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Riff rock for riff raff, pop fizzle for the frazzled, chord changes of life for the menopausal teenagers, a safari in the jingle-jangle jungle. (Visit homepage.)

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Options May 18, 2012

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Artist Track
Doug Gillard  Thing With A Hook (theme)   Options
george Harrison  i'd have you any time (early take)   Options
medicine  something goes wrong   Options
the days   laugh again   Options
Brendan Benson  bad for me   Options
lightships  muddy rivers   Options
karmin  i need a doctor   Options
vinyl skyway  pain killers   Options
robert pollard  dr. time   Options
robert pollard  lizard ladder   Options
Paul and Linda McCartney  hey diddle   Options
literature  14 seconds   Options
the marshmallows  seven states   Options
the mad scene  Lorelei   Options
best coast  no one like you   Options
Colbie Caillat  fallin for you   Options
tahiti 80  fire escape   Options
the memories  higher   Options
la sera  it's over now   Options
x  come back to me   Options
kurt vile  life's a beach   Options
widowspeak  puritan   Options
Cleaners from Venus  night starvation   Options
the stars explode  Feet of Clay   Options
mike viola  so much better   Options
Olivia Tremor Control  silverbug   Options
dr. dog  the breeze   Options
paper aeroplanes  my first love   Options
sophia knapp  evermore   Options
john mayer (for listener johnnykevlar)  bigger than my body   Options
Albert Hammond, Jr.  thirteen   Options
alex chilton  Everyday as we grow Closer (original mono mix)   Options
the shins  Caring is Creepy   Options
jellyfish  Think About Your Troubles   Options
the corner laughers  twice the luck   Options
kim baxter  the tale of me and you   Options
santigold  the riot's gone   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 5/18/12 9:09pm Irwin:

Love you. Welcome back.
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:09pm other david:

^What Irwin said.
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:11pm James in ATL:

I love this song! ;-)
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:13pm Neal:

Good health and good yontiff.
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:17pm dude #8:

Gotta love Friday nights with Pseu!
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:23pm Kenzo:

I almost by mistake started to listen to your last archive...but here you are now!
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:31pm Tamar:

Yay, Pseu's on the air!
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:31pm EastVanHalen:

Just tuned in. Missed the drama. Booooooo. Welcome back, Pseu!
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:31pm john (and bex):

You sound smarter already. Welcome back!
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:35pm Websie:

It feels like Friday again. xoxo
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:36pm James in ATL:

Thanks Pseu! - Proud to be s Super-Listener! Robin Zander is the best.
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:36pm G.R.:

Good evening, all! And welcome back, Pseu. :D
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:37pm Nancy girl:

I smell you.
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:38pm seang:

ya forgot to mention Medicine
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:38pm bbob:

soooo nice to have you back where you be-long...!
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:38pm bethie:

nice things to say! glad you are back--hope you are feeling much better xoxoxo
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:38pm SmallyBiggs:

can I be a superlistener?
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:39pm Chop Scott:

Pseu! Happy to have you back tonight
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:39pm charlie:

Welcome back, Pseu!
Avatar Fri. 5/18/12 9:39pm pseu:

thanks folks, means a bunch!
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:41pm TimQ:

Robin Zander
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:41pm spidermank:

was your news anchor paper desk slap stack a real sound or a sample?
i believed it , I felt it just like the rest of your show , great music and such great talking .
hope i dont sound like a comment board polluter
  Fri. 5/18/12 9:51pm johnnykevlar:

How about some Zombies?
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:00pm Joe D:

welcome back Pseu! Streaming you on our road trip somewhere outside Baltimore
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:02pm large p's:

pseu , what was the malady this time ? how do you endure?
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:07pm sádlo:

i believe that was a fleetwood mac - sugarland mash up
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:07pm bethie:

I second that Zombies idea...
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:07pm sádlo:

the playlist is incorrect?
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:08pm fatty jubbo:

Welcome back, Pseu! I'm glad your doing better!
Avatar Fri. 5/18/12 10:11pm pseu:

sádlo - try hitting the refesh/reload button. Or something, who cares.
Hi FJ - "lovely" to see your keystrokes...
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:13pm Pso Hard:

yeah , hi pseu .
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:17pm Bobo:

Yeah, hey Pseu! Great show. It's hard being you.
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:18pm jason chicago:

Welcome back, Pseu! You're the best & great show! xxoo
Avatar Fri. 5/18/12 10:19pm pseu:

glad everyone's thinking "hard" out there.
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:23pm sádlo:

that's a good question...
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:24pm Zombie:

Play me!
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:26pm johnnykevlar:

Why are you grumpy all of the time?
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:39pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I am listening tonight. Nice show.
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:40pm Pso Hard:

and long.
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:41pm paul:

and you coulda been funny
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:42pm johnnykevlar:

Can you talk about mallgoths? I hate them.
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:42pm bethie:

you sound pso psplendid!
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:43pm G:

i'm late, due to social calendar. i'm sure we'll all live.
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:49pm johnnykevlar:

Why did you remove my mallgoth picture? People should know what mallgoths listen to.
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:50pm G:

there's no upside in arguing with the ref
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:50pm G.R.:

"I got too much blood in my alcohol stream" -- nice. :D
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:50pm johnnykevlar:

I thought she was anti-mallgoth
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:51pm Mike Sin:

Hi Pseu -- Welcome back to the airwaves. I hope you're feeling better.
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:51pm paul:

ther's room for all of us , sub genres too , johnny devlar
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:54pm Pso Hard:

yeah .
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:55pm clarke:

one never appreciates until something AIN'T there -- sorry i am weighing so late, just got home from a gig, but BOY did i miss the Hook!!! esp on Archives!
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:55pm johnnykevlar:

^except mallgoths or "rude boys"
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:57pm you:

need to get smacked kev
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:58pm judge judy's bloated corpse:

kelvar and paul: y'all's a douche
  Fri. 5/18/12 10:58pm johnnykevlar:

chill out man, I dig Albert Ayler and Sun Ra. I don't want any problems wtih mallgoths
Avatar Fri. 5/18/12 11:02pm pseu:

you're the Ron Gallo of 2012, congrats.
Avatar Fri. 5/18/12 11:04pm pseu:

thanks everyone, I've got another gdm hour with you white people. Let's get things going in this ghost town.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:04pm Jeezy:

  Fri. 5/18/12 11:04pm johnnykevlar:

Yo pseu, is the influence of The Velvet Underground on modern music exaggerated?
Avatar Fri. 5/18/12 11:05pm pseu:

absolutely, J-Kevz, no one appreciates Clapton anymore.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:09pm johnnykevlar:

Sure they do, John Mayer and Clapton performed together and it was a big deal.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:10pm johnnykevlar:

btw...play some john mayer if you have any
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:12pm johnnykevlar:

A friend of mine claims that The Cardigans are the most underrated band of the 90s. What's your take on that?
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:13pm Consensus:

Use the hook on you-know-who
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:13pm you:

can stick john mayer
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:14pm john:

You're getting so smart I haven't a clue what you're saying. And Clapton was always my favorite drummer.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:16pm Consensus:

Listening to Pseu, I'm having a marathon flashback :)
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:17pm john:

  Fri. 5/18/12 11:23pm you:

lonnie f'n quinn , the worst.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:23pm Possible Fatal Flaw:

No one listening to FMU ever sees local TV weather
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:23pm Nick Name:

yeh,weather people are odd ones
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:24pm Ike:

Welcome back Pseu.

Wow, must be pretty far south if you get NBC of Philly. Vzn ain't got it even in Ocean or anyplace north of Mercer.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:24pm Possible Fatal Flaw:

Sheena Ben Dover
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:26pm david from ks.:

,,, @jnykvlr,,,,I luv what former fmu- DJTrent called Fem-Vox music ,,lead female vocalist/w good back-up band,,,,, the Cardigans are that ,,,just good stuff,,like Pseu the sweet voiced DJ, in my own personal opinion
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:26pm Nick Name:

no,seriously... her name is..... Ben Dover,lol - sorry that is funny
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:26pm G:

If you use rabbit ears, you can get Philly TV sometimes even from Staten Island, if the weather's right...
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:26pm Penal:

sheena izapunkroka
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:27pm johnnykevlar:

  Fri. 5/18/12 11:28pm johnnykevlar:

thank me later guys
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:28pm Ike:

Thx for the shout out!

All local TV news is like this to me:
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:28pm G.R.:

Penal -- LOL!

Nick Name -- it *does* kind of sound like a porn name...
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:28pm Consensus:

you should behave after this for months, johnny, but you won't
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:29pm johnnykevlar:

  Fri. 5/18/12 11:30pm hollowpoint:

right through the kevlar
Avatar Fri. 5/18/12 11:30pm pseu:

People, this song covers my feelings from these past weeks..THANKS JOHNNY!
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:30pm david from ks.:

,,,,exellent middle of the road
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:30pm Chop Scott:

With a female vocal it might work, but OUCH!
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:31pm Ike:

Is it just me or is John Mayer skeezy-looking as hell? Yet my female friends think he's hot. Yak.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:32pm johnnykevlar:

I hope you really aren't questioning the vocal range of John Clayton Mayer
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:32pm Consensus:

@Ike: Hint -- You're not female.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:32pm G.R.:

Not a Mayer fan, but I like this song. :) (At least it wasn't "Your Body is a Wonderland"... O_o )
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:32pm well:

he's probably better looking than you ike
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:32pm david from ks.:

,,,,,REAL subPOP!
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:33pm johnnykevlar:

Yeah, he's a real stud, finally, we got some good rock n roll.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:33pm G.R.:

  Fri. 5/18/12 11:33pm Listener Bill:

G.R. It is objective...Humphrey Bogart was considered "hot"...so was Jean Gabin
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:35pm johnnykevlar:

They should kick him out of the strokes cuz hes not cute anymore
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:35pm so:

was terre t
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:36pm G.R.:

Aww, and now some Alex Chilton. :)
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:37pm Listener Bill:

I guess I mean that it is subjective (as opposed to subjective), and I kind of get the younger Jean Gabin
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:42pm johnnykevlar is my last.fm username:

Oh awesome, I introduced you to jellyfish a few months ago
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:43pm john:

Wait. Who's Jellyfish? That a band or something?
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:49pm G.R.:

That Corner Laughers track was cute...
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:49pm johnnykevlar is my last.fm username:

Jellyfish were a short-lived but highly influential power pop band from San Francisco. The core members were drummer/singer/songwriter Andy Sturmer, keyboard player/multi-instrumentalist Roger Joseph Manning Jr., and guitarist/songwriter/vocalist Jason Falkner.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:51pm Consensus:

Sorry, we thought "Jellyfish" was the pet name you gave to your weewee.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:52pm Consensus:

Got it now. It's just the females who call it Jellyfish.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:54pm G.R.:

Excellent show tonight, especially that last half-hour.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:55pm Consensus:

How's the insane brag thing going, jk.

Great show. Get well pseun.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:55pm Ike:

@well@11:30: I'm definitely way hotter than John Mayer, subjectivity be damned.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:56pm johnnykevlar is my last.fm username:

I'm not bragging, it's objectively 8.5 inches long while erect.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:57pm Consensus:

@jk: So um, why are you wasting it on a comments board on Friday night then? Credibility issue.
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:58pm johnnykevlar is my last.fm username:

no gf, no sex
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:58pm blee:

The Dan Armstrong brand clear electric guitar that Greg Ginn plays is made of Lucite!
  Fri. 5/18/12 11:59pm Consensus:

Wow, how could *that* have happened.
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:01am johnnykevlar is my last.fm username:

I got raped by a feminist.
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:02am Consensus:

Pseu will mop up later.
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:03am johnnykevlar is my last.fm username:

not even lying, after my ex gf, I was trying to meet girls on the internet, then I got raped, now I don't care. I went out and some woman was grinding up on my crotch. I really don't want to go out anymore, I'm better off staying in listening to music :)
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:03am G:

So many fill ins this week! It's galloping FMUitis
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:03am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Future Floor Wax
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:04am david from ks.:

,,,, please stop lowering the the comment board standards,,,,, hey somebody in quality control,,we were already assaulted by f**king j mayer
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:04am G:

Death rattle, live and archived. New ground to break.
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:04am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Toughskins soaked in Charlie perfume.
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:05am johnnykevlar is my last.fm username:

Does John Mayer's success with women make you jealous, david from ks?
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:06am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

  Sat. 5/19/12 12:06am david from ks.:

,,,i thought he was a woman
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:07am EastVanHalen:

Jesus. I leave for an hour, and look what happens.
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:09am blee:

Are Veneer Teeth the Lucite of today?
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:09am G:

space age choppers
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:11am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

My kitchen floor is varnished with dessicated Tullamore Dew.
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:12am FCC:

The conversation about a floor made of Ken's blue teeth is great radio, but there's one thing I love even more... Seems like forever since I heard it.
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:14am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Future Wax is also an excellent hair product.
  Sat. 5/19/12 12:16am G:

@FCC: You gonna make up em do legal ID? You and what Army?
  Sat. 5/19/12 3:39am Dan in Ithaca:

The Jellyfish cover of Nilsson was sublime, as was Pseu's banter. I was in hospital recently and I brought my own pajama bottoms and grippy hospital sox from a recent outpatient procedure. Although those were fairly good experiences, and I had my iPod and FMU app to keep me company, I have had enough of the healthcare biz for a while ... This was a good show. Thanks, Pseu!
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