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Options April 6, 2012

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Artist Track
doug gillard  Thing With A Hook (theme)   Options
alice cooper  beautiful flyaway   Options
lightships  sweetness in her spark   Options
army navy  slight of hand   Options
the primitives  summer rain   Options
She & Him  i was made for you   Options
fancey  blue star   Options
chewy marble   picture the finger   Options
beanpole  i'd know you anywhere   Options
transmission fields  did it wrong   Options
johanna samuels  greek into a god   Options
moe tucker  Will You Love Me Tomorrow   Options
travis  flowers in the window   Options
the stellas  cry baby cry   Options
bryan scary and the shredding tears  the Garden Eleanor   Options
the figgs  the lovely miss jean   Options
pillbugs  Make like Arthur Lee   Options
air   cosmic trip   Options
the monkees  sometime in the morning   Options
l.e.o.  make me   Options
friendly foes  couch surfing   Options
aloha  searchlight   Options
sleeper  sale of the century   Options
strawberry whiplash  you make me shine   Options
the well wishers  have some more tea   Options
cheap star  if your heart   Options
the poems  blue eyes coming   Options
swervedriver  hate your kind   Options
munchener freiheit  keeping the dream alive   Options
tube top  weight of the world   Options
christine perfect  wait and see   Options
spinto band   did i tell you   Options
the starfolk  come and play   Options
summer fiction  chandeliers   Options
silver seas  high society   Options
yuji oniki  rails in vain   Options
dandy warhols  bohemian like you   Options
vanessa carlton   dear california   Options
Tommy Hoehn w/ Chris Bell  Love You All Day Long   Options
the sammies  for john   Options
bobby conn  more than you need   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 4/6/12 9:05pm Tom - In Gravesend Brooklyn:

Yipee it's The Hook !! and a long weekend !! and an Awesome Full Moon a Rising Too !!!! Cheers Pseu and all !!!!
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:06pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Easy Action.. Got all verklempt when Pseu wasn't on last week.
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:09pm Slazenger:

...and the controller is Pseu!
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:11pm Hans Delbruck:

Is that a Slazenger 7? He plays a Slazeger 1!
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:15pm Slazenger:

Summer Rain= dreamy
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:16pm Slazenger:

heads bobbing left and right
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:18pm Hans Delbruck:

Play some Nesmith! "Don't Call on Me!"
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:19pm tinaun:

great song

Thanks, pneu. Thneu.
Avatar Fri. 4/6/12 9:27pm pseu:

you are there.
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:28pm Don:

No Chickfactor reunion shows in D.C. for me tonight. Could you play a little Black Tambourine to make me feel better, Pseu?
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:38pm Mike East:

I really dig all the solo moe tucker that I've heard - which consists of one album and this song. Thanks for playing.
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:40pm Slazenger:

i love the way Pseu's voice turns music backwards
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:43pm mchuge:

I love that you take the frame off the playlist besides playing completely awesome music.
That's some html chops which someone probably noticed already.
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:43pm Slazenger:

Damn you all to hell!
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:45pm EastVanHalen:

Hey, everyone! Sorry you're feeling blecherous, Pseu, but glad you're back.
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:46pm Slazenger:

Two More Hours!
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:48pm Marmalade Kitty:

thanks for playing Travis!
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:48pm Slazenger:

Pseu is taking a swabbing of her tonsils to make sure that it's just an alergy. grrk.
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:52pm PiLA:

Welcome back Pseu - I am listening
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:54pm Slazenger:

Has anyone ever heard Pseu sneeze while on the air? Is it a loud 'guffaw' of a sneeze or is it on of those stiffled sneezes like the ones that make your ears explode whin you hold it in.
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:54pm georgia:

She's been singing this all week! Xo belinda Hova
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:57pm Slazenger:

or is it one of those ,"Ooh! (As in "I just saw a mouse") sneeze
  Fri. 4/6/12 9:58pm miketp:

stong tunes sounding great evening pseu n friends. just hopped in
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:00pm tinaun:

  Fri. 4/6/12 10:01pm Slazenger:

(where are all the cosmic spacemen?)
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:05pm tinaun:


i think they are in this song
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:06pm miketp:

slazenger youre psychic
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:06pm Slazenger:

this is definately out there!
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:07pm Slazenger:

Pseu! Where are you taking US!!!
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:08pm Bridget:

I love this song! It's always in my head!
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:11pm Destroit:

Cosmic, out there, and a cry out.."where are you taking us?". Glad I stumbled in. Hello Pseu and all the fine listeners!
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:15pm Marmalade Kitty:

The Air track reminded me of the James Bond movie Moonraker for some reason!?? Roger moore should make one more James Bond movie!
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:18pm Marmalade Kitty:

'sup, Destroit? :)
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:18pm marc:

hi pseu :)
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:21pm Destroit:

Just missed the Air track. Years ago, I saw Air with Sebastian Tellier opening for them. Air was unreal, sound was so well calibrated that it made me feel like my body was swelling.
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:23pm Destroit:

Hello Marmalade! :) And Shrunken Planet is an incredible radio show to wake up to.
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:26pm Marmalade Kitty:

doug gillard Thing With A Hook (theme) was milling around in my head, caught myself humming it o.O ..that's a hook right there..?
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:33pm Destroit:

Is Larry the demonstrator guy who's post you eliminated? (seemed like an asshat anyway) Or am I missing something?
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:33pm James in ATL:

Enjoying the show. Glad to have you back this week! (I love Sleeper)
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:34pm Marmalade Kitty:

Louise Weener, poser! another hook noless!
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:39pm Destroit:

Pseu, please eliminate my 10:33 post as it now has no context.
Avatar Fri. 4/6/12 10:40pm pseu:

But then I'll have to eliminate your 10:39 post and my 10:41 post!
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:41pm SteveL:

This is getting complicated.
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:41pm EastVanHalen:

I'm pretty sure there's a caution about this sort of thing in multiple Star Trek episodes.
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:42pm Destroit:

Haha! Let's eliminate the future and have some more tea. :)
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:42pm DaveInSodak:

Checkin' in. Pseu, you just made my Friday night a shitload better. Thanks!
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:44pm product demonstrator:

Mr. van vliet had a beef in his heart against the world. I'm still listening, I'm still here. Been listening and contributing to the station for 30 years, and was surprised by the censorship. I was trying to be humorous and didn't think the post would be interpreted as malicious. I am not Larry and I'm not in NY...
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:45pm Destroit:

See, I'm not crazy everyone. Hi PD.
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:46pm Barkevious Shabazz:

I'm not Lisa.
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:46pm G:

When is this Seder ever gonna be OVER? :-P
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:47pm product demonstrator:

hi Destroit...but there's no context for my second post because the first one is gone...all this is ephemera anyway.
Avatar Fri. 4/6/12 10:47pm pseu:

I'm not talking about you, PD. Jeez.
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:47pm Destroit:

Bark is always on time and succinct. Love em
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:48pm someone:

it is very easy to write incomprehensibly. the pathos of organic reproduction involves the feature of the personal methodolgy which lends itself to a new feeling. The president fails to see that is the true way of the driving force of material in forming those of which we speak.
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:48pm PB:

G - we always do the abridged version, 5 or 10 minutes and then on to the eating.
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:49pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Pass the Tam Tams.
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:49pm G:

Yeah, I am not in charge of this gig, PB, the females are :-)
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:54pm PB:

Has anyone out there picked up the (very) recently released Maureen Tucker retrospective? If so, how is it? My recollection of the few songs she "sang" for the VU is that they were much more in the nature of novelty numbers.
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:56pm Darkest Manhattan:

Just lurking so far, but loving every moment of the music.
  Fri. 4/6/12 10:59pm Don:

I love Moe Tucker, but wish I hadn't seen the Tea Party YouTube video...ughhh...
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:01pm Mike East:

I just finished my taxes. This show has been very motivational.
@PB - I disagree that Moe's songs with the VU were novelties, unless you concede that all VU songs are novelties
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:02pm glenn:

mike east needs a laugh. - http://textfromdog.tumblr.com/
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:05pm Mike East:

Ah, thank you glenn. I did need that.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:07pm Marmalade Kitty:

I would love to hear Sir Paul McCartney cover this!!! :D
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:09pm Chris in Philly:

Pseu, enjoying another stellar broadcast, post gym work out, post pot roast, digesting waiting for another fine Thing With A hook DJ premium. What do you think August??
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:09pm Andrew Waterloo:

I'll just quietly lurk. Anyone need their wine topped off?
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:09pm EastVanHalen:

God yes.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:10pm Barkevious Shabazz:

PTWAH Rules.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:10pm Marmalade Kitty:

I remember when it charted in 1987.. a cross between "no more lonely nights/frog chorus!
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:10pm Mike East:

can you warm up my tea?
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:11pm Andrew Waterloo:

Word on the street is the swag is being delivered by an individual stork.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:11pm Andrew Waterloo:

Sure.. I've got some hot water right here
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:12pm Destroit:

Should I just call you Pseu? Cmon, :)
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:12pm glenn:

the next time x ray burns says something derogatory about canadians, could somebody show him this?
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:12pm Barkevious Shabazz:

What was that Swervedriver track? It was tops.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:13pm G:

She loves in-studio calls :-)
Avatar Fri. 4/6/12 11:13pm pseu:

TOP ME OFF. The groveling worked, as we've adopted TWO MORE FB followers. SO THERE.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:18pm Mike East:

I hear you guys have great health care up there, glenn.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:18pm tinaun:

how can guitar feedback sound so heavenly?
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:20pm Marmalade Kitty:

eating veg helps, Glenn ;)
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:20pm glenn:

i like it.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:20pm Destroit:

Hi tinaun, are you in for another 12 hour excursion?
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:20pm Marmalade Kitty:

sorry, MikeE!
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:21pm Mike East:

no need, MK
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:22pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Please eliminate all of my comments regarding Mrs. Horn.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:23pm Destroit:

Starfolk song is great,
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:23pm tinaun:

@ destroit

I was busy most of today, so it'll be more like 4 or so.

I need to get up early.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:24pm Destroit:

Wise move tinaun, glad you're around.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:25pm kristin:

pseu yeu play such great music. that starfolk song was niiiiice. and the old christine perfect i.e. later mcvie. i always learn new things from your show.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:26pm tinaun:

these songs all fill me with joy.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:30pm Mike East:

Yes, some really great selections tonight, Pseu
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:30pm Tom - In Gravesend Brooklyn:

yes these songs are up... lifting in the spirit!! I am full of .joy now the moon so bright too !!
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:34pm Marmalade Kitty:

When I see the comments section page refresh, my first thought is, oh dear what have I said.., i've put my foot in it..! :0 then some what relieved it *wasn't me! haha :) Great show Pseu!
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:34pm Mike East:

anybody seen Venus and Jupiter recently? Very bright - here on the East Coast, anyway.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:35pm Destroit:

Dandy Warhols, nice.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:36pm tinaun:

Yeah, they were looking great.

still got it after 4 billion years
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:36pm Marmalade Kitty:

I saw 'em in 98 :)
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:36pm EastVanHalen:

@Mike Still not full dark yet out here in Vancouver, but I'll go up to one of the roof gardens for some skygazing in a little bit.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:37pm Tom - In Gravesend Brooklyn:

..it's amazing how cold wet hands dry outside now even though it's 48 F degrees .... crisp as a fresh picked cucumber... outside !...
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:38pm glenn:

there to ponder how roberto luongo will screw the pooch for the canucks this year.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:38pm Destroit:

Ok, I'll lay my manhood on the table. I love this song.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:39pm 12539:

Great show Pseu!
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:39pm Marmalade Kitty:

that is, I saw dandy warhols in 98.. jupiter in '94, what a gas!
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:40pm EastVanHalen:

@glenn -- Ha, not a chance. Either he'll play really well (likely) or they will pull him in favour of Schneider so fast he won't have a chance to screw it up. Also: I have tickets. Neener.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:42pm geoffretto:

What a great melodic program!!!!!!
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:42pm glenn:

my prediction - red wings beat the rangers.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:43pm Aloha:

Haikus composed from the playlist

Flyaway sweetness
flowers in the window cry
the lovely Miss Jean

O make me friendly
sleeper of the century
blue eyes silver seas
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:43pm G:

What we need on this board is not a math question, but a breathalyzer.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:44pm glenn:

i do like cory schneider, though.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:44pm PB:

My prediction - my hometown Maple Leafs go 100 years between Stanley Cups. What a joke.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:45pm Andrew Waterloo:

@glenn, Luongo is like the boss at the end of the level. Sure he's tough to beat. But, once you know the pattern...
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:46pm glenn:

leafs schmeafs. the blue jays will go 162 and 0 this year, and bautista and lawrie will hit 200 home runs between them.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:46pm Marmalade Kitty:

662 + 4 is easy!
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:48pm PB:

Unless and until the Jays get moved to another division they are screwed in perpetuity.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:48pm G:

Yeah, most anyone can add a single number to the last digit of a three-digit number with a bottle of wine or better by the boards.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:49pm EastVanHalen:

Andrew: not so much this season. Last season you could walk in and beat him high glove side, or from the goal line. More training and new technique this year, and that ain't gonna work this time. That said, I think a Pens/Wings final is likely.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:49pm tinaun:

there needs to be carrying in the math problems

or subtraction at times.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:50pm Marmalade Kitty:

out fox the drinkers!
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:51pm glenn:

from today's globe - When Luongo is in sync, which is often, he is excellent: his 338 career wins rank 17th in history; his 59 shutouts puts him at No. 16 among the best in history. When he is off – games that have come at the worst time – it is ugly, and hard to watch, like a proud lion wounded, prey to foes.
That it occurs in the span of days jars everyone from fans to commentators. That one night Luongo is Frank Sinatra, and the next he's a drunkard with a karaoke mike. That a goaltender who can register two shutouts in the Stanley Cup final – one of only a half-dozen who have pulled off that feat in the past half-century – can also be demolished, several times, in the same series, twice pulled from the net by his coach
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:51pm Andrew Waterloo:

I just love it when my math answer is 666. sure it's immature.. but.. we're talking the number of the beast here... *dah dah dah dah dah dahhhh#
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:51pm EastVanHalen:

Nah. Comment board inebriates lend that certain, er, thingy.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:52pm Pskrillex:

Hockey, .......... Really...................
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:52pm Andrew Waterloo:

When I think of inconsistent athletes I think of Bull Durham
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:52pm Destroit:

Agreed PB, baseball needs realignment. 2 leagues, 4 divisions total. Regarding the NHL, Canucks are frauds, wings will fight, but nobody in the western conference has a chance against the flyers/rangers, or even the pens (as much as I hate to say it). The only sleeper team from the east is, ahem, Nashville.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:53pm PB:

Roberto is getting a little "l(u)ong(o) in the tooth" isn't he?
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:53pm Lucifer:

@AW: I'm in need of some restraint
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:53pm EastVanHalen:

Phbbbbbbbbt. Hockey is am occupational hazard when you have a lot of Canadians around, Pseu. Though it does appear to be getting out of hand. Mea culpa.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:54pm Pskrillex:

I can see this leaving the room and into the Squirrel Carcass.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:54pm EastVanHalen:

  Fri. 4/6/12 11:54pm Weisenheimer:

A watched chamberpot never fills
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:54pm glenn:

  Fri. 4/6/12 11:55pm glenn:

pot = potentiometer.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:56pm Weisenheimer:

Don't touch my toggle!
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:56pm Andrew Waterloo:

Pots will turn or slide
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:56pm Destroit:

Didn't I send you $$$ to get rid of that name Pskrillex?
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:56pm The Count of Al Dente:

Yeah, my high school counselor said I had potentiometer.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:56pm glenn:

ummmmm, toggle errrrrmmmm
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:57pm Andrew Waterloo:

it could be an encoder too
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:57pm Destroit:

Good night Pseu, great music, my apologies for the baggage!
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:58pm Andrew Waterloo:

  Fri. 4/6/12 11:58pm Destroit:

  Fri. 4/6/12 11:59pm Asanarama:

Since some already broke wise-guy ground, I'll point out that Haiku is Japanese, not Chinese. There was a time when many Japanese poets wrote in Chinese, even though they didn't know Chinese very well, because they felt the poetic forms available in Japanese were too limited.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:59pm glenn:

once or twice, anyway.
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:59pm Andrew Waterloo:

Pseu is great
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:59pm EastVanHalen:

Leafs fan!
  Fri. 4/6/12 11:59pm Destroit:

I love you Waterloo. And you were back with a bang Pseu!
  Sat. 4/7/12 12:00am geoffretto:

I'm sorry.
  Sat. 4/7/12 12:00am EastVanHalen:

Low blow, I know.
  Sat. 4/7/12 12:00am Andrew Waterloo:

I want the Leafs to by my pall bearers, so that when I die, they can let me down one more time.
  Sat. 4/7/12 12:00am James in ATL:

Thanks for a great show.
  Sat. 4/7/12 12:01am EastVanHalen:

Epic comment board goofiness. I am a happy girl.
  Sat. 4/7/12 12:02am geoffretto:

I am so sorry.
  Sat. 4/7/12 12:03am Mike East:

I thought about using an accountant this year, but he was gonna charge me 200 bucks. For that much, I'll do it myself.
  Sat. 4/7/12 12:04am The Count of Al Dente:

I'm sorry but I don't understand, so I'll apologize too.
  Sat. 4/7/12 12:07am EastVanHalen:

I'm waiting for Rich to open his board so I can go apologize there.
  Tue. 4/10/12 6:53pm Tom:

I've been listening to WFMU for years, and have recently been turned on by your show! Thanks for playing "songs with a hook!"
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