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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 3, 2012: Robot Pals

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Listener comments!

  Fri. 2/3/12 6:03pm stinkbug:

  Fri. 2/3/12 6:04pm Tommelise:

  Fri. 2/3/12 6:04pm Skirkie:

It could be my wing man. (wing bot)
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:04pm Caryn:

And the board is up!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/3/12 6:04pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:04pm DEED:

Hello Carbon based beings
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:05pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Hey, is the playlist up?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:05pm S.:

Oh, I'd make my robot slave iron my clothes. Seriously, this is the worst chore there is!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:05pm g:

I would like my robot to go to work for me. I already feel like a robot when I work so what's the difference?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:05pm Detective:

Frangry was busy peeing on the comments to inaugurate them, and then had to mop them so they wouldn't drip up before opening them for everyone else.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:05pm Robert in Seattle:

Cylons look (and feel!) like real people!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:05pm kcmphoto:

Replace him with a robot
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:05pm Caryn:

Andy sounds like he wants a ho-bot. BA-DUM-BUM!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:05pm florence vermont:

Friday hello from VT.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:06pm Mr El Donutsu:

Goddam dishes.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:06pm Tommelise:

Andy is always multitasking. Annoying Frangry is a very important task!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:06pm g:

I would also send my robot to ALL family gatherings for me.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:06pm Sean:

What types of robots? We need distinctions. Terminator style? Battlestar Galactica (old style or humanoid cylon style)? R2-D2? Robotic manufacturing tech? They all have their uses....
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:06pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I guess S. hasn't heard of dry cleaning.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:06pm Detective:

When the show started several years ago, Andy did the comments and Frangry didn't look at them. It was so fun commenting on her behind her back. AH, THE GOOD OLD DAYS...
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:06pm Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

Id have a robot to sit on hold for me when i call the phone company. Then when the person finally picks up, they have to answer all of my questions and press #
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:06pm Pimp-Bot:

I want my robot slave to do my fucking laundry!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:07pm Hugh Jackman:

I'd make the robot fight other robots.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:07pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Aptly, this is a weird topic. Or they're steering it that way, anyway.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:07pm Mr El Donutsu:

Robot would listen to WFMU so I wouldn't have to.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:07pm other david:

My ideal robot would write witty ripostes on the Shut Up, Weirdo playlist, constantly surprising and enriching Frangry's life
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:08pm g:

A robot could have your bad mood for you.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:08pm stinkbug:

ask Frangry to explain the main difference between humanoid robots and other kinds of robots.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:08pm Tommelise:

I would pass my asthma to my robot, so I wouldn't have to suffer from it.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:08pm Caryn:

@Sean: yep, and do we include robots, but not androids? Do "Blade Runner"-style replicants count?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:08pm kcmphoto:

Give it sometime frangry he will piss you off
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:08pm Pimp-Bot:

Can a ROBOT tell stories about living in Russia?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:08pm JayBe:

My robot would yell at people so I would look like the nice guy.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:08pm BIIIIIIIG Secret:

Men fear women being angry at them.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:08pm Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

pimp bot, its called a washing machine
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:08pm kcmphoto:

And then the show will get better
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:09pm stinkbug:

so who did Frangry's mom vote for???
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:09pm Caryn:

"In Russia, robot make you do chores."
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:09pm robyn:

that you guys are getting along is grossing me out a bit. it's like when your parents flirt with each other in front of you...
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:09pm JayBe:

@Tommelise: good one. Second that
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:09pm Pimp-Bot:

The washing machine doesn't fold and put my clothes away!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:10pm Mr El Donutsu:

My robot will shower my enemies with passive aggression.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:10pm Doosledorf:

i would have my robot go to marriage counselling for me
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:10pm florence vermont:

let the dog in and out
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:11pm Pimp-Bot:

I'm the Pimp-Bot who keeps my bitches in line.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:11pm JayBe:

It would wake up with my hangover.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:11pm Jesus:

I want a robot Spike that answers all my phone calls
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:11pm Caryn:

Spike, Jenna and 2 robots. That's who are on the 4 lines.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:11pm JayBe:

  Fri. 2/3/12 6:12pm Loving Doggy with Big Dewy Eyes:

@florence: That's YOUR job. Don't you LOVE ME any more???? {sniffsniff whimperwhimper}
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:12pm wut?:

robots are good
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:12pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I want my robot to go to my job as a sex cleaner.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:12pm drug bot:

I would like to have a robot to buy my drugs
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:12pm Pimp-Bot:

I want my ROBOT to attend boring family functions in my place.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:12pm Scarlett:

I need a robot that drives me around so I can sleep during traffic
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:13pm Haley Joel Osment:

I wanted to breakdance in A.I, but Spielberg said 'NEIN'
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:13pm g:

My robot would occupy Spike for ONE Friday night to keep him from calling.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:13pm Pimp-Bot:

Spike needs a wingman-bot.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:13pm Skirkie:

Yeah, robot wingman, wish I thought of that.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:13pm Orlando R.:

I want a robot to make me a nice sammich.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:13pm florence vermont:

gosh those sad eyes....whimper
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:13pm DEED:

Ins't a vibrator already a sex robot
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:13pm robyn:

you heard yourself because he has a frangry robot to be sassy and criticize him in his own home.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:13pm S.:

I'd want my robot to understand people for me.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:13pm Tommelise:

I bet Spike is a robot. His calls are too punctual.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:14pm Sean:

My robot would be my drinking buddy, but he would also be a refrigerator. It'd be a walking, talking bar that I could drink with until I die (which would probably happen fairly soon if I get my hands on such a robot).
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:14pm HAL:

I'm sorry, Sean, I'm afraid I can't do that.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:14pm Hugh Jackman:

I want my robot to fight other robots.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:15pm Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

Id want a robot that was a TSA scanner, so i could save pics of sexy midget travelers
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:15pm glenn:

my robot needs to feed me grapes, and fan my fevered brow.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:15pm Pimp-Bot:

Hey...what about CYBORGS?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:15pm florence vermont:

want robot to answer the phone when telemarketers call
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:15pm michaleen:

I'd want my robot to watch old "Small Wonder" episodes with me.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:15pm stinkbug:

I want a robot in my bathroom for various reasons.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:16pm Sarah Conner:

I want my robot to protect me from other killer robots.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:16pm ADL:

I would want a robot to feel pain for me.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:16pm Punkinpie:

Fellow and fellowess Weirdos...Where is a fun place to go tonite
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:16pm g:

I want my robot to stand in line at the Lodi DMV.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:16pm Donut-Bot:

My robot would reach into the deep fat fryer and pull out the hottest, freshest doughnuts for me.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:16pm Pimp-Bot:

Who is more likely to have sex with a ROBOT? Andy or Frangry?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:16pm Adam in Portland:

Do androids dream of electric sheep?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:17pm Carmichael:

My robot and I would drive the countryside with our feet up on the dash, talking about chicks and stuff.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:17pm JayBe:

My robot would get its heart broken in place of mine.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:17pm Skirkie:

Frangry attracts weirdos like moths to a light.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:18pm Tommelise:

I would have loved if I had a robot assistant when I was a teacher. It's function would be to smack the students every time they cursed in the classroom or misbehaved.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:18pm robit:

i'd program my robot to say mean/sexy things in Frangrys voice and sell it to John McCabe for a nice markup. might also put boobs on it
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:18pm Johnny Muller:

You can't hear Frangry when you call
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:18pm Tommelise:

This topic would be Philip K. Dick's nightmare!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:19pm Johnny Muller:

Something is wrong with the phone
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:19pm HAL:

@Johnny M.: GOOD WORK, ANDY!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:19pm Orlando R.:

I would have my robot friend stand at the side of the road and flip off people in traffic.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:19pm ADL:

Robot call screener to screen robocalls. You guys could use it too.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:20pm Pimp-Bot:

Frangry would sleep with a ROBOT on the first date...but wouldn't hold it's metal claw.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:20pm Jesus:

I want a robot Andy that gets things right
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:20pm fan of frangry:

Have him be a stalker for me
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:20pm robyn:

hasn't this show been on for years?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:20pm HAL:

Andy would get a robot to run the board.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:20pm Jesus:

mano a mano
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:20pm Ken From Hyde Park:

A fight is brewing.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:20pm JayBe:

  Fri. 2/3/12 6:20pm HAL:

Andy has MONOnucleosis.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:20pm Mono-Bot:

I'd have my robot convert all stereo to mono.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:20pm mic-in-monobot:

  Fri. 2/3/12 6:21pm Robert in Seattle:

And here we go...
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:21pm stinkbug:

I want a mono robot.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:21pm kcmphoto:

Here we go the the good mood is over ... Way to go Andy !
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:21pm g:

Send in the robots!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:21pm HAL:

Only took one third of the show to figure it out!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:22pm Pimp-Bot:

Could we build a ROBOT to stalk Frangry?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:22pm QRDL:

I would like my robot to tell my girlfriend the things I'm always afraid to say ... in a robotic voice to make her confused and scared.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:22pm Tommelise:

I would like a caller-bot.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:22pm Caryn:

Frangry would happily date a robot, until one night in bed, when it would leak motor oil on her butt.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:22pm Punkinpie:

Andy .Stop looking through the peephole ..your acting like a cameraman
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:22pm Johnny Muller:

Shut Up, Weirdo: We get the board right, on opposite day.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:22pm Dorkazoid:

I think Andy and Frangry should do the whole show in a robot voice beep beep boop boop
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:22pm Skirkie:

I wouldn't know. I don't call.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:23pm kcmphoto:

And then she started drinking
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:23pm glenn:

name change to frappy?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:23pm g:

I would fly on my robot's back everywhere!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:24pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Which South Park episode was better - AWESOM-O or Funnybot?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:24pm stinkbug:

if frangry and andy were c3po and r2d2, who would be whom?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:24pm Matt:

What is the number so I can call inn ???
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:25pm G:

Jenna's late: 6:24, not 6:15. I think she got backed up behind Spike and Johhny M. by mistake.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:25pm JayBe:

Robot Lawyer. I think they already exist.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:25pm raVen:

Caryn, Unfortunately it would not smell like petrochemicals, but more in the line or organic food by products.

PLUS: Since the robot is electric, it would not likely be inclined to PEE on his date so I don't thing he would make the Boyfriend Cut for at least one of our wonderful hosts.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:25pm Pimp-Bot:

Andy would be C3PO...he's soooo anal.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:26pm G:

@JayBe -- Yeah, they robosigned hundreds of thousands of bad mortgages.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:26pm Caryn:

Jenna needed to go recharge her robot power cells, that's why she's late.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:26pm JayBe:

  Fri. 2/3/12 6:27pm Rick Deckard:

I want my robot to be retired, by me.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:27pm stinkbug:

is there going to be a seattle marathon party?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:27pm g:

My robot would serve jury duty, wait in concert lines and get me the first Iphone 5.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:27pm Tommelise:

I need a robot that can save me from unemployment!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:27pm Punkinpie:

My robot would believe anything our president tells us
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:28pm JayBe:

Favorite: Lucy Lee bot from Futurama
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:28pm Pimp-Bot:

What was the name of the robot on "Lost In Space"?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:29pm stinkbug:

Frangry, for $200, what does WALL-E stand for?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:29pm Dave:

Thankfully, neither Andy nor Frangry have love for Twiki.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:29pm Dave:

Thankfully, neither Andy nor Frangry have love for Twiki.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:29pm Paul:

Wasn't his name just Robot?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:30pm Pimp-Bot:

Really? That's lame....
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:30pm Will Robinson:

I want my robot to warn me of danger.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:30pm Sadistic:

if it was Jude Law caliber, I'd have him hit on a girl who broke my heart and succeed, and reject her and catch it on video.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:30pm G:

@PimpBot: wiki says:

"The Robot is a Class M-3 Model B9, General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot, which had no given name. "
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:30pm Cris the Waiter:

Hi!!! My robot would make all traffic lights green on my commute.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:30pm Jordan:

His name was "Robot".
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:30pm JayBe:

What's the sound of one hand clapping?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:31pm depressed Persian cab driver:

Lucy Liu robot excellent. Lucy Lee boring Korean knockoff.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:31pm Punkinpie:

my robot would bite my toenails for me
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:31pm Pimp-Bot:

Frangry - which ROBOT do find the sexiest?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:31pm g:

Isn't Ron Paul a robot?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:31pm stinkbug:

WALL-E = Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:32pm Paul:

If they had named him, they would have had to pay him, according to the screen robot actors' guild rules.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:32pm Tommelise:

Oh my God! Frangry doesn't know who is Mel Blanc is? What did she watch as a child?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:32pm Caryn:

Yep, "Lost in Space" robot is just the Robot, but is often confused with "Forbidden Planet"'s Robby the Robot, who guest starred in one episode of "Lost in Space". They were both designed by the same FX guy.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:32pm kcmphoto:

Dirty bob-bot
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:33pm Omni Consumer Products:

We'd make our robot police Detroit.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:33pm JayBe:

Oops. Liu. Thanks cabbie
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:33pm Pimp-Bot:

How about a true row-BUTT. It would be just a huge metal ass.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:33pm G:

@Tommelise: Brooks was big in the 60s and 70s. She wasn't born yet.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:33pm Charles:

in the future I'm sure casinos would have metal detectors, so I couldn't ask it to go collect data.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:34pm Kierdel:

I will get my robot to take care of my busy TV and computer game schedule, so I can finally do some work.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:34pm stinkbug:

would Frangry rather spend time with Johnny Muller or with Johnny #5 from Short Circuit?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:34pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Seattle marathon party - no pants allowed.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:34pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How come this isn't coming in stereo anymore?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:35pm SkyNet:

My robots would eradicate humanity.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:35pm Pimp-Bot:

"Who is Jack Benny?"

FRANGRY needs a general knowledge ROBOT!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:35pm Johnny Muller:

I'm the fifth Johnny Muller
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:35pm Dave:

My robot would remove all foul-smelling people from the bus or train that I'm on.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:36pm Jordan:

Frangry, Is Pancake a robot?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:37pm Charles:

I'd program my super smart robot to call out passive aggressive people I know.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:37pm WaitLeftHer:

Me Woobut would work at a mindwiss job for an ungwaitful spouse and famawee
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:37pm Paul:

To be fair, there's no reason anyone Frangry's age should know who Jack Benny is, unless you're a pop culture nerd.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:37pm G:

Andy's kids JUST DON'T KNOW what to do when a dude pees on your back in bed.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:37pm Caryn:

Pancake is a terminator. An infiltration unit.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:38pm Pimp-Bot:

A Robot with TOURETTES.

Fucking Filthy Mouthed ROBOT
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:38pm depressed Persian cab driver:

There were some fembots at the Wing Bowl this morning, JayBe. I am sure of this. Plastic tatas and the auto-smile...
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:38pm g:

My robots would clean up all the trash from the side of Jersey's roads. They'd have no time for anything else...
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:39pm Pimp-Bot:

Pancake is a cyborg.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:39pm Phillip J Fry:

My robot would be my friend, but he'd also bend things.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:39pm JayBe:

Bite my ...
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:40pm Caryn:

Hey cabbie, were they "Bionic Woman" fembots or "Austin Powers" fembots?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:40pm Skirkie:

Horrible but character building.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:40pm G:

Exeperiences You Hated But Brag About Now
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:40pm glenn:

---- what does not destroy me makes me strong.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:40pm Tommelise:

Soon enough Frangry will have a book on "What to do on disastrous dates".
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:41pm poke:

Is there an I'm worth it tonight?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:41pm E:

I think Andy is secrectly Johnny 5 and Frangry is the grown up version of Little Wonder.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:41pm Pimp-Bot:

I need a robot personal trainer.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:41pm Charles:

robots would have to fight crime.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:41pm Dave in Pa:

Frangry - Would you still think that day the dude peed on your back was totally worth it if that day kept happening over and over like Groundhog Day?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I'd have my robot issue stern warnings to smokers about the dangers of cigarettes. Also, it'd fetch my slippers.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:41pm Dennis DeYoung:

My robot would help me to escape just when I need to.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:41pm robyn:

speaking of grill. i would absolutely have a robot cook for me. similar to cleaning i guess, but damn, that would be great.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:41pm Kelly Bun D:

My robut would watch porn for me
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:42pm g:

Bugs Bunny had the best robot - a female version of himself!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:42pm Caryn:

Frangry's version of "Dating for Dummies": "Dating for Weirdos".
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:42pm Charles:

Small Wonder
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:42pm G:

I'm Worth It has breathed its last, as Frangry said on this show last week. She didn't like it.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:42pm Steve from SF:

Frangry, quick, ask Andy and see how he responds:
You're watching television. Suddenly you realize there's a wasp crawling on your arm.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:43pm Johnny Muller:

Therefore, nobody's worth it
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:43pm other david:

Caryn, I preferred the follow up: "Weirdo for Dating"
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:43pm Paul:

@Pimp-Bot: Do you "represent" any of those robot chicks from the new Battlestar Galactica?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:43pm stinkbug:

Frangry, have you ever seen Silent Running? It has robots in it and it will make you cry.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:44pm G:

Or, I'm Not Worth It Any More. which many a romantic dumpee has thought...
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:44pm Caryn:

I'd have my robot replace Frangry on "I'm Worth It", so the show could continue.
@OD: Or the third book: "Shut Up, Weirdo I'm Dating".
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:45pm the glowing one:

I'd like to have a 50 feet robot, that I could control like it was my own body.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:45pm Davis:

I would have my robot brush Frangry's hair
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:45pm Charles:

have you ever seen Solarbabies
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:45pm g:

The Jetson's maid was really Hazel. True story.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:45pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@stinkbug - I agree with that statement.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:46pm Robert:

How could Andy not get the point of having the robot be the insulting, nasty one, while you're the nice one? It's a classic ventriloquism routine. The dummy is the insulting one who gets the blame while the ventriloquist proclaiims innocence and even upbraids the dummy for his bad manners and cynicism. How can someone who knows of Jack Benny not understand acts like that?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:46pm Robert in Seattle:

Lot's of butt sex jokes in Starlight Express.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:46pm Pimp-Bot:

Robot with brass balls.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:47pm G:

Andy can easily make breakfast for Frangry? UT OH, ANDY'S WIFE IS CALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:47pm Pimp-Bot:

Why was "I'm Worth It" canceled? Ken, what happened?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:47pm Mel:

Train leaving on track five for Anaheim, Azusa and Cuuu... camonga!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:48pm FranFan:

My robot would beatup anyone who says mean stuff about Frangry
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/3/12 6:48pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 2/3/12 6:48pm Jim B:

Best robot of all time: Bronwyn C doppelganger Francesca. Figure that one out, Frangry.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:49pm stinkbug:

What is the likelihood that Andy has watched the move Heartbeeps? Who was the better robot in that?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:49pm Caryn:

I'll now have my robot dispose of Frangry's shizz list, so that I would no longer be on it. Ha-Hah!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:49pm G:

PimpBot: Frangry didn't like it and stopped doing it. What's hard to get about that? It wasn't cancelled by the station.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:49pm robyn:

but we miss michele frangry :(
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:49pm Pimp-Bot:

I'd like to see a robot on trash TV getting a paternity test.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:49pm Jordan:

I thought you liked pain Miss Frangry!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:49pm depressed Persian cab driver:

Caryn was wrong. Why would I bother listening? The show would be the same every week, and this one is not.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:49pm robyn:

you should've done it live from foodbed.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:50pm Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

i need more of michele's sexy insecurity
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/3/12 6:50pm FRANGRY:

then take it up michele!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:50pm other david:

Frangry quit "I'm Worth It" while sober.

I warned her. I warned her.

*looks wistfully into middle distance*
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:51pm Mel Gibson:

My, I'll bet you monsters lead innnnteresting lives.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:51pm Pimp-Bot:

"It hurt more than it gave me pleasure."

Just like butt-sex, right FRANGRY?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:51pm G:

Michele's been on at least twice as a fill in since I'm Worth It ended.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:51pm Caryn:

See, if the Frangrybot did "I'm Worth It", Frangry wouldn't need to do it, but Michele could do it. So: win-win!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/3/12 6:51pm FRANGRY:

hahaha i meant take it up WITH michele.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:52pm Cris the Waiter:

Seriously, I want my robot to help me with traffic. I really want that.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:52pm Tommelise:

This call is offensive, also people like me would lose their job! Oh, wait... I already lost my job because computers can teach!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:52pm Charles:

my robot would hack passive aggressive people's remarks in conversation and make their heads explode.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:53pm G:

@Cris: We're talking about robots, not miracle workers.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:53pm Cris the Waiter:

I've probably waited on this dude. And used great grammar. He doesn't tip well, I'll bet...
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:53pm Jordan:

Is there a Frangry-Michele feud we don't know about?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:53pm Chris the Wader:

A robot could cross that river when I come to it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/3/12 6:53pm FRANGRY:

@Caryn I'm Woth It wouldn't have happened without the both of us. so....
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:54pm Cris the Waiter:

There's no H in my name, imposter!
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:54pm Tommelise:

Right now, I would like a robot that feed me Nutella.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:54pm Jim B:

Charles, that would make most of us commenters' heads explode.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:54pm Cris the Waiter:

lol at the wading...
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:55pm robot:

I would occupy this playlist.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:55pm robyn:

is this Yvonne? who was your regular caller on I'm Worth It. The one with the weird roommate.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:55pm the glowing one:

I'd like to have a robot factory that makes Benders. I'd send them everywhere.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:55pm robot:

This caller is a lesbian.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:56pm Tommelise:

If her boyfriend is listening, she's going to get SOOO dumped.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:56pm Charles:

yeh tell him you non confrontational slimebot
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:56pm glenn:

hey boyfriend - dump her cowardly skeeezy ass.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:56pm G:

@Noncuddler on the Line: Just tell him you two can have quickie sex. He may be wasting time hoping that cuddling accelerates to sex, when it's working the opposite way on you.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:56pm Charles:

there's a difference between discernible sarcasm and P.A.ness
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:57pm robyn:

your boyfriend will probably fall in love with the robot.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:57pm Pancake:

I would not cuddle with that woman.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:57pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I would get my robot to listen to this show for me.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:57pm Pimp-Bot:

Could the boyfriend dry-hump the cuddle-robot?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:57pm FranFan:

sounds like the robot would be better to cuddle with than that HowardSternette
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:57pm Caryn:

Hey caller, just get him a body pillow! No need for a robot here.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:57pm the glowing one:

no-one likes a noncuddler
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:58pm Skirkie:

That's more of a "what would your wizard do"
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:58pm Jordan:

Frangry, What's your cuddling status?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:58pm topicbot:

i come up with amazing topic ideas for talk radio shows.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:58pm Pimp-Bot:

Can robots really do ANYTHING?
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I need a robot to take down my Christmas lights.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:58pm Kuddel-Bot:

My robot would cuddle with the lesbian's robot and make little cuddle lesbian robot babies.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:58pm JayBe:

Bring back my dead Scottie, Pete
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:58pm Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

I would have a robot that monitored the cannabinoid level of the air in my apt, and constantly vaporize herb to keep the THC levels at a sufficiently stoney plateau.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:59pm Orlando R.:

My robot would walk up to random people and say, "you're a pussy!"
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:59pm mchuge:

Kudos on the calendar! I should've picked one of those up.
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:59pm Orlando R.:

My robot would walk up to random people and say, "you're a pussy!"
  Fri. 2/3/12 6:59pm Skirkie:

Turn him up, Andy
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/3/12 6:59pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 2/3/12 6:59pm RoboChrist:

I would make this show #1!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/3/12 7:00pm FRANGRY:

you still can get a calendar. email me if interested frangry@gmail.com
  Fri. 2/3/12 7:00pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Take out the garbage robot.
  Fri. 2/3/12 7:00pm the glowing one:

this show is rigged, I knew it!
  Fri. 2/3/12 7:01pm Caryn:

Chris just wants to be Kirk in every other "Star Trek" episode. Make the computer or robot break down by speaking to it.
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