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Riff rock for riff raff, pop fizzle for the frazzled, chord changes of life for the menopausal teenagers, a safari in the jingle-jangle jungle. (Visit homepage.)

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Artist Track
doug gillard  Thing With A Hook (theme)   Options
del amitri  tell her this   Options
delaney and bonnie   neverending song of love   Options
Harry Nilsson  i will take you there   Options
manfred mann  you angel you   Options
zooey deschanel   yesterday once more   Options
liverpool express  dreamin'   Options
mike viola  maybe maybe not   Options
radiohead  How Can You Be Sure?   Options
neil diamond  i'm a believer   Options
vinyl skyway  hangin' on   Options
pugwash  heal me   Options
sally crewe  sleepyhead   Options
the stories  love is in motion   Options
fleetwood mac  think about me   Options
teenage fanclub   baby lee   Options
crowded house  it's only natural   Options
dirty beaches  sweet 17   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 2/24/12 9:32pm Skirkie:

Pseu and Therese are some of the best.
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:32pm Marmalade Kitty:

Hello? Hello!
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:33pm john:

Koff koff. That's the thing about Beat Detective. There's never one around when you need it.
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:33pm sugarwolf:

ugggh, zooey d. she is my nemesis.
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:38pm James in ATL:

Wow, Pseu & Therese in one show - Fabulous. Just pledged - looking forward to CDs. Thanks for a great year Pseu. The highlight was the Mike Viola show.
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:40pm marie:

Pseu, you have turned me onto so much great music, which is huge, you know what I mean. I would pledge but I did an early naming pledge, and I ain't made o' money. Thanks Pseu!
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:44pm Skirkie:

It is worth noting that Therese also has one shot.
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:44pm Rich:

Zooey D. A Psueberbly attractive celeb.
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:47pm Rich:

Sorry Pseu.
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:47pm Destroit:

Agree James. Pseu, Therese, MK, and all listeners....hello!
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:49pm James in ATL:

Yeah! Thanks! I Love RadioHead...
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:51pm Destroit:

Haha, high five to James! Let's do shots :)
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:54pm EastVanHalen:

Hello, all you fabulous people. How's everyone's night so far?
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:55pm Destroit:

EVH! Glad you're chiming in buddy.
  Fri. 2/24/12 9:55pm James in ATL:

Destroit - Thanks! Looking for lime and salt now.
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:01pm Tom from Gravesend Bklyn !!:

Neil Diamond Oiiiiiy he wrote that one too yea ,, he's stil Gorgeous too ! hehe !
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:02pm emmagineeringATL:

Ooh I like that Bang Years Neil diamond ima belieber. What with those totals adorkable flute toots and all.
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:03pm Deni:

I pledged a mouse for Evan & Psue. I wanted to do 180 for both! can that be applied?
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:05pm 12539:

(pledged pre-marathon, looking forward to your premium.)
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:06pm G:

(ditto 12539)
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:06pm sugarwolf:

i love you, therese & pseu
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:07pm Destroit:

I blew my pledge wad on Scharpling. Still somewhat of an FMU virgin, pledging is sophisticated 'round here!
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:07pm EastVanHalen:

Deni, I'm reliably advised that you should email Joe McGasko for that sort of thing -- jmcgasko@wfmu.org
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:08pm some other guy:

So, can us "swag for life" people get in the running for prizes or not? And, what about the "by Feb 26" thing? Things were much less confusing before I checked that box last year.
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:08pm Deni:

@eastvanhalen, thanks! xoxo
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:10pm EastVanHalen:

Oh my god that's my best friend's band on the sampler. Irises <3
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:13pm charlie:

I love this hook deconstruction.
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:13pm Destroit:

Crackin' me up Pseu...
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:18pm john:

Love that Parties song. Kind of the anti-Radiohead.
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:24pm Destroit:

+ 50 for Fred. 32 years, awesome.
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:29pm glenn:

maggie smith gets the best lines, for sure.
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:29pm Rich:

Lucky us America Is diverse. What Is a Weekend?
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:34pm Destroit:

Now Therese is crackin' me up. Therese: it's on. At this point, It is your mission to engage Snooki and JWow and report back to us. My guess us that they'll wanna drink with you.
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:36pm glenn:

Lady Mary: “Sybil is entitled to her opinions.”

Lady Grantham: “No. She isn’t until she is married, then her husband will tell her what her opinions are.”
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:36pm glenn:

Lady Grantham: “You are quite wonderful the way you see room for improvement wherever you look. I never knew such reforming zeal.”

Mrs Crawley: “I take that as a compliment.”

Lady Grantham: “I must have said it wrong.”
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:37pm glenn:

Lord Grantham: “We better go in soon or it isn’t fair to Mrs Patmore.”

Lady Grantham: “Oh, is her cooking so precisely timed? You couldn’t tell.”
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:38pm john:

Warmed over Wilde repartee with anachronistic idiom. From The Importance Of Being Disingenuous.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/12 10:42pm Therese:

SOG- If you pledge at least $180 and pay by 2/26, you'll get our Vintage WFMU pack in addition to everything else you get at that level.
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:49pm Nora:

i saw one scene from that new British show and it seemed very dull. Come on peeps, get a life. (!?)
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:50pm The Board:

SPILLED BEER???????????????

Avatar Fri. 2/24/12 10:51pm monica:

oh fer chrissakes,,,,
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:52pm Destroit:

Oh my Nora. I like you already. Actually, I've heard good things about that show, not my style, but my wife would probably dig it. Thumbs up to Monica.
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:52pm royvis:

Love is in motion... great song. on my second of many WFMU mix tapes circa 1993.
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:53pm Destroit:

Oh hi Monica!
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:55pm Nora:

Thanks Des. Yeah, everyone's talking about it (that show), which makes me suspicious.
  Fri. 2/24/12 10:57pm royvis:

damn, if I'm any of those nice things, it's because I listen to WFMU. If you haven't donated yet, you might as well right now.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/12 11:00pm monica:

yo, destroit. pseu and therese tearin' it UP, tonight!
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:00pm some other guy:

I am pledging during your show in spirit. I had to email Joe to figure out wtf we're supposed to do with the swag for life thing.

P.S. That show stinks. Peep Show and Pulling remain the pinnacle of TV out of England.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:00pm Upstairs Downstairs:

  Fri. 2/24/12 11:01pm Destroit:

Yes Nora, makes me suspicious too. But, you just have to view it with independent goggles. Sometimes, there is a reason for hype. Sometimes not. :). Separate topic, dirty beaches is great. One weird fellow.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:02pm Joe Hobaica:

Rock on Pseu! Just donated and want to keep you on the air. xoxo Joey X and Miss American Thighs!
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:03pm Nora:

Yes Des, I agree, Prince is a case in point, and I don't mean "The Fresh Prince." ;>)
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:04pm Danne D:

Rather than come up with something original, I'll just rip off Skirkie:

Pseu and Therese are some of the best.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:05pm Destroit:

Danne D. Always like you around.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:05pm Michael Shelley:

Think About Me - my favorite Christine McVie song
Avatar Fri. 2/24/12 11:05pm pseu:

Thanks and Greetings to everyone who has pledged so far! Gotta keep them Hooks comin' CALL 1-800-989-9368 or wfmu.org...
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:05pm john:

Whew. Coudln't imagine this show would plow through to the end with zero Lindsey Buckingham content!
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:06pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Nice to hear something from Tusk.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:07pm Chris in Newton:

Pseu and Therese: Great music. Great repartee.. Great show. Thank you for the pro bono work.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:08pm Danne D:

Thanks Destroit :) Always glad to be around.

And this Teenage Fanclub totally has an XTC vibe to it :)
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:09pm Danne D:

If I hit powerball tomorrow night then I will upping all my pledges week 2 :)
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:09pm some other guy:

@Danne D, understatement ;)
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:10pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Just can't fall for late period tfc like earlier-sucrose too high.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:12pm Nora:

It's only natural---superb pop song--what a hook!
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:15pm Destroit:

Yes, sweet 17!
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:16pm some other guy:

After hearing this on several shows lately (and still being too lazy to look him up), I still don't get it. Is he a super cool performer? Because, otherwise... I just don't see the point of a mediocre Suicide.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:17pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Frankie can't buy enough food....
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:20pm Nora:

Dirty Beaches: I like it, it's crayzee like, with all pistons firing, kind of a modern, distorted surf, demented elvis melange, if you will?
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:21pm poor Mr. Pamuk:

Life is short. Everyone here in the afterlife is listening to the wfmu marathon. Great show ladies! thanks
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:22pm Destroit:

I think dirty beaches is just one guy doing simple songs with interesting recording techniques. Zero stage presence, outside of the fact that he's excited about the noise he makes. Only heard 2 songs, but I love sweet 17.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:24pm Destroit:

Geez, as I was typing, Nora put it perfectly. Like you even more.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:24pm some other guy:

Sounding like Suicide S/T but not so good is not very interesting to me, but I've only heard two songs as well, so this is not a very good debate :).
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:26pm Destroit:

Music is like abortion...perpetual debate with no conclusion
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:30pm Danne D:

Good God XTC-porn!
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:30pm john:

Pseu, I notice you said "XTC Fan" in the singular, twice. Quite sensibly, doubtless.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:31pm EastVanHalen:

Bless you Destroit, you perpetual downer, you. :)
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:31pm Pskrillex:

  Fri. 2/24/12 11:32pm EastVanHalen:

Oh lord, there goes the neighbourhood.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:32pm some other guy:

Sensible people can't be "XTC Fan"s on account of 85% percent of their output being terrible.
(I would like to have that set)
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:33pm EastVanHalen:

(The neighbourhood = my living room = bouncy XTC-obsessed Pskrillex)
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:33pm Christine Cassidy:

*swoon... I love Mike Viola : )
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:33pm Nora:

Apropos of music--Albert Schweitzer--"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." (oh, and miniseries?) Thanks Pseu!!!
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:34pm john:

No argument, s o g. With you on the Suicidal Dirty Beaches, too.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:34pm Danne D:

Here I am trying to pace my pledging (#17) and you bring out your usual awesome show and then offer this great XTC prize :) So I'm in. Smart people should not let me prize vulture this one!!
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:36pm Kenzo:

Hooray for sometimes music not about death! Pseu!
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:37pm EastVanHalen:

Kenzo wins the board tonight.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:37pm Destroit:

Lol John, if I understand you correctly. @ EVH: sorry, not exactly sunshine and pickin' peaches over here. The arrival of the worst board name ever Pskrillex isn't helping either (didn't I pay you off pskrill!?
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:39pm James in ATL:

Bwahahaha! Great Adele impersonation. Fanks.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:39pm Danne D:

I wouldn't subject a poor phone slave to that verbose pledge card ... probably :)
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:39pm Danne D:

Yay Susan! :) congrats - you'll really enjoy that :)
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:39pm Courtney:

Fanks, ladies!
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:40pm Nora:

Destroit, I would like to offer another band name for your consideration "Moist Guitars." Worse than P...x?
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:40pm Destroit:

Snaps and handclaps for Danne D, enjoy!
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:42pm Kenzo:

hey wait this is music by computers. this doesn't count! bring back human hooks!
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:43pm EastVanHalen:

No, no, Destroit; this is why we listen to the pop, to counter our essential grumpiness. Solidarity, comrade.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:43pm Destroit:

Holy shyt, let's go to Vegas Nora. So funny.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:45pm Nora:

Thanks Des, but I will never go to Vegas, don't ask me why!! But that is a real band name, to me the worst I have ever heard.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:45pm Half Listening:

Baited breasts??????!!!!!!
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:46pm EastVanHalen:

Matador @ 21 was in Vegas. Worth every minute in casino spaceland.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:47pm Destroit:

Yes, EVH, that's why I love this show. I'm a bouncy happy fellow, and then it slowly degenerates toward my real home...which is probably leaning toward Hazelton.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:51pm Destroit:

Wow. Real band name Nora? That's absurd. Never been to Vegas either. Just sounded good at the time.
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:55pm Nora:

Hey Des, I realized too late that you were saying board name.... oops, tg for anonymity. I'm checking out, nice chatting with you. Don't ask me about Vegas, don't!! :}
  Fri. 2/24/12 11:59pm Destroit:

It's the weekend Nora, it's hazelton time. Never Vegas, stick around if you are able, and a big hug to you!
  Sat. 2/25/12 12:00am Bad Reputation:

I know I have me.
  Sat. 2/25/12 12:01am Ken From Hyde Park:

See you next week!
  Sat. 2/25/12 12:03am Destroit:

Hello Superdeep! Keep listening, I love the global reach of this station.
  Sat. 2/25/12 12:05am Destroit:

Great show Pseu, therese is great, efd I hear your back there, love y'all!
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