:58pm mike noble in dc:

Ithink Michele one-L is chinese.
  Fri. 8/17/12 7:00pm robyn:

dang, tried to call in with my hotel story. maybe some other time. goodnight weirdos!!
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