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Playlist for 07 June 2012 Options | Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

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Artist Song Album Label Comments Approx. start time
St. Germain  Rose Rouge (featuring Marlena Shaw)   Options Tourist  Blue Note     
Reg Tilsey  All Systems Go   Options Heavy Gravy  DeWolfe    0:06:49 ()
Squarepusher  Stadium Ice   Options Ufabulum  Warp    0:10:15 ()
Music behind DJ:
Reg Tilsey 
All Systems Go   Options Heavy Gravy  DeWolfe    0:14:41 ()
Grass Roots  Feelings   Options Feelings  Dunhill    0:17:55 ()
Bonobo  Kiara   Options Black Sands  Ninja Tune    0:20:55 ()
Don Trust  Pass Win   Options Dont Rust    get it here  0:24:31 ()
Phantogram  Don't Move   Options Nightlife  Barsuk    0:26:55 ()
Laurie Anderson  New York Social Life   Options New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media: Women In Electronic Music 1977  CRI    0:31:12 ()
Marlena Shaw  California Soul   Options 7-inch single (originally)  Cadet    0:34:28 ()
Music behind DJ:
Stefano Torossi 
Flying High   Options Feelings  Conroy/Carosello/Easy Tempo    0:37:16 ()
Epic Soundtracks  I Do Declare   Options Good Things  DBK Works    0:40:38 ()
Cy Marshall  Hello World   Options Soundtracks    get it here  0:44:13 ()
Ken Nordine  Hello   Options A Transparent Mask  Asphodel    0:46:03 ()
Le Futur Pompiste  Sunflower   Options Your Stories and Your Thoughts  Siesta    0:47:55 ()
John Cale  Hello There   Options Vintage Violence  Columbia    0:51:22 ()
Music behind DJ:
Stefano Torossi 
Walking in the Dark   Options Feelings      0:54:01 ()
High Places  On a Hill in a Bed on a Road in a House   Options High Places vs. Mankind  Thrill Jockey    0:58:25 ()
Deodato  Prelude to Afternoon of a Faun   Options Prelude  CTI    1:00:55 ()
Stan Kenton  Artistry in Rhythm   Options 78 (originally)  Capitol  got it here  1:06:11 ()
T Love  QMS   Options Xen Cuts (various artists)  Ninja Tune    1:09:56 ()
Music behind DJ:
Emperor Penguin 
Cop Show   Options Extreme Gaming  My Pal God    1:14:53 ()
Karel Gott  Sny Blaznivy (Proud Mary)   Options Hity '71  Supraphon    1:18:08 ()
Illaiyaraaja, featuring K.S. Chitra & S.P. Balasubramanyam  Puthiya Ulagille (The Whole Day)   Options Play That Beat Mr. Raja (Selected Oddities From The Tamil Film Industry 1984-1991)  Cartilage    1:20:45 ()
Phantogram  Make a Fist   Options Nightlife  Barsuk    1:25:10 ()
Emerson, Lake & Palmer  Trilogy (excerpt)   Options Trilogy  Cotillion    1:30:08 ()
Gelbart  Junk #19   Options New Music Series No. 1: Porky Pig (various artists)  Standard Oil  see the video! Watch this song performed by clarinet and string quartet!  1:31:50 ()
Harry Nilsson and John Lennon  Subterranean Homesick Blues   Options Pussycats  RCA    1:35:48 ()
Donna Summer  I Feel Love   Options On the Radio: Greatest Hits vols 1 and 2  Casablanca    1:39:05 ()
Brian Eno  Cindy Tells Me   Options Here Come the Warm Jets  Editions EG    1:42:15 ()
Art Brut  Sound of Summer   Options It's a Bit Complicated  Downtown    1:45:36 ()
Music behind DJ:
Emperor Penguin 
The Cruise   Options Shatter the Illusion of Integrity, Yeah  My Pal God    1:48:16 ()
Jenny Luna  Sola Nel Sole (I Wake Up Crying)   Options Mo' Plen Bacharach: The Burt Bacharach Italian Songbook  Irma    1:53:06 ()
Gerry Mulligan Quartet (with Chet Baker and Chico Hamilton)  Knights of the Square Table (aka Nights at the Turntable)   Options   Pacific Jazz/Crown    1:55:34 ()
Missing Brazilians  Missing Brazilians   Options Warzone  On-U Sound    1:58:08 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 6/7/12 11:36am Carmichael:

Oh goodie, you'll be on later! Planning my day ....
  Thu. 6/7/12 11:43am Alf from Upstate:

I think I'm going to lather like this.
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 11:48am charlie:

will be on in 12 minutes! (made an error in my e-mail)
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 11:49am charlie:

not on deck: Lather, by Jefferson Airplane!
  Thu. 6/7/12 11:55am Michael:

Morning charlie, carm and alf. Wish I had enuf hair to lather like that...
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 11:56am charlie:

wish i had enough shampoo to lather like that!
(not to mention the pink robe)
  Thu. 6/7/12 11:57am listener james from westwood:

this show stands head and shoulders above the rest!
  Thu. 6/7/12 11:58am listener james from westwood:

good to be here on a sunny northern nj thursday with all of y'all!
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:00pm listener james from westwood:

oh man, this is a strong start. niiiiiice.
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 12:02pm charlie:

better head and shoulders above than, er, flaky!
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 12:03pm charlie:

yes, a happy, lovely thursday to all! i've got such an embarrassment of riches here, i might plotz.
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 12:07pm charlie:

"I want you to get together"
"Put your hands together one time"
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:08pm don:

doing just that, charlie
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:08pm Doug S.:

Inspired by your gif, Charlie, I am cleaning the house. Pump up the volume! (I am not shampooing the rugs, however.)
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:08pm kat330:

Hi, Charlie, Carm, Don, Doug S. and LJfW! Present and listening, but keyboard time will be hit or miss. I'm surround by papers! :)
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 12:09pm charlie:

hey, kat, just let doug vacuum up all those papers for you!
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:10pm kat330:

Oops, didn't scroll up -- Hi to Michael & Alf, too! :)
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:10pm kat330:

Maybe someone can help me find past tense in all this mess. SurroundED of course.
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 12:14pm charlie:

don't worry, i've decided i can't properly say hi to everyone either! i'm taking advantage of the rare instance when i've actually planned the first set out to chat a little. that will fall by the wayside shortly i'm sure...
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:19pm Doug S.:

You're on your own, kat330, my vacuum really sucks.
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 12:20pm charlie:

Isn't that what it's supposed to do, Doug ;)
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:22pm Laura L:

Nellie's gonna wash that man right out of her hair.
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:26pm northguineahills:

Darn it! I was listening to Diane when you played the new Squarepusher. The multiple WFMU streams makes for some interesting listening dilemmas.
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:27pm don:

thanks charlie!
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:28pm Michael:

Anyone else having problems loading the site? Stream is fine, site is crap for me sadly.
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 12:28pm charlie:

love that track, don!
NGH -- that's why you've got two ears!
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 12:29pm charlie:

I don't have any problems, Michael. Anyone else?
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:29pm Doug S.:

You are but one footprint on the Drummer Stream's march toward world domination.
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:31pm listener james from westwood:

no website or stream issues on this end. (crossing fingers vs. jinx!)
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:33pm northguineahills:

Laurie Anderson!

No, I'm not having problem w/ the site btw.
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:34pm Carmichael:

Site is AOK here (IE9)
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:36pm listener james from westwood:

thanks to ken's use of an instrumental of "california soul" during the marathon, this tune gets me in a pledgin' mood. must ... not ... get ... credit card ....
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:36pm Gary Mitchell:

such a groove now
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:40pm kat330:

So THAT's what that is under my fingernails! I had thought it was garden soil.

Sorry, Doug, it's best to buy a vacuum with the "proper amount of suction."
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:41pm Michael:

Thanks guys. Something with our connection. Phine on my phone.
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:44pm kat330:

Speaking of suck-tion, if you're still around Doug: We finally returned the Grace digital radio box. :{ It was a power problem not corrected by the replacement AC pack...soooo... I have no portable way to listen until we decide on a new system. I may be missing quite a bit of the live programming for 2-3 weeks.
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:49pm Gary Mitchell:

nice track!
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 12:50pm charlie:

Hiya Gary, any other recent joiners!
OK, what have I missed?
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:56pm kat330:

Lots of sunny hello, tracks, Charlie --thanks! Just like what our laundry on the line is enjoying right now -- perfect weather the past few days..
  Thu. 6/7/12 12:58pm kat330:

Finland in the house -- oiva!
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:08pm Carmichael:

More groovy sunshine music, Charlie!
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:08pm Gary Mitchell:

love this kenton
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 1:13pm charlie:

Kenton's "Artistry in Rhythm" was directly influenced by Debussy's "Afternoon of a Faun" -- discuss amongst yourselves.
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:14pm Gary Mitchell:

Mr. Wiki says "wall of sound" was used often to describe Kenton.. before Phil
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:14pm Carmichael:

She's lathering to the beat!
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:14pm Dan in Seattle:

Love the "Get it here" column, Charlie. Thanks!
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:16pm kat330:

Charlie's a full-service filling station -- pumping the best audio fuel in the neighborhood.
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 1:20pm charlie:

yeah, gary, he used to layer different levels of horns and whatnot, creating a very dense sound...
ty, kat!
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:20pm Gary Mitchell:

karel gott just cleaned my windshield
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:22pm Geordie:

Karel Gott just cleaned my brain stem.
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:25pm Stanley:

Hi Charlie. Checkin in on the alternate stream and loving it. Good to see some afternoon regulars here as well.
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:29pm Doug S.:

This sounds almost like Laura Veirs gone electro!
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:31pm Carmichael:

Yay! ELP!
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 1:31pm charlie:

Welcome, Stanley, glad to see ya.
OK, Doug!
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:33pm kat330:

I seem to recall some crazy hazy nights w/ELP on the stereo, yep.
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:34pm Carmichael:

I haven't heard this in 20 years. And I still remember every line, despite the many memory inhibitors I took at the time.
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:37pm northguineahills:

I saw the Nilsson doc on Netflicks a few months ago. Very nicely done.
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:37pm kat330:

I once knew every syllable of every song on every Dylan album up to Blonde on Blonde. Knew a great of that one, too, just not all of it.
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:38pm trrr:

Observing the 3 B+W photos on the front page.

Click to lady in pink like some kinda chromatic dive.

Or something.
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:41pm trrr:

..washing the grey tones right outta there.
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:42pm kat330:

great [deal] if that one...s.b. Sigh. Gotta step away from all this paperwork to clear my head.
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:42pm Gary Mitchell:

"the sound of the future" Eno called this
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:42pm listener james from westwood:

happened to be out in the car when fabio played this the day summer's passing was announced. i turned the volume waaaaaaay up and gave westwood a taste.
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:42pm northguineahills:

Still can't get enough of "I Feel Love".
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:51pm northguineahills:

The Vltava River?
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:52pm still b/p:

Here for final 8 unforgettable minutes of show.
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:53pm Doug S.:

Two more shows are coming atcha tomorrow on the stream. Give the Drummer Some (9am-noon) and Steinski's "A Rough Mix" (noon-1pm).

Immediately following Busy Doing Nothing for the next two and half hours on this here 24-hour air/stream will be:

Bob Luman
Hank Willams
Riley Shepard
The Pretty Things
Lewis & Clark Expedition
Ruby Johnson
Lee Rogers
The Clovers
Mario Pavone Sextet
Black Artists Group
Kenny Rankin
Grupo de Capoeira Pelourinho
Lionel Hampton
Zululand War Dancers
Conjunto Mané Pei
Fela Ransome-Kuti
Docteur Nico & African Fiesta
and more
and more
and eternally more...
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:54pm kat330:

You dawg! I said I was stepping away to clear my mind, then you go and blow it. ;) Well, at least I managed to bring in the laundry and bask in the sun a bit. Later everyone and thanks, Chaz!
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:56pm Gary Mitchell:

thanks doug, i will definitely hang for bob luman, lee rogers and kenny rankin
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:58pm kat330:

[Thinking to self: If I could bottle the smell of sun-dried sheets and towels, I'd be a zillionaire. Mmmmm....]
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:58pm listener james from westwood:

charlie, your show is the fastest two hours since "the french connection." always a pleasure and a treasure!
  Thu. 6/7/12 1:58pm listener james from westwood:

doug, that is a bottomless tasting menu of musical delicacies.
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 1:59pm charlie:

Hey all -- thanks so much for your presence here today! I'll be off next week -- see you in two -- you da best!
  Thu. 6/7/12 2:01pm Carmichael:

No no ... YOU da best!
  Thu. 6/7/12 2:01pm Gary Mitchell:

good show... good station..
Avatar Thu. 6/7/12 2:02pm charlie:

"next to the top shelf" radio!
  Sat. 6/9/12 11:26am Brian in UK:

Love St Germain track, Charlie, relentless; have not heard it for several years, cannot find my tape of it.
  Sun. 6/10/12 9:47pm charlie:

I stole your tape, Brian; just waiting for the right opportunity to play it ;)
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