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Riff rock for riff raff, pop fizzle for the frazzled, chord changes of life for the menopausal teenagers, a safari in the jingle-jangle jungle. (Visit homepage.)

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Options December 30, 2011

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Artist Track Album
doug gillard  Thing With A Hook (theme)   Options pseu's theme 
john cale   Paris 1919   Options  
cheap star   shell   Options  
Alan Parsons Project  time   Options  
Sonny & Cher  groovy kind of love   Options  
neil finn  she will have her way   Options  
camera obscura  the sweetest thing   Options  
someloves  sunshine's glove   Options  
weepies  speak well of me   Options  
Stone Temple Pilots  sour girl   Options  
Chris Von Sneidern  i'm like you   Options  
major labels   i don't hear a single   Options  
gem  good to see you   Options  
best coast   so gone   Options  
cargoe   feelin' mighty poorly   Options  
fools & horses   follow   Options  
owls   channel   Options  
pugwash  answers on a postcard   Options  
komeda  it's alright baby   Options  
goldbergs  better times   Options  
max & simon  imagine that   Options  
andrew gold  that belongs to you   Options  
Uncle Devil Show  Gilbert O'Sullivan   Options  
butch walker  pretty melody   Options  
the sundays   i won   Options  
game theory   something from side 3 lolita nation   Options  
flipper's guitar  friends again   Options  
marshall crenshaw  You're My Favorite Waste Of Time   Options  
Hospitality  betty wang   Options  
dan bryk  discount store   Options  
belle brigade  Belt of Orion   Options  
the corrs  at your side   Options  
martin solveig & dragonette  hello   Options  
fleetwood mac  that's enough for me   Options  
abba  Take A Chance On Me   Options  
magic numbers  you never had it   Options  
munchener freiheit  keeping the dream alive   Options  
natural born hippies  am i not sweet   Options  
sugar stems  i don't wanna be around you   Options  
reading rainbow  stephanie says   Options  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 12/30/11 9:19pm 12539:

(Listening politely)
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:21pm PB:

Hearing John Cale earlier in the set got me to thinking. What other Welsh rock musicians or bands have there been? I can't think of any off the top of my head but I'll bet there are some listeners out there who can.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:21pm G:

wow, such commenting politesse last week. what could account for it? sub rosa saltpetre? anyhow, hoping for a repeat...
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:22pm G:

neil finn, one of NZ's best
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:24pm Destroit:

Alan Parsons Project is great, and thank you for playing "time". What a great song. Oh, and hello psue and everyone. I'm in the mood for this show.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:25pm some other guy:

Dang, that cheap star track just about did me in right off the bat. Usually only Irwin can do that to me. And then Alan Parsons? Rough stuff ;). Please take this in the context of this being my favorite show.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:27pm some other guy:

@PB I guess I'll be the one to point out Super Furry Animals.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:30pm Davice:

I think Pseu is hooked!
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:32pm P-90:

I always like Camera Obscura. That singer has a way with the Leslie Gore type of echo. Their arrangements are cool. On youTube there's a video of them doing that "French Navy" song from last year with a single trumpet player replacing all the strings, etc.
Also: don't forget that Eric Burden for The Animals is Welsh.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:32pm Secret Squirrel:

New listeners? Well, you have the perfect lead-in from Downtown Soulville... THE BEST THEME SONG ON WFMU.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:33pm CBK:

Hello Pseu. great show tonight.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:33pm G:

jersey's got the densest population per square mile of any US state. you can afford the loss. that many fewer cars on route one.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:34pm 12539:

CD Baby says Track 5 of Cheap Star's Speaking Like An Elephant is titled "Shell."
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:35pm P-90:

"Hi" to Pseu too, Goddamitt! And Merry goddamn Christmas and THANK YOU for last week's X-mas spectacular!
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:36pm ?:

danke, 12539.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:36pm PB:

Eric Burdon is Welsh? Didn't know that, I thought he was from northern England. The Animals had some great tunes.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:36pm other david, damnit:

Enjoying the show
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:36pm Mike Sin:

Just thinking... There are great visual stereotypes for all parts of the USA, but what I always found most interesting in my travels is that a lot of the "New Yorkers" who complain about "bridge and tunnel folks from Jersey" have often just arrived in NYC 18 months ago via trains and planes. Much of New Jersey is loaded with older ex-New Yorkers who just wanted to buy real estate they could afford.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:37pm slazenger:

Pseu is really the child catcher from chitty chity bang bang, and now that we are tuned in, BAM> she locks the door,,,,,,,
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:38pm G:

quoth wikipedia re eris burdon:

born 11 May 1941 at Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:38pm G:

eric, ugh
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:38pm PB:

That's OK, I live in lower Westchester and people who live in NYC (particularly Manhattan) think that I live "upstate".
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:39pm slazenger:

  Fri. 12/30/11 9:39pm G:

they don't shower that often
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:40pm P-90:

@M. Sin: Alot of those older New Yorkers actually bought real estate in Jersey because people were fleeing the city in droves in the 60's and 70's.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:40pm pseu:

hello Mike Sin....
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:41pm PB:

Eric (Clapton), ugh. Eric (Burdon), had a handful of good tunes with the Animals.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:44pm slazenger:

Love this 'sour' song
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:45pm tony:

Time to break out the H&O for all the Big Kids
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:46pm Mike Sin:

@P-90 -- Oh yes, that was case with my family bolting outta the Bronx 40 years ago. For the lawns and the schools. But it still holds now -- Manhattan is closed shop to the even the upper middle class.
@Pseu -- Hello! I always enjoy all your shows.. either live or on archive.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:52pm glenn:

p 90. nice pickup.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:53pm Destroit:

Haha. Pseu gets mad when I bring up H&O.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:54pm G:

no cage rattling, you kids
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:55pm Mike Sin:

re: Major Labels
Did they ever put out a second LP? This one's almost five years old now, huh?
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:56pm pseu:

I'd guess, based on Mike Viola's busy career that maybe it's on the back burner??
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:58pm Destroit:

Mike Viola last week was spectacular.
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:59pm Randy in NC:

Back in the mid 1980's when I lived on 2nd St in Bklyn, there was this woman Annie, who must have been in her 80's that I would chat with. She was always talking wistfully about "the country" and "upstate" where she was originally from. One day I asked her where upstate it was and she said The Bronx!
  Fri. 12/30/11 9:59pm pSpellcheque:

I go out for wine and snacks and miss John Cale. Can't wait for this year to end.
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:03pm jeff:

please play anything by the red aunts......thanx
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:03pm slazenger:

yeaah, baby!
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:04pm glenn:

deranged robotic balding murderers. pseu says that like it's a bad thing.
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:06pm Destroit:

Gotcha, G. :)
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:06pm john:

Yeah, we've spent the week here with serial stomach viruses. Freakin' laff riot, lemme tell you.
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:07pm other david, damnit:

glenn, there's no accounting for taste
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:08pm Dr. Rock'n'Roll:

Hey Pseu!
Got any Fools and Horses?
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:15pm other david, damnit:

i like this cargoe track muchly, it be apt
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:15pm Mike Sin:

I didn't discover Cargoe until that "Thank You Friends" Ardent comp from a few years ago featured the glorious "Feel Alright." It made me investigate the one LP they released back in the day... Very cool that you possess the original vinyl.
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:16pm eastvanhalen:

I got my supporter swag this week, which was a bit o' sunshine in a holiday otherwise spent in bed sick. Achoo, and a happy new year to everyone.
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:18pm P-90:

@eastvanhalen: God bleth you
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:19pm other david, damnit:

Some Rollerskate Skinny would be just perfect now :)
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:23pm eastvanhalen:

@P-90 *Sniffle* Thanks.
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:24pm other david, damnit:

huzzah pugwash :)
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:28pm Mike Sin:

So, I'm just lazin' around tonight heating up almond milk and loading it up with Frangelico and completely enjoying this show... especially this quirky Komeda track.
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:28pm Destroit:

+5 on the komeda track
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:29pm Jeffersonic/Jervix:

One great track after another! Thank you, Pseu!
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:33pm P-90:

This set is lifting my spirits in spite of myself.
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:34pm other david, damnit:

P-90 ditto!
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:34pm G:

"Imagine That" released July 2011...
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:35pm eastvanhalen:

Cherry NyQuil and Andrew Gold FTW.
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:37pm Destroit:

Oh my. Frangelico and warm almond milk. Sounds just awful yet interesting in the same breath. Keep movin pseu, good stuff
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:38pm P-90:

Gotta try that Frangelico & almond milk. Maybe add some Cherry NyQuil? A new traditional cocktail for the weird week between Christmas and New Years?
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:39pm PB:

What is Frangelico?
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:41pm G:

hazelnut liqueur
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:42pm Mike Sin:

Folks -- the warm almond milk + Frangelico is deliciously aweome in the winter time. That mixture of almonds and hazlenuts is something quite cozy. I'm heading back to the stove....
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:46pm G:

wikipedia: In the movie The Love Guru the character played by Stephen Colbert mentions he had a recent addiction to Frangelico.
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:47pm Destroit:

Thanks for the Sunday's song. Great.
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:48pm P-90:

Even though I now know that S. Colbert is in it, I STILL have no desire to see that particular flick...
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:52pm GRC:

Great show
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:53pm Destroit:

@ mr thirsty: made me laugh
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:57pm Joe E:

Are you playing this song because it's absurdist, or because you really like it?
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:58pm other david, damnit:

  Fri. 12/30/11 10:58pm eastvanhalen:

Oh wow, I didn't know that Andrew Gold died this year.
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:58pm Skirkie:

Didja know Tom Hanks tweeted about yous guys today?
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:59pm I X Key!:

Good morning, awesome show!
  Fri. 12/30/11 10:59pm Destroit:

Julie rules.
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:02pm other david, damnit:

Tom Hanks tweets about FMU?

He *must* be the man behind the Krampus movie
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:02pm Rob from Maryland:

Decomposing animals??
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:02pm glenn:

she rules in a kind and benevolent manner. all hail julie!
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:04pm Rob from Maryland:

The DJ is a national treasure!!
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:05pm P-90:

Pseu choking on "special announcements" LOL
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:07pm glenn:

seriously? hook refers to the "hook" in pop songs.
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:12pm Droll:

@suea: I assure you the lady with the sharp pointy thing in one hand and a 45 (rpm) in the other means business on both hands.
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:19pm Trey Monkeystasio:

I wish I was out at Phish right now
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:20pm suea:

glenn. seriously, no. she just seems angry. i wondered if this is always or just for New Years. Maybe she is drinking gin. IDK! I never listened before.
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:22pm glenn:

i'd rather hear earnest snarkiness than the fake vanilla bullshit that passes for repartee on most radio stations.
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:24pm P-90:

@suea: Surly? Our hostess is in one of her sparkliest moods! Remember, this signal does originate in New Joisey.
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:24pm glenn:

plus pseu plays awesome fuckin' tunes.
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:24pm Schwaab:

Thanks for all the hooks and stuff, pusoo!
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:24pm suea:

yikes glenn. stay off the gin!
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:25pm Skirkie:

I think the modifiers you're looking for are, "sassy." Or possibly "sultry."
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:25pm eastvanhalen:

He's not drinking gin. I've been feeding everyone NyQuil since six, except for that dude who persists in drinking Frangelico.
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:26pm glenn:

i don't drink.
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:26pm other david, damnit:

what the.. what
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:30pm Trey Monkeystasio:

I also wish I was out at The New Deal, who are playing the post Phish show at Highline Ballroom, and who's Dan Kurtz is one half of Dragonette who are awesome. Does anyone have any acid? Seriously. Get at me dawg
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:31pm eastvanhalen:

The last time I heard this song was at the last Canucks game I went to. Hockey music is really curious.
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:32pm Schwaab:

Relation to MIA?
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:32pm glenn:

hello out there, we're on the air, it's hockey night tonight.
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:34pm eastvanhalen:

Damn, glenn, that reminds me -- we're overdue for a Hansen Brothers show here in Van. The best of loogan good times.
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:34pm john:

Super rad Lindsey choice tonight!
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:34pm P-90:

Have an ABBA New Year, everyone!
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:35pm Rob from Maryland:

I am having a happy ABBA new year, thanks!
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:36pm eastvanhalen:

Ok, so the ABBA thing: can I admit that SOS will, in all circumstances, make me dance around the living room? ABBA 2012! (Take that, Rush.)
  Fri. 12/30/11 11:37pm glenn:

abba's great. not everything has to be sun ra and john coltrane all the time.

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