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Riff rock for riff raff, pop fizzle for the frazzled, chord changes of life for the menopausal teenagers, a safari in the jingle-jangle jungle. (Visit homepage.)

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Options December 16, 2011

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Artist Track Album
doug gillard  thing with a hook   Options pseu's theme 
Marc Almond  tears run rings   Options  
Morrisey  in the future when all's well   Options  
beatles  martha my dear   Options  
ELO  daybreaker   Options  
zombies  tell her no   Options  
aerovons   Resurrection   Options  
syd barrett  here i go   Options  
david bowie  soul love   Options  
Joan Jett & Paul Westerberg  let's do it   Options  
cheap star  untitled (4)   Options  
chris bell   i don't know   Options  
spirit  girl in your eye   Options  
surfer blood  miranda   Options  
the la's   feeling   Options  
dan bryk  cozy evenings   Options  
1984  there is music all around me   Options  
left banke let go of you girl      

Listener comments!

  Fri. 12/16/11 9:15pm G:

playin hookey...
  Fri. 12/16/11 9:24pm Mean Mr Mustard:

Beatles-esque, it certainly is. I've only recently n\heard of The Aerovons - a US band who refused to record except on Parlophone.
  Fri. 12/16/11 9:27pm Siggy Ztardust:

Stone me, Love.
  Fri. 12/16/11 9:28pm G:

They were just wishing he were there.
  Fri. 12/16/11 9:33pm G:

i suspect it's gonna be a long night on the comments.
  Fri. 12/16/11 9:34pm G:

supplies that put dj's in a good mood
  Fri. 12/16/11 9:56pm G:

thanks for trimming intoxicated kudzu. i trust your insurance covers carpal tunnel.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:09pm L'il santa:

Does paying off a poor family's layaway account at Walmart count?
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:12pm *:

That was trippy
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:23pm cosmic matrix:

  Fri. 12/16/11 10:24pm G:

wow, it's a *music* show! i get it now!

keep spinnin', i'll keep chillin'...
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:25pm cosmic matrix:

wait....you're not talking about me, are you? don't get it.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:26pm Lucy:

My booth is open if you want to talk about it.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:26pm michael c:

amazing show, Pseu...especially the Left Banke
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:26pm I X Key!:

I like it!!!!!
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:26pm Adam in Portland:

Grow up, chumps. Love this show!!!
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:27pm cosmic matrix:

i totally missed who dissed the show.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:27pm Hoagie Time:

I listening and enjoying the show
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:27pm Burning Bridges:

Dignified silence.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:27pm trent:

  Fri. 12/16/11 10:28pm Kieran:

Great show Pseu and J. Voltage. The best, listening from Boston every Friday..
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:28pm yoman:

Your show is just fine, let it go and play some more of that good, good stuff.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:28pm Adam in Portland:

Keep bringin' the new, Pseu.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:28pm Belmondo:

Love you Psue, all the way from Brazil!!! Keep on playing!!! Dont feed the trolls...
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:28pm cosmic matrix:

sue, if i'm not allowed to promote my music on your comments board, i'm sorry, did not know. i don't need any disrespect.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:29pm CBK:

Hi Pseu/Joe .... Loving the show tonight. Thank you.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:30pm eastvanhalen:

Most of us get it, Pseu, signal-to-noise ratio notwithstanding. And the show is always great. You've played our friends' bands, ffs. How awesome is that? Stick it out if you can. And I love the board.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:30pm cosmic matrix:

YAY! thanks for the shout out! finally.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:30pm Derek:

if the people on this comments board are trolling, your voice is trolling my speakers. shut up and play a song.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:31pm trent:

hi Sue check out my new Rihanna covers album
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:31pm dino:

Hi. Really do love you, go out of my way to listen every week.
Can listeners sponsor your tolls?
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:31pm PiLA:

I'm here for the abuse
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:32pm djd:

love the show! chillin in san francisco thanks for the hard work i'll send cash soon
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:32pm Selene:

This woman speaking must be wearing a black bra,
black see through panties and a pierced navel in
the form of a cross. The male is wearing a matching
set of blue panties and pink bra with unclipped nose
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:32pm Firetrap McNavelLint:

Can listeners sponsor Cosmic's meds?
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:33pm Minnesota Jeff:

No one has ever said anything positive about Pseu's show on this comments board ever. Oh wait, I did, but she erased it.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:33pm G:

maybe ken could get some of us referrals to his anger management class
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:33pm Brother Theodore:

Stop stealing my schtick.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:34pm Derek:

pseu, stop trolling my speakers. shut. up.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:34pm Ike:

Hi Pseu.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:35pm Hit a nerve:

Looked for my 1976 yearbook the other night, couldnt find it.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:35pm Low blow:

My tricot is just fine thank you.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:36pm Derek:

this is the first time i've listened. someone else told you to shut up before. this is my first time.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:37pm Minnesota Jeff:

"Great set so far, Pseu!" My comment on tonight's board before it was cleared.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:38pm Edinburgh Man:

First time listening live and the board has made the show so much better.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:39pm john:

Well, I think we've just proved that the cure for the ills of democracy is categorically NOT more democracy.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:41pm kristin:

what a great bunch of songs you were playing. such good pop. i love your show! (listening in portland)
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:42pm True Fan (don't clear me plz):

LOVE the Hawaiian Jesus!
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:42pm G:

obligtory xmas content: This is the Chatboard of Misfit Dudes.

boardom setting in!

music upcoming!
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:43pm Derek:

nobody cares about your neighbor. i liked that morrisey song you played earlier. play something like that again. and shut up.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:44pm Shutup Derek:

I don't care what I think.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:44pm michael c:

Derek, manners please.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:44pm Marmalade Kitty:

comment cleansing.. this is hilarious, great show!
I always dig the show Pseu! why so defensive?
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:46pm PiLA:

1 cup all-purpose or cake flour
1 1/2 cups walnuts, finely chopped
2-3 Tbsp sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 pound butter (at room temperature)
Pinch of salt
Powdered sugar, to coat (about 1 cup)
Plenty of shut up Derek
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:46pm Derek:

this is even worse than that colloquy about your neighbor. my god.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:47pm G:

those pre-shutdown comments are still there stored but not visible, and some may reappear in archive. i doubt there's time for that kind of editing during a live show.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:47pm darue:

have you seen the shutup andywarhol tumblr ? It's a term of love :)
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:48pm eastvanhalen:

This is the trolling Circle of Hell, and it is awesome. But I am going to abandon all you fabulous people to go see Prince. Have a fine night!
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:49pm Animatomic:

Gotta have Somethin' in 2/4 Time! C'mon !
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:49pm Edinburgh Man:

What is the largest piece of food you can hide in the beard?
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:51pm Animatomic:

This is working, the losers are leaving!
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:54pm Irony Board:

I was wrong. Please let me stay.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:54pm Tim Serpas:

Loving it.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:54pm djd:

love the music!! do me!
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:55pm Destroit:

hello. Just tuning in. Looking forward to the next hour. Just do me!
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:55pm Sexy Jandek:

Keep talking, babe!
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:55pm Andres:

This is awesome! Way better than Tom! Friends of Pseu!
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:56pm Die Hard:

I'm staying! So there!
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:56pm G:

the phrase of art is "chump steamroller"
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:56pm Joe D:

Pseu you are my hero. Sure, Voltage too.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:56pm It's Me Again:

Really enjoyed the music.
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:56pm yoman:

Yeah, and I'm taking my ball with me ;-)
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:56pm djd:

still won't leave!
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:58pm G:

@yoman: Some dudes here don't actually have balls to take with them
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:59pm Professor touchdown:

rocking out!
  Fri. 12/16/11 10:59pm pseu:

  Fri. 12/16/11 11:05pm Donnie Iris:

remember me? Ah! Leah!
great show!
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:10pm yoman:

@G: One's enough, I brought my fork 8-O
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:13pm Chop Scott:

Listening and super enjoying, as ever--Cheers!
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:17pm yoman:

Pseu, you rock and all that and all that and more. Thanks for spinning the tunes, one favorite thing about WFMU is that I never know what the feel is going to be like until I tune in.
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:22pm G:

the board was totally wack tonight from the outset. preholiday thing? dunno. i just knew right away it was not gonna go smoothly. spideysense or whatever.
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:23pm howdoyoukeepanidiotinsuspense:

Heart the pseu////
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:24pm Destroit:

this is the only show I've ever heard with this concept, 3-4 minute pop sings from every genre imaginable. I love it. Shameless request: wedding present, "I'm from further north than you". I feel like I've commited a crime...
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:30pm Marmalade Kitty:

Your only crime, *that we know of* is supporting the Lions!
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:33pm Destroit:

Roar! :) my apologies to errrbody, I was in rare form a couple weeks ago.
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:33pm Marmalade Kitty:

only jokin, Destroit! ;)
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:41pm Danne D:

That was such a great set Pseu. Made for great music to drive to!
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:42pm Destroit:

I love cats. Yeah, great song!!
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:46pm 12539:

Thanks for the pop, Pseu.
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:50pm pseu:

this is the old Aerosmith, only 5 songs ago. Tell you what Destroit, you give me a Wedding Present and I'll play some. Like a nice tea set from the Letitia Baldridge Collection.
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:53pm People Magazine:

Newflash: Pseu's gettin' hitched! Sorry, fellas! Who's the lucky guy???
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:53pm Destroit:

Lol, googling right now, :)
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:53pm PB:

Paul Westerberg recorded a song with Joan Jett? When the hell did he do that? I can't imagine how bad it actually was.
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:56pm G:

PB: It was a cover of that old-time standard, "Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it, let's fall in love" etc...
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:57pm Destroit:

Who track trumps the wedding present. No tea for you!
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:58pm PB:

@G, for real? I didn't hear it so I don't know if you're putting me on or not. Sounds execrable.
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:58pm dino:

Let's Fall in Love by Cole Porter
Actually, it was an awesome record!
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:59pm G:

Check it on the archive tomorrow, no shit. It was what it was, and I won't try to substitute my judgment for anyone else's :-)
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:59pm PB:

Thanks G, I'll check it out.
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:02am The Ether:

You could ask Rich if he's fucked any pizza lately. He went into that on "I'm Worth It" last month.
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:03am FCC:

As great radio as this is, there's something I'd like to hear about now.
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:04am Squirrel Carcass:

And tell him to leave me alone in the shower after we work out!
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:04am Destroit:

One hand slapping against the other makes a wonderful sound for mr. Rich hazelton!!! Good night pseu, have a great night. Rich, just do me.
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:06am CDs:

We call Rich "slowhand"
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:07am CDs:

FCC, don't hold your goddamn breath this hour.
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:08am Destroit:

Good lord, haha
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:09am FCC:

I think the odds of a legal ID are better if they'd turn Rich's mic on
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:10am CDs:

She leaves his mic off to make him sound bad.
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:11am CDs:

@FCC: I think she really is, you know, puff puff. Don't tell the DEA.
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:11am FCC:

For varying definitions of bad. This is real white-knuckle edge-of-the-seat radio.
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:14am CDs:

I suspect Pesu feels her quarter hour of dead air pauses are better than his quarter hour of music selections.
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:15am Mike Oz:

Ha ha.
  Sat. 12/17/11 12:16am CDs:

Pseu went to pee finally.
  Sat. 12/17/11 8:39am gyozaking:

I recall hearing it but don't see it in the playlist, so for the record, I'm pretty certain that Pseu played "Spindizzy" by The Orange Humble Band.
  Sat. 12/17/11 10:29am G:

@gyozaking: Soon after the big comments list blowup and shutdown in the early part of the 10PM hour, the playlist updating ceased. Maybe that will be rectified sometime...
  Sat. 12/17/11 11:24am pseu:

I wouldn't count on it, but if you hum a few bars...xox
  Sun. 12/18/11 5:52am Andrew:

I think the board is good (usually, tonights wasnt)
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