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Riff rock for riff raff, pop fizzle for the frazzled, chord changes of life for the menopausal teenagers, a safari in the jingle-jangle jungle. (Visit homepage.)

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Options January 13, 2012

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Artist Track Album
doug gillard  Thing With A Hook (theme)   Options pseu's theme 
adrian whitehead  caitlin's 60's pop song   Options  
dukes of stratosphear  vanishing girl   Options  
Pete Donnelly  Original Wonder   Options  
phoebe snow   every night   Options  
paul kelly  i'll be your lover   Options  
andy pratt  inside me wants out   Options  
superdrag  liquor   Options  
Lee Ranaldo  off the wall   Options  
teenage fanclub  accidental life   Options  
Dennis Diken With Bell Sound  No One's Listening   Options  
The Paparazzi  zanzibar   Options  
the syn  created by clive   Options  
Jean-Claude Vannier  Crocodiles   Options  
leisure society  save it for someone who cares   Options  
mayer hawthorne  dreaming   Options  
nada surf   when i was young   Options  
real estate   green aisles   Options  
duran duran   The Chauffeur   Options  
girls  just a song   Options  
eric matthews  fanfare   Options  
ocean colour scene  the circle   Options  
marti jones   it's not what i want   Options  
crowded house   locked out   Options  
maggie gyllenhaal  i can't wait   Options  
Kathleen Edwards  empty threat   Options  
bob welch  emerald eyes   Options  
jason falkner   she goes to bed   Options  
the long winters  hindsight   Options  
tenniscoats   rind-gand rind-gand hearts   Options  
atlas sound  the shakes   Options  
jim noir  sunny   Options  
sea lions   i don't wanna go out   Options  
linus of hollywood  warm and beautiful   Options  
jack wild   pronouns   Options  
craig marshall  aquaman   Options  
tommy keene  nothing can change you   Options  
ocean grove   grab your coat   Options  
the bats   see right through me   Options  
shoes   only in my sleep   Options  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/13/12 9:08pm 12539:

  Fri. 1/13/12 9:09pm eastvanhalen:

Thank the freaking gods.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:09pm Jett B:

Pseu plays everything she wants, whenever she wants.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:11pm pseu:

in every city, in (only one) station...
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:12pm G:

I suppose everyone knows Dukes of S. = XTC doing 60s pop hommage

(math answer is 666, oddly. or evenly.)
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:12pm Matt F:

Ooooh! I have to track down this Pete Donnelly stuff....I love the Figgs...Thanks, Pseu!
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:13pm Jett B:

Did DOS do only one album?
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:13pm G:

  Fri. 1/13/12 9:13pm pseu:

no, 3 Jett
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:14pm pseu:

oh, i thought you meant death of samantha -- DOS was 2 I think??
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:14pm pseu:

several, really? ah-ight
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:15pm Jett B:

Haha. My friend gave me one Dukes of S album years ago. I could go for more.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:16pm Parq:

Great Phoebe Snow track, but I wish I could remember who did the original.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:17pm Irwin:

As campaign season heats up and November approaches, let's unify around a consensus candidate, someone we all agree would make an excellent President of the United States of America. Ladies and gents, I'd like to nominate: PSEU BRAUN! Draft her immediately for a third party run. Despite the enormous responsibilities of the position, she can do her show from the Oval Office. Americans will listen. MUST listen. President With a Hook!
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:18pm Capt. Hook:

  Fri. 1/13/12 9:18pm Matt F:

Freeform presidential playlists!
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:19pm eastvanhalen:

But what of the Canadians?
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:21pm pseu:

Parq, my goodness -- it was Paul McCartney!
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:21pm Jett B:

Mickey Dolenz's name is GEORGE MICHAEL DOLENZ.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:22pm Jett B:

Ah, THAT "Every Night." One of his best early solo tunes. he brought it back for the last Wings tour in '79.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:23pm timotato:

Figs are just about to release a new CD!
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:24pm pseu:

Figs are great!
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:26pm Matt F:

Cool, Timotato!
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:26pm PB:

Hi Pseu. These guys sure sound a lot like Dinosaur Jr. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:28pm Joe D.:

Braun/Stockdale 2012
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:28pm Joe D.:

no wait, not Stockdale. Who was LaRouche's VP candidate? That guy.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:29pm Fine Wine:

Saw him do this live and thought, "Bob Seger, 'Still the Same.'" Still think that.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:29pm pseu:

  Fri. 1/13/12 9:30pm PB:

I always liked Lee Ranaldo's voice (more than Thurston's).
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:34pm eastvanhalen:

I do not get Sonic Youth. Just never clicked with me. Don't know why.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:37pm Irwin:

@EVH: copy that.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:38pm Tom from Gravesend Bklyn:

..time and a place...loving the tunes too !!! ...
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:38pm PB:

To each his own, SY is one of my favorite bands of all time.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:38pm Dean and Ben:

San Francisco checking in on a saturday night ....u know what that means
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:39pm The Amicable Heights of Jersey City:

(which are not as white as you claim)
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:39pm Slazenger:

We are here! We are here! We are heeeeere!
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:39pm justin:

great show! tuning in from Vienna, Austria.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:39pm Dean and Ben:

we're really high because it's Friday!
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:39pm eastvanhalen:

I skipped them at Matador 21. People were horrified. (And I'm listening from a blanket fort I'm building in my living room, because.)
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:40pm Slazenger:

ASTREWN!!?????? Is that a word?
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:40pm James in ATL:

Great first set Pseu! The new Pete Donnelly CD is great.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:40pm pseu:

in my world, which you're currently trapped in, YES
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:41pm Slazenger:

  Fri. 1/13/12 9:41pm Felix:

Hi Pseu.
Love your show
Greetings from Lima, Peru.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:41pm Matt F:

atrapped....lol in ridgewood, queens with my oatmeal
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:41pm eastvanhalen:

<adds another blanket to the fort>
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:41pm pseu:

hello my little Lima Bean..
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:42pm LaFletcher:

Tuning in from Melbourne Australia - twice I've heard some Paul Kelly played on WFMU now... Good to hear some Aus music getting a spin
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:44pm pseu:

EFD played a great track last night!
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:44pm Slazenger:

Does Aussie music it spin in reverse?
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:45pm LaFletcher:

correct - like our water. Sound much better that way..
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:46pm david from ks.:

,,,because ov YOU Ms.Pseu I listen and Love what I hear whether it be recorded vocals or Your sweet live voice on CST from smack in the middle of Kansass.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:46pm pseu:

Kansas Holla! Now carry on, my wayward son...
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:46pm Slazenger:

Kinda like that backwards sentence I just wrote, WTF?
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:47pm The Doctor:

Listening from Gallifrey!
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:48pm Geographer:

There is no middle of Kansas, really.

Matter of fact, it's all middle.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:49pm john:

Was that the Apples In Stereo in disguise or the ultimate Apples In Stereo tribute band? Either way, fab! Oh, and hi!
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:50pm pseu:

  Fri. 1/13/12 9:51pm Slazenger:

I imagine that we are all ridding on one of those push Merry-go-rounds at a childrens playground and Pseu keeps pushing us around and around and won't let us off.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:52pm Tamtastic:

Eevening every one whats going on in here ...any good
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:52pm 12539:

Who wants off?
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:53pm Felix:

Keep on pushung us, Pseu!
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:55pm Tamtastic:

wats uppeople
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:56pm Slazenger:

Just hold on Tam, Pseu is going to spin us till we are all projectile vomitting.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:58pm eastvanhalen:

That outro was completely weird. Like.
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:58pm timotato:

This sounds like the theme music to a 70's TV show
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:59pm Slazenger:

Where does Pseu find this stuff?
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:59pm Jett B:

Is that Timmateo from Parsippany?
  Fri. 1/13/12 9:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Yikes...the news sources report a cruise ship ran aground in Italy.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:00pm robyn:

digging the tunes right now. thanks pseu
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:01pm Slazenger:

digging the ship out right now, thanks pseu
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:01pm timotato:

Depends... Are you cute? Wait, are you male or female?
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:01pm Pspellcheque:

Oh my my....I love Friday's with a hook.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:03pm robyn:

LOL. Wow these are some great resolutions...
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:03pm eastvanhalen:

You need fetching boys, Pseu? I can lend you some of mine. Seriously, take them. I'm done.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:04pm Powers That Be:

Dread Pseus Tell No Tales... BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:05pm eastvanhalen:

Unsurprisingly, I *loved* the jaunty despair of Mayer Hawthorne. Ok, back to the blanket fort.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:05pm Jett B:

@ Tim - I'm a dude. A married dude, but I may know you via Alap Momin.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:06pm Destroit:

Hello Pseu and all the fine listeners.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:08pm timotato:

Nope, sorry not the guy you're looking for. I'm in Newark.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:08pm Slazenger:

Have to feed pets?
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:09pm Pseu's Coworkers:

Listen to that sneezing. Who knew she could get so snotty.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:10pm pSeaminglyFraudulent:

More Coffee?
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:10pm Ben Drinken:

she hates hearing about Ben Drinken. Or not?
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:12pm john:

Two Emaciated Shrews, tonight and every night on CBS.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:12pm The Amicable Heights of Jersey City:

I got the rabbit ears.

...I read books.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:12pm Slazenger:

A mpenguin on the telly is about a half hour long
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:13pm eastvanhalen:

I just got the digital. I watch hockey.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:13pm robyn:

i am right there with you. don't like george clooney. if all you have is rabbit ears, you gotta get into the crime shows.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:13pm Ben Drinken:

oh, does everyone know about this iphone app called intonow? it is pretty amazing. It picks up on what you are watching to amazing accuracy. then you can check in with others watching the same.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:14pm Tv killed the radio star:

I watch the wall. Don't own a TV.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:14pm Slazenger:

I used to have rabbit ears but I had them removed.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:14pm pseu:

intonow? can I get it on android??
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:15pm eastvanhalen:

Can I get it on a string and tin cans?
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:15pm G:

I know *so* many women hooked on investigative and police procedural shows with emsemble casts on the over-air networks. NCIS with the goth girl etc., Bones, House, etc.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:16pm The Doctor:

I also do not have the telly service, plenty of TV on the internet, though. Do you have a computer with internet service?
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:16pm eastvanhalen:

Semaphore. The future is now, people.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:16pm Destroit:

I'm with EVH, lots of hockey on mute and radio. Maude rules.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:17pm pSeaminglyFraudulent:

Pure Pop For Now People ...Now
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:17pm Ben Drinken:

I don't know about android. Must be able to. We don't have cable but have Roku. I have messed around with this app and it always amazes me how in 30 seconds or so it listens to the show and pops up the exact episode, not just the show.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:17pm pseu:

Semaphore "Chelsea Lately", it'll be funnier. Ha ha I made a critically panned TV show joke.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:19pm pseu:

d&B it means it's not friday in SF..
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:21pm Destroit:

Loving this Real Estate song.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:21pm Ben Drinken:

I once went to a whole foods store and tried the intonow app thinkin it would come back with "you are watching Portlandia" but it didn't.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:21pm Tv killed the radio star:

Strange to see Parsippany in comments. Just moved here from Texas. Nobody knows it. Except WFMU listeners.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:21pm pseu:

gotta try it.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:23pm Felix:

the clue is independence, I think.
But i don know what i would do without wfmu
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:25pm phooky:

oh good lord yes. best thing duran duran ever did.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:25pm Marmalade kitty:

Good evening Pseu! Duran Duran Yay!
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:26pm Yvonnne:

This is the best Duran Duran song
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:27pm suea:

wow duran duran wow awesome love this station for moments like this
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:27pm Pspellcheque:

You never cease to amaze.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:27pm pseu:

haaaayyy Yvonne...
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:28pm Felix:

Female likes are amazing
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:28pm pseu:

tell me about it.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:29pm maestroso:

Agreed, that DD song was really nice.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:29pm Ben Drinken:

there is also another app I discovered that I have not used yet because I have not registered or linked it or whatever. But I think it works a lot like the intonow. But you turn it on and let it listen to what music you are listening to and after a few seconds it comes back and tell you what it is. and with information about the artist and such. Now that I mention this I need to finish the set up for this and try it on Pseu's show. It is called soundtracking.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:29pm Joe D.:

sure that's a PRETTY good Duran Duran song, but my Dad REALLY likes "Rio".
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:30pm pseu:

check out the naughty video (of the original version) of The Chauffeur on youtube.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:30pm Felix:

I´ll try all my life to get an answer about but i don´t think i´ll make it
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:32pm G:

@Ben: Lots of people use that app to ID songs they hear, but don't know, on the radio or in clubs or restaurants, for subsequent purchase.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:33pm Jett B:

tons of indie music was recorded in parsippany
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:34pm Destroit:

  Fri. 1/13/12 10:34pm Tv killed the radio star:

  Fri. 1/13/12 10:35pm Joe D.:

yes. Trumpets. yes.

@Jett B - enlighten us!!! (Morris County whatup)
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:35pm Marmalade kitty:

Destroit!! What's the score?
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:36pm mb:

Great Eric Mathews song. Only good song on that record though. Don't get fooled again!
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:37pm Tv killed the radio star:

@jettB-wtf. Am I missing something?
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:39pm Websie:

Just got in, sorry I missed Lee Ranaldo.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:40pm Pspellcheque:

Just judging from the number of "O fuck I love this song. What is this?" I've heard here tonite. I'd say you're heading for hall of fame status Psue. Thanks
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:41pm eastvanhalen:

I cannot tell you how much I am loving all this sunny despair pop.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:41pm Pspellcheque:

And yes, I can't spell.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:41pm Jett B:

Pretty much anything on Gern Blandsten (Native Nod, The Van Pelt, Rye Coalition, The Lapse, All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, Dalek, ...to name a few
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:42pm eastvanhalen:

(Pspellcheque is hearing that from me, across the living room, btw.)
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:44pm Destroit:

95-2, that's the score! Pseu's dominating. Sports free zone tonight, lord knows we have enough tomorrow. I did just download a curling app for the iPhone, This might be fun.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:44pm Tv killed the radio star:

@jeffb-thanks for the tip. Maybe Jersey isn't that bad afterall.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:44pm Jett B:

If a tree falls in the woods of NJ (due to immense volume and distortion), and there is no shoegazer there to here it, then did it really happen?
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:45pm eastvanhalen:

Ha. I didn't change the channel after the hockey game ended, so I have curling on the teevee.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:45pm Felix:

is this the guy from the hanson brs?
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:45pm Tree:

OUCH! yes.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:46pm Destroit:

+1 Jett
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:47pm Jett B:

Haha. NJ is just like most places. Some good, some bad. We're just stacked on top of each other here, so the good adds up nicely on occasion.
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:47pm lrg.pntz:

hi pseu ,how bout some colby ?
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:49pm Yvonnne:

Andrews Sisters! This is also a really good one. Hi Pseu!
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:52pm Yvonnne:

I'm hungry
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:52pm Jett B:

If you like the Andrews Sisters, you should also check out the McGuire Sisters
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:52pm Tv killed the radio star:

@jett-the reaction I get when I tell people I moved to NJ: You moved TO New Jersey!?
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:53pm Felix:

were serving pizza in a few. Ivonne.
wont you come over?
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:53pm Destroit:

Hey, I was into both D&D's! (for some reason, I think others might have the same feelings)
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:54pm Tv killed the radio star:

@pseu-fair enough
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:54pm Yvonnne:

I'm sick
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:54pm Websie:

Texas = not enough steers, needs even more queers
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:55pm Jett B:

@ TV - Where did you move to? There are lots of cool people here, but you have to work a bit harder to find them. We're worth it. Look at FMU!
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:56pm Felix:

Hope you get better soon
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:57pm howdoyoukeepanidiotinsuspense:

Grand Prospect Hall! We makeah your dreamza come true!
  Fri. 1/13/12 10:59pm Tv killed the radio star:

Love WFMU so much. I gave them what little money i had.And I mean that. Have a listener number and everything. But I need live Muzak
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:02pm Squirrel Corpse:

No Rich??? Who the fuck is gonna BLOW ME UPPP???
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:03pm Tv killed the radio star:

Last comment:fuckin hilarious
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:04pm Felix:

you can blowup youself.. can`t you?
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:05pm Squirrel Corpse:

  Fri. 1/13/12 11:06pm Tv killed the radio star:

I've got a pump
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:06pm Coroner:

Don't look at me. That's Rich's job, and I am *not* getting a rabies shot.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:08pm dinatekno:

maggie gyllenhaal??? wow, I like her voice so much better than that Zooey girl...
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:08pm G:

Maggie done good.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:09pm EzSezz:

I miss Marti Jones. Once saw her have an onstage spat with boyfriend Don Dixon in a Providence club.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:09pm Tv killed the radio star:

@jett -Parsnipity
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:10pm Felix:

keep on rockin, Baby
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:10pm dinatekno:

BTW, thank you for playing D2...you made this old Durannie smile, ever so wistfully...
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:14pm Destroit:

@ Tv: you are in a good spot. And Maggie G, didn't know she sang...I liked it
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:17pm Tv killed the radio star:

@destroit -good place? Feels like small town Texas with all the racism. But maybe I'm too quick to judge.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:21pm subcom:

sounds so good
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:24pm EzSezz:

Could somebody please explain to me this @shit? Seriously. Thanks, @SelectricII.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:27pm Felix:

Seriously you are in Pseu`s thing with a hooh at WFMU.org.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:28pm pseu:

oh, EzSezz knows....
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:28pm Destroit:

@ tv: haha. i meant the radio show. Anywhere you go, you can sift out good people. This show, and station, is a good way to find good folks to hang with...I would think. Never been to parsnipity, but good luck and make the best of it. :)
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:31pm Destroit:

@ really needs an explanation? I'm back to curling.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:35pm Felix:

just relax and enjoy---
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:37pm EzSezz:

Curling, Newfoundland? Good bar there, the Curling Ranger.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:39pm eastvanhalen:

Jack Wild? Goddamn.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:41pm howdoyoukeepanidiotinsuspense:

my first crush.....figures he'd be a mess.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:41pm dinatekno:

Holy crap - I remembered the words to that song!!! Wow, HR Pufnstuff....I LOVED that show. Witchypoo and Freddie the Flute...FLASHBACK!
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:42pm Destroit:

Detroit, on an iPhone. Depressing and relaxing at the same time. Music is spot on.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:43pm eastvanhalen:

Oh hell, I had a crush on him when I was a kid, too. Might as well cop to it.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:43pm Destroit:

No, he has scales.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:44pm pseu:

RIP Jackie Wild.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:45pm dinatekno:

I didn't know Jack Wild died and had such a sad life....how sad. Young fame & alcohol took another soul.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:51pm Felix:

Thanks, Pseu for choosing all of this "lost" jewels in music.
I´ll be hre next time
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:55pm Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Bats-alright! Seems apropos this chilly night in New Orleans.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:56pm 12539:

Thanks for all the hooks.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:57pm Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

So many hooks. Earworms,
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:57pm Destroit:

Great show Pseu, 'til next week, everyone have a great night.
  Fri. 1/13/12 11:58pm dinatekno:

SHOES!!! I have these guys on VINYL!! Thanks for a wonderful show Pseu!
  Sat. 1/14/12 12:01am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Love you Pseu!
  Thu. 1/19/12 5:35pm swillamette:

okay i spent half the archived show thinking up a nickname - how about it? anyway, pseu made the rain stop, seriously. just watch seinfeld over and over and over, that's what i do.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:48pm Eva:

Listening to an archive. Stuck in my cubicle on a snowy day in Spokane, WA. Loved the Paul Kelly.
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