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Riff rock for riff raff, pop fizzle for the frazzled, chord changes of life for the menopausal teenagers, a safari in the jingle-jangle jungle. (Visit homepage.)

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Options November 4, 2011

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Artist Track Album
doug gillard  thing with a hook   Options pseu's NEW theme song 
big star with john davis  When My Baby's Beside Me   Options  
beach boys  do you like worms(roll plymouth rock)   Options the smile sessions sampler 
the high dials  the holy ground   Options  
nada surf  in the mirror   Options  
the drums   days   Options  
rob crow  trk 5   Options  
Charlotte Hatherley  kim wilde   Options FOR IRWIN 
nicky scott  backstreet girl   Options  
waxwings   the day i fell   Options  
Innocence Mission  Bright As Yellow   Options  
helen reddy   i don't know how to love him   Options  
joy zipper   1   Options  
splitsville  white dwarf   Options  
Olivia Tremor Control  b/1   Options  
eagles   try to love again   Options  
The Lefte Banke  Shadows Breaking Over My Head   Options  
van dyke parks  come to the sunshine   Options  
daniel wylie   i'm a machine   Options  
The Lighthouse Keepers  lip snipe groin   Options  
The Strawberry Alarm Clock  Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow   Options  
fleet foxes  Lorelai   Options  
jett brando  amberglow   Options  
senor happy  how many ways   Options  
edwyn collins   what is my role?   Options  
the wavves  i wanna meet dave grohl   Options  
miniature tigers   tell it to the volcano   Options  
Mikal Cronin  apathy   Options  
Jeremy Messersmith  franklin avenue   Options  
andy bopp  whisper softly   Options  
superfriendz  karate man   Options  
Colbie Caillat  i do   Options  
farrah  no one stays together   Options  
jay brannan  soda shop   Options  
regina spektor  better   Options  
liptonians   you know what I did   Options  
Sixpence None the Richer  loser like me   Options  
west coach branch   Where is the Door?   Options  
the young veins  capetown   Options  
Dennis Diken With Bell Sound  So Hard To Say Goodbye   Options  
the saving graces   count to 10   Options  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 11/4/11 9:06pm 12539:

  Fri. 11/4/11 9:18pm Irwin:

Do you mind if I re-air your sets and insert my own mic breaks?
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:19pm Irwin:

Oh, wait—this IS one of my sets from two weeks ago!
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:19pm G:

snark snark
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:20pm RedTruck:

as always Pseu, Amazing Show. Thank you!
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:20pm pseu:

don't lie, now. There's no Amanda or Joe's Pub headliners here.
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:23pm Irwin:

Congrats on 100%. No need to thank me.
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:23pm G:

The Old Codger donated the last 13 cents she needed?
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:24pm pseu:

I did already. Are you a fan of my facebook page?
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:24pm pseu:

  Fri. 11/4/11 9:27pm pseu:

Irwin, are you listening? THIS IS THE GIRL
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:29pm Irwin:

My bro's on the phone from Seattle. You're LOUDER.
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:36pm PB:

Horrible cover of an awful Stones song from a terrible album (Flowers).Rest of the set was good though.
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:39pm Tom:

,, request not Amanda but Thomas rewrites the Beatles .....
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:41pm Parq:

Dang it, Pseu, I not only came up to you and said hi, I raved about how great your shows have been this fall. It's true!
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:43pm Parq:

I'm not nearly as much fun as Wendy; I recognize that.
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:44pm Firebottle:

The Rob Crow song is "Up" off of "Living Well"
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:45pm pseu:

no it's not what is listed here, but thanks anyway.
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:45pm pseu:

PB you are one cranky puss. It's a GREAT cover.
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:47pm PB:

pseu, I admit I am extremely cranky but I never liked that song.
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:48pm john:

I agree. Awfully nice cover of a lovely song. And I generally hate the #$%#ing Stones.
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:48pm Firebottle:

Sounds like the preview on Amazon? Oh well..
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:49pm Van in Dallas:

Where oh where have all the runaway trains gone?
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:50pm Irwin:

Is/are Waxwings secretly Mazzy Star?
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:51pm PB:

Yeah, I was gonna say this sounds a lot like Hope
  Fri. 11/4/11 9:51pm pseu:

secretly e.g. dailey
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:08pm pseu:

  Fri. 11/4/11 10:09pm pseu:

Randy Meisner is the George Harrison of the Eagles. "County Fair Rock" as Evan Funk Davies might say...
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:10pm pseu:

The fact that I cannot find a copy of Hotel California at WFMU is a testament to how we safeguard you, the listener against attacks like this...
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:11pm PB:

Amen. The Eagles were perhaps the phoniest and worst band in history. Repulsive.
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:12pm Don H.:

One of these nights, one these crazy crazy nights

I'm gonna write something good.
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:12pm Irwin:

Are Olivia Tremor Control secretly The Sutherland Brothers and Quiver?
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:13pm pseu:

y'all need to see the BBC special on California Rock/Laurel Canyon songwriters -- that'll learn you something. Maybe.
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:16pm Irwin:

Wow! Just last weekend someone was raving to me about that BBC Special and they—oh, wait, that was you.
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:18pm Parq:

I thought the reason you didn't have 'Hotel CA' was that Andy Breckman stole it.
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:20pm pseu:

YES! there's plenty of Poco in our library wall, oddly...
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:22pm Mikie Sin:

Just one man's strange thought, but...

If the Eagles released their first LP, and it sank after peaking at #192 on the Billboard charts, and then all the members joined cults or OD'd, by 1986, it would have been written up in fanzines as "what a great undiscovered classic this LP is" and "how much it more dynamic it is than those rather bland Flying Burrito Brothers."

I don't agree with the sentiment, but I would surely would have taken that bet, if it was somehow possible!
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:23pm Don H.:

They got me to sign it and sold it off. Charitable deduction for me, operating funds for FMU. For some reason they didn't mention that it was their only copy they were selling off.
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:24pm PB:

@ Mikie, interesting speculation. Like they always say, death is the ultimate career move.
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:24pm pseu:

Thank you, Mike Sin. Honored! and GREAT theory - so true...
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:27pm Mikie Sin:

Well, I really dig that first Eagles LP... I think their cover of Gene Clark's "Train Leaves Here this Morning" is quite enjoyable.
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:29pm PB:

Not to belabor a point but the Eagles should have been forced to pay 99% of their royalties to the Byrds and to the Estate of Gram Parsons.
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:30pm Mikie Sin:

And remember... Ed King left the the Strawberry Alarm Clock and joined... Lynyrd Skynyrd!
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:31pm PB:

This Fleet Foxes vocalist sounds like a clone of Graham Nash.
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:32pm Mikie Sin:

The Eagles should be forced to pay their original members -- Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon!
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:38pm pseu:

!!! There you go !!!
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:57pm Mike Sin:

Well, that was an awesome set of tunes.
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:58pm PB:

pseu, the first two wavves albums were great, especially the first.
  Fri. 11/4/11 10:59pm Andrew:

Hi Sue & everyone!
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:06pm Andrew:

No idea...
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:08pm Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

  Fri. 11/4/11 11:08pm Andrew:

She had I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar.
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:08pm some other guy:

Everything sounds like Vivian Girls? You mean everything sounds like Talulah Gosh? If that were true, I would be so happy. Okay, not EVERYTHING, but you didn't mean EVERYTHING either.
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:11pm Websie:

Bobby Van was also in the disastrous movie musicalization of LOST HORIZON, which is about to appear on DVD.
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:13pm some other guy:

P.S. the second wavves album was bullshit. So was the first one, but it happened to be great bullshit. Skater pop punk kids do something a little different and it works. Let's give them a high-five, but not make them a big deal or anything.. oops.
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:13pm EAS:

Please place your heads between your legs and kiss your asses goodbye.
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:13pm Mike Sin:

Friday night? Teenage girls? "Where's Mike Sin?" I'd guess "jail" if that scenario were true.
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:15pm pseu:

everything is PRODUCED like Vivian Girls. Holy cow.
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:16pm pseu:

  Fri. 11/4/11 11:21pm some other guy:

Hmm, I misunderstood? The CAPS-LOCK was probably the wrong decision. I mostly just meant to point out that it would be awesome if there was a huge wave of Talulah Gosh bands. Or, maybe I would be really crabby about it, but I'd like to think I'd be down.
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:23pm PiLA:

why are we talking about the music?
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:24pm pseu:

love my colbie, jack
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:25pm pseu:

she's the WASPian dream...
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:25pm pseu:

Shikse heaven
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:35pm Close Listener:

Does anyone else hear in this a pale reference to Happiness Is a Warm Gun?
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:40pm Andrew:

I haven't heard these guys for ages! I think I've only heard Kiss Me. This song is nice though! ^_^
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:41pm Allegra:

So glad to hear someone else out there loves Sixpence too. Ah, memories of Dawson's Creek. hehehe -
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:43pm pseu:

seriously, don't use this space to plug. So rude. If you want to pass something on to me, do so via e-mail.
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:47pm Joe Walsh:

Thanks for another great show. Take it easy.
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:48pm pseu:

Thanks, Joe Walsh. Can I get a Timothy B. Schmidt?
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:50pm Brad Delp:

Got time for a little us?
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:55pm Console:

I offer no consolation.
  Fri. 11/4/11 11:58pm Late Squirrel:

Punching bag time commences
  Sat. 11/5/11 12:02am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

All the latchkey kids of the '70's remember Tattletales. And Match Game.
  Sat. 11/5/11 12:03am Andrew:

Claudia Schiffer was Copperfields GF
  Tue. 11/8/11 6:01pm Marie:

Pseu, you're still doing the hook! I am surprised, pleasantly. Finding there are colossal amounts of good pop to mine? Yay!
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