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Playlist for 06 June 2012 Options | Rockabye Baby

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Scott Walker  Next   Options Scott 2  Fontana 
  0:00:00 ()
Velvet Monkeys  Favorite Day   Options Everything is Right  Thick Syrup / Instant Mayhem 
  0:02:31 ()
Prinzhorn Dance School  Crisis Team   Options Clay Class  DFA 
*   0:05:46 ()
Super Geek League  Fishing Man   Options No Album, Bitch  No Label, Sucker 
  0:10:24 ()
Peter Catham  Using God Like Ketchup   Options A Man's Mouth  Permission 
  0:16:08 ()
Brown Whornet  Sweaty Freddy   Options Radio Ablum (sic)  Austin Music Mafia 
  0:18:49 ()
Sweat Talley  Looking for a Virgin   Options No Album Jack  No Label Neither. Suck it 
  0:22:43 ()
The O'Jays  Love Train   Options Suck on The Big Hole on This Little Record, Asswipe!  Philadelphia International 
  0:26:52 ()
Sealy Dan  I Got You (I Feel Good)   Options Barnyard Beat  Rhino 
  0:29:19 ()
Half Japanese  Firecracker Firecracker   Options Sing No Evil  Drag City 
  0:37:56 ()
Guns and Roses  Live and Let Die   Options         0:41:20 ()
War  Low Rider   Options Album? Ha!  United International 
  0:49:12 ()
Falco  Der Kommissar   Options   A&M 
  0:51:12 ()
Quando Quango  Love Tempo (remix)   Options Disco Not Disco: Post Punk, Electro & Leftfield Disco Classics 1974-1986   
  0:55:35 ()
Hall and Oates  Back Together Again   Options Abandoned Luncheonette  The Record Label That Abandoned Luncheonette Came Out On 
  1:02:44 ()
Spiritualized  Hey Jane   Options Sweet Heart, Sweet Light   
*   1:07:52 ()
Wolfman Jack  I Aint Never Seen a White Man   Options   Wooden Nickel 
  1:21:58 ()
Rosko  The Gift   Options   A&M Records 
  1:24:50 ()
Paco Valladares  Desiderata   Options Spanish Bizzaro   
  1:27:23 ()
Principe Gitano  In The Ghetto   Options    

Click for the full size image
  1:30:53 ()
Andre Williams  Pass The Biscuits Please   Options Early Rappers: Hipper Than Hop, The Ancestors of Rap [V/A]  Trikont 
  1:33:45 ()
Hal Harrris  Please Pass the Biscuits   Options The Very Best of Hal Harris  That Record Label That Issued "The Very Best of Hal Harris. You know the one," 
  1:36:34 ()
Joe Goldmark  Glass Beach   Options The Wham Of That Steel Man!  Lo-Ball 
*   1:38:55 ()
Sonny Treadway  Dont Let The Devil Ride   Options Sacred Steel  Arhoolie Records 
  1:41:31 ()
Rev Craig Pringle with The Campbell Brothers  Hollerin'   Options Sacred Steel Live!  Arhoolie Records 

  1:45:29 ()
God  Silent Night 2001   Options God's Album  God's Own Label 

Click for the full size image
  1:50:51 ()
Rockabye Baby  Paradise City   Options Lullabye Renditions of Guns & Roses   
  2:08:31 ()
101 Strings  A Good Way to Be Bad   Options Ooh Ooh Ahh: Moments of Musical Ecstasy  Arf Arf 
  2:13:22 ()
The Normal  Warm Leatherette   Options Stop it with these questions  PLEASE STOP YELLING 

Click for the full size image
  2:22:05 ()
DJ Female Convict Scorpion  Howlin' Wolf   Options Clash-Ups III  DJFEM 
  2:30:17 ()
Clothesline Revival   Music Has No End   Options Long Gone   
  2:34:48 ()
Milos Vacek  Krtek a Jezek   Options Music for the Mole Cartoons of Zdenek Miler   
  2:38:28 ()
Johnny Thunders  You Cant Put Your Arms Around A Memory   Options Leave Me Alone!  STOP YELLING AT ME!!!! 

Click for the full size image
  2:47:51 ()
Santigold  Riot's Gone   Options Master of Make Believe  Atlantic    *   2:51:45 ()
Rockabye Baby  All the Hits   Options I dont even know what you mean when you say "album"  Please Speak English      3:02:47 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 6/6/12 9:01am pierre:

Bonjour Ken !
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:01am duke:

The governor of Wisconsin sings.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:05am Wes:

Greetings and salutations, old friend! Work the good, up keep.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:05am FoFo ^(*-*)^:

Ken, pierre, duke, Velvet and Winged Monkeys, good morning all!
Avatar    Wed. 6/6/12 9:06am Ken:

Hi all!
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:06am crowe:

mornin, did ya ever check out Super Geek League's "fisher man"?
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:07am tr=sh:

Avatar    Wed. 6/6/12 9:09am Ken:

Thanks you Crowe my brother! I NEEDED a 7 minute long song!
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:10am kat330:

Hi, Ken! Lovely opening with the "Brel" Building tune.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:12am crowe:

OMMFG! i feel special
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:13am crowe:

have a nice poop
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:19am pierre:

is that Justin Timberlake?
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:20am Art Fern:

Jim Nabors?
Avatar    Wed. 6/6/12 9:21am Ken:

Yes, that is Justin Timberlake but no, that is not Jim Nabors.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:21am eirikur:

hahaha this song is some kind of a masterpiece!
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:26am Tiki Pete:

prolly the best song of ALL TIME!!
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:27am seang:

Yeah baby
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:27am fred von helsing:

Yeehaw !
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:27am bbell:

That is not a yogic headstand.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:27am pgw in mntclr:

i would like to hear a lou reed+metallica version of "looking for..."
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:28am pierre:

Is Justin singing in front of a pizza, in a disturb way ?
Avatar    Wed. 6/6/12 9:30am Ken:

Oui Pierre, it is Justin in front of a pizza and the pizza est TRES disturb.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:30am Sam:

What the phoque is this?
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:30am kat330:

Rabid seal.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:31am r i s k y:

  Wed. 6/6/12 9:31am common:

  Wed. 6/6/12 9:32am Sam:

The seal on the woman's sign looks so vicious! Is he their dictator?
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:32am FoFo ^(*-*)^:

I think I heard a dolphin chorus.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:33am Webhamster Henry:

Eek, ock, ork, ah-ah!
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:33am Cecile:

I love you Ken.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:33am kat330:

Well, you *started* on a high note with the Jacques Brel. That's a start.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:34am kat330:

So, Ken, will there be no program devoted to classical music in the summer schedule?
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:36am kat330:

I interpret it to mean putting it on EVERYthing. IOW, USING god for every situation.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:36am duke:

Are you going to play Kiss from a Rose by Seal?
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:37am Cecile:

I hate ketchup except on UP-style cornish pasties and in my speshal Sloppy Joe mix. So, God only in certain situations?
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:40am ricardo montalban:

For some reason, I find the use of ketchup on anything but a hamburger abhorrent. I don't know why.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:41am fred von helsing:

aw man that's harsh
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:41am paul:

  Wed. 6/6/12 9:42am common:

  Wed. 6/6/12 9:42am kiemzi:

  Wed. 6/6/12 9:42am Dan B From Upstate:

"Live and Let Die," written by W. Axl Rose and no one else.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:42am MD:

  Wed. 6/6/12 9:42am giselle:

do you spontaneously start table drumming when you hear this song in your head?
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:42am Maria D:

  Wed. 6/6/12 9:43am Kurt:

Rock out man!!!!!
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:43am Skirkie:

Nice try but my Hall & Oats earworm isn't going anywhere.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:43am Wes:

I woke up with Mary Hopkins' cover version of "Goodbye", another Paul McCartney song. Damn, what are the odds?
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:46am Cecile:

Here, this should help:
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:47am FoFo ^(*-*)^:

According to British music magazine NME, a fan at GNR's May 31 concert at London's O2 Arena, who showed up a wearing a Slash T-shirt, was forced by security to remove his shirt at the door. The concertgoer, 18-year-old James Revell, grudgingly abided and entered the venue bare-chested.

When NME asked O2's security if there was in fact an official ban on Slash shirts, the answer was: "We were told by the management not to allow anyone into the O2 Arena who is wearing a Slash T-shirt, and we are asking anyone who is to remove it and if they refuse they will be turned away.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:47am kat330:

Little dog has all the power, heh!
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:48am Kurt:

Could you play some Rush please.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:48am reliable source:

Axl's do-rag = bedbugs
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:49am Cecile:

my favorite song.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:50am Webhamster Henry:

I didn't know this song HAD a name.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:50am Cecile:

The album is "Why Can't We Be Friends?" The label is United Artists.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:50am david:

I'm not allowed to listen to kens show when i'm broke because i end up buying stuff right away. barnyard beat will be showing up at my house very soon I hope.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:51am Tiki Pete:

Sun Ra- Nulear WAR!!!! Pleeeease
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:51am Cecile:

when I was a kid, I thought it was "cold, dry dust" instead of "low rider."
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:52am BSI:

I much prefer cold, dry dust.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:52am falco:

c'mon and eat me I'm a danish
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:52am OM:

Would I get laughed off the playlist if I admitted to having a slight fondness for Falco?
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:53am Mark:

I always liked "Funky Worm" by The Ohio Players
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:53am Bad Ronald:

Good Morning All. "Der Kommisar" LIR's Shriek of the Week back in '81!
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:53am Art Fern:

Next up - Trio, Nena and Haircut 100 !
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:53am Cecile:

either way, it's great.
OM, if I dont' get thrown off for dancing to Falco in the 80s from time to time.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:54am Kurt:

I LOVE this song.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:54am Gerald:

I really hope that's an upside-down <em>woman</em>, as I really like watching that arse jiggle....
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:54am kat330:

For the Pizza Hut gif, this goes well:
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:54am Cecile:

I really love Trio.
They were so weird. Their albums were pretty hilarious. Much more than Da Da Da.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:54am Kurt:

Now you've got to play some Hall and Oats!
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:56am kat330:

Headless Annie's groovin' right on time to this beat.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:56am Cecile:

OMG. I haven't heard this in 30 years.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:56am Mark:

WLIR, the station dared to play Duran Duran
Avatar    Wed. 6/6/12 9:58am Ken:

Kurt. I would NEVER play Hall and Oates.
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:58am Bad Ronald:

And Vin Scelsa's Ramones attacks!
  Wed. 6/6/12 9:59am Gerald:

I'm not trying to be funny: I love the guitar solo in the middle of "Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage"...I think I must have first heard it on KROQ-Pasadena immediately after "Der Kommissar".
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:01am asdf:

been dancing like an idiot for the last ten minutes.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:03am Cecile:

awesome, Ken.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:03am Cecile:

Are you screwing around with the pitch?
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:04am Cecile:

I believe it is RCA.
Avatar    Wed. 6/6/12 10:04am Ken:

No, for once I can honestly say: "I am not screwing around with the pitch."
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:05am seang:

is this FOTC?
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:05am Cecile:

It's Atlantic. I stand corrected.
It's a little slower than I remembered. But nice john oates lead voc.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:05am Cecile:

Yes, it is the FOTC of Philadelphia, seang.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:06am Cecile:

Or the Chromeo of Philly.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:06am kat330:

Ken, would you mind answering my question at 9:34 about classical programming? Thanks.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:10am Webhamster Henry:

I thought the official WFMU policy was only to play Hall and Oates if one of them were to become a serial killer. So I guess that must have happened.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:11am seang:

this is classical programming
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:11am pierre:

i like your french Ken.
Avatar    Wed. 6/6/12 10:11am Ken:

Sorry Kat, there wont.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:13am kat330:

Thanks for replying. Well, that's a gap I hope will be filled in the fall.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:13am Listener zero:

While we're at it wrt programming: Night People should be longer than 1 hour again. Heya Ken, good morning to you, and all the people here, lovely or not.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:13am eirikur:

A440 plays a good deal of classical music
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:14am kat330:

@eirikur: It's gone though in the summer.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:16am duke:

I know it looks like I'm rocking, but I'm really not.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:16am eirikur:

  Wed. 6/6/12 10:16am BSI:

Boxer on the trampoleeeny! I must run home and hug my dawg immediately.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:17am weiterso:

is that you?
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:17am Mrs Krabappel:

Can't... stop... Doing.. the Monkey!!!
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:18am kat330:

Dogs really do know how to have fun.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:19am Sam:

A440 is gone. What happens to all those shows that aren't on the schedule? They just got canned? What about Professor DumDum, that guy is freakin hilarious!
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:20am kat330:

OK, so cats know how to have fun, too. Although I'm not sure the expression on that cat is a happy one. :|
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:22am FoFo ^(*-*)^:

Yes, helicopta-cats. The best pet hybrid since the winged monkeys.

  Wed. 6/6/12 10:24am Gerald:

Collective nouns should take the plural, as a matter of the dignity of the individual members.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:25am seang:

or Catcopter
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:27am Neg-guh-tor:

Rosko! Every conception is immaculate!
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:28am still b/p:

That cat is dead and stuffed and fitted with rotors for flight, for real, unless a pretty good hoaxicopter has been launched.

See 'im fly!

See the public propwash:
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:30am tr=sh:

Isn't or wasn't the cat's name 'Orville'?
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:32am Listener zero:

Love this Latin set.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:34am Andrew Waterloo:

You know, I've never considered owning a car before...
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:34am paula pc:

@ kat330 -- there is a lot of classical in that Fri 9-5 radio lineup, of the Bethany type too
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:34am Listener zero:

"Big 'FMU hit" – Andy Breckman doing an impersonation of Ken Freedman.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:35am Andrew Waterloo:

I mean cat..
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:35am Mark:

someone pass the damn biscuits
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:36am Ruben:

What was that!!!!! christian music we hate that !!! awful .. Ken should ask Mrs. Professor Dum Dum for some good music.... I am outta here !!! and going to Professor Dum Dum play list
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:37am kat330:

@paula pc: Yes, I've found that to be true, and GTDR will have Gershwin, which satisfies my classical jones pretty well. :)
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:38am Webhamster Henry:

in re: biscuits: Who stole the kishka?
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:40am Jon:

Thanks for playing that Wolfman Jack. It was pleasantly awful!
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:44am kat330:

@s b/p from 10:28 (sorry, juggling phones and people at the door and gen. busyness): Oh, that tinyurl links to the Dog Trainer (as Harry Shearer refers to the L.A. Times :)
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:44am Sign on Ken's Desk:

The Buck Stops Here, Bitches.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:45am kat330:

Our local paper, OTOH, is the Birdcage Liner.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:46am Nina Si-Moan:

"Buck, you're a whole lotta man...."
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:46am G:

How did you get a picture of the Target dog's grandfather?
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:48am Nina Si-Moan:

Ken, did you have a born-again experience since last week?
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:48am Shemp:

That's Petey from Our Gang
Avatar    Wed. 6/6/12 10:48am Ken:

Target Dog??!! That's PETEY! With SHEMP! A collision of greatness and all you can talk about is TARGET?!
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:48am SteveL:

Petey needs to watch his paws.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:48am G:

We're not worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:49am Nina Si-Moan:

@G: Besides the Target dog is an English bulldog, I believe, and a very different snout from Petey.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:50am Nina Si-Moan:

@Ken: G gets $5 from paypal every time he mentions Target on the comments list. [I get $10 each, btw ]
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:50am Doug Z:

Oh boy! The Campbell's tearing it up. My soul has been rejuvenated for at least next 2-3 hrs.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:51am G:

I didn't know Nina Si-Moan was a pedant, too, on top of her better-known talents :-)
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:51am kat330:

Nina is many things. :)
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:52am still b/p:

..Or a pedigreeant.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:52am Lizardner Dave:

Well obviously the RIAA knows how to get in touch with God. In other news, why are those kids worshipping the Gorn again?
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:52am Cecile:

Target dog is a White Bull Terrier. Petey was a pitbull or American Bull Terrier. The Target/spuds mckenzie bull terriers have that slopey nose.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:52am Webhamster Henry:

Why is this cut reminding me of Joe Frank?
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:52am other david:

ken, you're setting the bar pretty high for next weeks fill-in.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:53am Joe Frank:

Hey, this isn't God - its me!
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:53am kat330:

Guess this playlist today could be entitled OMG.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:53am Michael:

Please play "Banging in the Nails"---funnier and less obscene.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:54am kat330:

@OD: Is that going to be Amadeo?
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:54am SteveL:

Creepiest thing I've heard in a long time.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:54am Cecile:
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:54am G:

Maybe anger management class morphed into bible study...
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:54am giselle:

God sounds quite bland
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:54am asparagus:

Jesus ken. Thanks for pointing out how much more horrifying religion is than norwegian black metal
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:54am asparagus:

Jesus ken. Thanks for pointing out how much more horrifying religion is than norwegian black metal
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:55am Cecile:
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:55am Mike East:

Joe Frank IS God!
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:55am Dan B From Upstate:

I love you too, God. Okay. Bye.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:55am kat330:

Target's (another $10) dog breed is the same as Patton's dog. Saw lots of that breed in London's Hyde Park for whatever reason.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:55am Detroit Mac:

Oh Lord, won't cha buy me a Mercedes Ruehl?
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:56am kat330:

Yep, exactly like catsup.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:56am Cecile:

yup, Bull Terrier. Petey's a Pitbull.
They are crazy, funny dogs.

anyway, off to meeting. later.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:57am Mike East:

Anyone ever notice that WNYC's stock photo for the NYPD is a picture of a police van partially obscured by fingers covering the lens? Incredible that its the best they can do.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:57am Sam:

Can you make it say "Weather on the ones" ?
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:58am RIAA:

Did God's Own Label pay rights to Mannheim Steamroller?
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:59am FoFo ^(*-*)^:

hey, Julio is back! But he sounds a lil' bit down.
  Wed. 6/6/12 10:59am BDR:

  Wed. 6/6/12 11:00am other david:

@Kat - I believe so!

Oh Ken... rarely does this show not set my face to stunned
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:02am kat330:

DJ bird.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:02am G:

Is this how Mary got pregnant with the son of God?
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:03am kat330:

This is exactly like the little tapes AT&T was posting on Friday's Primavera list. Is KEN the true ID of AT&T?
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:06am G:

not a bad guess, kat -- i was figuring it might be someone station-connected...
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:06am jojo:

Fearless leader! all the spiritual salvation wihtout the no talking and lack of sexy talk!!
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:08am paula pc:

other david gave Ken the compliment I've always wanted to give, but I couldn't find the words...thank you Ken for creating a show that sets my face to Stunned
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:08am Joe C:

Ken Freedman is a good man. A man of honor. A man of his WORD.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:09am Davice:

But he cannot spell.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:10am still b/p:

Obit o' the day: Ray Bradbury.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:11am kat330:

I also considered it might be *you*, G. :)
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:12am Joe C:

That Paradise City shnick was actually kind of funky.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:12am kat330:

WHAT?!?! Oh, no, really? And there was a story by Bradbury in the most recent NYer....
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:13am Mark:

I woke up this morning saying, "I'd really like to know more about canker sores"
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:13am Little Miss Dog Pedant:

Petey was registered with the UKC (the second-most esteemed dog registry in the US!) as an American Staffordshire Terrier. Bullseye, the Target dog, is a Bull Terrier, of which there are two varieties: white and colored.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:13am Mike East:

Yeah, I read that, too, kat330. That's sad.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:14am G:

@kat: Twasnt me, but I was wondering what the program was that was used to make those sound bites on the Friday Primavera page, and whether the poster had to have an AT&T contract or not... Also, whether they will die/timeout or not...
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:14am kat330:

Damn... "Something Wicked This Way Comes" (which sounds like what this chick is doing) was an atmospheric fave.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:15am Detroit Mac:

How about "Tige" Buster Brown's dog? (They lived in you shoes!)
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:15am Sometimes Jasmine:

I'm looking around my office listening to this and getting a whole new perspective on my colleagues.....
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:15am G:

Is this audio of Mary getting pregnant wth the son of God?
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:15am kat330:

Oooh, Buster Brown show scared me as a kid.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:16am Parq:

  Wed. 6/6/12 11:16am Vivian:

And I lower the volume on my computer..
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:16am Dan B From Upstate:

Glad i wear headphones at work, but that doesn't stop the color of my face changing.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:17am other david:

Oh lord.. HAHA @ Vivian

And now the flashbacks to Bernt Dahlback's version of Je T'aime, which you also played a few months back..

*stunned silence*
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:17am Parq:

Came into the office halfway thru it. Thank Jeebus I keep the volume down when I'm out.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:18am PMD:

I am playing loud and clear. Hi Ken...
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:19am Little Miss Dog Pedant:

Petey played Tige in early Buster Brown films. There is a lot of speculation as to what sort of dog Tige was supposed to be, but the original cartoon drawings most closely resemble an American Staffordshire Terrier.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:20am still b/p:

BBC estimated that Donna there...23 times in Love to Love You, Baby. Anyone keeping score for that last track?
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:21am Dan B From Upstate:

As an Uncle to a two week old, I need a copy of this GnR Rockabye... you know... in case I ever need to babysit.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:21am G:

GNR was kind of cartoony music in the first place, honestly. I loved that video with them standing on an airstrip near the front of a Concorde, as if they were British or something. Yeah, right, guys -- you're the reincarnation of Led fucking Zeppelin...
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:22am Vivian:

Ken, I noticed that Neil Young & Crazy Horse are scheduled to play MSG on 11/27. Are you going?
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:22am BSI:

hellz yessir on the leatherette.....!
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:22am Tiki Pete:

that dog buscuit gif is the best!
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:23am kat330:

Crap, Parq blushing and Vivian turning down the radio -- what did I MISS? I had another phone call, dammit. All I know is this damn gif better go away soon....eeesh.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:23am Tiki Pete:

...penetrates your thigh
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:24am Vivian:

@kat330, no worries, I turned up the volume.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:24am G:

@kat: simulated "female getting sexually aroused" sounds
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:25am Jennique:

More dog gifs please!
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:25am kat330:

@G: well, I was already hearing that when the phone rang. I thought it, um, escalated to a whole 'nutha level.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:26am PMD:

Because of the music being played, I thought the crab was mating in some horrible way.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:26am G:

I think after a minute or two, some people reached their tolerance level...
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:27am kat330:

Is that a young Blair Brown? Can STILL see that terrible gif above her....pleeeeezee make it go away.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:28am Dan B From Upstate:

I think there's some of the Nirvana rockabye on one of Trent's premiums from a few years back.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:29am kat330:

@PMD: First dog species and now, crabs or spiders? I had thought spiders, but looks like
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:31am Detroit Mac:

No kat330... Wisconsin is not "Altered States"
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:34am Andrew Waterloo:

Guess I'll never get Wisconsin off my mind
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:35am other david:
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:35am Detroit Mac:

You get it from huffing Cheese Wiz?
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:39am kat330:

Wisconsin? Now I'm really confused. [and still being distracted by phones and emails and other goings-on here.]
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:40am G:

@kat: the joke was that Wisconsin's governor was not recalled yesterday, so it is not an "Altered State"
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:41am Detroit Mac:

I made a joke?
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:41am Little Miss Dog Pedant:

@kat330: Dog breeds, not "species."
Dogs are good.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:41am kat330:

Ohhhh, OK. Yeah, more's the pity. SO, spiders or crabs? Blair Brown or ?
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:42am FoFo ^(*-*)^:

other david,

Looks like it needs viagra powder.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:42am Nina Si-Moan:

@LMDP: You are correct. My bad.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:42am βrian:

Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you an election.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:42am Little Miss Dog Pedant:

1. crabs
2. doesn't matter
Avatar    Wed. 6/6/12 11:43am Ken:

Vivian, I want to go the Neil show on 11/27.. when do the tickets go on sale?
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:44am kat330:

Despite how it appears, "more's the pity" comment was wholly for G, not LMDP. :)
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:47am ANT:

Keep your sore juice away Rembrandt!
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:48am Dan B From Upstate:

Is that the new Tullis and Clark? I approve.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:48am Lizardner Dave:

Grove's Emulsified Canker Sore medicine. And RIP Ray Bradbury
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:49am ANT:

Ray is dead? Long live Ray.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:50am Casey:

I've never been so exited about breakthroughs in canker sore treatment.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:51am kat330:

Say, anyone got a rec on an Internet radio model? Our Grace digital gave us persistent power pack problems, so it's history and we're in the market for something else that can work wireless, a box to take outside while gardening, etc.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:51am Vivian:

According to MSG's site: Sunday, June 10, 2012 12:00 PM. Unfortunately, NY & CH still hate the Southern man, so we're looking into either Boston or Hollywood bowl.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:52am Detroit Mac:

I don't have any more canker sores now that the lyme disease has taken over my life... Have you noticed this on your end of the tick... Ken?
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:55am kat330:

@ANT: He was 91, so long-lived and well-lived. I was involved in presenting his Dandelion Wine as part of WCOZ's radio theatre, "Hour of the Wolf" some several years ago. Wonderful writer of childhood memories, like King.
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:59am Aaron in Jcity:

Bye Ken!
  Wed. 6/6/12 11:59am kat330:

@Mike East (from way up the list): Did you read the Gibson piece? It summed exactly how I feel about stumbling into SF at an early age. And he mentioned my fave, Theodore Sturgeon!

Bye, Ken, and thanks!
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:01pm Tom rom Cali:

Dj convict is a he not a she.
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:01pm Lizardner Dave:

Is this the Central Scrutinizer?
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:02pm FoFo ^(*-*)^:

Gracias Keno! See you all and till next episode!
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:03pm fred von helsing:

what is this?? it's great
Avatar    Wed. 6/6/12 12:03pm Ken:

Goodbye all! Im back in two weeks. But I am still here.
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:04pm dc pat:

HEY Shemp!!
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:07pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Well, DJ Duane knows how to butter up the boss( in a Bryce kinda way). Give 'em extra airtime!
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:08pm Uke Goldberg:

Uke Goldberg is online
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:09pm fred von helsing:

penalty bong !
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:09pm other david:

Possible new slot for Jim Price: between Ken & Duane, however long that gap may be
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:09pm Uke Goldberg:

Calling Fran Zappa!!!
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:10pm maja:

i love duane
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:10pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Three times...but who's counting?
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:10pm G:

I suspect Ken's anger management training is about to wear off.
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:10pm Patrick:

here is the crux of this situation ken, Duane plays good music....
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:10pm Watch Out:

Don't let him give you that BS about "white man's time"
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:11pm Mike East:

I'll bet he blames it on the path train
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:11pm KevinfromBayRidge:

@ other david, Great way to get Jim more airtime1
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:11pm G:

Cmon, have your "talk" with him *on* mic :-)
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:12pm FoFo ^(*-*)^:

Welcome to the Kuane show.
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:12pm buddy:

insubordination at its best
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:12pm G:

Some people interpret "freeform" to mean "no rules, period".
  Wed. 6/6/12 12:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I'm here now. Did I miss anything?
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