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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options June 29, 2012

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Eleh  Death is Eternal Bliss   Options Radiant Intervals  thanks, scott m.!  0:00:00 ()
CoH  Suppernature   Options Mask of Birth    0:19:45 ()
Thomas Brinkman  Logik des Niedergangs   Options Klick Revolution    0:26:12 ()
Paul DeMarinis  I've Always Loved You   Options The Edison Effect    0:34:45 ()
Gwigwi's Band  Mini Mthembo   Options Kwela    0:41:16 ()
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath  Andromeda   Options Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath    0:43:23 ()
Pharoah Sanders  Izipho Zam   Options Izipho Zam    0:51:05 ()
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.  Son of a Bitches Brew   Options Son of a Bitches Brew  thanks, chris m.!  1:20:02 ()
Sejayno  The Laity   Options The Laity    1:37:23 ()
I.A.M. Umbrella  Wee Haue Divers Curious Clocks / A Map Is Not the Territory / Secondhand Frenzy   Options Nowhere    1:52:18 ()
Tetsuo Inoue / Andrew Deutsch  Magic Animal Language   Options Field Tracker    2:13:19 ()
Jim Fassett  Symphony of the Birds   Options Symphony of the Birds    2:29:30 ()
Loren Nerell  Call to Prayer / Morning Rain   Options Indonesian Soundscapes  thanks, jeff m.!  2:44:02 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/29/12 12:15pm ?:

hey, man, it's been ages . . .
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:16pm D in Miami:

So mind-numbingly relaxing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 12:18pm bryce:

fmu listeners are not allowed to have kidney stones
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:20pm George of Troy:

Bryce, are you staring at the monitors again?
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:21pm ?:

not to try and put too many words around it--better to just feel and enjoy it--but the subconscious microrhythms of overtones going in and out of phase put me in mind of that optical illusion where you look at a black and white grid and see in your peripheral vision grey spots in the intersections; yet when you focus your perception on them, they disappear
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:24pm Andrea on the M62:

I think my brain is dying but its very happy
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:24pm Ken of Brooklyn:

Gorgeous track, great start Bryce!!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 12:25pm bryce:

:) hey, all!
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:31pm Bridget:

Heh uh oh uh Hellooooh
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:32pm dc pat:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 12:32pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/29/12 12:37pm G:

This klicks butt!
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:38pm jk:

morning Bryce, excellent clicks and pops today
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:39pm G:

Just got here. Wish I'd heard this track from scratch :-)
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:46pm Droll:

Is that an early recording from the Golding Institute about (the final) relaxation? It's hauntingly beautiful.
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:47pm Cheri Pi:

This song goes great w/ bernie Sander's badass speech: http://www.politicususa.com/bernie-sanders-storms-senate-floor-challenges-congress-koch-whores.html
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:52pm D in Miami:

Droll, I love that Final Relaxation recording!
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:53pm ?:

Bryce, you have to give out the track name for the Gwigwi's tune--gotta find that. Is it off of the one album the internet seems to know about?
  Fri. 6/29/12 12:56pm chris m.:

this show is great!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 12:57pm bryce:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 12:59pm bryce:

hey, that gwigwi's band record was an extremely rare holy grail record i burned from gateway-to-joy donna a few years back...

i seem to remember it being reissued/booted, though, shortly after!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 1:00pm bryce:

ah! honest jon's put it out (under a different name, for some reason)

  Fri. 6/29/12 1:01pm G:

Tarzan on acid!
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:01pm ?:

thx, Bryce. looks like there's used vinyl copies on Amazon and Honest Jon's is/was offering downloads
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:03pm tim from champaign:

Bryce and other WFMU listeners, how come my wife gives me a look of terror and disgust every time I pull out Herbie Mann's Push Push record?
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:03pm Cheri Pi:

I want this album desperately.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 1:04pm bryce:

nice! that gwigwi's band is so so lovely...
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:05pm DCE:

tim, it's probably that hairy naked Mann on the cover...
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:06pm ?:

Leon Thomas is an acquired taste. I have acquired that taste.
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:07pm Droll:

?, You're thinking of a Gentle Giant record.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 1:07pm bryce:

there's an eye-level copy of push push in the fmu kitchen......
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:08pm korni:

this is my favorite show on my favorite raadio
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:10pm Carmichael:

I taste Leon Thomas .... Hiya Brycey Boy.
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:10pm DCE:

...on my favorite day...
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:12pm DCE:

in my third-favorite universe
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:12pm northguineahills:

Don't have this Pharoah....
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:13pm tim from champaign:

My wife also keels over in laughter when I pull out Redd Foxx's You Gotta Wash Yo Ass record. That's one of the reasons I lover her so much.
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:13pm Carmichael:

We're all working for the Pharoah.
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:20pm Hugo:

Sonny Sharrock!
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:20pm DCE:

whoa shit that gets all kinda crazy
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:21pm DCE*:

I have lost my lucky hammer
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:21pm Mike East:

@Cheri Pi - thanks for that Bernie Sanders link. Good stuff.
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:22pm dc pat:

Yeah I like how one minute your smoothing along and the next you're in the middle of a 30 car pile up
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 1:22pm bryce:

ngh, this one was always a little harder to find (strata east), but someone must've reished it by now! i hope....
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:22pm stefica:

i love this pharaohs sanders so much
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:23pm nails:

That's lucky for us!
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:23pm stefica:

like the gwigwi, too, thanks for the links!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 1:24pm bryce:

:) hi stef, hugo, et al.!
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:24pm Hugo:

There's a reason for why it was renamed (given in the link that Bryce provided):

Interestingly, there is no mention of Kwela in the broadcasts: the music is always referred to as Mbaqanga. Strictly speaking, Kwela ('get moving', in Xhosa) applied to the penny whistle bands of the 1950s, like that of Spokes Mashiyane. I am guessing 77 Records chose the word Kwela for the LP title because it's a lot easier for Londoners to say than Mbaqanga. In any case, the styles are closely related, especially harmonically, with a C-F-C-G7 chord sequence showing up a lot.

The broadcasts were BBC World Service programmes compered by Chris McGregor. Notes by Steve Beresford.
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:26pm stefica:

hi bryce!
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:27pm northguineahills:

Jeese, you're picking them today, I've never heard of this AMT.
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:29pm DCE*:

Found it - it was in the mortuary
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:29pm stefica:

ok, please either stop playing good stuff for awhile or put the show on pause, as i have to go creep out into the oven. thank you.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 1:30pm bryce:


ngh, me neither! imaginary-radio chris m. pulled it out a couple weeks ago. vaporized my little pea brain.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 1:31pm bryce:

hugo, thx!

hey, uh......got any extra lemmy special records you don't have room for?
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:32pm dc pat:

my thermometer says 110F
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:36pm G:

My thermometer can't even talk at this point
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:37pm BSI:

dc pat: if that's a dc thermometer, I'll confirm it. That lunch walk isn't usually so fatal...
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:38pm northguineahills:

Still not as hot or humid as it was last week in NYC.
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:44pm Mike East:

Hey, thanks for stopping by last night, northguineahills. It was fun. Sorry I had to leave to leave in a rush. I ended up at the port authority just in time to see my bus roll away.
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:45pm Hugo:

@bryce: The one and only?

  Fri. 6/29/12 1:48pm Hugo:

or this one:


They can be played, though.
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:48pm notglenn:

Bryce my grandma thinks you're trying to brainwash her
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:49pm DCE:

she's right, notglenn
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 1:50pm bryce:

glenn, that's not your grandma
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:52pm northguineahills:

@Mike East: d'oh! Hope you got home at a decent hour.
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:53pm Carmichael:

Aloo gobi.
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:53pm DCE:

aloo, carmichael!
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:57pm dc pat:

it is BSI. ick. You been watching the Euro Cup? or are you only a league guy?
  Fri. 6/29/12 1:59pm BSI:

Man, don't TEASE me with that curry talk. Too hot to get over there.

dcp: Watching as much as I can, which isn't much with two mags on deadline & overtime & not enough footie or ale in the world to compensate, when I'm finally ready for a dose.....
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:00pm Mike East:

@ngh- about 11pm...my wife wasn't thrilled, but she knew I ran 10 blocks as fast as I could, which isn't easy if you're me.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:02pm dc pat:

My guys lost yesterday. Can't figure the Germans out. They just cannot adjust their game. They keep trying the same things over and over.. Work's been kinda slow so I've been able to slip out here and there. I was at Jaleo when Spain beat Italy--the owner was going apeshit!
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:09pm BSI:

I ended up an England supporter due to family roots & a burning desire to relocate there. Not due to the quality of their game, certainly. But fate is fate, and we ride the drama until it kills us...
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:10pm BSI:

by the way, that Umbrella piece was the jelly-fire sheeit, boss bryce.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:11pm dc pat:

I agree on Umbrealla and roots and fate. 'cepting I don't seem to have a burning desire to relocate to Deutschland...
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:12pm stefica:

my research suggests that today is not the day to walk around new york carrying a cup a hot coffee. consider yourselves warned.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:12pm northguineahills:

I didn't get home until 11 either, and my fiance wasn't too happy, but I stopped at an old watering hole next to my old office, so, I only had myself to blame.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:16pm dc pat:

it's also not a good day to walk around DC drinking warm beer.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:17pm Hugo:

@Bryce: Make sure you get this if you haven't:

  Fri. 6/29/12 2:18pm Carmichael:

Be right back. Gotta hit the curry place. It'll be 100 here in CA, but it's a dry heat.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:19pm dc pat:

curry...damn you people-who-work-near-good-curry-shops!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 2:19pm bryce:

wowow!! thank you very much!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 2:22pm bryce:

hahaa, just saw the other links.

all lemmies are special, each in their own way.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:24pm BSI:

what DCP said. I had a moderately decent curry place ONE block away that morphed into a kebab joint like some kind of profane, colorless, salty butterfly.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:26pm Hugo:

That blog is the best for South African popular music in general. Lots of old stuff.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 2:28pm bryce:

yup, i'll be trawling that like a chicken-of-the-sea contractor
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:30pm BSI:

"chicken of the sea"... what a surreal concept. That advertising agency was on the drug. I bet.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:31pm DCE*:

bryce you're a fecking twat but I love you
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:31pm northguineahills:

I think I'll make chorizo y huevo tacos (con jalapenos,tomate y jugo de limon).
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

too far, asstroll
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:34pm Hugo:

An interesting track collection here:

  Fri. 6/29/12 2:40pm Carmichael:

Back! I have to drive there, but I know a high-speed illegal shortcut.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:42pm Carmichael:

Bryce, these birds rock. Especially the basso profundo.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:44pm northguineahills:

this coffee needs more birds. BIRDS!!!!
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:49pm Tippi:

Bird on Doug's playlist this morning....many birds always heard in Troubletown...Woof moo chirp.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:49pm dc pat:

interesting thing: I was at the Lucky Bar in Dc (watching Germany win), ordered 2 shots of jameson and 2 drafts = 39 fucking dollars. Yesterday in a crappy Arlington sports bar (watching Germany lose) I ordered 1 shot and 3 drafts = $13. How does that work?
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:51pm dc pat:

birds...I think I'm going to do a Big Year next year.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:53pm northguineahills:

@dc pat: you have to pay for your luck at the Lucky Bar.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:54pm Carmichael:

The Jameson was probably $16 each. That's in line with bars around here. Oh, and the "event" surcharge.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:54pm still b/p:

Do flying monkeys get logged in a Big Year or the Audubon Christmas count?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/29/12 2:56pm bryce:

have good weeks, everyone
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:57pm BSI:

yeh, Lucky will charge "event" cover for those matches, methinks.
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:57pm BSI:

chickens of the sea, yet!
  Fri. 6/29/12 2:57pm stefica:

good week to you, bryce! thanks!
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