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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 15, 2012: Special archival broadcast of Good Taste with Ariella and Kurt from May 19, 1990
~Animation by Minnesota Jeff

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Special archive show from May, 1990 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/15/12 3:07pm Coffee Cola:

That movie came out years ago!!! ALMODOVAR IS KING! How is it not racey? It's a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome.
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:09pm Dad's Corporate Eyes:

1990? wowzers.
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:10pm Coffee Cola:

oh wow, I'm a moron, this is a rebroadcast...
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:11pm Dad's Corporate Eyes:

ha, it's never my first reaction to read the weekly taglines for hints either...
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:12pm still b/p:

Nice shots of Sammy yesterday and today.
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:22pm FRANKBOOTH:

  Fri. 6/15/12 3:26pm northguineahills:

Another time warp WFMU show!
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:27pm the:

" social disease ' being delinquency . I loved Sammy .
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:30pm common:

were you guys really high?
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:33pm northguineahills:

2LiveCrew was my junior high
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:33pm Coffee Cola:

I keep on thinking I'm going to go to the GTDR archives but I'm still here, messing with the space-time continuum.
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:36pm northguineahills:

soundtrack... (and Digital Underground)
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:37pm yayson:

just so you know my stereo is currently at 11
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:37pm PKNY:

So happy to hear "The Humpty Dance" right now, bring on the weekend!
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:42pm Geezer:

How I miss these eraser-clapping drums!
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:46pm baconfat:

i got so much trouble on my mind REFUSE TO LOSE
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:48pm northguineahills:

So is mine yayson, so is mine (and I'm watching football/soccer at the same time).
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:52pm sua:

whoa time warp!!!!!
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:54pm sua:

look it up on the world wide web!!!!
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:55pm northguineahills:

My father got a cd player in 1986.... cds ...
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:57pm Coffee Cola:

Well this is STILL relevant.
  Fri. 6/15/12 3:58pm Sean Daily:

Daddy, what's a CD?
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:01pm michael:

I hope your last conversation was ironic... if not, please just play music as your commentary just keeps the rest of the world thinking that people from the U.S.A are ignorant, untraveled idiots. Sorry to be so harsh…
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:02pm northguineahills:

Axel handsome, in 2012?... oh, 1990.....
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:08pm wow:

Midi was the future... that's hilarious...
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:10pm northguineahills:

I know wow!, right!
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:12pm jj.:

wow, that DOES sound like the future.
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:13pm wow:

Is this really the Dead?!? I hate them even more now...
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:14pm oldworld:

10 years of delay and in europe up to date, thats normal. 20 years is beyond.
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:15pm guy that called in:

... um... geez... sorry about that. Can you play some Yo La Tengo?
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:17pm Mike East:

the future is now, man!
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:17pm phew:

much better.
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:19pm northguineahills:

I actually liked that Dead. I saw the Dead in '95 right before Jerry died. I wasn't a fan at the time (went for the circus), but I'm glad I went when I did.
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:23pm oldworld:

the presence feels very good including past. still amused.
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:33pm sua:

i saw jerry before he died, too. no tickets. parking lot all day. they opened the gates at encore time. up the down escalators. what a night!

::this comment is dated for 30 min ago. ::
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:45pm Dad's Corporate Eyes:

this can't be real.
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:45pm common:

god this is fucking hilarious
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:46pm sua:

wfmu should play archives more often. "will sonic youth last?"this is priceless.
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:46pm Bush 41:

1990 truly was not for real!

Ooops-a-la College! Ancient Times!
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:47pm Dad's Corporate Eyes:

they can't be hitting on all these prescient topics accidentally...can they?
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:48pm TN Stud:

Let's hear some Sammy Dinosaur Jr!
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:48pm Droll:

Tuning in late and WHOA! Mr. Peabody and Sherman have been fooling with the mixing board! The 30 year old "MIDI's not Music" debate, "Sonic Youth is noisy, do you think it'll last?" (He'll be gone in a couple years?!)
I killed all the brain cells I used on that stuff originally, so this is big fun!
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:48pm Dad's Corporate Eyes:

there never was a hoss like the TN Stud.
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:50pm Personage:

1990!? That was like a hundred years ago.
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:51pm Galganga:

What's this track playing right now? It's interesting
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:51pm northguineahills:

and this was before Goo came out....
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:51pm common:

i think this must be a joke. Too good.
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:53pm northguineahills:

there's not too much tape hiss for a tape archive.
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:56pm 1990:

What are they playing? I guess I have to call the DJ in the studio and ask, but maybe he'll sound annoyed.
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:57pm bk:

French Frith Kaiser Thompson ?
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:58pm wow:

it just needs a little of Yoko Ono's voice...
  Fri. 6/15/12 4:59pm northguineahills:

Not sure of the track, but it's from French/Frith/Kaiser/Thomson's Invisible Means...
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:01pm Personage:

the avant-garde of 1990 is exactly the same as the avant garde of today.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:02pm Train:

Kurts Zug nach Neunzig
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:02pm Personage:

it's just hyphenated that's all
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:02pm dc pat:

"CDs..we're getting more of those at the station" funny.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:04pm Retro Avant:

There's nothing new under the serialism.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:05pm dc pat:

man, the cds discussion is great--90's perspective. now everybody's trying to get rid of their worthless CDs and go back to vinyl..
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:06pm Droll:

"Do you think there'll be a time when independent labels can do CDs?" And a 2-Live Crew reference!
I'm so glad this version of reality ended 30 years ago.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:08pm insectemily:

can't wait to see the playlist
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:10pm Tom S:

People won't have their own CD pressing plants in their homes!
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:10pm dc pat:

"CD pressing plants in their house.." man, we didn't know shit back then....which means we don't know shit now...hmmmm
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:15pm insectemily:

I wonder what the wall of cassettes look like now?
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:21pm dale:

this is woonderful. i've listed to dx contests on shortwave and always wanted to record them. this music is a perfect go with to give it a creepy ethereal feeling
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:22pm erella:

I still have a wall of cassettes. It gets smaller all the time but it is still here beside me.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:24pm insectemily:

That Margolis interview was great to hear
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:26pm dale:

electra makes me afraid. yet she draws you in. temptress.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:29pm Carmichael:

OK, got here just in time for 22 years ago. Fuckin' trippy ....
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:32pm wow:

I wonder how this guy is handling the current digital age...
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:32pm dale:

c30 c60 c90 GO!
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:32pm Carmichael:

XLII S, man.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:33pm mark:

Gotta get me a walkman!
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:34pm Carmichael:

I just realized I was still old in 1990. Damn.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:40pm wow:

this show seems like it was made just to taunt us in the future
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:43pm dale:

that movie showed at the worldwide plaza three or four dollar theater.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:43pm okay:

this is too much!
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:45pm northguineahills:

In 1990, I hadn't discovered music yet, and had to rely what was on MTV and FL radio.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:45pm Retro Avant:

Whatever happened to Pavement? Weird name for a band. It sounds like a freaking road.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:46pm Carmichael:

Hopefully, they'll play some futuristic music. Like Devo.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:46pm Retro Avant:

OK, so whatever happened to Ariella?
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:47pm W.H. Mike:

In 1990 I purchased this album called Bleach from some unknown band from Seattle. I was sorry to have missed them at Raji's Club in Hollywood
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:53pm Ike:

You should've run your voice through something to make yourself sound younger, Kurt. Nice try though.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:56pm Retro Avant:

It's not April 1st, though
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:57pm Slimslax:

Cupcake now!
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:59pm northguineahills:

I'm agreeing w/ Ike. The taunting of the future (including, "don't go to Brooklyn, there's nothing there and it's dangerous")
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:59pm northguineahills:

and the sound quality is too nice....
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:59pm erella:

It is all so funny.
  Fri. 6/15/12 5:59pm insectemily:

Galaxy 500 ooooooooooHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOO
  Fri. 6/15/12 6:01pm Ike:

@NGH, that ESPECIALLY gave it away, because in reality, in 1990 nobody would have even MENTIONED Brooklyn -- much less a tourist! :)
  Fri. 6/15/12 6:02pm Minnesota Jeff:

This was a fantastic episode, nice work Kurt and Ariella!
  Fri. 6/15/12 6:28pm FRANKBOOTH:

GREAT SHOW KURT GEEZY!!!!!!!!! THE HUMPTY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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