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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 16, 2012: Strangest Thing You've Memorized

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Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 3/16/12 6:01pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:01pm Danne D:

Hi Andy :)
Hi Frangry :) <333
Hi Weirdos :)
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:02pm Johnny Muller:

Education Connection song
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:02pm Danne D:

I had an assignment in grade school where I had to memorize all the counties in NJ and recite them in alphabetical order with correct spellings - this comes up WAY too often in my current job
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:03pm Danne D:

Asia's first album serial number: GHS-2046 (I think)
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:03pm MISTER JOHNNY:

2 minutes into the show, and already Andy's tellin' Russia stories!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:05pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Who gets 14 cents for the opening/closing theme?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:05pm Danne D:

@Mister Johnny I'm sure Andy's recommended all those great Party Anthems from Russia
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:05pm Deed:

I learned a cute little song about pussy willows in kindergarten, i shoud call in and sing it for ya
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:05pm kathi:

Crest has been shown to be an effective decay-preventive dentifrice that can be of significant value when used in a conscientiously applied program of oral hygiene and regular professional care.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:05pm Russkies:

@MJ: The brainwashing took very well. :-)
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:05pm Danne D:

@Ken From Hyde Park also known as "Duh, Duh, Duh, DuhDuh, DuhDuhDuh"
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:05pm robyn:

hey y'all. strangest thing i HAVEN'T memorized is the alphabet...i still have to cycle through the whole thing to know which letter is where. But that's not all that uncommon, right?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:06pm G:

I've memorized that Spike is always annoying. What's the point of knowing *that*?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:07pm Danne D:

@robyn - I always remember K is before L in the alphabet by remembering they are reversed in the word "MILK"
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:07pm Danne D:

I remember a lot of stupid stuff, but I'm not sure how much stupid stuff I have memorized.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:07pm Baxter:

Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species


Phillip comes over for great sex.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:08pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Remember that old McDonald's commercial?

2 all beef patties
special sauce, lettuce, cheese
and a pickle on a sesame seed bun!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:08pm alberto:

prayers from catholic school, stuck in my brain forever.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:08pm Ken From Hyde Park:

When I'm trying to recall the name of someone, I go through the alphabet. Sometimes takes more than one cycle.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:09pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I never memorized the times tale for the number 12.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:09pm Danne D:

@Mister Johnny - bzzzzzzzzzt

"2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, PICKLES, ONIONS, on a sesame seed bun"
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:09pm McDonalds' Ad Buyers:

Repetition is the Mother of Memory.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:10pm robyn:

i'm glad i'm not alone! Danne D, sadly there is no way I'm going to remember that but that's pretty good.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:10pm natalie:

i know the pilot alphabet for no reason at all...
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:10pm kcmphoto:

Oh oh I got one .... That 1 877 cars for kids commercial ... So stuck in my head for hours after I hear it
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:10pm drunken monkey:

I memorized all of Frangry's addresses and phone numbers
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:10pm Spike:

G: You're an Idiot.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:11pm Skirkie:

I use Arm & Hammer too.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:11pm G:

Wow, more cutting Spike wit. Par for the course.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:11pm Pete the Flicker:

Frangry left out the onion in the list of Big Mac ingredients.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:12pm Caryn:

I've memorized the order of the keys on a QWERTY keyboard. Occasionally I think of words in my mind and think of writing them on the keyboard (like "old": "O is between I & P, then go down diagonally and to the right for the L, then D on the same row, to the right of S") I think I need more hobbies. This is a sad way to spend my time and brainpower.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:12pm G:

She takes the onion off the Big Mac.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:12pm trevor:

Had an emergency appt at the dentist today and was once again reminded of the schoolhouse rock song 'yuck-mouth'

They call me yuck mouth
cuz I don't brush!
You know I like my teeth like this.

Got some beef in my teef
gots some chicken too
Ouch! that's a cavity!
Hey that's new!

So if you don;t brush your teeth
you'll get there too
you'll be a yuck mouth!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:13pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Why can I remember the names of classmates 30 years ago, but can't remember the names of people I met this morning?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:14pm G:

@MJ: Because back then you were under the illusion that the people you knew were important. Now you know better.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:15pm Skirkie:

I'm an engineer and I only remember 3.14.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:15pm Danne D:

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day, thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, and summer's lease hath all too short a date. Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, And oft is it's gold reflection dimmed. And every fair from fair sometimes declines, by chance, or nature's changing course untrimmed. But thy eternal summer shall not fade, nor lose possession of that fair thou owest. Nor shall death brag thou wanderest in it shade, when in eternal lines to time thou growest. So long as men can breathe, and eyes can see, so long lives this and this gives life to thee.

  Fri. 3/16/12 6:15pm natalie:

ween's mutilated lips
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:15pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How long until Frangry wants to bail on this topic?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:16pm G:

I believe Jenna was exactly at 6:14 last week too. Creepy, unless it's being arranged! Creepy, if it's being arranged!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:17pm Caryn:

I still remember the jingle and mailing address of a kids' show I watched 2 decades ago. But the funny thing is, every single person I know knows both those things by heart, too. There was even a newspaper story about how the mailing address jingle was disturbingly catchy and how essentially everyone in the country, no matter the generation, knows it by heart.

@G: weird things you have memorised: the exact time Jenna calls every week
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:17pm Danne D:

I had to remember than Sonnet for my Shakespeare class in college :)
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:17pm Skirkie:

I hope Billy Jam remixes that poem.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:17pm giraffe-o:

I have Princess Leia's "You're our only hope" speech memorized. Also, 90% of all the lines in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:17pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How about a St. Patrick's Day Topic? Like, where's the strangest place you've puked?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:18pm G:

At my American-curriculum high school in Brasil, I had to memorize the Brasilian national anthem (melody and words) to sing at the graduation ceremony.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:18pm g:

I can't relate to this topic. I can barely find my way home most days.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:18pm Danne D:

I already used this for a winning call, so I'll just post it. I memorized the combination of the locker of the kid next to mine in HS cuz he randomly pissed me off and I proceeded to turn his lock around every day (sometimes twice a day) for the rest of the year. (I never disturbed the contents of his locker, just turned the lock around)
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:19pm Caryn:

During finals, I was done with 4 and a half hours to spare. But you weren't allowed to leave early, so I spent the time eating my snacks and reciting entire episodes of "Red Dwarf" in my mind. I still suspect some of the teachers and other students thought I was losing it from test pressure, because I was giggling to myself at the jokes.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:19pm Danne D:

Are G and g two different commenters?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:20pm g:

I am different.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:20pm Danne D:

My mom used to clean to the soundtrack to Evita - I memorized large chunks of the "Che" part by osmosis.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:20pm G:

@Caryn: Because a year or two ago I first noticed and mentioned that Jenna always gets through around quarter after. Then I started mentioning how many minutes early or late she was, most weeks.

Now I've got Frangry mentioning it, BWAHAHAHA! [rubs hands evilly]
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:20pm G:

g is shorter.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:20pm Danne D:

We now need commenters named GiGi and G.G. to complete the collection :)
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:21pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The address of The Munsters was 1313 Mockingbird Lane.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:21pm Jolene:

I memerized a Britney Spears song: "You Drive Me Crazy" because I had to make up a dance for it for some show and tell thing at a Polish festival
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:21pm g:

@ G: I prefer less tall.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:22pm Danne D:

I memorized all the words in Spanish to La Cucaracha - the Spanish teacher explaining the part about the soldiers desperately needing marijuana.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:22pm G:

Start calling yourself, G.G., that's as good as QuizGuy66 :-P
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:22pm Caryn:

Donald Duck's license plate number is 313.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:22pm Jolene:

And I memorized IS THAT ALL THERE IS cuz I was bored
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:22pm Danne D:

Were I the only one in the office right now I would call in and sing La Cucaracha
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:22pm G:

what, not the pomposity of "vertically challenged"?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:22pm Danne D:

@G - well I end posts under QuizGuy66 as QG - that's kinda close
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:23pm MISTER JOHNNY:


Americans say "cheese" to smile for a photo.

What do Spanish speakers say?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:23pm Jolene:

I remember my first phone number cuz my parents were paranoid. We had a memorization session.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:23pm robyn:

one of the few japanese words i remember from a year of the language is the word for mcdonald's - it's the same word but pronounced "mac-ah-da-now-ra-do-wa." it's awesome.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:23pm G:

That's part of my thinking, DD
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:23pm Caryn:

In junior high, we had to learn "Silent Night" in Swahili. In high school, had to learn the South African national anthem. Still can't remember why. But still sing them occasionally.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

For a while, I had most of the US/Canada area codes memorized. Then they almost tripled the number of them and I lost interest.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:24pm Danne D:

Neither has nonsense lyrics, Andy.

And I know the words in Spanish to La Bamba too.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:25pm Danne D:

La cucaracha
La cucaracha
Yo no puede caminar
Porque no tiene
Porque le falta
Marijuana que fumar
Con las barbas
De Caranza
Voy a hacer un tocarilla
pa ponacerla
Un sombrero
Do ese bravo Pancho Villa!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:26pm Danne D:

La Cucaracha is a soldier's song Pancho Villas Mexican rebels created.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:26pm Caryn:

I really don't think knowing any song lyrics is particularly strange. Although the fact that for some reason I know most of the Ketchup Song annoys the hell out of me.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:26pm Danne D:

They were gonna take Caranza's beard and turn it into a feather for the cap of Pancho Villa. After smoking some marijuana of course.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:27pm Danne D:

La Bamba is actually one of just 3 songs I have ever sung in public
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:27pm robyn:

rollerrider, it's a scootboard! it's a what, it's a scootboard that's what it is...
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:28pm Ken From Hyde Park:

La cucaracha = The cockroach ? Google translate says so.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:28pm Danne D:

Yep. Probably explains where the slang "roaches" comes from, eh?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:28pm Pinball:

I memorized Charles Baudelaire "be always drunken.." and while drunk in Paris I would tell strangers that I was Gerard Depardieu's american cousin and I would recite the poem. It didn't go over to well...
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:29pm g:

I've accidentally memorized WAY too many Monty Python skits.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:29pm G:

It does in Portuguese, too, Ken from HP. oy are they huge in Brasil. Warm climate. You can hear them walking on the floor.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:29pm Danne D:

Lots of educational comments on the boards tonight.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:29pm Caryn:

I can relate to Frangry in that I have never read a Dr. Seuss book. They don't have them here. Or "Where's Waldo?". "Curious George" and "Sesame Street" came here a few years ago. Neither one is very big, though. And "Sesame Street" ended after one season.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:29pm Danne D:

*note to self avoid g if there's another Python fan in the same room*
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:30pm G:

Does the erotica involve a guy peeing on a female??
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:31pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Anyone here got the WFMU DJ schedule memorized?
<raises hand>
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:31pm Danne D:

Side note to basketball fans. Norfolk State is about to fuck up a lot of brackets (mine included)
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:31pm Tyler:

I memorized the song of a mechanical singing bird I had as a kid. I whistled it recently at a talent show.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:32pm Danne D:

WFMU's next web show: Erotica Reading with Frangry
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:32pm robyn:

that should be next week's show: submit your shut up weirdo second week marathon show fanfiction. will be read on air.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:32pm g:

What's that penguin doing on the TV?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:32pm Caryn:

g is like me and pretty much half of my friends and relatives.

My dad and brother have memorised the track orders of dozens of albums. We'd go the sauna and they'd spend their time arguing about whether song X came before song Y on album Z.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:32pm Pinball:

I'll write you dirty stories Frangry!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 3/16/12 6:32pm FRANGRY:

no, but it does involve bdsm!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:33pm Danne D:

does it involve a baby oil bottle and feet, Frangry?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:33pm Pinball:

The story of F
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:33pm Julie:

Frangry I just bought the first one for my kindle
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:34pm G:

@Frangry: Yeah, that is more common of a female interest than people would admit. I met my current gf on alt.com in 2005.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:34pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is there spooning involved?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:35pm Deed:

what book is this?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:35pm Caryn:

g, I think you mean: "Funny that penguin being there, innit? What's it doing there?" To which the answer would be "Standing."
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:35pm Danne D:

Frangry is on the road to Cougartown
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 3/16/12 6:35pm FRANGRY:

Fifty Shades of Grey
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:35pm G:

51 M and 32 F is kind of a pervy team, honestly.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:36pm Danne D:

@G only if baby oil and feet are involved. Oh never mind then.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:36pm g:

When I was in grammar school, my friend and I had so much Cheech and Chong memorized we were able to get on our auditorium stage and perform for our class.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:36pm Caryn:

On a related note,
"Of course I can talk. I'm the Minister for Overseas Development."
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:37pm Caryn:

Also: "Dave's not here, man."
My dad keeps acting out Sister Mary Elephant.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:38pm G:

@Danne: That's considered kinda vanilla by those in the BDSM "lifestyle" as they call it (I'm not part of that clique), -- but whatever floats one's boat :-P
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Yeah....the bands on resistors. First ones are the value, like 5-0 and then one for 10 to the x power.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:39pm Danne D:

@G lol - just was referencing the show, wasn't grading on a scale.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:39pm g:

@Caryn: You make me feel better about myself. By which I mean you are crazier than me. Thank you.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:40pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry still has Mike Mackenzie's favorite songs memorized.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:40pm G:

@g: Zing!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:41pm steve from SF:

In anatomy class, I had to remember the 5 birds of the thorax.
esophaGOOSE (esophagus)
vaGOOSE (vagus nerve)
azyGOOSE (azygous vein)
hemiazyGOOSE (hemiazygous vein)
thoracic DUCK (thoracic duct)
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:41pm Pinball:

I wonder what Frangry and Mike Mackenzies "song" was?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:42pm robyn:

The Little Mermaid & BDSM: Frangry in brief.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 3/16/12 6:42pm FRANGRY:

It was "More Than Words"
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:42pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Walk Like An Egyptian
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:42pm g:

There are back and medial vowels? WHAT?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:42pm Jordan:

How do you say popcicle in spanish?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:43pm Pinball:

whens the Shut Up Wierdo Spring Meet up?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:43pm Caryn:

@g: yeah, I regularly commiserate with my sister-in-law about what a crazy family she has landed herself in. Family dinners? Good lord, the constant barrage of weird quotes, in-jokes, debates about useless trivia and talk in numerous languages and accents... Oy vey. But I suspect they'd consider you "one of us" in a "Freaks" way. Hell, they're weird enough to chant it like in the movie.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:43pm g:

Hi. I'm a 32 year old man who has memorized all the back and medial vowels from The Little Mermaid. Have a good one!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:45pm G:

@g: Linguistics minor here. It has to do with where the tongue is while making the vowel. For ex., I is a front vowel, U is a back vowel. Medial means mid-mouth. The dude was using terminology most people don't know in order to explain how he learned to do various dialects of English for being in stage plays.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:45pm Pinball:

  Fri. 3/16/12 6:45pm Jordan:

Were there any popcicles in the erotica books?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:45pm KevinBK:

I got a little shy to sing on air, maybe we can have little mermaid karaoke at the next meet-up
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:46pm robyn:

who needs a boyfriend when you have such a diverse and fulfilling set of interests?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:47pm G:

In the book, the dude tied here up with cool knots, then made her lick his popsicle till he was satisfied.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:47pm MISTER JOHNNY:

3 Stooges Erotica

Get your Shemp On!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:47pm g:

Thank you Caryn and G. I make friends and learn things every week on this board. I love the Interwebs!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:48pm Caryn:

@G: we had to learn all that in our interpreter studies. The different groupings of vowels and consonants, the different ways to form sounds, the different parts of the mouth...
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:48pm Skirkie:

Stick Stickly, holy crap I remember him.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:48pm Eric:

A urinal consumes 1 gallon or 3.78 liters per flush. Thank you, tiny bladder.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:49pm Pinball:

Story of O by Anne Desclos
Henry & June by Anais Nin
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:49pm KevinBK:

Listeners in the 90.1 listening area, probably remember all the terrible local commercials. "The quick way diner and restaurant in blOOMingburg..."
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:50pm g:

Listen Chap, SPEAK!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:50pm MISTER JOHNNY:

McGruff the Crime Dog was caught exposing himself to children.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:50pm G:

It's called "articulatory phonetics," i.e., how you move and place different parts of your speech machinery to articulate (make) sounds. Kids pick it up just by imitating adults, without ever realizing how the system works scietifically.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:50pm other david:

Oh my
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:51pm McGruff:

What's it to ya?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:52pm robyn:

oh shit that reminds me that i memorized christian group dc talk's "I don't want your sex." "I don't want your sex for now/wait until we take the vows/even if you dog me out/i don't want YOUR SEX."
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:52pm Danne D:

And Norfolk State just effed my bracket up :(
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:52pm g:

I don't think you can't say "articulatory phonetics" on the radio.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:52pm Jordan:

Frangry, Aren't you a little young for erotica books?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The phone number for Hooked On Phonics is 1-800-ABC-DEFG. But if you can't read or spell, how does that help?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:53pm robyn:

  Fri. 3/16/12 6:53pm G:

@g: But 99+% of a cross section of US population would have no idea what it means. That was the caller's problem.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:53pm KevinBK:

With shirt from shut up weirdo "wouldn't ya think my collections complete..."
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:53pm robyn:

  Fri. 3/16/12 6:53pm Santorum:

Stop Googling me, dammit!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:54pm Caryn:

When I visited my family last weekend, they suddenly started talking about how they still remembered the jingle and slogan of a Dutch supermarket chain from years ago when they lived there. Disturbingly, I remembered the slogan too. And the layout of the mall the supermarket was in. (turn right to get to the post office, the next corner is the fishmongers', then there's the butcher shop with the good spicy chicken wings, then the vegetable stall where we bought kohlrabi once, then the cafe with the really small tables, across from which is the store where they sold the cheap sports socks, etc.) Why do I still remember all this?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:54pm Jordan:

I mean young as in having a lot of actual sex.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:54pm Pinball:

Who won the T-shirt from the marathon?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:55pm G:

@Jordan: As If :-P
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:55pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Shut Up, Karaoke
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:56pm G:

@MJ: Exactly!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:56pm Pinball:

shut up karaoke!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The Mister Yuck poison song:

Mister Yuck is green.
Mister Yuck is ...yuck!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:56pm g:

Pee sex.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:57pm G:

  Fri. 3/16/12 6:57pm Julie:

the sleeping beauty Anne Rice books
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:57pm Rrrrrreow:

My future erotic/creepy memory will be that Frangry likes older men
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:57pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry, why don't you and Andy spoon already?
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:57pm Amy:

Mr Rogers had this song: girls are fancy on the inside - boys are fancy on the outside - everybody's fancy, everybody's fine - your body's fancy, and so is mine
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:57pm Amy:

Mr Rogers had this song: girls are fancy on the inside - boys are fancy on the outside - everybody's fancy, everybody's fine - your body's fancy, and so is mine
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 3/16/12 6:57pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 3/16/12 6:58pm Caryn:

I still remember Hale & Pace song parodies from the mid-80s.
Their kids' song: "Some songs are very very long. This one isn't."
I still occasionally sing their Simon & Garfunkel parody in the shower.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:58pm Danne D:

Have a good one Weirdos :)
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:58pm KevinBK:

What if you're really drunk and actually mess up the backwards alphabet??!
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:58pm Pinball:

Can I get in? I pledged 180 on sunday....
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:58pm G:

Let's Bind It Here.
  Fri. 3/16/12 6:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

There's the song again...someone's getting seven cents!
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