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Options December 7, 2011: Notes on the Occupation

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Weev  Notes on the Occupation   Options

Listener comments!

  Wed. 12/7/11 7:05pm New Show:

Does someone have a light for my torch?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:05pm urra:

douche !
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:09pm Historical Context:

I bet his own day Jesus was about *this* nuts
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:11pm Brother Jack L.:

No need for blasphemy!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:11pm Incandenza:

Go back to hell with that creep voice
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:12pm Pearl Harbor70:

where are the kamikazes when you need them ?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:12pm darue:

yep. a troll is right. not rising to the bait.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:12pm trolly mctrollerson:

so um, I'm still waiting for the funnies
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:14pm Ben Drinken:

I would like to hear the Winnebago Man like out takes for this
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:14pm 2 many:

too many crappy talk shows on fmu these days ken .
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:14pm Danne D:

Very reminiscent of Joe Frank in delivery.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:14pm Danne D:

While I'm not persuaded, I endorse having challenging listening on FMU.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:15pm darue:

so Ken - you know you're being played here. sorry. this might be funny in some context, but as is... Yeah, I wonder if he's trying to do some kinda joe frank thing, but? don;t kow
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:15pm G:

Listened to the Nov. 20 archive of this, last weekend.

Still cant figure out if this is serious, satire, or some of both. So it's like a puzzle to work on.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:15pm Ben Drinken:

one fell swooppery slippery slope
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:16pm Incandenza:

This guy ought to watch it with endorsing killing people he doesn't think live correctly - making fuel out of their fat or w/e he said. serious nazi bullshit
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:16pm compost:

this is great
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:17pm Ben Drinken:

He was stuck in traffic earlier. Give him a break.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:17pm Brother Jack L.:

unfortunately the Lord has seen fit to send The Reverend away on other business, but your (proper, Christian) comments are appreciated! Rest assured, they will be relayed.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:17pm G:

I have a feeling the FMU demo is not lining up to pledge for this in March. But time will tell.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:17pm Jim B:

Come on, obviously weev is the troll.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:18pm Ben Drinken:

oh, this is only a recording...but great radio!!!!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:18pm Dave Emory Bored:

Martin Bormann
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:19pm G:

Is he gonna ask people to lay their hands on their radios or computers and be healed by the LORD????
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:19pm Jake:

I see the light! We're getting the band together!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:20pm Dave Emory Bored:

wiki fascism
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:20pm Danne D:

I have a feeling that this will be one of the more interesting comments board sets especially as his exsisting fan base finds the comments section on these broadcasts.

100% certain he's at least a fan of Joe Frank's work. Put another way, I'd be stunned if he wasn't. The voice style, cadence, Frank-esque bed music.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:20pm darue:

well, it's funny to imagine a radical fundamentalist preacher endorsing some components of the logic-based 'doom narrative' - there seems to be something in this for everyone to both reject and embrace bits. Fruitcake if you will.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:21pm Dave Emory Bored:

George Bush
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:21pm M:

weev's politics seem to be somewhere between far right and far left, but on that dark underbelly of the political circle.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:21pm OB:

As Butthead would say: "This Sucks"
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:21pm Dave Emory Bored:

nazi underground
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:22pm HST:

You rang?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:22pm Dave Emory Bored:

elders of oil
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:23pm darue:

Evola fan too it sounds like
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:23pm ivan boesky:

ha ha!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:23pm darue:

Protocols of the learned elders of 4chan
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:24pm Dave Emory Bored:

Bormann democrat
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:24pm Ben Drinken:

At last the weird has returned to wfmu! Thanks. Been kinda normal around here for awhile
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:24pm Dave Emory Bored:

  Wed. 12/7/11 7:26pm Dave Emory Bored:

compulsive jew-baiter
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:27pm Dave Emory Bored:

karl rove. pelosi. grover norquist.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:28pm darue:

I wonder what Dave E. is cooking up tonight?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:29pm Brother Jack L:

The Reverend has actually arranged a meeting with Mr. Emory sometime in the next week. Hopefully he can be brought around to the RIGHT way of thinking.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:29pm G:

Andy has already trademarked "Go To Hell", Weev.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:30pm Danne D:

Dave E's site is still there so you can check it out darue:
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:31pm Danne D:

The UCB Theater?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:31pm chin up:

correction , Mr. Chin trademarked " GO TO HELL" 20 years ago bitches.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:31pm Gail:

This. Is. Boring. later
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:32pm Dave Emory Bored:

nazi elements. gutless obama. muslim brotherhood. anti-zionist. gold warriors. piggy back coups. operation gree quest. al qaeda. bin laden. youssef nada. GOP. turner diaries. manifestos.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:33pm Destroit:

absorbing, but interesting. Reminds me of a worldly view of jack van impe.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:33pm Me:

Can someone tell Me why 7 PM is such a shithole time slot?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:33pm richard:

Hey D E M , take it down a notch killer
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:33pm darue:

@Dave Emory Bored :: Why you loading this playlist up with google-bait?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:34pm Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer:

  Wed. 12/7/11 7:34pm Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer:

Monsters are like ink
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:34pm Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer:

Spider man once walked like ice!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:35pm Proust:

Endless Meaningful distractions mon ami!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:35pm Dave Emory Bored:

Just thoughts. Things that concern me ALL THE TIME.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:35pm Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer:

I like star cakes but have not sent any mail this year. Mad man!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:36pm Little Debbie:

Eat me! I'm delish!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:36pm Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer:

Mikel Walker is NOW here, let us stand by the right!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:36pm Incandenza:

"lauded as failures"
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:36pm Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer:

The Who sang songs but so does Perl Kam, and when will we know?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:37pm darue:

@Dave Emory Bored: well, it's important stuff, but remember to take time to smell the flowers.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:37pm Destroit:

This is why I don't make babies. That, and I'm afraid my kid might run into Emory board at the bar one night ...
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:38pm darue:

DOWN! Down I say! Down on all fours!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:38pm Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer:

Where are my hookey stickers?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:38pm Ben Drinken:

well jeez us all on a stick
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:39pm Dave Emory Bored:

Flowers have a certain secret nazi islamo fascist 9/11 odor of conspiracy to them. But I will try.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:39pm G:

I wonder how many separate takes are in this hour? It's not one 60-minute live take, is it?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:39pm ok now:

A A E A : how kooky !
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:42pm Brother Jack L:

The Reverend's computer does not have any audio editing software on it, unfortunately, and he is legally precluded from using any others.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:42pm earwax:

not listening but enjoying the comments
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:42pm darue:

We measure things by what we are. To the maggots in the cheese, the cheese is the universe. To the worms in the corpse, the corpse is the cosmos. How then can we be so cocksure about our world? Just because of our telescopes and microscopes and the splitting of the atom? Certainly not! Science is but an organized system of ignorance. There are more things in heaven and on earth then are dreamt of in your philosophy. What do we know about the beyond? Do we know what's behind the beyond? I'm afraid some of us hardly know what's beyond the behind. Creatures of twilight and delusion we drift and drift towards our unknown ends. And that's why I feel the best thing is not to be born. But who is as lucky as that? To whom does it happen? Not to one among millions and millions of people.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:44pm Mike Fun:

Slightly more listenable than Dave Emory!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:44pm Mess I AH:

  Wed. 12/7/11 7:44pm darue:

My friends I'm here tonight to show you the way. I'm here tonight to share a great truth with you. I'm here to night to de-hypnotize you. To free you from a deadly collective obsession. I'm a voice for those who dare not speak. I'm a cry for hearts that suffer in silence and I’m here tonight to tell you what needs to be told. I feel an itch for public service and I've got to scratch it.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:44pm Creepy Child Molester Voice:

Is this the last track on Slint's Spiderland without the music?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:45pm Winnebago Man:

I don't want any bullshit from anyone....oh...here come the flies...fuck...fuck...the flies!!! Tony!!!...weev!!!get outta here ya jack ass!!!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:46pm darue:

In this best of all possible worlds everything is in one hell of a mess. Everyone knows it. Everyone has a different explanation for it. But all these explanations are bunk. Not money or the lack of it, not the atom bomb, or the hydrogen bomb, or the cobalt bomb are responsible for our plight. Not capitalism or socialism, not militarism or pacifism, not cannibalism or ventriloquism, none of these are to blame. None of these are at fault. They are mere symptoms. They are mere manifestations of an evil that is deeper rooted. The true cause of our problems and pains, the basic cause of our headaches and heartaches and torments and turmoils and calamities and crimes, the real cause has been hidden from us. Hidden by the very men who are supposed to enlighten and protect us. The medical profession. I accuse medical science! I say medical science is a fraud! An organized system of ignorance! I say medical science is a conspiracy, a premeditated idiocy! Its practitioners have betrayed us. Everyday they give us a new theory. Today contradicts yesterday, tomorrow will wipe out today. A torrent of trash, a Niagara of nonsense. After 10,000 years we are still living in an age of pills and legalized butchery, of blood analysis, urine and psychoanalysis, of toenail and dandruff analysis. An army of know-nothing, hair splitting, fee splitting specialists is at war with any army of ailments, and the ailments bloom, and the specialists prosper, and the patients die…unless kept alive at the point of a gun.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:46pm Incandenza:

scratch this, pal
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:47pm Doug:

Can't take it anymore. I'm outta heeeeeeeeere.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:47pm Winnebago Man:

it's not even funny anymore....fuck...
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:47pm Mike Fun:

Mediocre is the new Awesome!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:47pm M:

if this is pre-recorded, you'd think he'd be able to re-record his stumbles and misreads.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:47pm Incandenza:

hahaha, do go on
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:47pm mess:

  Wed. 12/7/11 7:48pm Winnebago Man:

you bellieve any of that shit?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:48pm Destroit:

@ darue: proper, overthinking, but proper. Am I wrong in my apathy? I truly don't know.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:49pm darue:

You are being murdered my friends day after day as long as you live. Never ask for whom the grave is dug, it's dug for you! You are within walking distance of your grave. But you can’t see it. Tears shed by your left eye are blinding your right eye. Tears shed by your right eye are blinding your left eye. Wake up! We are not suffering from a million or more diseases, but from one disease and from one only, the hidden disease, the original, the fundamental disease, and it cannot be cured by chemical or surgery, by skullduggery or black strap molasses. Let the doctors examine themselves! Let them have a good look at their own distorted two legged upright position. They stand on their hind legs, but can they think straight? Their spines are caving in, their livers have putrefied, their discs have slipped, their sciatica is dislocated, their noses have bulbified. What do these learned garbage cans, these boil catchers and abominationists, these troubadours of diarrhea and constipation, what do these sinister fools, these hand picked morons, what do they know about quadrupedism? About four leggedism? Less then a jellyfish knows about Beethoven's 9th.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:49pm GOTH:

  Wed. 12/7/11 7:50pm darue:

  Wed. 12/7/11 7:50pm mess:

  Wed. 12/7/11 7:50pm Mike Fun:

I really wish this was funny or interesting, I really do. It's a great idea, if it were done well.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:50pm G:

Is it a show comment if you write a few thousand words up ahead of time and post them in a few big segments during the show?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:51pm Destroit:

Corrected: get a life darue, good lord. Carry on.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:51pm uhhhh:

So.....we should kill the useless poor, though not unwanted unborn fetuses, and should respect the trashman (probably also poor)? I miss the noise music.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:53pm uhhhh:

There we go!
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:53pm mb:

i hear noise in the background.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:53pm Cliff:

Don't forget we should also round up all the fat people and put them in a camp to render their lard into biofuel.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:53pm Mike Fun:

There is more truth and interest in 30 seconds of noise than this whole hour.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:54pm darue:

see my 7:50 comment for context (unfortunately, only a cut performance of quadrupedism is on youtube, but it's findable if you know where to look). The comments are a sort of setting-side-by-side type of comment.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:54pm Incandenza:

seriously, wtf is wrong with FMU?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:54pm Mike Fun:

That it needs an explanation makes it even worse
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:55pm Destroit:

Yeah, after "absorbing", this generally sucked. @ me: lol at 7 time slot.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:55pm mess:

thanks for the advertisement darueche
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:56pm compost:

7.55, you're all still listening. job done.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:56pm darue:

dont worry, he's dead.

good luck next time weev
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:57pm Mike Fun:

Actually, I tuned out about 5 minutes in, then came back with 5 left
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:57pm Destroit:

@ compost: true, just like jack van impe.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:57pm Mike Fun:

DIdn't miss anything, it seems.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:57pm M:

SSD ended 5 minutes early for this?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:59pm darue:

@mess : so I fill you with minty freshness that lasts all day?
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:59pm Chris:

Kudos brother..... the new Best Show on WFMU.... more commentary to follow but brother you are a Prophet. Also in some sense akin to the Puritans (don't take that wrong). Ignore the morons that don't get it.
  Wed. 12/7/11 7:59pm Dan B From Upstate:

Couldn't even fill a one hour talking slot?
  Wed. 12/7/11 8:01pm Destroit:

Nope. It's a one hour talk at you slot. God bless.
  Wed. 12/7/11 8:03pm Chris:

Corrected address (DJ eyes only).
  Thu. 12/8/11 5:54pm Joe's Chiropractic:

I like the Scorn bed music
  Thu. 12/8/11 10:42pm ADM:

I missed the show, but I would like to point out that the whole reason for existence of the christian religion (as of that of all cults) is the continued self-perpetuation of its adherents over that of others.
This is very similar to an American espousing anti-immigration beliefs.
  Thu. 12/8/11 10:43pm ADM:

That is to say, good Reverend, you may have more in common with the bankers than you think.
  Fri. 12/9/11 10:47am Steve-O:

Anybody else think somebody was trolling on here just to give Dave Emory a bad name('Dave Emory Bored')? Just sayin'.
  Sat. 12/10/11 5:54am cristof averis:

May god strike you for your inpudence if you so as to even dare snicker at the L*rd!
  Sat. 12/10/11 5:59am cristof averis:

One of yee unfaithful hath said "I wonder how many separate takes are in this hour? It's not one 60-minute live take, is it?" , Really now ... listen to the breathing pattern, and accidental mistakes on some words that he quickly corrects. This is REAL, and very well performed.
  Sat. 12/10/11 2:31pm weev:

weev here. It was indeed one sixty minute live take. None of the recorded material I have ever released has been some sort of mashup of takes-- it is always a single run through. My bail conditions imposed for my federal computer crime indictment make it hard for me to use audio editing software so I basically have one shot at getting things right.

So I have been fired and the show is done-- I am not allowed to broadcast compelling radio that makes the listening audience uncomfortable. In particular, I stand accused of anti-Semitism for using the phrase "international banker". I am not, nor have I ever been, an anti-Semite. I meticulously read both FCC rules and station guidelines before beginning my radio series and believe I fell firmly within the stated bounds of those guidelines. I had a good two episode run and learned a whole lot, and am sad that I got ousted for being too controversial. I have 12 years of making highly controversial art now. It is sad that WFMU hosted Dave Emory for so long, who has said a lot of despicable things about Islam, and somehow I am over the line. I guess it is okay to say hateful and discriminatory things as long as they attack one of the approved minority targets of American and thus don't make the wrong group of people angry. It is not okay to even use an intonation and rhetorical process that makes people recall uncomfortable things, even if you do not attack a specific group. Such is the death of art. Regardless, I appreciated my time in the WFMU studios and am thankful for the opportunity.

I have six more sessions recorded and I still plan on releasing them one way or another. They span subjects from the 15-year history of the antisec movement to an analysis calling into question whether or not HIV causes AIDS.

If you want to see them in the future, I suggest you follow me on Twitter @rabite.

Goodbye and God bless!
  Wed. 12/14/11 7:15pm whiskey_tango_foxtrot:

Riight - well, good luck with your case. I found your show entirely too vague, and your on-air personality entirely too full of itself. Nobody wants to hear what a 26 year old has to say about Schopenhauer, okay?
  Wed. 1/4/12 7:43pm trollin':

If your show is actually examining "whether or not HIV causes AIDS" in a serious way, all this noise you make is covering up a severe lack of actual critical thinking skills + a painful impressionability in those cases where the speaker appeals to you. Oh, and pretending you don't know what "international banker" has been code for for the last hundred-plus years and then going on to say "but Dave Emory does the same thing to Muslims" followed by "I was just using the historical implications to make people uncomfortable" -- bit of a cake/eating it set of arguments there? As for why they kept Emory around, I'm under the impression that they wouldn't have done so if he didn't come off as a kitschy joke, but IDK. At any rate, you're supposed to know better. Unless undercutting everything you actually seem to be trying to say by making the listener think your powers of discrimination are extremely limited is what you're going for. I guess COINTELPROing yourself could be a kind of art, but if that's what's happening here I don't think it worked on that level, either.

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