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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 10, 2012: Non-Curse Swear Words

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Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:03pm Anthony in the Deep South:

should I call?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:03pm peteheavycream:

the over/under butt references in tonights show is set at 3
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:03pm Ob-Gyn:

Don't get pregnant, girls!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:03pm mike noble in dc:

Avatar Fri. 8/10/12 6:03pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:03pm peteheavycream:

i guess the original topic didn't pass the frangry facebook test
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:03pm Spike:

Hello pets
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:03pm the glowing one:

hello shrangry and johnny
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:04pm hamburger:

gosh darn it. yea. ho hum.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:04pm Ob-Gyn:

My favorite non-swear curseword is

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:04pm elq:

blistering barnacles!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:05pm Caryn:

Frak! Smeg! Jösses! Jesus H. Christ on a bike! Shut the front door!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:05pm peteheavycream:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:05pm stinkbug:

delayed YAY!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:05pm Robert in Seattle:

I've been out of the loop. Is Andy permanently gone from the show?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:06pm cool fool:

D'yawww Jim Stossel
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:06pm peteheavycream:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:06pm Roadkill:

(Silence.)(It's all in the expression...)
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:06pm stinkbug:

Robert, yes.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:06pm 67tele:

I am (supposedly...)working, so can't call and talk, but I remember a boss of mine at a construction job who was a super Bible-type, so whenever he would hit his thumb with a hammer etc. he would shout "Sack of Green Peppers" real loud...

Love y'all - peace from Denver, CO
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:06pm Caryn:

@Robert: yes he is, consarnit!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:06pm mike noble in dc:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:06pm alberto:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:07pm G:

Have we learned something today, kids? Don't try to date someone you have a work connection with, unless you don't care about screwing your job up.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:07pm peteheavycream:

we're all e-friends
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:07pm mike noble in dc:

does this guy have ass burgers?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:08pm mike noble in dc:

or possibly butt tacos?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:08pm peteheavycream:

michele needs a lawyer? is eating food in bed a crime?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:08pm hamburger:

not cool mike no-balls. not cool.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:08pm Anthony in the Deep South:

I am your lawyer
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:08pm mike noble in dc:

Gordon Bennett!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:08pm G:

or butt taco mix?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:09pm Caryn:

Sufferin' succotash!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:09pm mike noble in dc:

heavens to murgatroyd!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:10pm mike noble in dc:

judas priest!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:10pm JessStarJess:

son of a biscuit :)
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:10pm Anthony in the Deep South:

did butplug make the radio?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:10pm peteheavycream:

michele practicing wfmu call letters in the mirror kind of depresses me
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:11pm Muffy:

My fave is DICKBOMB, but i don't know if thats a non swear.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:11pm G:

"Bugger" means have anal sex in British English
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:11pm peteheavycream:

a caller from staten island right after spike. what is this world coming to?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:11pm mike noble in dc:

jiminy cricket!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:11pm peteheavycream:

yea butt plug made it
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:11pm Nathan:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:11pm Nathan:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:11pm Nathan:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:12pm mike noble in dc:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:12pm Caryn:

And for those who consider "jiminy cricket" too offensive, there's "jiminy christmas"!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:12pm G:

In Irish English they call these words "curse dodges"
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:13pm peteheavycream:

andy's a quiter
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:13pm G:

Frangry doesn't believe in "happy endings" :-P
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:13pm Anthony in the Deep South:

Michele is becoming awesome..she is finding her nitch
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:13pm peteheavycream:

you can say slut all day
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:14pm Roadkill:

"Personnel issues should be addressed with Human Resources..."
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:14pm mike noble in dc:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:14pm Anthony in the Deep South:

Jeez for Jesus
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:14pm G:

"slag something off" or "slate something off" means diss and slam something (Brit English)
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:14pm lp:

you said andy was at the beach for summer vacation
Avatar Fri. 8/10/12 6:14pm DJKurtG:

frangry won't read mine cuz i said she can't operate a mouse...
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:15pm Caryn:

Slag can also be used as a verb. When you "slag off" someone, you talk crap about them, or tell them to f off.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:15pm Caryn:

Oh G, great minds think alike.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:15pm Detroit Mac:

Good Gravy!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:16pm peteheavycream:

johnny's in heaven right now. a weirdo's dream.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:16pm Anthony in the Deep South:

lol roadkill
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:16pm mike noble in dc:

frangry: "judas priest" isn't really a favorite of mine. i'd say my favorite is probably "gordon bennett!" but the one i actually use naturally (like if i stub my toe) is "shazbot." also, i'm pouring one out for AC right now.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:16pm G:

I'm waiting for Andy to call in some week and tell his side of what happened, if he can get it in before he gets dumped off the air.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:16pm Caryn:

Oh bother! Gazooks!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:17pm peteheavycream:

wizard's sleeve. he didn't invent that. that's crazy old
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:17pm Jordan:

Michele = Happy, Frangry = Unhappy - a great combination.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:17pm Anthony, Esquire:

This is your attorney...this will be my login from now on...
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:17pm nobody asked about Andy:

Because the non-answer that followed was all too predictable.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:17pm Muffy:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:18pm Caryn:

Whenever I say "gordon bennett!", I lapse into a Cockney accent. And yes, "wizard's sleeve" is common usage.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:18pm mike noble in dc:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:18pm Dag Nabit!:

Didn't they allow this on the Andy Griffith Show?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:18pm peteheavycream:

yes. jenna's back.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:19pm Anthony, Esquire:

oh ship!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:19pm hamburger:

+1 ship sticks
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:19pm mike noble in dc:

gordon bennett is a minced oath for either "god in heaven" or "gor blimey" (itself a version of "god blind me")
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:19pm Signore Rissotto:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:19pm peteheavycream:

jenna couldn't get through, because, michele and frangry are killing it!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:20pm Paul:

It's not really a cuss word, just rude, but I'm partial to "idjit".
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:20pm stinkbug:

yay jenna for mentioning andy!!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:20pm Caryn:

Gor blimey!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:21pm other david:

feck, gobshite, langer, knob - I'm Irish, so these are punctuation marks rather than obsceneties
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:21pm peteheavycream:

sorry about that frangry and michele
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:21pm mike noble in dc:

jumpin jehosophat!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:22pm hamburger:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:22pm 67tele:

you just scream "Bob Saget!" real loud
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:22pm stinkbug:

i will write off anyone who says "H-E double hockey sticks"
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:22pm Anthony, Esquire:

wow I feel so bad now.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:22pm PoutWest:

not killing it... killing it.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:22pm mike noble in dc:

go eat a big fat sheet cake.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:22pm Bop:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:23pm Muffy:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:23pm Caryn:

@OD: my love for "feck" knows no bounds. "Shite" is a close second.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:23pm cool fool:

when I was a kid, I remember asking my mom, in her native language, 'what does "go f**k your mother" mean?' she was shocked.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:24pm mike noble in dc:

for fans of the power of swearing may i suggest the linh dinh short story "!" from the collection "blood and soap"... djkurtG may know it.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:24pm Muffy:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:25pm Danne D:

Hi Frangry :) <333
Hi Foodbed :) <3
Hi Weirdos :)

If they had comments board olympics I would win a gold medal for volume :)
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:25pm Paul:

malarkey and baloney are fun, too
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:25pm peteheavycream:

michele, keep up the sultry hello's
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:25pm Danne D:

Another topic that I can't call from work for...
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:25pm Muffy:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:25pm mike noble in dc:

sacre bleu!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:25pm Eric:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:25pm Danne D:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:26pm Yosemite Sam:

Oh that rackin frackin rabbit!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:26pm peteheavycream:

Funk That Noise
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:26pm other david:

@Caryn: Heh! yes, feck is a fantastic word, almost always preceeded by "ahhhh" - the length of the "aaaahhh" is proportional to how wrong something has gone.

Shite/gobshite.. also good. Now sipping whiskey to aid my remembering other forgotten gems.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:26pm Detroit Mac:

Fruit Salad is when you 'Moon" somebody while also showing all of your private "junk"
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:26pm Danne D:

Who's in the studio with them? Do they need bodyguards now?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:26pm peteheavycream:

well start with the sexy then
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:27pm Caryn:

Yiddish insults are fun.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:27pm zoran:

freedman says asshole on air
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:27pm Paul:

yiddish is an endless source of fun cuss words. schmuck is a great one
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:27pm Danne D:

I'm not qualified for this topic because I fucking curse usually.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:27pm mike noble in dc:

Funk used to be a bad word
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:27pm Danne D:

Michele's a nice bully :)
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:27pm Caryn:

@OD: my favourite is always "feck off, you feckin' idjit!" It just delightfully rolls off the tongue.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:27pm Anthony, Esquire:

Frangry being the straight guy!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:28pm other david:

@Caryn - hah you speak like a native :)
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:28pm mike noble in dc:

Everybody funking and don't know how
They shoulda seen the bull when he funked the cow
He funked her so hard they saw some smoke
He said, let's get in the bed and funk like folks
Laughin' at ya
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:28pm peteheavycream:

way to blow up kenny's spot
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:29pm Muffy:

Avatar Fri. 8/10/12 6:29pm DJKurtG:

i did a swear jar once and found it cut down my swearing really fast, but that i started using the word "crap" as a default, which in my opinion is an uglier word than the supposed swears, so i quit the jar and went back to swearing.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:29pm Roadkill:

"Play that funky music, white boy" has been misinterpreted for years...
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:29pm Thom:

how 'bout corn-poned
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:29pm Danne D:

You are one more co-host away from being a zoo, guys.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:29pm Caryn:

@Detroit Mac: "fruit salad" is fine, "tossing someone's salad" is where I draw the line.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:30pm peteheavycream:

i love michele bossing frangry around
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:30pm Paul:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:30pm Anthony, Esquire:

JM needs to contribute more
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:30pm mike noble in dc:

the expression yinz are looking for and haven't used yet is "minced oath."
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:31pm peteheavycream:

weapons grade bolognium
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:31pm Muffy:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:31pm mike noble in dc:

you can't describe actual a-holes on the air, but can you talk about taints?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:32pm Caryn:

@OD: well, thankee! I have quite a cadre of Irish friends and keep lapsing into a Cork accent whenever I visit them.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:32pm Muffy:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:32pm other david:

Nor remembering a Fr. Ted episode.. fuppin' grasshole, fup off ya pedrophile...
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:32pm Danne D:

Once my (now late) father was at a bar with my mom. The guy next to them said "damn" in the flow of his conversation. My father - all 5'4" of him, claps the guy on the shoulder, looks him square in the eye and says "Hey, would you watch your fucking language in front of my wife!"
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:32pm alberto:

chinese dentist
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:33pm G:

@mike n: taint fair, right?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:33pm Anthony, Esquire:

Battle star Fracking gallatica
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:33pm Danne D:


WOW party foul
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:33pm Danne D:

Is Andy a new curse word Frangry's using?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:33pm peteheavycream:

you called johnny andy, but he didn't even correct someone
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:34pm mike noble in dc:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:34pm Anthony, Esquire:

i heard it
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:34pm other david:

@Caryn: good lord - you understand Cork accents?!

Most folks have real difficulty with them - including Irish!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:34pm Danne D:

A good one from the movie "The Jerk" was when Bernadette Peters said "Have you seen a little boy running around with a shirt that says 'Bullshirt' on it" - which was only time the edited curse word made more sense.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:34pm peteheavycream:

that man is way too serious
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:35pm Dag Nabit!:

Your wonderful show needs a good background sound. I am using a free download from the Primavera thing from James Ferraro right now, thanks to FMU! It ends with some cursing, so all the more appropriate, by complete accident... try it once, won't you?
Probably lots of your regular listeners are able to do this for themselves, but us old farts would be so impressed if you at least improved your intro/outro theme a little. It is quite bad.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:35pm Caryn:

@od: ooh, that's on the limit. Careful now! Down with this sort of thing!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:35pm peteheavycream:

hell yea, bruce willis. Jersey!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:35pm Oy gevalt:

This show needs a Jew. Andy knows what a schmendrick is.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:35pm Oy gevalt:

This show needs a Jew. Andy knows what a schmendrick is.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:35pm Anthony, Esquire:

pete which guy?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:35pm other david:

*blows whistle*

Put the fork down..
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:35pm mike noble in dc:

do you approve of joseph gordon levitt in bruce-williis-face?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:36pm peteheavycream:

the guy before this one. with the fertilizer
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:36pm Danne D:

So is tonight G-rated "Flirt with Frangry and Food Bed" using alternate words?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:36pm Nathan:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:37pm peteheavycream:

step it up mueller
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:37pm glen:

giggity giggity giggity goo
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:37pm Muffy:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:37pm Anthony, Esquire:

radio hosting is such hard work
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:38pm peteheavycream:

that guy was calling from the world's worst drum circle
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:38pm Jordan:

Michele - I thought there was some Jewish in the other half of Sort-A-Rican.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:38pm Sean:

Surprised no one has mentioned the Repo Man classic TV fill-in, "melon farmer".
Avatar Fri. 8/10/12 6:38pm FRANGRY:

@Anthony IT IS!!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:38pm peteheavycream:

wizard sleeve is not an original. boo on him for trying to pass it as his own.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:39pm Anthony, Esquire:

is brother a new frangry word? keep it up!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:39pm Yosemite Sam:

Why you no good rassafrakarickin rabbit!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:39pm Caryn:

An old classmate of mine taught me curses in Mandarin Chinese. Many is the time I've called a teacher a whore without them knowing. I also enjoy using sign language curses, and making up new ones.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:39pm Danne D:

That's great.

I gotta try and remember some pulp fiction ones
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:40pm mike noble in dc:

does AC now use "frangry!" as a minced oath?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:40pm MarkyMark:

I saw Scream on tv and Courtney Cox said "dip sticks" instead of "dip sh*ts". ... get reeelz, cheeeeezussssssss
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:41pm Danne D:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:41pm Roadkill:

+Dip stick is quite common, MM.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:42pm MarkyMark:

I swear you can hear it when Frangry rolls her eyes on the radio, always makes me laugh.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:42pm Anthony, Esquire:

if frangry is parker posey is michele zooey D?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:42pm elq:

i love how samuel l jackson spells his famous curse on twitter: http://slate.me/McmdpK

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:42pm Danne D:

Sorry Frangry :) Sorry Johnny :) Couldn't help that one :)
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:42pm Roadkill:

"Violation". Where's that free attorney from earlier?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:43pm peteheavycream:

someone's a douche
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:44pm Muffy:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:44pm alberto:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:44pm alberto:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:44pm Jordan:

You guys are "Cinnamon Girl" & "Cowgirl in the Sand".
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:44pm peteheavycream:

michele's tv movie would be called... "Food In Bed: More Than A Dream"
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:44pm Danne D:

Shout Out Weirdo?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:44pm Caryn:

@elq: that's almost "Mothra fokker!" Let's get all anime/aviation with our insults!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:44pm Danne D:

Shout Out Weirdo's like the curse version of Shut Up Weirdo
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:44pm Muffy:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:45pm Anthony, Esquire:

right here
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:45pm mike noble in dc:

is that clay pigeon's brother?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:45pm Danne D:

@peterheavycream: The Burning Food Bed?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:45pm Paul:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:45pm LSMFT:

Great Caesar's Ghost !
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:45pm BitterBass:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:47pm Danne D:

This guy sounds like a sexy Clay Pigeon
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:47pm Paul:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:47pm Dag Nabit!:

@Caryn- Yes! The best thing I got out of the Peace Corps years was a level 5 Princeton rating on a really obscure dialect in SE Asia. Never mind it detracts from my resume in 2012 USA, I can mutter totally obscene things about you and you will NEVER understand. Helps reduce stress no end.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:48pm Danne D:

Oops Frangry misread my comment.
"Shout Out Weirdo"
instead of
"Shut Up Weirdo"
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:48pm mike noble in dc:

i can tell you from experience that "turtledumps" are no laughing matter.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:48pm earl:

was that marlon brando?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:48pm peteheavycream:

new catch phrase for michele. "you'll never win"
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:48pm Gargamel:

Frangry can you please say rAdio in curse word tone?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:48pm GiantWeeaboo:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:48pm Danne D:

Muttley was always good with the fake curse words in those Wacky Races cartoons
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:49pm Anthony, Esquire:

part of being an attorney is giving unvarnished observations...frangry playing the straight guy reminds me of PP in partygirl and michele being nice gets a little zd...nothing wrong but I would love to hear michele being mean!:)
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:49pm Robert in Seattle:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:49pm Danne D:

WFMU repeater station makes a good curse word.

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:50pm Danne D:

Michele is the nice evil one :)
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:50pm kcmphoto:

Oh Ladylumps ! My favorite
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:50pm peteheavycream:

that sounded soo sweet. Frangry to Michele, "Did you catch me?" i think they're in love.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:50pm Caryn:

You bellend!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:51pm mike noble in dc:

sacre blue is a minced oath for sang de dieu
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:51pm Anthony, Esquire:

yes danne but the evil needs to come out more
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:51pm Danne D:

Turdgobblin' maggot
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:53pm Danne D:

Oh Fahrfergnuven
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:53pm PoutinePro:

Quebecers use religious terms as curses - tabanac (tabernacle), callise (chalice), hostie tostie (toasted host), etc..
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:54pm mike noble in dc:

wizard sleeve is from borat
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:54pm Danne D:

The consolation prize should be Michele consoles the loser over the radio.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:54pm MushroomSanta:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:54pm mike noble in dc:

wizard sleeve is "used to describe a large, hanging or dangling labia"
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:55pm peteheavycream:

yes it is from borat. thank yuou. i couldn't remember
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:55pm Danne D:

Gash is the first one that's worse than the word it replaces
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:55pm Caryn:

@mike noble: well, I've seen it used on British tv before "Borat", so maybe it started as British slang?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:56pm peteheavycream:

michele, taking over SUW. watch your back frangry
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:56pm Anthony, Esquire:

are spanish curse word beepable?
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:56pm Paul:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:56pm Danne D:

3 weeks from now.....
Hi Michele :) <333
Hi Muller :) <3
Hi Weirdos...
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:56pm Jordan:

My friend would say "there's some nice gash in this club"
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:56pm Dag Nabit!:

Pagul. Buli kan ina mo.
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:57pm Juan Rapido:

Instead of Jesus Christ, I like "Cheese and Rice."
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:57pm peteheavycream:

great show tonight, you three! Bye, Weirdos! Enjoy the drinks!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:57pm sleaze:

Axe wound!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:57pm Anthony, Esquire:

good night
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:57pm MushroomSanta:

holy shit that guy called in and said dag nabit, and the last commenter is dag nabit! 2012!
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:57pm Caryn:

Yeah, every time someone uses "gash" I'm creeped out.
Avatar Fri. 8/10/12 6:57pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 8/10/12 6:58pm Danne D:

Bye Frangry :) <333
Bye FoodBed :) <3
Bye Weirdos :)
  Fri. 8/10/12 6:58pm Caryn:

Bye, all! And now feck off, you feckin' idjits!
  Fri. 8/10/12 7:33pm Rusty from Hawaii (FUN):

I get it! The "Clay Pigeon" thing....that's how I sound when I'm real FUN neveous!
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