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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options January 6, 2012: 2012 Mistakes

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up. Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/6/12 6:00pm stinkbug:

  Fri. 1/6/12 6:01pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:02pm Mitt R. in NH:

Everyone please Google "Santorum" RIGHT NOW!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:02pm stinkbug:

it's like the calendar on my wall here is talking to me.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:02pm Listener Ian in Katonah:

Weirding Up!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:03pm conrad:

if you plan to make a mistake, and succeed in making the mistake, is it a mistake?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:03pm pgw in mntclr:

mistakes made thus far in 2012: getting food from the Thai truck 2 days in a row this week
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:03pm Caryn:

Mitt, I don't take orders from anyone named after a garment. Or anyone named after a lizard, should Newt G. be reading this.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:03pm Joe C. in Jersey City:

Mistakes are for the weak.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:03pm g:

Mistakes are for weirdos.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:03pm Cecile:

my mistake is continuing to listen to this show.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:04pm Joe C. in Jersey City:

My mistake will be not calling Shut Up Weirdo because I am nervous.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:04pm FRANGRY:

therein lies the dilemma, conrad. and thats why its funny.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:05pm Joe C. in Jersey City:

Birthdays are totally self indulgent for people over 14
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:05pm Johnny Muller:

watch the new season of the jersey shore
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:05pm robyn:

Andy! Don't you remember the 2000 Election! Hanging chads!!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:06pm Ben Drinken:

I never got my premium calendar from when ever it was like the first year of this show or when ever it was. I got that dumb book though.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:06pm Caryn:

How come I suspect that there's a gay porn movie called "Hanging Chads"?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:07pm Cecile:

Mistake #2 Hoping that the Van Halen reunion will last and be good.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:08pm Joe C. in Jersey City:

I will probably procrastinate in 2012 but that wouldn't be such an interesting call.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:08pm FRAMGREY:

Stop trying to be something you're not
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:08pm Caryn:

Of course I could be mistaken about the porn. So that could be my mistake...
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:09pm robyn:

well, if there is a porn, at least something good came out of that election.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:10pm mr rodrigo rogers:

life's best lessons are gained from making mistakes - be not afraid children, of making mistakes - after all - 75% of you were unplanned - we're all unfortunate mistakes
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:10pm Michelle B. in NH:

@ Caryn: you should Google "Santorum" many, many times!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:10pm Jim B:

Putting things I mistakenly think are clever on the comments board.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:11pm Caryn:

Michelle, ask you husband if he starred in "Hanging Chads"!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:11pm Herman C. in GA:

I wish I was in NH.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:12pm conrad:

muffin tops without a permit
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:12pm diegueno:

I'll probably get too familiar with my mother-in-law, say something busting her chops (something I only do to people I like), then she and my wife will be insulted...again.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:12pm Cecile:

mistake #3 I know I will spend way too much time playing Tiny Tower on my iPod.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:12pm Caryn:

Herman C's mistake no.1: referencing Pokemon in a political statement.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:12pm Snooki:

I'm gonna put all that weight back on in 2012!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:12pm Ru Paul:

Google Santorum and black tranny
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:13pm pgw in mntclr:

that dude needs to get to "muffintops anonymous", post haste
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:13pm conrad:

i think referencing the pokemon movie was his very last mistake. it was in his concession speech.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:14pm stinkbug:

does frangy think the bronies trend is a mistake? http://on.wsj.com/sIjV6H
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:14pm Paul:

Calendar theme: famous movie scenes
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:14pm Obama:

I've already made about every possible mistake. Can I turn over a new leaf? Don't hold your breath kids.

BTW, sass my ass and you're in Gauntanamo "indefinitely", sucka.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:15pm conrad:

wheres gauntanamo?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:16pm Cecile:

Paul, yes and renacted with shih-tzus.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:16pm Robert in Seattle:

It's a Cuban resort
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:16pm "Frangry":

Dude peed on my butt, hahaha!!!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:16pm drunken monkey:

  Fri. 1/6/12 6:17pm conrad:

greggulator! he instigated the feltdown.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:17pm FRAMGREY:

Nothing says love like the gift of gold
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:17pm g:

Calling yourself a star anywhere is a mistake.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:17pm jojo:

that is not the gregulator
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:18pm Listener zero:

Oh boy, the fake Greggulator is calling in again.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:18pm robyn:

mistake - "Shut Up. Weirdo."
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:19pm g:

South Shula?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:19pm Obama:

@conrad: The weather is just as good as Hawaii, but I bet it's kinda hard to golf through that dinky cell window way up on the wall.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:19pm Caryn:

@Conrad: I know, but it's the mistake closest to 2012, and thus mistake no. 1.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:20pm andgry:

Why not be any where fast Russian food around here?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:22pm conrad:

your mistake is not re-watching Pokemon 2000 every fortnight, like herb caine
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:22pm g:

I used silicone caulk instead of acrylic caulk and tried to paint over it. What an idiot Boring idiot.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:23pm g:

Not drinking is a mistake!!!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:23pm andgry:

Was hung up on night before of widka
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:24pm Caryn:

I skipped watching the end of "Aliens" to keep up with this comments board. May have been a mistake...
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:25pm Ben Drinken:

Andy read that article about this thing. That people stop only during January. But go right back to it
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:25pm Robert in Seattle:

I consider three double vodka sodas a day to be light drinking
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:26pm pgw in mntclr:

mistakes i've already made in '12: i went to a bar by myself
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:27pm drunken monkey:

Rob Paul is the best old white guy out there
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:27pm Caryn:

"Aliens" reminds me that I believe James Cameron made a mistake by cutting the original scripted beginning of "Terminator 2".
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:27pm robyn:

it never occurred to me that the "voodoo chile" guy would have kids.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:28pm Listener zero:

Ron Paul more like Wrong Paul amirite?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:28pm Robert in Seattle:

Yeah - Mark in the car called at the very last minute and stole the prize from me!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:28pm This Show:

SHOW PREP??????????????????
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:28pm Mel Gibson:

I will drink too much and when I get pulled over I will call the arresting policeman "Officer Santorum".
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:28pm kellie:

Every year my Grandpapi always tells me "if you make a mistake, don't name it after me"
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:30pm Mark Zuckerberg:

I will get caught making friends with too many girls ages 11 - 14.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:30pm fan of frangry:

I will steal more
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:31pm Ru Paul:

Tssssss!!!! Baby. Write me in everyone on election day. Most people are so illiterate that they won't see the difference!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:31pm Frequent Female Flyer:

My mistake was leaving my gum unattended while visiting the little girls' room. Sheesh!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:32pm GI Joe:

I know that Santorum is behind All of us in this mans' military
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:33pm Listener zero:

go rogue & write in sarah palin!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:34pm pinball:

yuk wakermen
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:34pm conrad:

what am i listening to, the bhest sho?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:34pm Listener zero:

Fake Wally? Is this guy doing all The Best Show characters?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:34pm sweater sleeves:

I have terrible terrible stories to tell. I had to escape Santorum. He kept putting things up me.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:34pm Listener zero:

Do Larry the Perv next, fake-o!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:35pm conrad:

you have to say GET OFF OF MY PHONELINE
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:35pm "The Best Show":

  Fri. 1/6/12 6:35pm g:

Weirdos are calling the show. What else is new.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:35pm random listener:

damn it i'm so late. that's what happens after two weeks
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:36pm Pinball:

I am now able to listen more to the show live. my mistake will be calling into the show sometime...i really want a T-Shirt!!!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:36pm Caryn:

Rick Perry's funniest mistake: making an anti-gay ad looking like one of the cowboys from "Brokeback Mountain". (ripping off a gay composer for the soundtrack for the ad just adds to the hilarity)
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:37pm Jon H. in NH:

If you Google "Santorum" you can learm everything you need to know about anything.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:37pm Homeland Insecurity:

Obviously Andy is a bullshitting illegal alien. :-)
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:37pm Spike:

That woman has to fill out a new application for a replacement Social Security card. She will NOT get a new SSN.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:37pm conrad:

rick perrys 2012 mistake will be not eloping with michelle bachman's husband
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:39pm Pinball:

my mistake will be auto erotic asphyxiation...
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:40pm stinkbug:

has McCain's mistake today already been mentioned here? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WEdrdoz8Z4
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:41pm Pinball:

haha T_SHIRT!!!!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:41pm Carmichael:

Hi doggies. New experiment, playing with a nook. Has Spike (who is really Kim Jong Un) called yet?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:41pm who me?:

All heed Spike, he works with the Social Security Administration.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:42pm Magenta:

My mistake is listening to the show in a tunnel.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:42pm Magenta:

My mistake is listening to the show in a tunnel.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:42pm Magenta:

My mistake is listening to the show in a tunnel.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:45pm G:

Magenta's mistake is not knowing how to use the posting app :-)
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:45pm Scumbag film "maker":

My mistake is thinkin' my clients understand my films are art!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:45pm Pinball:

when the next shut up weirdo get together?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:46pm conrad:

frangrys 2012 mistake is letting michele host her own show. shes showing you guys up!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:46pm Pinball:

I think your Andy is funny
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:46pm pgw in mntclr:

upcoming mistake: while visiting my parents on some future weekend, i will watch every episode of "game of thrones" in a row
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:47pm G:

@conrad: MEOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:47pm Elwyn:

When is "I'm Worth It" getting David Lee Roth on?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:48pm Pinball:

I think there should be a T-shirt that says I love Frangry and I'm PISSED!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:48pm Lookie Loo:

I will make the mistake of loving you people too much!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:48pm G:

Andy is channeling Ken. Very submissive of him!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:48pm Ben Drinken:

Can Billy Jam start now? You can end it here to make up for all those times you went over on Mr. Finewine's time.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:49pm Elwyn:

@Pinball: How about options like "I love PISSED Frangry"
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:49pm G:

Great Frangry sneer on "in lovvvve"
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:49pm Listener zero:

Andy needs to get his hearing checked. The last couple of shows he has been really bad at understanding what the callers said.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:50pm Mrs. Clotworthy:

My mistake will be waiting far too long to call this venerable program.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:50pm Pinball:

@Elwyn I think that would work too.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:51pm G:

Age: 63
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:51pm Caryn:

People, stop sabering your champagne bottles! It's a mistake. You think it's cool, but everyone does it now, so you just come across as a lemming. Or a douche.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:52pm G:

Blind date? Let's see his financials.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:54pm Pinball:

will he convert to being catholic for frangrys mom?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:54pm Caryn:

I think they're trying to fix Frangry up with Bravo's Andy Cohen...
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:55pm Charles:

I will have sex when I'm sick, which is a bad idea.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:56pm Ben Drinken:

Does station manager Ken do background checks on DJs wanting shows? If so when Andy and Frangry wanted a show how did Frangry pass the anti Jersey felony.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:56pm Dank, Craft beer, and Pizza:

have a good one!
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:56pm Snortley:


  Fri. 1/6/12 6:56pm Elwyn:

Damn! I wish I could actually listen to this show but I'm stuck in a computer course for work...
Um... what's today's topic?

If someone converts to Catholicism for Frangry's mother, that's going to church two more times a year than is bearable.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How about "Shut up, weirdo"?
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:56pm Pinball:

She should say "talk to the walls"
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:56pm Charles's Swimmers:

No shit, Sherlock.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:57pm Caryn:

I second Ken's suggestion.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:58pm Guessing:

Convictions count in favor, for the FMU background check. Flunking the pee test: +5.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:58pm ear disc guy:

Count me in. I was a hipster but now so dumb.
  Fri. 1/6/12 6:58pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 1/6/12 6:59pm Pinball:

You mentioned two of my board comments i want to winnn!
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