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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options December 1, 2011: Group Failure with Fulminate Trio performing live in the studio
Today with Fulminate Trio performing live in the studio

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Artist Track Album Format Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party    0:00:00 ()
Freddie Hubbard with Ilhan Mimaroglu  Sing Me A Song of Songmy, Part II   Options Sing Me A Song of Songmy    0:08:34 ()
Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble  Drum Dance to the Motherland   Options Drum Dance to the Motherland    0:21:28 ()
Bob James Trio  And On   Options explosions!    0:44:38 ()
Idris Ackamoor (The Pyramids)  Land of Eternal Song Suite (Part 3)   Options Music of 1971-2004    0:56:43 ()
Fulminate Trio play Live (in duo configuration -- Nilsson & Evans)
Fulminate trio  Floater   Options Fulminate Trio    1:39:33 ()
Pharoah Sanders  Balance   Options Izipho Zam    1:40:19 ()
Starfuckers  Chiodi   Options Infrantumi    1:49:53 ()
Fulminate Trio play Live (in duo configuration -- Nilsson & Evans)
Bjorn Fongaard  Opus Microtonale   Options Elektrofoni    2:41:38 ()
Joseph Holbrooke Trio  From Bar Seven   Options The Moat Recordings    2:25:19 ()
Liviiing  Liviing   Options   7"  2:42:07 ()
Fulminate Trio  Road Runner/Coyote   Options Fulminate Trio    2:52:43 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 12/1/11 3:08pm Cecile:

  Thu. 12/1/11 3:12pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Who was that bass player at the beginning?
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:13pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

good afternoon.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:14pm Cecile:

this is Freddy Hubbard? What year was this? This sounds kinda third-wavey.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:14pm Looms:

Hello Fabio and everyone! Very nice opening.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:16pm Cecile:

bonjour, looms!
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:17pm Looms:

Buenos dias Cecile :)
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:19pm Looms:

Just glad to be right on time for the show.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:19pm Cecile:

  Thu. 12/1/11 3:21pm Patrick:

This is a lot different than Freddie Hubbard's "The Love Connection."
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:23pm Cecile:

ah, Khan Jamal! Love his music.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:25pm BSI:

goddammit, I wish my name was Mimaroglu.
That would be monstrously groovy.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:31pm still b/p:

D2 to the M to the third degree,
Baby, that was settin' my ol' bones free.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:36pm BSI:

  Thu. 12/1/11 3:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

stop it! yer killin' me!
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:39pm Cheri Pi:

I'm making that this week!!! Thanks for the recipe
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:39pm kata:

so the soup takes 5 hours to cook? holy moly
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:41pm kata:

a few drops of my blood got into the crust of the apple pie I made on thanksgiving. I thought it was badass.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

blood crust is the only crust for me
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:44pm andymorphic:

that is why i never eat anything from a potluck
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:44pm BSI:

...protein gets out protein...
whatever that means.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you must be a lot of fun at parties, andymorphic
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:46pm Kees:

Human blood is okay for vegetarians, as it's not of animal origin.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:47pm Seminal:

  Thu. 12/1/11 3:47pm kata:

so Kees, if you're a cannibal you can still be a vegetarian? awesome.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:47pm dc pat:

yeah we eat humans all the time.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:48pm Jesselectric:

Please ask Michael Evans if he has painted anything on the canvas I gave him? I am listening and painting now....
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:48pm glenn:

d.c. pat and kata --- don't try to fight stupidity with logic.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:49pm dc pat:

no I think when the animal (in this case human) doesn't die, it's ok. So if I amputated a leg off a pig but he lived, then I can eat the leg. Get it?
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:49pm kata:

getting really hungry now
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:49pm seang:

blood crust : )
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:49pm the invitation said:

There Will Be Blood
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:50pm Soylent Green:

  Thu. 12/1/11 3:50pm dc pat:

god I'm grossing myself out..
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:51pm Ben Drinken:

  Thu. 12/1/11 3:51pm glenn:

the restaurant at the end of the world.
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:52pm Ben Drinken:

my mom once burned her hand real bad on a George Foreman grill. I asked her if she was cooking handburgers
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:54pm hamburger:

did she slap you? I WOULDA! :)
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:56pm Ben Drinken:

slapping me would have made her hand hurt even more. I made the comment after she was all better. you know, when tragedy plus time equals humour
  Thu. 12/1/11 3:56pm seang:

that is wicked funny Ben Drinken
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:01pm Cheri Pi:

That is a great Collection. Idris is from Ohio!
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:04pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

wiki-ing now...
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:05pm Emily B:

Loving Michael Evans!
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:07pm Emily B:

Loving Michael Evans!!!!
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:08pm glenn:

i gotta say - that is some god awful wanky guitaring.
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:09pm Woodsy Allen:

"when tragedy plus time equals humour " is a line from Crimes and Misdemeanors - 1989 as delivered by the creepy Alan Alda character.
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:11pm Lester:

If it bends, it's funny; if it breaks, it's not funny!
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:13pm breaking it:

The earlier discussion was like a hillbilly boogie song that Schulkind might play --
Momma's coughin' in the biscuits
and bleedin' in the pie,
Check the mashed pahtaters
'cuz a sneeze popped out her eye,
She burnt the turnips, burnt the meat,
and then she burnt both paws,
We done first aid, and then each course
was dressed with strips a' gauze.
Aw, yer plate might hold surprises,
but round here that's the deal,
Momma puts part of herself
in ever' single meal.
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:14pm kata:

appreciate your candor glenn
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:14pm Destro Fire Love:

Precious sounds
Turning round
I am found
Upside down
Upside down
I'm a clown
Run through town
The sun is Love
Solar Sky
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:15pm ( ):

Mark Twain said, "Humor is tragedy plus time.”
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:17pm kata:

Benny Hill said: "don't ever assume anything; you'll make an ASS out of U and ME."
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:17pm Ben Drinken:

Does anyone else think it is funny to see a dog pooping and when the tail goes up and the dog's head is straight looking forward and it's head is shaking a little bit to concentrate and force it out? I doo. But how would that be tragedy plus time?
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:19pm glenn:

i think you're completely alone on this one, ben.
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:20pm ( ):

Mark Twain did not say, ""Humor is limited to tragedy plus time.”
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:21pm Cecile:

My father in law once described having a fever as being like "shaking like a dog shittin' a bone." I think that's poetic.
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:22pm glenn:

mark twain also said " an expert is just a guy from out of town". as well as "deny the allegations, and defy the alligators". two of my favourite quips.
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:32pm BSI:

sounds like my dad, cecile. .. he also had many other, uh, "more colorful" turns-of-phrase, which i'll strive to not repeat here...
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:35pm Fredericks:

Fabio didn't expect that. Certainly felt he deserved it. though!
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:37pm Cecile:

I agree, Fredericks!
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:38pm Cecile:

BSI, his hunting stories are hysterical and incredibly descriptive. I am going to try and get him to tell some so I can record them.
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:42pm Ben Drinken:

I agree, too, Fredericks. He said it so well.
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:42pm Emily:

tuning in from Vienna!
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:43pm kata:

cool idea Cecile, maybe a little chapbook of his phrases complied would be neat too.
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:45pm Cecile:

That's not a bad idea, Kata!
I'm actually considering taking a printmaking or bookmaking class...
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:48pm kata:

I took a letterpress class a couple years ago and one of my classmates did a poster covered in her grandma's weird phrases. I thought it was great.
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:49pm Cecile:

that's such a cool idea.
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:50pm Ted:

friggin' sensational Pharoah Sanders here!
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:50pm Cheri Pi:

This is such an impossible album to find...le sigh.
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:56pm glenn:

cheri pi - http://devotionalhooligan.blogspot.com/2009/02/pharoah-sanders-izipho-zam.html
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:57pm Cecile:

  Thu. 12/1/11 4:57pm Cheri Pi:

Glenn you've done it again!!
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:58pm glenn:

twarn't nothin', lil' missy.
  Thu. 12/1/11 4:59pm Marmalade kitty:

@dc pat:3:49 that is totally the best logic! absolutely!
  Thu. 12/1/11 5:01pm Marmalade kitty:

btw, i didnt read the context of that argument It just sounded cool!
  Thu. 12/1/11 5:21pm Bas, NL:

  Thu. 12/1/11 5:21pm Marmalade kitty:

btw, just read entire context of the above related argument, I regret and distance myself even though it's too late!
  Thu. 12/1/11 5:33pm Carmichael:

Can I join the last 30 minutes of the failure-achieving group? I promise no to accomplish anything.
  Thu. 12/1/11 5:39pm Julie:

Is this still the live group?
  Thu. 12/1/11 5:46pm Carmichael:

Sounds like a comedian's comeback, Julie: Is this an audience or an oil painting?? <rimshot>
  Thu. 12/1/11 5:52pm paula pc:

Liviiing??? Thank you!!!!
  Thu. 12/1/11 5:55pm Fleeble flurb:

oh no... only 4 minutes till that Occupy dronage :(
  Thu. 12/1/11 6:02pm Emily B:

Excellent Fulminate Trio set!
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