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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options December 16, 2011: I'm Glad Nobody Saw Me

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up. Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 12/16/11 6:02pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:02pm alberto:

happy birthday to me!!!! a new shut up weirdo?! ...you shouldn't have.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:02pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry goes topless...finally!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:03pm UH!:

Dec 16, 2001??????
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:03pm Carmichael:

Hi Doggies.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:04pm Caryn:

Hello weirdos!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:05pm Listener one:

Time to break up
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:05pm ?:

do not!!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:05pm MISTER JOHNNY:

It's all Andy's fault, again...
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:05pm FCC:

On Air vs. On Stream. Stay Clear, Frangy Babe!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:05pm michael jackson:

woo hoo i made it. frangry is angry!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:06pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Wow...that was uncomfortable...
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:06pm johnsturgeon:

do not!!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:06pm Robert in Seattle:

This show is making me cry.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:07pm MARK:

hi frangry
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry must be a real ball-buster as a girlfriend...right?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:07pm FCC:

6 after -- is that a RECORD EARLY ANNOYING KID CALL?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:07pm FRANGRY:

I'm actually really sweet as a girlfriend. SO THERE!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:08pm Boyfriends:

Just never go on freakin mic with her, man. Brutal!!!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:09pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Happy Birthday, Frangry...and many more!!!

Did you get the lilies I sent?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:09pm Tommelise:

What's Puerto Rican about Coquito?... The Puerto Rican (Barrilito) rum! That's what!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:09pm FRANGRY:

LIAR! You didn't send no lillies!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:09pm Carmichael:

Spike is a real ball-buster as a girlfriend, though.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:10pm corduroy moccasins:

I had this special move in highschool - it was called the 'helicopter' which involved peeing in a 360 motion in the toilets - I'm glad no one saw me.. / sorry janitors
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:10pm Tommelise:

Happy Birthday, Frangry! :D
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:10pm Boyfriends:

Excellent line, Carm! :-)
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:11pm pinball:

johnny is acting strange
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:11pm upstairs/dowstairs donut:

i'm glad nobody saw me!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:11pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Busted! You're right, I didn't send lilies.

Could I give you a sponge bath instead?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:11pm pinball:

and frangry is a drag today
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:11pm FRANGRY:

Yeah, it sounds like Muller is up to something...
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:12pm FRANGRY:

I AM NOT A DRAG! I just ate too much :(
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:12pm FRANGRY:

No thanks, I don't need a sponge bath. I actually showered this morning.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:12pm FRANGRY:

I'm gonna comment more than I speak on the air today.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:12pm corduroy moccasins:

can hear frangry typing - FURIOUSLY
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:12pm pinball:

haha, true i listen because i like it when your snotty
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:13pm AARP:

Spike's IQ rose above 50 so we put him on the list. Sorry!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:13pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Okay...but did you SHAMPOO?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:13pm Youth in Asia:

old people smell funny.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:13pm michael jackson:

I like how you can hear frangry type on the air
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:13pm FRANGRY:

No, I did not shampoo.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:13pm Jim B:

It's cool. Jones occasionally loses it with Burns on the air, and it's good radio.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:14pm pinball:

but as a man i kind of feel like im breaking some kind of code by laughing at andy getting abused
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:14pm MARK:

The universe is not ready for 16 year old twin Frangrys.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:14pm Youth in Asia:

but this dood Spike sounds like he's in his 70's
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:14pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Doesn't your hair start to smell?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:14pm Tommelise:

I fear of what I may hear from that topic idea.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:15pm FRANGRY:

I wash it every three days. It smells good. like perfume.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:15pm shane:

not a good topic
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:16pm FRANGRY:

YOU'RE not a good topic.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:16pm G:

@pinball: Better him than you. That's a major basis of a lot of comedy
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:16pm Robert in Seattle:

I think you should give "glad nobody saw me" a chance.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:16pm pinball:

you love skateboarders because of mike mac!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Do you ride the subway? I find the smell gets in my hair. GROSS...
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:16pm corduroy moccasins:

This year I didn't take a bunch of laxatives and crabwalk in the middle of the street
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:17pm mean old man:

fangry you sound like you ate too much
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:17pm alberto:

i agree robert, i'm trying to think of a good one.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:17pm Carmichael:

I didn't throw up this year in front of my regular bar. Finally.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:17pm Tommelise:

Things I didn't do this year: eat more!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:17pm mike:

Can you do a kick flip, Frangry?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:18pm Overeating Female:

Does this extra food look good on me?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:18pm shane:

What about Jenna's topic, things about the holidays you hate, like creepy oldmen dressed as santa, or people who are really into x-mas.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:18pm FRANGRY:

I used to be able to do an olly. or however you spell that.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:18pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry, why don't you smash Andy's head like a pinata?

It's cool cuz it's your Birthday, eh...
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:19pm johnsturgeon:

what I didn't do this year (yet): tell Frangry that one year and two days ago I found out her birthday is on the 14th, same as mine! I was gonna do it Wednesday, but hey, I was busy that day.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:20pm pinball:

I want a t-shirt...i work in a busy bar in williamsburg i'll wear it every day!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:20pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry doesn't pay for drinks with cash. She pays in other ways...
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:21pm johnsturgeon:

So, all I'll get you is another birthday any Dec14th; I can do it because the second one's mine.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:21pm alberto:

i didn't move to new york city this year.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:21pm Tommelise:

Things I didn't do this year? Call the show without sounding drowsy or speaking in Spanish.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:21pm Bruce:

The hook to this show -- Middle aged dork mocked by snotty hotty.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:22pm Carmichael:

I didn't do anything this year, and nothing happened to me.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:22pm G:

What does Frangry think of that young Manhattan woman with the no-put-out dates five nights a week off match.ocm, and the Excel spreadsheet to keep everyone straight
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:23pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Why do chicks dig skateboarders?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:23pm johnsturgeon:

frangry: comic who tells jokes using only her tone of voice
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:23pm Si Nonym:

haughty maybe
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:23pm G:

@MJ: Clear proof of good body control
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:24pm me:

the human milkshake?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:24pm MISTER JOHNNY:

haughty hottie...I like it!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:25pm me:

you don't want to know what we think the human milkshake is...
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:25pm G:

Andy's human milkshake brings the boys to the yard
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:26pm Tommelise:

Topic idea: what is the human milkshake and what does it mean to you?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:26pm Cliff:

Saudi hottie?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:26pm Robert in Seattle:

Y'all are sure to get a Peabody for this show. This is quality radio.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:26pm G:

Andy said "sottie hottie" (sot = drunk)
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:27pm Carmichael:

You both sound dizzy goofy wasted. Next will be angry depressed wasted, followed by where's the booze semi sobriety.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:27pm Elliot Ness:

Consumption of alcoholic beverages while broadcasting a radio programme is a serious viloation of Federal Law
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:28pm ?:

Does it count as roofying if this show puts us to sleep and we don't remember anything when we come to?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:28pm Robert in Seattle:

It's almost like I'm just hanging out with you, listening to your drunken banter, It's so intimate.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:28pm G:

She's a pottie hottie, and she DOESN'T CARE WHO SEES HER VAJAYJAY
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:29pm Mr El Donutsu:

...and then I woke up in a dumpster with this burning sensation...
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:29pm Cliff:

Just don't pee on her ass.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:30pm Fiddler on the Roofie:

Somebody put something in my drink.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:30pm me:

maybe we should stage an intervention. turn this into an AA meeting.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:30pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry could sent Andy away as freight...might be funny!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:30pm ?:

Hot damn! I got a laugh! I shoulda put my name!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:31pm Robert in Seattle:

Or an improvised production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:31pm king of pompano:

This show has less suspense than my life-what i'm doing now? trying to make pancakes in my rice cooker
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:31pm The Devil:

This show is teaching me how to be honest
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:32pm tko:

this is the worst story.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:32pm ?:

Just another call about meeting a stranger with a nice deck.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:32pm G:

he has this nice dick?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:32pm G:

  Fri. 12/16/11 6:32pm Robert in Seattle:

king of pompano, I bet you're glad nobody is seeing you do that.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:32pm Tommelise:

Topic: Which called bored you faster?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:33pm Tommelise:

  Fri. 12/16/11 6:34pm Robert in Seattle:

Kiss ass, Bob - you're already on the list!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:34pm Elliot Ness:

Discharge of a firearm within 500' of a dwelling or road is ALSO a serious violation (Federal if a Class III weapon)
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:34pm Jim B:

If Frangry ate baked beans in Boston she would be the fahty hotty.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:35pm G:

??? how do you SOMEHOW break a water main. i call BS
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:36pm me:

yes. who's afraid of frangry and andy
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:36pm G:

New Show Title: Drunken Phone Chat
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:36pm me:

this show has been very... ..."jersey"
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:37pm Tommelise:

I won't even bother to call. My Caribbean life is too boring.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:37pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is a stripper pole like a Festivus Pole?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:38pm G:

Rosie O'Donell was eating ice cream? WTF???
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:38pm Skirkie:

I could have gone my whole life without knowing that Rosie O'Donnell was from Nyack.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:39pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I like Puerto Rican strippers...yeah.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:39pm Deed:

STRIPPERS IN NYAK? I'm there with two scoops
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:39pm Frank Costanza:

look at me - I do the splits too!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:40pm me:

send poor Robert a t-shirt
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:40pm Nyack Strip Joint:

The strippers always come with two scoops.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:41pm MISTER JOHNNY:

New show topic: what made you impotent?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:41pm correction police:

Rosie O'Donnel is from Commack on LI.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:42pm Nyack Strip Joint:

Commack, Nyack, who can keep all those Island towns straight.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:43pm correction police:

Nyack is not on LI.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:43pm ?:

When I worked in Huntingdon Valley, PA, in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I got into a conversation with the last holdout farmer among all the office parks (I walked by him on my way to work at a marketing firm). For some reason, I mentioned that I was Jewish. Instantly, his eyebrows went up, and he leaned over his fence and said in a conspirational voice, "Well, then you can help me kill my chickens."
I said, "What?"
He gave me a shrewd, let's-make-a-deal look and said, "Well, you people drink the blood, right? So you kill my chickens, you're happy, and I'm happy."
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:43pm MISTER JOHNNY:

New show topic: horrible family secrets...
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:44pm Nyack Strip Joint:

Commack, Nyack, who can keep all those podunk NYS suburban towns straight.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:45pm Mr El Donutsu:

Officer Hardwood?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:46pm Hint:

This dude was told a crazy fake story.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:46pm me:

please note, this story is ALSO set in jersey...
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:46pm ?:

I dunno. The thing about the flip phone was more interesting.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:46pm tko:

i don't think homeland security does "hit men" also the math on here is hard.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:47pm Mr El Donutsu:

Who has jurisdiction over the hardwood?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:47pm ?:

You're not gonna blow our cover.
You're gonna blow me.
Here, have a roofie.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:47pm bartelby:

the cop was cheating on his wife
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:47pm MISTER JOHNNY:

More stripper stories, please...
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:47pm tko:

his accent is so bad, it's making my ears bleed.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:48pm Hint:

That dude with the Homeland Security line worked it up by hitting on women in bars. They eat that shit up, some of them.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:48pm Caryn:

On her 50th birthday, my mom told me and my brother all about her porn career. That was mind-blowing. This story: not so much. And I suspect the cop was lying.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:48pm Mr El Donutsu:

Yo, hardwood - how's it hangin?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:48pm paddy:

i was invited to my first lovers house to meet her parents and eat dinner (her father was a hunter). we went up to her room before dinner and one thing leads to another and im standing up wiith my pants around my ankles and she was on her knees infront of me. i was facing the bedroom door. sudenly it opens and her father says to me "downstairs its time for supper" and he shuts the door. i start climbing out the window and she says she'll never have do that again if i leave. so i went down and suffered through dinner. know one mentioned it.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:49pm alberto:

mikey digits calling always lifts my spirits!!!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:49pm ?:

Ha! Two laughs in a row. Danne D, I'm finally matching you (though you're not on here today).
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:49pm Jim B:

Caryn, you've got to call that one in.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:50pm Hint:

yeah caryn, archive mom's porno career for posterity!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:51pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Caryn Does Dallas
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:53pm paddy:

bye weirdos im off to the circus
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:53pm G:

That kid was glad everybody saw him.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:54pm The Devil:

  Fri. 12/16/11 6:54pm MISTER JOHNNY:

CumpleaƱos feliz, FRANGRY!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:55pm Tommelise:

Mindblowing things: there is a Ponderosa restaurant in almostevery municipality in Puerto Rico. Needless to day, only the elderly eat there.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:55pm Caryn:

@Jim B: live on the other side of the globe, so the call would cost a bunch...
@frangry and all: well, my mom was a rock reporter in the late 60s/early 70s. After a few years, she and a couple of coworkers left and founded a porn mag (it's still published now). So she was mostly a porn editor. But in the early days, it was hard to find models, so apparently she posed in quite a few of the early mags too. I'd like to find the mags, but it's difficult asking people to help me find naked pics of my mom. Incidentally, she also detailed other facts about her life, including the rock stars she was with during her rock reporter days, her suicide attempt, and the pedophile she put into a coma when she was 12. So, a memorable birthday...
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:56pm ?:

The authorities at Mars Bar. Savor the expression.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:56pm Mr El Donutsu:

Officer Hardwood!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:57pm Robert in Seattle:

Caryn, you have the best mom EVER!
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:57pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How'd she put a pedophile in a coma?
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:58pm me:

is this the "voodoo chile" guy? that is one thing that DIDN'T happen to me this year
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:58pm Robert in Seattle:

Pedophile in a coma I know, I know it's serious.
  Fri. 12/16/11 6:59pm FRANGRY:

  Fri. 12/16/11 6:59pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is Mark in the Car impotent?
  Fri. 12/16/11 7:01pm Caryn:

@Mister Johnny: he had molested her for years, then one evening he was drunk as hell and attacked her with an axe. She grabbed a hammer and smashed his head in. Needless to say, as her kids, we were taught to stand up to bullies.
  Fri. 12/16/11 7:06pm Caryn:

And thanks, Robert, I consider her pretty cool too. She's also tiny but all muscle. Regularly beats all comers in armwrestling.
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