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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options July 5, 2012: Absolute and uncompromising Failure

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
John Cale & Terry Riley  Church of Anthrax   Options Church of Anthrax  0:04:27 ()
Ulaan Markhor  pharaohs   Options Ulaan Markhor  0:13:29 ()
13th Floor Elevators  Reverberation   Options The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators  0:16:38 ()
Spacemen 3  Losing Touch WIth My Mind   Options Sound of Confusion  0:28:04 ()
Chocolate Watchband  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue   Options Inner Mystique  0:27:28 ()
Pärson Sound  From Tunis to India in Fullmoon (on Testosterone)   Options Pärson Sound  0:42:45 ()
Can   A swan is born   Options The Lost Tapes  1:08:34 ()
Staff Carpenborg & the Electric Corona  Shummy Poor Clessford Idea In Troody Taprest Noodles   Options Fantastic Party (Heavy Noodles)  1:09:17 ()
can  graublau   Options The Lost Tapes  1:11:58 ()
Axolotl  Pneuma   Options Way Blank  1:15:48 ()
K Salvatore  The City of Sleeping Statues (excerpt)   Options Tsar Ova Elk  1:24:00 ()
Günter Schickert  wanderer   Options Überfällig  1:26:32 ()
Tony Conrad / genesis Breyer P-Orridge/ Edley Odowd  Live at Hau2 (excerpt)   Options live at the hau2  1:50:44 ()
arica  thorn   Options Heaven  1:54:22 ()
Opponents  Opposition 2   Options Together We Will End the Future  1:57:12 ()
The Crystals  He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)   Options He's a Rebel  2:06:03 ()
Alog  Vinyl Island   Options Just Recording  2:17:50 ()
Franco Battiato  Goutez et Comparez   Options M. Elle Le 'Gladiator'  2:21:28 ()
Piero Umiliani  Elzeviro   Options Musicaelecttronica, Vol. 1  2:37:14 ()
Dan Fröberg & Jerry Johansson  untitled   Options Dan Fröberg & Jerry Johansson  2:38:33 ()
SSAB Songs  Untitled   Options SSAB Songs  2:44:11 ()
Starfuckers  Ode   Options Infrantumi  2:48:17 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 7/5/12 3:06pm kat330:

Hello, Fabio and any to arrive! Unusual opportunity to listen here this afternoon. Enjoying myself so far!
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:07pm The Owl:

Few musical collaborations work out all that well, but Church of Anthrax is one that did, for sure.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:12pm andymorphic:

i need this album...cale supposedly hates it.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:16pm BSI:

viva elevators!
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:17pm pilar:

one of the rockcasualties
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:17pm kat330:

  Thu. 7/5/12 3:19pm dc pat:

right on, baby.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:19pm BSI:

...favorite spacemen tune. Fabio bats twelve million.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:20pm WRECKEDUMB:

fire up the bongs.....The spacemen have landed
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:20pm kat330:

@BSI: Your stream is several seconds ahead of mine it appears. First comment advantage to you. :)
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:22pm BSI:

@kat330: HAH! I'd recognize those opening guitar-string plinky noises at fifty paces...
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:23pm northguineahills:

@BSI: yep.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:24pm kat330:

Wonder what's preoccupying our dear DJ host? Vacuuming?
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:24pm Marmalade Kitty:

Grazie Fabio!!
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:25pm dc pat:

whoa, Watchband version of Baby Blue! My fave!!
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:26pm kat330:

Thank you guys for being my playlist! :)
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:27pm BSI:

yeh, jeez, now the Watchband... it sounds like Fabio is doing a remote from my house. Please feed the dog by the next set.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:27pm DCE:

hello, one and all! kat330, get used to it.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:28pm dc pat:

there was a point in my life when I wanted to BE the Chocolate Watchband. It's funny how you couldn't hear the flute in this tune on the LP but when the first CD came out, we were all: "who added the flute??"
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:29pm kat330:

Has such a similarity to early Stones (which is what I thought it was until pat wrote otherwise).
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:32pm dc pat:

most of the American garage bands at that time (66-67) were imitating the hell out of Jagger.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:32pm WRECKEDUMB:

Mimsy Farmer was foxy and is currently a painter/sculptor
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:35pm Rodney:

Check out Road to Salina w/Mimsy Farmer. Very strange psycho-sexual thriller from 70s. Features a Morricone-style soundtrack that Tarantino lifted for Kill Bill.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:36pm kat330:

Tamer, but still fun is Psych-Out (1968) w/Susan Strasberg, Jack Nicholson, etc.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:37pm WRECKEDUMB:

I loved her in MORE, great Pink Floyd soundtrack too.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:38pm kat330:

[and Dean Stockwell and Bruce Dern]
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:39pm BSI:

yeh, PsychOut was always a favorite. Nicholson's band had the greatest name in history (Mumblin' Jim) - which I see [after clicky-clicky] that some other band has taken as their own...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 7/5/12 3:40pm fabio:

what films/soundtracks HASN'T Tarantino lifted from?
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:42pm kat330:

Heh, cool! But not the weather. Around the Louisville area it has become a broken record. One you want to stomp on repeatedly. Just one word to describe it here: Ugh!
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:44pm ?:

I missed much - remind - Re - Mind ?
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:45pm kat330:

@?: Much of the 60s, 70s, 80s ??
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:45pm The Owl:

I know Parson Sound was initially assembled to back up Terry Riley in a performance of "In C," but I'm not sure of the connection to John Cale.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:46pm andymorphic:

bsi@ the songs they played were hendrixs backwards
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:48pm fred:

Good afternoon/evening everybody!
Bummer: I missed Church of Anthrax
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:48pm kat330:

Wonder what they'd sound like NOT on testosterone.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:49pm kat330:

Bonjour, Fred!
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:51pm DCE:

for their next album, Parson Sound started estrogen treatments
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:51pm fred:

@kat330: Bonjour! And speaking of stomping on recorded music, Dan Bodah would just love a Billy Joel cassingle
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:53pm kat330:

@DCE: Maybe Fabio will treat us to the contrast. ;)
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:53pm Carmichael:

Hey Fab. Sup, people?
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:54pm kat330:

@Carm: The temperature.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:56pm Carmichael:

Yikes, kat. At least you got electricity. I'm lucky that I have a pool.
  Thu. 7/5/12 3:59pm kat330:

Ohhh, right, go ahead and gloat... It was in the 90s here before our week in Florida. We returned to 80s for a day and 1/2, and then it shot back up to 90s and triple digits now for 10 days or more. Our tomatoes are loving it, but I'm hoping for a July cold wave. Enough is enough.
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:00pm Todd 76%:

RIP to Parson Sound's fine drummer: http://www.thewire.co.uk/articles/9062/
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:00pm DCE:

that's truly the only consolation...fresh garden veggies are right around the corner.
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:04pm kat330:

Not generally a 3D fan, but we were mesmerized by the Hubble IMAX 3D that we saw at the Kennedy Space Center. Hubble gotchoo!
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:13pm andymorphic:

@kat330 what is this hubble imax film? the space station one is fantastic
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:16pm kat330:

@andymorphic: I believe the space station one was also playing. We only had time for the one. I believe the Hubble has played outside the KSC. Check at your nearest IMAX screen or science center.
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:20pm kat330:

Speaking of mesmerizing... this music is hypnotic. The heat is hypnotic. Can't...com....ment....any.....more....
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:28pm andymorphic:

@kat330 thanks...i will
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:29pm DCE:

yeah, I always think of the farmers (and slaves) in the deep south who had to work all day in this heat and then go home and not be able to get out of it...would drive me absolutely crazy.
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:29pm DCE:

plus they didn't have any krautrock.
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:31pm kat330:

[snapping out of it] Oh, I see K Salvatore enjoys wordplay. Album title's an anagram of the artist.
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:36pm Paul McCortney:

Just like the Beatles' Let As Be.
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:36pm kat330:

Water. Cool, cool water.
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:38pm Stray Dog Dispatcher:

Fabio could play the sound of a cool mountain stream for the rest of the show and I'd be fine with it
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:41pm kat330:

An anagram?
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:44pm kat330:

Anagrams for: Shummy Poor Clessford Idea In Troody Taprest
Input too long (38 letters). The permitted input length (maximum 35 letters) varies depending on the server load. Currently it's limited to 23 letters. Please try again later or try a shorter input.
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:50pm Stray Dog Dispatcher:

time signatures are for suckers
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:53pm kat330:

Oh, Noodles, now another 7 letters. Fahgedaboutit!

@SDP: But they *are* for dancers.
  Thu. 7/5/12 4:59pm Chris from DC:

Cool, saw Opponents live recently.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:06pm Rodney:

He hit me? Oh man, what is this?
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:07pm kat330:

It's in His Mitt, er, Kiss.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:07pm sudo:

  Thu. 7/5/12 5:07pm PB:

This track is still bizarre, what some 50 years on.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:07pm B-Z:

Such a great, fucked-up song!
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:09pm kat330:

Yeah, only devolving us several decades. I support a local women's shelter, so, hmmm...
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:11pm Timb:

Fabio, are you going to stick around with Clay Pigeon after the show today? I love when you guys do a crossover show.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:12pm Stray Dog Dispatcher:

Fabio will never agree to dueling DJs with Clay again :(
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:14pm Timb:

That would be a shame. That was one of my favorite WFMU shows of all time. They have a great, unexpected chemistry.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:17pm Stray Dog Dispatcher:

I agree. But I think Fabio has slowly become immune to Clay's super-power of getting people to tell intimate stories. Those 2010 Clay/Fabio shows were epic though!
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:18pm Timb:

Oooh - can you recommend one from the archive? I'd love to hear that.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:19pm Stray Dog Dispatcher:

5/20/2010 is my favorite I think
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:19pm Rodney:

The Conrad/P-Orridge performance occurred in conjunction w/ the Berlin International Film Festival in 2011. I was in town, but I missed the show.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:19pm sudo:

Wasn't there one where station mgr Ken came on and they chatted medications?
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:21pm Stray Dog Dispatcher:

I remember Ken coming in when Clay was there. I don't think Fabio was there too though. It might have been one of Clay's fill-in shows for Irene...
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:21pm kat330:

Yes, Fabio, the disrespect shown for our 44th has been noted for quite a while now.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:22pm Timb:

Thanks! I will check it out.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:23pm Journalist of New Port Richey:

"President_______" first reference, last name only for the subsequent references.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:23pm Marmalade Kitty:

In the uk reference is typicaly; eg: Mr Blair Mrs Thatcher or just Prime Minister..
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:24pm Marmalade Kitty:

we don't seem to recognise Mr Cameron..
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:26pm kat330:

@MK: Heh!
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:32pm Marmalade Kitty:

I'm just back fom hols in Rome! Sunday night Euro2012 crowds in their thousands at Colosseo anticipating Italy v Spain. The pain was all Italian!
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:33pm kat330:

But you'd never say Mrs. Windsor. Our president is somewhere between your queen and your prime minister I'd say.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:36pm Stray Dog Dispatcher:

I dig this. Non-cheesy electric piano is hard to pull off
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:36pm Marmalade Kitty:

your/her majesty :)
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:37pm Philo Gristle:

The opening of this reminded me of Keith Emerson's score for Argento's Inferno, the scene in the Taxi cab.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:37pm kat330:

Fun that while you wrote of the Colosseum, MK, Fabio was spinning from an album with Gladiator in the title.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:45pm Carmichael:

Fender Rhodes, baby.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:49pm Marmalade Kitty:

"Question Time" is a UK bbc political debate tv programme with a panel of politicians and other "relevant" folk, media, editors, environmentalists, celebs etc.. John Lydon is on the panel tonight! :D
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:50pm Philo Gristle:

That sounds like it's going to be a Rotten show.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:51pm Listener John from NJ who lives in NJ:

@kat330: Every time I look at a live playlist and the comments, you have posted notes! You must be the most dedicated WFMU listener ever!
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:51pm kat330:

Yeah, saw that somewhere else in the FMU pages. A link?
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:52pm Stray Dog Dispatcher:

there is a good american band by the name starfucker as well
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:53pm kat330:

@John: Ha! Not by a very long shot! Check out Danne D or Matt from Springfield! I only got started really during this past Christmas. Before that only 7SD.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:55pm captain squirm:

pierre=peter dudes. rock on.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:56pm JSF:

Yeah. What cap'n squirm said.
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:57pm kat330:

Clay is on the cheese. ;)
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:57pm JSF:

Though aren't Piero and Pietro both Italian? For Peter?
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:58pm kat330:

I can! [whistle the theme]
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:58pm kat330:

Floyd the Barber was the best!
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:59pm dale:

helen crump was a babe
  Thu. 7/5/12 5:59pm kat330:

Check out any episode, and when he's in a scene and not delivering dialogue, he is 100% in the moment. Active listening, great acting.
  Thu. 7/5/12 6:00pm Philo Gristle:

Wonderful show, thanks Fabio!
  Thu. 7/5/12 6:01pm Ike:

Good show. Loved the funny thank-you audio love letter to the volunteers.
  Thu. 7/5/12 6:01pm kat330:

Loved it, Fab!
  Fri. 7/6/12 10:37am hubba:

muy excellente, fabio
  Fri. 7/13/12 3:30pm Boochunk:

Fabio, yOu are the man. How many time can I say it?
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