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Options January 6, 2012: The Worthiness of Worthitness

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Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/6/12 6:47pm Listener zero:

So is Michele getting her own show now or what?
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:03pm other david:

Only if she gives up pizza for the year
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:05pm Listener zero:

Not worth it, then.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:07pm Dank, Craft beer, and Pizza:

i, for one, think we need some pics of Michele
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:07pm other david:

I dislike the schedule plonking Billy Jam against I'm Worth It :(
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:24pm herbert:

sometimes life makes you walk planks, sometimes life makes you walk plonks - BJ could be the backing track perhaps for the best of both
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:26pm other david:

that's quite profound herbert. thank you, from the bottom of my plonk.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:28pm herbert:

wise man once say - plonk plonk plonk, plonk plank plonk, it was then I realized he wasn't so wise as they claimed..
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:30pm FRANGRY:

Call us during the broadcast at 201-536-9368 with your problems, big or small. Or you can email us ahead of time at imworthit@wfmu.org.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:30pm random listener:

there was a show without Frangry? wtf? where have I been?
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:31pm random listener:

will we have rainbows day after day?.... que sera sera...
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:32pm herbert:

how many que's must a sera sera if a que sera sera if a que sera que seras?
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:33pm Dank, Craft beer, and Pizza:

you need to cool it with the keys
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:35pm conrad:

frangry's falling apart. she needs alcohol, quick.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:37pm Elwyn:

Damn it! I can't listen to this show because I'm in a computer course AND the lecturer/acquaintance made me sit in the front row.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:37pm seang:

kill your parents
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:38pm mrmucho:

get a face tattoo, send a pic
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:38pm pgw in mntclr:

my brother did the pregame "i got tattoos" email prior to our vacation
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:38pm conrad:

just wear a victorian-era full body bathing suit
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:38pm other david:

E-mail with pics of tattoos and a single line:

"Frangry made me do it"
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:39pm Elwyn:

I'm going to kill my boss if David Lee Roth is a guest anytime this month because I'm doing this course every Saturday (Sydney time) in January.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:39pm Derp:

one-piece bathing suit
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:40pm herbert:

Derp is right! One-piece is due for a comeback! Sexxxxy
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:40pm Scott W:

when my dad saw my 1st tattoo he called me an asshole and that was the end of it. don't worry michele
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:45pm Chris:

Michele - chances are that your parents already know about the tattoo but have been loathe to bring it up. Advice: say nothing, do nothing, let your freak flag fly and play it by ear.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:45pm anon in nj:

i've got a question
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:46pm conrad:

i thought michele's debut was going to bring some new listeners.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:47pm Elwyn:

@Conrad: More pizza delivery guys than "Shut Up Weirdo"?
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:49pm Dank, Craft beer, and Pizza:

  Fri. 1/6/12 7:50pm conrad:

someone said he though michele was frangry because your voices are so similar. when he found out you were on a radio show together he said it must sound like just one person talking.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:50pm anon in nj:

seriously, i have a "i saw a racy pic online that may be an ex-girlfriend" question
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:51pm Dank, Craft beer, and Pizza:

HAHAHHA, anon in nj, me too! its probably the same girl
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:52pm Listener zero:

It's not as bad as Weev's show.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:56pm conrad:

  Fri. 1/6/12 7:57pm Dank, Craft beer, and Pizza:

no one wants to call in and get yelled at by frangry
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:57pm anon in nj:

so should i say something?
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:58pm anon in nj:

to her
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:58pm conrad:

  Fri. 1/6/12 7:59pm Listener zero:

I wonder if any of the hosts ever threatened to kill themselves.
  Fri. 1/6/12 7:59pm anon in nj:

no, it was on a tumblr
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:00pm other david:

Frangry shouldnt be allowed quit the show during her month without alcohol, it's like diminished responsibility
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:01pm Dank, Craft beer, and Pizza:

hey anon, does it have a tag for whatifeelishot.com in the pic? in a mirror?
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:01pm anon in nj:

yes it was a nsfw tumblr
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:01pm Dank, Craft beer, and Pizza:

I actually just got an order of parm bites and lava cakes delivered.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:02pm anon in nj:

no, dank, it does not
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:03pm Dank, Craft beer, and Pizza:

phew, i feel a little better.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:03pm Listener zero:

  Fri. 1/6/12 8:03pm conrad:

this guys real problem: needs to get laid.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:03pm other david:

the call that killed I'm worth it
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:03pm mrmucho:

you guys can't get a break
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:04pm FRANGRY:

@other david totally. wtf
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:04pm conrad:

can somebody pepper spray this guy?
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:05pm FRANGRY:

shoot me. fuck. this call is killing me.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:05pm Listener zero:

I can't stop laughing.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:05pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 1/6/12 8:05pm trolly mctrollerson:

END IT. here
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:06pm other david:

zero, ditto, i've actually had to mute it but cant stop laughing
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:06pm Listener zero:

So, Ladies, what are your political opinions? Ideological non-voters?
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:06pm FRANGRY:

im srsly slitting my wrists on the air
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:06pm conrad:

is there something preventing you from hanging up on this guy?
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:06pm mrmucho:

this guy needs to be the third host
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:06pm trolly mctrollerson:

(by it, I mean this show - no offense, it'll be worth it)
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:06pm Sammy:

Frangry just quit not drinking
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:07pm FRANGRY:

michele is. and that is the ONLY thing preventing me.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:07pm alberto:

okay, i'm laughing out loud now.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:07pm other david:

  Fri. 1/6/12 8:07pm Listener zero:

FRANGRY: There you go again with the suicide threats.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:07pm FRANGRY:

i need more than alcohol
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:07pm Listener zero:

Frangry's mom spoiled politics for her.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:07pm buddy:

draw a dick on your forehead. i would smile
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:08pm conrad:

frangry just forcibly ejected the occupy IWI movement
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:08pm Listener zero:

Best prank call ever.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:09pm other david:

  Fri. 1/6/12 8:12pm other david:

not this bit.. this is bad
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:13pm Dank, Craft beer, and Pizza:

eating a lava cake as we speak. phat grape ape blunt on deck, along with some dogfish head world wide stout
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:14pm anon in nj:

she's an ex, but we're friends. i mean, would you want someone to tell you if they saw a nsfw pic of you on the web.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:15pm conrad:

if michele eating in bed makes it a Foodbed, does that internet dating guy peeing on frangry make it a Urinebed?
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:16pm anon in nj:

well the pic was definitely taken by the male in the picture
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:16pm other david:

Frangry, the abject terror in your voice when you thought the Occupy guy was calling back is my radio highlight of 2012
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:17pm conrad:

anon in NJ: you should create an anonmyous email address and email her the info. be earnest.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:19pm Elwyn:

I want to see the pics. Post the URL.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:19pm Dank, Craft beer, and Pizza:

Matt is a buzzkill
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:20pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 1/6/12 8:21pm Listener zero:

The appeal of the show is less about advice but more about the hosts personalities being slowly peeled away with the cheese grate that is dead air to reveal the existential despair and emptiness underneath,
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:21pm conrad:

'you contradict yourself'
'no because i said that ... no'
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:22pm FRANGRY:

i hate that kid.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:22pm Listener zero:

"Turn it on." – LOL
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:23pm Dank, Craft beer, and Pizza:

you guys need to perfect the voice scrambler, i bet more people would dish out the juicyness (myself included)
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:23pm conrad:

'cooties and whatnot'
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:24pm conrad:

d, cb and p: theres only 15 people listening. youd have to try pretty hard to make it more anonymous.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:24pm Listener zero:

Are people renovating the studio during the show?
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:24pm pgw in mntclr:

i'd like to hear the phrase "food bed" once more before the end of the show
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:25pm Elwyn:

I wonder if Michele ever dreams she is eating in a pizza-shaped bed.

That'd be pizza-shaped foodbed.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:25pm squirrel:

Work it out??? No way, they should bail. They don't even like each other.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:26pm conrad:

frangry's getting emotional because its the death throes of IWI
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:27pm other david:

Hold it together Frangry & Michele, get a slot on the radio where you discuss problems, embarrassing stories, play occasional music - bam, you're like Glen Jones & X. Ray Burns - with cooties, dodgy shoulders and foodbed
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:27pm Dank, Craft beer, and Pizza:

I wish i knew michele when she was in high school
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:27pm pgw in mntclr:

food bed!!!
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:29pm Listener zero:

People do strange things for strange reasons.
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:32pm mrmucho:

this show has potential, don't quit yet
  Fri. 1/6/12 8:32pm Pedant:

You don't need to give the station ID on a web-only show! Hee hee hee....
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