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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 13, 2012: Brace Yourself!

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 4/13/12 6:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

  Fri. 4/13/12 6:01pm Carmichael:

Arf! Arf!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 4/13/12 6:01pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:02pm trolly mctrollerson:

dentally re-todd-ed
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:02pm Danne D:

Hi Andy :)
Hi Frangry :) <333
Hi Weirdos :)
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:02pm Cosmic charley:

Hello Frangry! Hi Andy!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:02pm Listener zero:

Laying down the LAW!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:02pm Pinball:

Hi frangry!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:03pm Danne D:

Memo to self - up pledge for Frangry date next year
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:03pm alberto:

why did the buddhist refuse anesthesia at the dentist? he wanted to transcend dental medication .
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:03pm Dr. Christian Szell:

Is it safe, FRANGRY?
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:04pm Danne D:

@alberto oof

(call in with that one)
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:04pm Dr. Christian Szell:

Is it safe?
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:04pm Pinball:

My dentist almost died when he strapped on the laughing gas but fell off his chair and knocked it off his face.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:05pm Listener zero:

No thank you (re: topic). i'm bailing. Bye, Weirdos.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:05pm trolly mctrollerson:

I'm at a FLOSS for this show..
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:05pm Dr. Christian Szell:

Would you care for some Oil of Cloves?
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:05pm Danne D:

Andy inserting his hygienist fantasies into the proceedings.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:06pm John:

2 words....Marathon Man
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:07pm Carmichael:

Anything goes BENEATH the Bible Belt, too!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:07pm Jesus:

@Dentist: DRILL, BABY, DRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

JESUS was into pain...
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:07pm antwan:

That joke was the jewel in the dental pun CROWN
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:08pm Danne D:

8( my phone rang out of rings so I had to redial and now I get a busy signal 8( - andy killing too much time there :(
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:08pm listener mark:

My dentist is great. Last time I got plenty of novacaine, free samples of pain relievers, and a prescription for hydrocodone.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:09pm Jesus:

@Danne: confessing to oral problems is not the best way to get a date with FRANGRY
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:09pm Danne D:

trying again...andy will probably talk a bunch and I'll bounce out again 8(
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:09pm Danne D:

@Jesus lol
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:09pm John:

Why does spike always sound like he's calling from a pay phone in a woman's prison..?
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:09pm Jesus:

I save. BUT I REFUSE TO SAVE THAT SHRED OF HUMAN DEBRIS SPIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:10pm Danne D:

Coming up at 6:55 Floss with Frangry
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:10pm mike noballs on a bus:

checking in from the bus to dc, freaks.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:10pm Famous Movie Dentists:

Dr. Christian Szell aka 'Der weisse Engel' (The White Angel) was a former Nazi dentist at Auschwitz Concentration Camp (inspired by Josef Mengele, the last doctor in charge of Auschwitz II).
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:10pm Danne D:

@John the show probably takes place during visiting hours
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:10pm Pinball:

Or stealing gum
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:11pm trolly mctrollerson:

this show: dentally re-todd-ed
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:11pm Tommy The Tooth:

I had a nightmare that Spike was a dentist and was pulling me out.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:11pm Danne D:

Shut Up Weirdo: Recommended By 4 out of 5 Dentists to patients who steal gum
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:12pm Plane Rider:

Some bitch stole my prescription dental gum on the plane when I was going away on vacation. I had to have my surgery redone later.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:12pm Pinball:

  Fri. 4/13/12 6:12pm John:

just for tonight Frangry's name should be FANG-ry....
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:13pm G:

Jenna, 6:12. Close enough to schedule.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:13pm Danne D:

Jenna 3:16
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:13pm trolly mctrollerson:

most de-molarizing topic ever..
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:14pm G:

  Fri. 4/13/12 6:14pm mike noballs on a bus:

one thing i miss about moving away from new york is my old dentist. he gives gas for cleanings (he's super thorough). one time he over-gassed me and i experienced my own death in his chair. time stopped... light at the end of the tunnel kind of stuff (though really it was his dental exam light). when i came to he said to me: "man who did you hang out with in college? you're such a light weight!"
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:14pm Danne D:


  Fri. 4/13/12 6:15pm Pinball:

hahahahahahah Johnny wins
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:15pm listener mark:

Next week on Shut up Weirdo, "The Ups and Downs of Escalators!"
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:16pm Pinball:

whatever Andy talked about his boner all the marathon
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:16pm Tonight's Image:

  Fri. 4/13/12 6:16pm trolly mctrollerson:

there was that story of that guy who had a testicle removed after going into what he thought was a dental check up, his response afterwards was, 'yea I thought it was kinda weird the doctor was checking my balls but I didn't say anything'....
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:16pm Danne D:

Next week on SUW: Multi-day constipation stories
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:17pm Skirkie:

They didn't give me ANY pain meds when I got my wisdom teeth out.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:17pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry saying "erection"...gives me an erection.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:17pm G:

@Danne: Hard topic
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:17pm Danne D:

They knocked me out with gas when I got my wisdom teeth done. I woke up and felt like I ran into Mike Tyson on a bad day.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:18pm glenn:

jeeez, more lyme disease. just change the call letters to W T I C.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:18pm Danne D:

@G Frangry's right, though, it's not fun.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:18pm glenn:

in hockey talk they're called chiclets.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:18pm Danne D:

Lyme Disease? More like lame disease
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:18pm Pinball:

I never get good meds when I go to the dentist/doc i must look like a drug adict
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:18pm Alex:

I totally fucked up this show. Sorry people. Frangry is actually hotter in real life btw.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:19pm Danne D:

Oh my God - that is my worst nightmare. Good to go to a practice with more people in the dental office
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:19pm Pinball:

Danne D is on fire!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:19pm Pervs:

Can you expand on that, Alex?
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:20pm John:

Yes Please, Alex, do tell....
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:20pm Danne D:

Thx Pinball - I have my moments.

I've noticed though, bad topics tend to mean good comments.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:20pm Alex:

definitely not too tight of a skirt.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:20pm Famous Last Words:

FOR YOUR AGE (said to a woman over 25)
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:21pm Danne D:

@Alex please don't comment on any expanding on your part. Thx
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:21pm Kevin:

4/20 is Hitler's birthday!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:21pm Pinball:

check andy for a skirt erection
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:22pm listener mark:

Next episode of Shut Up Weirdo, "Dress Frangry in the Fantasy of Your Choice."
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:22pm Danne D:

Fillings...nothing more than fillings...
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:22pm ADL:

God, getting good stories from these listeners is like pulling teeth.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:22pm Alex:

Andy looks younger than his age and no, he did not have an erection that was noticeable at any point in the evening.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:23pm Pinball:

this show has no teeth
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:23pm About the Current Call:

I'M GONNA HURL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:23pm John:

This particular show really BITES.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:23pm Danne D:

@listener mark - actually that's a genius idea for a premium (though very difficult to execute):
"Andy and Frangry Dress Up Paper Dolls - your 2013 SUW premium"
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:24pm Danne D:

Sad thing is I have a story for the topic and cannot get through!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:24pm jordan, friend of alex:

what time is it when you have to go to the dentist?
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:24pm Danne D:

@Alex that's pretty low, picking on Andy's erection like that
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:24pm antwan:

Shut Up Weirdo 20th Anniversary Extravaganza: Your Bad Experiences with Manhole Covers
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:25pm Danne D:

next to last try - phone ringing now
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:26pm ADL:

So far this show is a total floss.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:26pm mike noballs on a bus:

let me now draw attention to my above comment about experiencing my own death on laughing gas.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:26pm listener mark:

@Alex -- Andy as Robert Mapplethorpe and Frangry as Patti Smith.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:27pm antwan:

Frangry, I know you don't want to admit you chose topics poorly, but the tooth hurts.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:27pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Bad thing my dentist said on me - "Uh oh."
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:27pm andrew Plonsky:

If Johnny Cash were still with us he would call in with the musical question, "And the lonely voice of youth cries: WHAT IS TOOTH?"
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:28pm Danne D:

Yay I got through :) My story was lame, but above average for this show.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:28pm MISTER JOHNNY:

FRANGRY might pull off a win on this show...by the skin of her teeth.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:28pm Danne D:

I actually once broke my tooth biting into a potato chip. Um, that's never a good thing.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:29pm Tooth Truth:

Stick to comments, Danne -- you're pithier and ramble less :-P
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:29pm tony:

I'm eating a 5 lb. bag of sugar in hopes of getting a cavity before the show is over.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:29pm Alex:

i had nothing to do with her throat problem, unfortunately.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:29pm Danne D:

I actually have to get going :( so you other commenters have to step up! I'll look forward to the archive and the rest of the comments. Have a good one!!!

(The Tooth Truth hurts btw - usually I only call if I can't damage the show any further than the other callers already have)
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:30pm Danne D:

Bye! :)
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:30pm mike noballs on a bus:

i got a WOW once, but it was because i have a reverse cusp of caribeli. a cusp of caribeli is rare enough, but a reverse is apparenlty unheard of.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:30pm Pinball:

did you smoke to much last night frangry? bad influence alex.
andy should have one of those dentist mouth washer things today and when frangry starts coughing he should say "rinse"
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:31pm Jordan C.:

Rinse and spit Frangry!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:32pm Nicol:

I got my tooth snapped by a girl on a swing when I was about 11. Someone found the half a tooth on the ground, and I set off to the emergency dentist.

Unfortunately, the tooth chunk turned out to be cheese.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:32pm Ed Creo and the Dentists:

That horrible moment when three dentists of increasing importance get called over to look in your mouth, and they all look confused.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:32pm Pinball:

  Fri. 4/13/12 6:32pm alberto:

when i was younger i would have a recurring dream that i was chewing and eating my own teeth...i would wake up in a scare and have to check to make sure they were all still there.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:32pm mike noballs on a bus:

carabelli that is.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:35pm mike noballs on a bus:

if the SUW meetup is on a weeknight in early to mid May, then mike noballs will be there.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:35pm John:

I'm BRACING myself for a good call....
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:35pm Alex:

my bad.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:36pm root canal:

they drill down all the way into the tooth and then use (essentially) a roto-rooter to pull the decayed nerve out of the tooth's root. Been there, done that - got the Novocaine to prove it.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:36pm Robert in Seattle:

With a root canal they remove the pulp and the nerves in the tooth and its roots. This is often down with a small file that they twist to catch and tear out the roots. I've had several.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:36pm listener mark:

If the meet up includes vodka and tacos,..... If you can have it on a Wednesday would be great, too. Ken and Andy Breckman are at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:37pm Pinball:

I'll come to a meet up in hopes to win a t-shirt!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:38pm Jim:

I just (minutes ago) had a phone call and it my dentist's office wondering when I was going to schedule my root planing. Please don't follow this up with "proctology stories" any time soon.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Story part 1 - I didn't brush much as a kid. I had tons of cavities and fillings. At age 30 or so, I broke off a tooth on an cold M&M. I got a crown on the tooth.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:39pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Story part 2 - It gave some problems a few years later and my dentist sent me to an office that specializes in root canals to have that procedure.
Some years after that, the tooth developed a pocket between the root and gum. After seeing a couple specialists, we decided to pull it and put in a bridge.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:39pm johnba:

meetup vote. I'll be there lurking and pretending I'm there for a different reason
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:40pm Pinball:

pathetic? im out of the meet up
...but I'll keep listening
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:40pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Story part 3 - My dentist said "Gee, that's the first time any of my patients has had a root canal go bad." She is pulling the poor tooth out and at some point uttered "Uh oh," so that wasn't a good sign. The bridge is still holding up, anyway.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:40pm meet weirdos:

I would, but I'm in the wrong time zone.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:40pm Alex:

alright, i'll come to the meetup, but Frangry has to wear a tighter skirt.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:40pm trolly mctrollerson:

life less ordinary - sexiest dental scene ever, not that there's much to choose from
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:41pm Skirkie:

I'd meet up. No need to bribe me with merch.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:41pm johnba:

actually a SUW takeover of a seven second delay show would be funny
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:41pm mike noballs on a bus:

i think the nerve is infected with bacteria when you get a root canal. sometiems when they break the airtight seal of the tooth, a horrile rotten egg smell will fill the room. that's one reason you have to get deep between your gums and teeth with floss, to clear out not just debris but bacteria.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:41pm listener mark:

Shut Up Weirdo topic; "How to Talk Your Way Out of a Traffic Ticket."
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:41pm Pinball:

Shane Macgowen is a great song writer and an Irish treasure. no teeth because of drugs
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:41pm antwan:

@meet weirdos: Judging by some of the callers tonight, you're definitely in the right one!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:42pm George Washington:

What are you people complaining about?
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:43pm Cosmic charley:

Hooray! Finally popped my Weirdo cherry and got to call in! I never get to listen live!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:43pm trolly mctrollerson:

anyone ever farted out of nervousness on the dental chair?
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:43pm Pinball:

Im pathetically hungover...
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:45pm Robert in Seattle:

Mike noballs, you are right. A root canal is needed when decay of the tooth goes beyond the enamel and reaches the pulp of the tooth, which can then become infected. You usually know when this has happened...
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:45pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Ralph's delivery sounded like Mitch Hedberg.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:46pm Jordan C.:

Frangry, is your throat better?
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:47pm mike noballs on a bus:

nitrous is the best. looking forward to my cleaning next week (with gas)
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:47pm Pinball:

Bootsy Collins nephew died at 24 after a tooth infection turned into brain infection
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:47pm antwan:

Can't you just use one week to harvest future topics from our fertilized minds?
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:47pm Hen:

My teeth are pretty rare.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:48pm Nitrous oxide:

Laughing gas
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:50pm John:

I love this show, Half the callers sound gay, the other half sound like they're in the Gambino crime family...
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:50pm Nicol:

This is the stuff of nightmares.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:51pm trolly mctrollerson:

so no one has farted whilst the dentist forced nitrous oxide down your throat?
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:51pm Jordan C.:

All my dentists have had very hot hygenists. Is that a prerequisite of being one?
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:53pm John:

I guess he got hungry...
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I liked that call...the lip muncher.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:53pm Robert in Seattle:

People are always saying I sound gay on this show!
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:55pm Pinball:

this show is a yawner but frangry is letting him off the hook....he must be cute.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:55pm alberto:

you guys got me craving papas rellenas!! i'm gonna make some after the show.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:55pm Chumley:

When I was younger I used to pin my sister down and yank her baby teeth out for her when they started to get loose
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:56pm John:

my dog was dyslexic, he thought he was god...
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:56pm ang:

In my tenement in west little italy (quasi soho) lives an elderly Gambino.
She is an adorable 77. Out landlord sucks but he never ever bothers our wonderful Gambino. her teeth are fine...
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:56pm listener mark:

Proof is the one million dollars.
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:57pm Peter:

The Gambinos roughed up that judge.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 4/13/12 6:58pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 4/13/12 6:58pm Pinball:

  Fri. 4/13/12 6:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Situs_inversus (heart on the opposite side)
  Fri. 4/13/12 6:59pm mike noballs on a bus:

gay gambino
  Sat. 4/14/12 8:06am Andy Cohen:

Is this thing still on?
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