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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options May 8, 2012: Tony Coulter Presents Tape Hiss: Downtown NYC / PLEASE NOTE: "Tape Hiss" shows are not archived.

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Artist Track Album
FRACAS  4 untitled tracks   Options demo cassette (mid-'80s) 
THE KRAKATOANS  First Mate   Options 1988 demo 
THE KRAKATOANS  Walking the Dogma   Options 1988 demo 
THE KRAKATOANS  Stuff Smith Stomp   Options 1988 demo 
RHYTHM PIE  Four Movements   Options demo (mid-to-late '80s) 
RHYTHM PIE  Six Words   Options demo (mid-to-late '80s) 
RHYTHM PIE  Dinosaurs   Options demo (mid-to-late '80s) 
RHYTHM PIE  Texture - Gate - Change   Options demo (mid-to-late '80s) 
ZERO POP  Keep the Jeep   Options 1986 demo 
ZERO POP  Sax, Drums & Rock & Roll   Options 1986 demo 
ZERO POP  Salsadagio   Options 1986 demo 
ZERO POP  Don't Be a Fool, Marry Me   Options 1986 demo 
ZOZOBRA  I'm Blind   Options demo (mid-'80s) 
ZOZOBRA  Mozart's Love Affair   Options demo (mid-'80s) 
ZOZOBRA  74,00 Farms   Options demo (mid-'80s) 
ZOZOBRA  No Superman   Options demo (mid-'80s) 
SONGS FROM A RANDOM HOUSE  Can I Get You Something?   Options 1986 demo 
SONGS FROM A RANDOM HOUSE  Talking with a Giant   Options 1986 demo 
SONGS FROM A RANDOM HOUSE  Water   Options 1986 demo 
SONGS FROM A RANDOM HOUSE  Born in a Barn   Options 1986 demo 
SONGS FROM A RANDOM HOUSE  White Trees   Options 1986 demo 
CHRISTIAN MARCLAY  turntable improvisation 1   Options live, mid-'80s 
CHRISTIAN MARCLAY  turntable improvisation 2   Options live, mid-'80s 

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 11:25am tonyc:

Hullo dere. Today's "Tape Hiss" will feature unreleased music from NYC's Downtown scene of the '80s. There will be live music from Lytle/Cartwright/Moss and Christian Marclay, plus demos from Zero Pop, Zozobra, Songs from a Random House, the Krakatoans, Fracas, and Rhythm Pie.
  Tue. 5/8/12 11:57am Kay:

Do you have a lead-in theme for Tape Hiss?
  Tue. 5/8/12 11:59am Artie:

More importantly, can you dance the Shag to the Tape Hiss lead in?
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 11:59am tonyc:

Hi, Kay -- I do!
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:00pm listener james from westwood:

good day all! glad to be back where a hiss is a sign of approval.
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:01pm Kay:

How a lead-out? Remember how those manufactured tapes would have a little series of high-pitched notes at the end of a side?
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:01pm Van in DC:

Hiya Tony, fellow streamers
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 12:01pm tonyc:

And here the theme is. (Greetings, Artie & listener james!)
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 12:02pm tonyc:

Hey there, Van!
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:03pm GRATEFULBLAC, Manchester, UK:

Is it C60, C90,or C120?
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 12:05pm tonyc:

Hey, Gratefulblac. Today's show will be a full C180.
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:07pm Doug S.:

This hissing of summer (spring) tapes!
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:08pm GRATEFULBLAC, Manchester, UK:

BUTTHOLE SURFERS, my favourite 80s band!
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 12:09pm tonyc:

Hiya, Doug! Yep, it's full hiss ahead....
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:09pm Artie:

Weren't those tones present to cue early auto-reversing systems? Or did I just make that up? Certainty eludes.
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:11pm listener james from westwood:

porfirio rubirosa. heh. there's an interesting life. understand he inspired the naming of a pepper grinder or two.
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:12pm manuel de bruselas:

hola toñy
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 12:13pm tonyc:

Hola, Manuel! And Artie too...
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:13pm conrad:

Morning, Tony. This tune's great! Was never released?
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 12:14pm tonyc:

Hey, Conrad! As far as I've been able to determine, none of these tracks were ever released.
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:25pm Kay:

Tony: Thanks to lightning storm/hail/power outage, I lost the last ten minutes of streaming. Would you mind rewinding a little?

Artie: I bet you're right. Maybe Tony could just turn on the autoreverse/continuous play setting?
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 12:27pm tonyc:

Kay: I'll put the show on auto-reverse. That way the tape will play all over again once it reaches the end.
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:39pm GRATEFULBLAC, Manchester, UK:

were their only drummers/percussionists in Rhythm pie?
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 12:39pm tonyc:

I may be one of the few people who can claim to have seen Rhythm Pie live. When I saw them at Bar None, there were only two people in the audience: me and my then-girlfriend (now wife).
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 12:40pm tonyc:

Gratefulblac: Yep, just two drummers. Which may kind of explain why they didn't last too long, as interesting as they are as drummers.
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:43pm Van in DC:

They're giving the drummers some and some more!
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 12:45pm tonyc:

Yeah -- after this tape, the Drummer will have to Give Some Back....
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:48pm Brian in UK:

Hello Tony, do we turn over half way through? I've barely got auto forward today.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 12:48pm tonyc:

Jumped the gun on that track title.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 12:50pm tonyc:

Hi Brianinuk! Nope, we're in auto-reverse ... so the tape will flip over on its own.
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:54pm Brian in UK:

Merci beaucoup.
  Tue. 5/8/12 12:55pm Van in DC:

@tonyc @12:40 If they had just had more cowbell :)
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 12:58pm tonyc:

  Tue. 5/8/12 1:03pm WhiteWolf:

Anything Etron Fou= MadShit!
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:03pm Ricardo Montalban:

Hola, Senor Tony!
Just tuned in. I was putting out fires here at work.
I guess I'm not allowed to set things on fire anymore.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:04pm tonyc:

Hola, Senor!
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:07pm Doug S.:

@tonyc @ 12:44
The Drummer doesn't make change. Please pay exact cash amount...
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:08pm tonyc:

Lost my connection for a bit -- are you all still there?
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:09pm Doug S.:

Connection uninterrupted here.
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:09pm listener james from westwood:

still lurking about! stream's still up too.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:11pm tonyc:

Ah, good! Messed up track titles there 'cause I couldn't hear. But you can probably figger it out....
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:11pm Ricardo Montalban:

Sounds great here.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:14pm tonyc:

Good! Everything's under control on this end again.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:24pm tonyc:

In case anybody's wondering where I got all these demos: I've had 'em since the '80s, when they were given to me by the bands to play on my show on Columbia's college radio station. Bet they never thought I'd keep 'em this long - ha!
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:29pm GRATEFULBLAC, Manchester, UK:

back after my supper - hope I have'nt missed too much?
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:30pm tonyc:

No worries -- we put the tape on pause while you were gone.
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:30pm SpainishInquisition:

Is your wife tolerant of your musical taste? I must wear headphones after 23 years of marriage.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:31pm tonyc:

Yes -- she is blessedly tolerant.
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:32pm GRATEFULBLAC, Manchester, UK:

rhythm pie - probably not as nice as the pie I've just had.
Zero pop - well just speaks for itself!
As for ZOZOBRA - that'l do for afters!
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:36pm tonyc:

RE: Zee wife. When I first met her, she only had a handful of records ... but one of them was a Catherine Ribeiro record ... so of course I had to marry her.
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:38pm GRATEFULBLAC, Manchester, UK:

Tony - sounds like you were the vocalist in SONGS FROM A RANDOM HOUSE?

Were you ever in a band Tony?
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:39pm BSI:

In my case, it was Faust marrying John Tesh.....
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:41pm tonyc:

GRATEFULBLAC: Saw Songs from a Random House live back in the day (or night, actually) -- but I wasn't their vocalist, no. Was never in a band -- though I did diddle on keyboards for a while there.
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:42pm conrad:

Gonna put up any mp3s of these Random House guys up on the FMU blog, Tony? Really like this.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:42pm tonyc:

BSI: Any movement in the direction of Faust?
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:43pm tonyc:

Conrad: Was thinking of doing just that very thing, actually!
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:45pm Fly right:

Is this my mother?
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:45pm BSI:

Tony @1:41: happily, yes. Early courtship phase: in one week she took me to see Charlie Daniels Band and I took her to Stereolab / Olivia Tremor Control. Somehow it all worked out (?)
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:46pm tonyc:

Charlie Tremor Control?
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:49pm GRATEFULBLAC, Manchester, UK:

Well know Tony's played early Charlie Daniels recently but as for the other two can only say トマトケッチャップ皇帝 or emperor tomato ketchup music!
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:50pm BSI:

Indeed. After 13 years, I can confidently play Heldon (and suchlike) in the house without fear of bludgeoning by frying-pan. That's probably about as close to domestic/marital bliss as I ever thought possible.
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:52pm GRATEFULBLAC, Manchester, UK:

Tony - were their any experimental country bands?
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:53pm Ricardo Montalban:

Eugene Chadbourne is the only guy I can think of who consciously does Avant-Garde or experimental country music.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:54pm tonyc:

Well, Dan Hicks is sort of experimental country swing/bluegrass, I guess, no?
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:54pm manuel de bruselas:

tony, some weeks ago i got a copy of The Necessaries, in Spain, that i discovered in a comp. called Blank Generation, Blank Tapes NYC 1975-1987. Amazing record!
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:54pm GRATEFULBLAC, Manchester, UK:

Is this the warm up or are have tehy started playing(!)?
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:55pm northguineahills:

sweet lineup.
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:55pm Ricardo Montalban:

Who's that guy who plays barbed wire fences with a violin bow? It's sort of country music, in the concrete sense.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:55pm tonyc:

GRATEFULBLAC: They've got their groove on already.
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:55pm Ricardo Montalban:

This is wonderful scronk! Love it!
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:56pm tonyc:

Ricardo: Jon Rose?
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 1:56pm tonyc:

Manuel: Don't know that! Will look for it....
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:56pm Ricardo Montalban:

Yeah, I think that's it. THe late Jon Rose, who also played with Chadbourne on more than one occasion.
  Tue. 5/8/12 1:57pm EXP>Country:

JON WAYNE>Texas Funeral LP!
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:00pm GRATEFULBLAC, Manchester, UK:

just beginning to boogie now!
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:03pm conrad:

Who was the Southern avant-hillbilly who played with the Velvet Underground? I'm not joking, there really was a guy, played fiddle or something...
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:05pm tonyc:

Dunno! Sounds mucho intriguing....
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:05pm GRATEFULBLAC, Manchester, UK:

Conrad - are you mixing up John Cale with JJ Cale?
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:07pm tonyc:

Funny how duck calls were so big in the '80s Downtown scene.
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:07pm Otis T Bass:

Hasil Adkins?
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:09pm listener james from westwood:

that would explain the name of his "white light/white meat" compilation
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:11pm To LJFW:

That there"s funny.
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:13pm conrad:

I didn't imagine it!

From North Carolina. Was associated with Yoko Ono, Lamont Young, "He recorded “Acoustic Hillbilly Jive” at the end of 1963... The sculptor Walter De Maria supplied essential support for this project. At about the same time, Flynt was recording characteristic solo violin pieces.

In September 1966, Flynt played violin with the Velvet Underground as a stand-in for John Cale"
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:15pm tonyc:

Rich Lindsay of KBOO (aka Senor Ricardo Montalban) fills in for me next week. Don't miss it!
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:16pm tonyc:

Conrad: Ah yes, Henry Flynt. Didn't realize he ever played with the Velvets.
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:22pm Ricardo Montalban:

I still love Christian Marclay on Night Music. What an amazing show that was.
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:22pm northguineahills:

DJ Spooky lifted the whole 2 minutes of that record on a somewhat large label in the late 90s.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:24pm tonyc:

Good old Ivor Cutler....
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:25pm northguineahills:

tonyc beat me to it.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:27pm tonyc:

And here comes the West Coast Experimental Pop Art Band....
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:27pm Magical mystery Tour:

For the love of Ivor Cutler!
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:28pm BSI:

Brilliant stuff, good sir. I salute thee.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:29pm tonyc:

Thanks, BSI. Glad you like it!
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:35pm northguineahills:

A little of Zorn's "Classic Guide to Strategy".
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:35pm tonyc:

  Tue. 5/8/12 2:38pm One:

Ass backwards ENO "Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy"
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:39pm Ricardo Montalban:

Strategy By Mountian, Tiger Taking would be a great name for an indy guitar drone band.
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:40pm listener james from westwood:

really dug today's tape hiss, tony. must dodge outta here but glad to have caught the great mass of this one-time airing!
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:41pm tonyc:

Time for Ferrante & Teicher!
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:42pm tonyc:

Adios, listener james! Glad you enjoyed yourself, and thanks fer tuning in.
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:44pm Ricardo Montalban:

Is there a clean delineation where F&T's music stops being weird, or was it a gradual process?
I only own two of their records, which I found in thrift stores - the Blast Off one and a Christmas one that's really weird for a Christmas record.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:46pm tonyc:

There was a point when they stopped preparing pianos and all that stuff, and after that they got way less interesting. Can't say exactly when that was, though -- they have a bunch of good LPs.
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:48pm Ricardo Montalban:

There's gotta be a funny story or two about the two of them looking exactly alike.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:49pm tonyc:

Those glasses would make anybody look like Ferrante or Teicher.
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:52pm Ricardo Montalban:

They were both married. Not that there would be anything wrong if they weren't.
I always just pictured one couldn't help looking like the other, buying the same glasses, etc. to the annoyance of the other, not to mention fueling unwanted speculation...
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:52pm tattooed knuckles:

GEEK & Nerd.
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:54pm Van in DC:

Thanks for the show Tony!
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:54pm Ricardo Montalban:

It's funny how so few people know about their Avant-Garde roots or how no one will believe you when you tell them they did weird music. Most people think of Midnight Cowboy and countless easy listening drivel.
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:54pm northguineahills:

Awesome show!
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:55pm Ricardo Montalban:

Thanks Tony! Another wonderful, hiss-filled show!
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:55pm tonyc:

Thanks for listening, everybody! Here, again, is my schedule for May:
May 15: Senor Montalban fills in.
May 22: A "Tape Hiss" show w/ unreleased recordings by Heratius
May 29: I'll be back with a regular freeform show
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:56pm Ricardo Montalban:

I've pulled out loads of weird old thrift store finds and more surprises for next week.
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:56pm tonyc:

Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 2:57pm tonyc:

Looking forward to the fill-in, Senor!
  Tue. 5/8/12 2:59pm Van in DC:

Is this still the play out music? I like it
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 3:05pm tonyc:

Van: Given that your message came in at 2:58, right when my show ended, and I'm just seeing it now, I can't say for sure! The second part of my out-theme features someone saying "airborne" ... "free"....
Avatar Tue. 5/8/12 3:06pm tonyc:

It's part of a Die Trip Computer Die track....
  Tue. 5/8/12 3:19pm Kay:

Do you have a lead-in theme for Tape Hiss?

Oh drat, I forgot to turn off the auto-reverse.
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