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Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options December 14, 2011: Live from the UCB Theater with Sandra Bernhard, Tao Lin, and Suzanne Vega

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Ken & Andy 

Listener comments!

  Wed. 12/14/11 6:02pm Matt from Springfield:

Suzanne Vega actually FOLLOWED THROUGH! It's a half-victory!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:02pm Laurie:

He cancelled, I can never get his lazy ass out of the house.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Laurie, I'm a HUGE fan of yours!

You couldn't go in his place??? Perform something from "United States Live"?
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:04pm L.:

Lou is like hair: You get him washed, but then you can't do a thing with him
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Anti-talent discrimination drove Andy out of the folk industry.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:06pm Danne D:

Dang :( This woulda been a great show to see!

Suzanne Vega totally is above this show :)

  Wed. 12/14/11 6:06pm L.:

Danne's in love.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:07pm L.:

(as usual)
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Zane had better not be driving!!!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:08pm Danne D:

  Wed. 12/14/11 6:08pm other david:

Danne - a duet with Andy will bring her right down to the shows level :)
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:09pm kat330:

@L. Yeah, blood boils.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:10pm L.:

One good thing about a from-afar Vega crush is that it does not require browsing the Strand afterwards...
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:10pm Matt from Springfield:

I can't tell if I'm in the VIP Group or not! Such a typical Andy joke...
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:10pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I want the sponge bath from Andy!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:12pm L.:

You mean no famous actors on Monk suffered from Andy's rudeness in all those years??? Hard to believe.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:12pm Matt from Springfield:

@OD: A good thing about Vega appearing is that maybe other famous people will listen in, thus warning them against appearing on this show in the future!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:12pm schticklegruber:

Andy won't let Ken get word 1 in.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:12pm other david:

@Matt: HAH! You're right, it's a real public service
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Andy lets his kids express themselves through a belt on the kitchen chair.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:13pm L.:

Andy ha to network relentlessly in pursuit of his next entertainment world work/income.

Ken always has FMU, which in a way he's an owner of.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:14pm schticklegruber:

THE owner!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:14pm Brass Knuckles:

Ha. I never would have imagined Bernhard bringing up Tim Tebow
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:15pm Matt from Springfield:

@OD: You know, it would have been better though to have famous people sentenced to community service to appear--they get their community service fulfilled and it lets the public know that actions have consequences :)
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:15pm moose:

sandy gays the show up nicely
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:15pm L.:

@sticklegruber: I believe in understatement
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:16pm G:

Tebow has been getting discussed, pro and con, all over the media for several weeks. It's not cutting edge at this late date.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:16pm Living Doll:

it's the other way around WFMU owns Ken
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:16pm #K:

Irwin & I agree that Suzanne Vega does a spot on Pseu Braun
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:16pm schticklegruber:

@L.: Me too, when I can get around to it.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:17pm PMD:

Darn, missed Suzanne Vega
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:17pm Brass Knuckles:

Bring back The A-List.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:17pm other david:

@Matt - On reflection I'm not sure if this is public service, or simply cruel and unusual punishment
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:18pm Brass Knuckles:

...when comedy central still showed stand-up comedy.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:18pm schticklegruber:

SB sounds sauced, possibly powdered. Can't imagine why her career is where it is. Great in King of Comedy, though.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:18pm G:

@OD: Waterboarding on a Couch
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:20pm PMD:

hmm... squatted on flaming beaver...
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:21pm G:

or vice versa, PMD
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:22pm Danne D:

Why wouldn't I wanna hit the Strand?
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:23pm G:

weather might be bad, danne. but a vega crush requires no commute.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:23pm Danne D:

@Matt are you sure that community service isn't what's happening here?..
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:23pm Matt from Springfield:

"Old Rabbi In Leather Pants" -- wasn't that a 1977 album of Lou's? The one that came out right after his contractual-obligation "Testy Old Bastard"?
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:23pm kat330:

Curmudgeonly, cantankerous, grumpy old rabbi.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:23pm Living Doll:

He couldn't come he has scones to kick
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:24pm Danne D:

true, that, G
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:24pm moose:

he's always been sweet to my dogs lou reed
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:24pm schticklegruber:

Any yous remember the Honda ad?
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:24pm kat330:

I think I know why Lou's grumpy....
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:24pm Danne's Options:

"Hit that" (at her place after dinner) <----> Hit the Strand

Only *he* doesn't get to choose
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:24pm Danne D:

She's remember way too many words for this to be an authentic Lou Reed impersonation
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:25pm Danne D:

(she sounds more John Cale than Lou Reed btw)
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:26pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

History in the making!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:26pm schticklegruber:

Next SSD guest: Mo Tucker.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:26pm PMD:

You know, it doesn't quite work for me....
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:27pm Brass Knuckles:

radio edit, please!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:27pm G:

wonder if this is preplanned and she has a lyrics sheet? or she really knew the lyrics that well off the top of her head?
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:27pm kat330:

Rather hear "I Got You, Babe"...
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:27pm PMD:

Oh, it was pre-planned fer sure
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:28pm G:

28 after? someone's getting shorted and it aint suzanne.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:28pm tim:

I had to text her the lyrics. Just another part of the job.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:28pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I enjoyed the occasional doot from Ken.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:28pm G:

life is a long series of disillusionments
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:29pm mike noble at ucb:

G, didn't you know we had a cue card guy?
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:29pm G:

sniff sniff sniff
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:31pm G:

someone writes ken and andy's material? that's actually worked on? (ok, except for facts about the guests, cue cards make total sense for that)
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:32pm Listener Julian:

Wait. Wait. Tao Lin took Xanax?
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:32pm Brass Knuckles:

Don't know anything about this guy but just hearing his voice I got the impression he might be just the right kind of awkward misanthrope that writes for VICE magazine.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:32pm PMD:

Oh, he took xanax? what a surprise.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Xanax+Ken and Andy??!! Dear Lord, be prepared in case he passes out!!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:33pm Listener Julian:

I actually laughed out loud at: "I asked you if you'd have cheese and crackers. And you said no."
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:34pm mike noble at ucb:

you all can't see andy is just nodding a lot.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:34pm kat330:

For the love of God, please, bring on Ms. Vega!!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:35pm Listener Julian:

Shouldn't Andy be more afraid of this guy?
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:35pm mike noble at ucb:

best interview of 2011.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:36pm Danne D:

Don't they give out Xanax before all of their UCB shows?
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:36pm ?:

I don't see why this guy isn't such a huge star. He's so charismatic!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:36pm G:

The tao of boredom
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julian 6:33: I did too!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:36pm Living Doll:

Is he single?
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:36pm Listener Julian:

I actually do love this interview. PLEASE let him sing Pale Blue Eyes.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:37pm Danne D:

I like how he spelled Tao but not Lin
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:38pm ?:

He will start writing his next novel right around May 1
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:38pm G:

Tao Lynn Redgrave
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:39pm kat330:

He makes Steven Wright sound like a speed talker.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:40pm G:

Light the hannukhiah!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:40pm Living Doll:

Nothing good ever starts with the words,"Jews come on down."
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:40pm G:

Obama did it weeks early, why not, and lit every candle at once
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:41pm Larry:

Except Wright is funny, even on xanax.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:41pm mike noble at ucb:

they're all standing on the "trap door"
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:41pm Al from England:

when people talk about being jewish a lot...
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:41pm G:

Ken's gonna let Krampus stuff them all in a basket and carry them off with him
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:43pm kat330:

Pleeeeeez, leave ample time for SV?!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:43pm G:

Maybe Suzanne said, PLEASE, 5 MINUTES TOPS
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:43pm Living Doll:

Do Jews believe in Krampus?
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:44pm Michael:

25 Kislev

Sayin', "Hey, Jew, take a walk on the wild side"
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:44pm mike noble at ucb:

@kat330 aeh, we're thinking of bumping her. this Jew stuff is comedy gold!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:45pm Go Yam:

What is this crap? Bring out Vega.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:45pm Danne D:

Do ya think there's only 15 more minutes before they announce SV canceled?
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:45pm kat330:

@MN@UCB -- Heh!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:46pm G:

Suzanne has her fingers crossed in the green room, hoping she can get bumped and not have this out there in archive
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:46pm kat330:

@Danne: Nooooo!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:47pm G:

"I'm happy to be here" -- we need sodium pentathol on that.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:47pm PMD:

So, Andy's cnnections are working!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:48pm Matt from Springfield:

"Tom's Diner" formed the basis of MP3 compression:
"The Mother of the MP3"
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:49pm Matt from Springfield:

WROTE for Monk!
Boo ya!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:49pm Living Doll:

that is SUCH a great song
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:49pm kat330:

  Wed. 12/14/11 6:50pm Jasperodus:

99.9F -- fave album, great song!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:52pm Matt from Springfield:

I only know of a couple Vega songs, but I like this one.
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:52pm PMD:

  Wed. 12/14/11 6:53pm kat330:

Wonderful! Thank you!
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:53pm Danne D:

yay :)
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:54pm kat330:

  Wed. 12/14/11 6:57pm other david:

What a beautiful voice, should have been an hour of Suzanne Vega :)
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:58pm Danne D:

that may be the most tuneful I've heard Ken and Andy be
  Wed. 12/14/11 6:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Mmmm, listen to this on headphones, that voice packs a punch right where it's needed. Powerful!
  Wed. 12/14/11 7:00pm PMD:

And they have to cut her off... ok maybe not...
  Wed. 12/14/11 7:00pm Bad Ronald:

Sweet!, thanks!
  Wed. 12/14/11 7:01pm Brass Knuckles:

Good voice for lullabies.
  Wed. 12/14/11 7:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Wooooo! Thanks to Suzanne for stopping by!
  Wed. 12/14/11 7:01pm absolute_value:

this was a great show!
  Wed. 12/14/11 7:01pm other david:

  Wed. 12/14/11 7:02pm Danne D:

That was good :)
  Wed. 12/14/11 7:02pm kat330:

G'night all
  Thu. 12/15/11 10:26am Lizardner Dave:

When will weev be on SSD again to discuss "international bankers"?
  Thu. 12/15/11 10:55pm trssh:

Good show.

Making an effort the day after in afterhours to post that bit, too.

One for the decent reels. It rarely and always gets better than this.
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